I Sprained My Mental Health Podcast

David O'Connor

Sharing the good, the bad & the bizarre in managing one mans mental health. Backed up with toasts to creativity & inspiration found in film, music, books & everyday living. Instagram: @performance_doc

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It's been a while since the last episode of the podcast, but in the time that has passed, Psychiatry, DBT & small decisions day by day have helped make 2021 a very positive & productive year. IG: @performance_doc

Nov 30

42 min 36 sec

The purpose of this episode is to relsy details of presenting to my GP to discuss another major depressive episode which lead to a recent breakdown & a long lay off from work. #isprainedmymentalhealth @performance_doc

Oct 2020

56 min 57 sec

Short episode to begin 2020. I discuss pushing through a difficult week by remaining focused on the priority of minding myself & committing to block booking some counselling sessions. IG: @performance_doc

Jan 2020

14 min 45 sec

21 year old Lauren Duffy talks about how athletes can suffer by the wrath of politics in sport & how switching codes has helped reignite her love of training. @performance_doc

Dec 2019

56 min 50 sec

Personal friend & Shelbourne FC clubmate Seana Cooke joins me to talk about her career in football, her career & growing up in Coolock. @performance_doc

Dec 2019

1 hr 50 min

In this episode I raise a toast to creativity with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt's Ted Talk about paying attention to what we're doing on a daily basis & finding flow in the process. IG: @performance_doc

Nov 2019

18 min 58 sec

In this episode I'm joined by Orla Swan who runs @thehealthhun on Instagram. Orla talks about dealing with anxiety & depression during her time in college & how her own health problems enabled her to share her experiences online to help others. @performance_doc

Nov 2019

55 min 54 sec

A relaxed shallow dive into the life & work of writer David Foster Wallace; exploring (lightly) the monster that is Infinite Jest & celebrating self-awareness with This Is Water. IG: @performance_doc

Nov 2019

38 min 46 sec

In this episode I'm joined by Nathan McAloon, creator of ladvice.ie - an online platform offering information to men on a host of topics including dating, finance & mental health.

Nov 2019

59 min 11 sec

Awareness. Education. Understand. The state of play of acceptance of mental health issues in society today. A toast to creativity; For Those I Love, an artist's beautiful lyrical & musical tribute to his best friend. IG: @performance_doc

Oct 2019

26 min 43 sec

In this episode I discuss Battle Scars; an inspiring book about male mental health written by former SAS soldier Jason Fox. In the book, he discusses adapting to civilian life, struggling with PTSD & the therapy he undertook to find his way once more along with the positive direction his life has taken since. IG: @performance_doc

Sep 2019

20 min 19 sec

A quickfire bonus episode following last week's discussion on reigniting passion. Some simple advice on building confidence through exploring personal values. IG: @performance_doc

Sep 2019

11 min 51 sec

An upbeat & positive episode highlighting my long climb to top level coaching & how random conversations with others (along with pizza deliveries!) has reignited the fire. Follow my journey on instagram @performance_doc

Sep 2019

31 min 57 sec

A light discussion about individualised, productive positive self-talk & affirmations. A toast to creativity to actor Vicky McClure & her performance in the drama 'I Am Nicola'

Aug 2019

31 min 4 sec

A celebration of feeling good. In previous episodes I've spoken about why I've felt like crap, it's the other side of the coin today, with 5 reasons I'm feeling emotionally stable & happy at the end of July.

Jul 2019

31 min 9 sec

Update on emotional lull. Difficult, sensitive & important discussion on the issue of cluster suicides in society today, inspired by the wonderful film I Used To Live Here by Irish film maker Frank Berry.

Mar 2019

47 min 11 sec

Celebrating the work of singer-songwriter Nick Drake & his album Five Leaves Left which I revisited to help get me through a bad patch. I look at what his artistry means to me; what I appreciated then & what I appreciate now.

Mar 2019

33 min 43 sec

A football special. I speak about the article I wrote for extratime.ie in which I address the emotional struggles I had in my early days as a coach with Shels 1st team. I focus on the high profile players who have very openly about dealing with mental health issues. Also I look at the superb poem Denis Prose which is an anagram for depression, written by footballer Marvin Sordell.

