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Java OffHeap Newscast

By Freddy Guime, Bob Paulin, Michael Minella, Josh Juneau

The Java Off-Heap Podcast brings together the latest tech news for the java professional. We go over the current issues and discuss them in depth, bringing the knowledge of a top circle of professionals from Chicago. Come take a listen and figure out what's going on in the Java world!

  1. 1.
    Episode 43. JCP: Hold my (white) Wine. The JCP welcomes the competition of Eclipse Foundation on spec creation + A recap on Reactive.03/25/2019
  2. 2.
    Episode 42. Move over JCP! There's a new Specs Maintaining Organization in town with Eclipse Foundation Spec Process.03/02/2019
  3. 3.
    Episode 41. Oracle payment equality woes. MongoDB and Amazon Spat. And beware of Cloud Lock-in!02/03/2019
  4. 4.
    Episode 40. Oh What a Year...Hystrix is gone, Eclipse can now do specs, and we just toast for 2018.01/03/2019
  5. 5.
    Episode 39. RedHat + IBM are now one, and Amazon introduces a new Java Flavor (Corretto)12/04/2018
  6. 6.
    Episode 38. Of Big Hacks, Jakarta News, Who is running what on the JVM, and (Since is election season) CJUG running for a JCP Seat.11/01/2018
  7. 7.
    Episode 37. JDK 11 is out! Java Licensing Model is changing! Linus gives an apology10/07/2018
  8. 8.
    Episode 36. Jakarta EE Elections (Make Jakarta Great Again!), IDEs Refresh, and Containers09/06/2018
  1. 9.
    Episode 35. A bug in Java 9 and 10? Oh noes, Serializable is out! And now Microsoft took over GitHub. Lastly, EE Spec docs are not being transferred! (Now what?)07/15/2018
  2. 10.
    Episode 34. On twitter, IPOs, vulnerabilities, (Java)script name copyrights, and IBMs play on JVM Maintenance06/11/2018
  3. 11.
    Episode 33. Oracle vs Google, US Vs Microsoft, and now you can keep your salary a secret05/02/2018
  4. 12.
    Episode 32. On #Java10, the next internet bubble and data breaches!03/24/2018
  5. 13.
    Episode 31. Welcome to ATLANTA! (DevNexus 2018)03/06/2018
  6. 14.
    Episode 30. On Meltdowns, Payara, and the state of Java EE (with Eclipse's Executive Director Mike Milinkovich)02/05/2018
  7. 15.
    Episode 29. On SpringOne, EE4J, and Oh, gosh, we just lost Net Neutrality!12/20/2017
  8. 16.
    Episode 28. Back from JavaOne! With the dropped bomb on Java EE (or EE4J?), FN tech and more!11/27/2017
  9. 17.
    Episode 27. Java 9 is out! Java EE to end up at the Eclipse Foundation? And on Breaches10/08/2017
  10. 18.
    OffHeap's Mark And Sweep Episode 1. Let's hear about the beginning of Java, from its creator James Gosling.09/06/2017
  11. 19.
    Episode 26. On Projects that take 10 years, and let's dive into diversity08/24/2017
  12. 20.
    Episode 25. On Java EE, a toast for (RIP), on React (JS), and MVCs07/06/2017
  13. 21.
    Episode 24. Nothing like Sweet Home Chicago. A GoTo Conference episode with Georges Saab, Ed Burns, James Weaver and Dean Wampler05/15/2017
  14. 22.
    Episode 23. object.finalize() is deprecated! Privacy issues w/your ISP, and MicroServices are still in the news!04/12/2017
  15. 23.
    Episode 22. Atlanta is Great! DevNexus is Awesome, and we have a great Trivia game with Ted Neward and Chris Richardson03/13/2017
  16. 24.
    Episode 21. Java 9 is coming! And we're leaving things behind (also, does US immigration affect Devs, and how?)02/16/2017
  17. 25.
    Episode 20. It's the End of the Year! Let's recap! and Oh noes, seems some FUD is coming our way from the Register?!01/06/2017
  18. 26.
    Episode 19. We live in interesting times (A Trump election, Tiobe Index, and Thoughtworks Tech Radar!)11/14/2016
  19. 27.
    Episode 18. We're back from J1! And Brough Reza Rahman to talk about the Big Reveal on Java EE 810/06/2016
  20. 28.
    Episode 17. Docker-Split? What's the big Reveal at J1? EE 8 finally on track? JDK 9 late?09/16/2016
  21. 29.
    Episode 16. CMS removed? Oracle Rebooting Java EE? Is Lagom finally 1.0?08/22/2016
  22. 30.
    Episode 15. Change is in the air? Is Oracle really letting Java EE die? The EE Guardians' Petition and More07/04/2016
  23. 31.
    Episode 14. of Googlacle, Superheroes (and EE Guardians), Oracle Stewardship, and Larry Elison's comfy chair05/31/2016
  24. 32.
    Episode 13. The Good (Java Community Process w/Heather VanCura), The Bad (Corporations?), and the Ugly (Conferences and Controversial Speakers)04/15/2016
  25. 33.
    Episode 12. It's our Bday! with tons of news on Lagoms And bending Lights, and Big Blue, a new M$, and Big Red!04/04/2016
  26. 34.
    Episode 11. The Eagle has Landed, at DEVNEXUS!02/24/2016
  27. 35.
    Oh Snap! Google is gonna be using OpenJDK in Android!02/01/2016
  28. 36.
    Episode 9. Year-end Review for Java01/06/2016
  29. 37.
    Episode 8. Hello from JavaOne San Francisco, celebrating 20 years of Java!11/03/2015
  30. 38.
    Episode 7. What's going on with Oracle and Java? Also, let's talk about kids, modding, STEM and CS!10/06/2015
  31. 39.
    Episode 6. Oracle Security Chief complaining about white hats? Is Reactive Programming the new fad? JUnit asking for money!09/15/2015
  32. 40.
    Episode 5. Tales from China, brought to us by Josh Long, What is cloud native, and what's in sun.misc.unsafe anyways08/26/2015
  33. 41.
    Episode 4. Spyware, Malware, Adware with SE?, oh noes! How micro is micro, and is it really better? How does relate to frameworks? Performance? Two-phase commits?07/17/2015
  34. 42.
    Episode 3. Of Obama, Copyrights, about Typesafe Names, the JCP and Benevolent Dictators, and some Birthday Beer!06/08/2015
  35. 43.
    Episode 2. Tales of Microsoft, JavaScript as Bytecode, the new Cobol, and of Orphaned projects!05/06/2015
  36. 44.
    Java Off-Heap. Let us introduce ourselves and talk Copyright and APIs04/13/2015

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