Conscious Style Podcast

By Elizabeth Joy

Welcome to the Conscious Style Podcast where we explore what it will take to create a better, more sustainable, and equitable future for fashion. Each week, host Elizabeth Joy interviews changemakers in the sustainable and ethical fashion space. In this podcast, you'll hear from courageous garment workers and labor rights organizers, innovative fashion designers and entrepreneurs, visionary content creators and influencers, insightful researchers and journalists, and more. For more resources, visit and follow us on Instagram over on @consciousstyle!

  1. 1.
    21) Social Media, Fast Fashion, and Shifting Overconsumption Culture with Lily Fang
  2. 2.
    20) How Can We Make Mending Mainstream? with Josephine Philips of Sojo
  3. 3.
    19) Secondhand Textile Sourcing, Upcycled Clothing, and the Scalability of Rework with Natasha Haleshworth
  4. 4.
    18) Creating a Circular Fashion Economy: The Opportunities and Challenges with Nicole Bassett
  5. 5.
    17) More Creativity, Less Consumption: Tips from Slow Fashion Stylist Alyssa Beltempo
  6. 6.
    16) What is Circular Fashion?
  7. 7.
    Q&A: Dealing with 'Fast Fashion Anxiety', a Breakdown of Fabrics, and More
  8. 8.
    Bonus: How to Care for Your Clothes Sustainably

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