Jan 2019

44 min 30 sec

In this episode I talk about sickness...literally! I celebrate being well...literally! I talk about the new challenge running 247km in 72 hours. I highlight the incredible story from 1946 when a plane crashed into Djouce Mountain in Wicklow. The episode finishes with some wisdom from your favourite 90's boyband East 17. Enjoy!

Jan 2019

39 min 18 sec

In this episode I revisit the discussion about prejudice having read the book The Choice by Philly McMahon. I talk about what I'm learning about 'purpose' in life & how it's a constant point of concentration. On a lighter note I talk about Wolverine in a musical!

Jan 2019

36 min 22 sec

In this episode I discuss utilising the CBT skills I've learned to deal with simple life scenarios In this case, losing my bank card & preparing for the Christmas party. I also recap on the spirit of adventure that saw me camp alone on Bray Head on a work night during the summer!

Dec 2018

35 min 58 sec

In this episode I talk about abandoning Christmas shopping plans in town to find some soulspace. I talk the cinema & heavy traffic with reason! I assess the conclusion of the Life Skills programme & talk all things creative with two examples of spoken word pieces that I have written

Dec 2018

42 min 29 sec

In this week's episode I discuss Christmas in all its glory; the importance of looking after your mental wellbeing at a demanding time of year. I highlight the positive impact that the Life Skills programme has had on me & I celebrate the fantastic crime thrillers from Nordic Noir.

Dec 2018

36 min 27 sec

In the latest episode I meet Mel Gibson's twin in a public toilet! I go heavy in detail about the process of suicidal tendencies & the responsibility we all have to take ownership when it comes to understanding what we can when it comes about mental health & mental illness.

Nov 2018

35 min 27 sec

In this episode I theorise about the negativity surrounding the number 13. I discuss simple options in approaching change; a structured agenda to your plan to progress. I look at 'altered thinking' & how it changes our entire outlook & behaviour in any given situation.

Nov 2018

42 min 18 sec

My quiet appreciation of hip-hop; further discussion on the crisis of masculinity; the live Blindboy podcast with Tara Flynn & examining my own prejudices

Nov 2018

39 min 21 sec

An examination of the current crisis of masculinity & male mental health in society & potential contributing factors.

Nov 2018

37 min 55 sec

In this weeks episode I recap on last week's Dublin marathon but highlight the spirit & success of such an incredible event along with my own relationship with running. I highlight the amazing feats of endurance runner Shane Finn & congratulate the wonderful athlete that is Mick Clohisey. Finally a big push for you the listener to go & chase what you're curious about.

Nov 2018

39 min 48 sec

Taking up a role of responsibility in football helped my confidence & self belief. In this weeks episode, I offer an expansion on my experiences in dealing with low mood, depression & paranoia whilst working as a professional football coach.

Oct 2018

49 min 44 sec

The challenges of fatherhood & mental health - Podcasting & its uprising - True Detective & my mate Matthew - Hiding in Tesco - The War of Art Book 2

Oct 2018

50 min 38 sec

The Oracle Aidan Quinn - Mental Health Awareness a trend on social media - The War of Art - The beautiful losers

Oct 2018

44 min 4 sec

No apologies; the 4 month hiatus. Mental Health awareness & its portrayals online; are we talking about an epidemic in the right way with the right expectations? A toast to creativity; Lessons From The Screenplay & the brilliant work from Michael Tucker

Oct 2018

40 min 45 sec

Toast to a shit day. Counselling. Purpleness & fatherhood. Do shit that makes you feel good. Proximinity flying

May 2018

18 min 43 sec

Overuse of the term 'In Relation To'. Further thoughts on OJ Adventures. Sacrificing my ego. Mental Health 'Alertness'. Dignity & the 8th Amendment.

May 2018

15 min 57 sec

Loneliness Expansion. Skittles in Brugges. OJ Adventures. Poolbeg Chimneys. Fear & Control. Urban Exploration.

May 2018

22 min 36 sec

Darkness into Light. Jazz Bands & Flamingos. Integrity. This Is England. Ludovico Einaudi.

May 2018

17 min 26 sec

An intro to my mental health journey. A background to progression. Tesco carparks & queues in the post office. What i learned from volunteering on helplines for teenagers & my personal viewpoint on the mental health crisis in Ireland right now

May 2018

11 min 26 sec