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Counterintuitive is Daniel Bojar's journey into stories that are not what they seem to be. Episodes examine unusual events from a broad spectrum that will surprise you and then make you think. Because there's always a layer beneath.

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The notion that we have real intrinsic preferences has been dismantled. The concept of a single personality which every one of us supposedly possesses has been brought down in pieces. So what remains? Find out in this last episode in the miniseries about human nature! We will figuratively go back in time to investigate the origins of what makes you, well, you. And, vastly more important, what doesn't make a difference. Be prepared for a roller-coaster ride! For more(and the show notes), head to

Sep 2019

18 min 14 sec

You are who you are. In our ideal scenario of consistency, a person has a stable personality. He or she is honest, outgoing, polite, or any of the other innumerable personality traits. That's not a fluke, that's how he or she really is. But does this scenario describe our world? Are personalities, in the form we know them, truly stable across contexts and time? Tune in and find out! For more (and the show notes), head to

Aug 2019

21 min 16 sec

You know what you want. And even more what you don't want. Maybe you know what your family and friends like. Turns out, you're probably mistaken on all three counts. Our preferences are so much influenced by all kinds of context that they can't even be considered to be stable. Or can they? Find out here, and in the process discover our preferences for broccoli, chairs, and sex. For more (and the show notes), head to

Aug 2019

20 min 26 sec

Did you ever stand before a meadow filled with life, basking in the sun, and wondered about the beauty of nature? You're not alone. Especially nowadays, far removed from nature as we are, we're prone to idealizing and idolizing nature and and all things natural. Here, you'll find out why nature's messy and not all that great, especially at any given time point. We'll explore the love life of beetles, the destiny of virgin islands, and the gory past of most of our continents to arrive at a more complete and honest view of what natural can do - and what it can't.

Jul 2019

21 min 39 sec

What do school classes, cancer prevalence, and journeys have in common? Size! Be it number, proportion, or duration, size matters. Or does it? Taking the association between class size and academic performance as a primary example, this episode takes a deep dive into sample size and provenance. Find out where these seemingly abstract notions influence your daily life as well as your worldview! If you want to learn more, head to

Jul 2019

17 min 45 sec

How do you communicate power and determination so that you are believed? This conundrum lies at the heart of this episode, which takes place in 1989 and beyond. Equipped with game theory and good old psychology, this show will take a close look at torture and why authoritarian regimes sometimes seem to act against their own interests. To learn more, head to

Jun 2019

18 min 30 sec

On September 3rd, 1967, Sweden switched driving lanes, from left to right, in a single day. Not only were there no casualties, 1967 had fewer fatal traffic accidents than the years before or after. Why? And what does the counterintuitive phenomenon behind this teach us about how to make the world a safer place? To learn more, head to

Jun 2019

16 min 33 sec

A podcast series by Daniel Bojar about things which are not what they seem to be. Visit to learn more.

Jun 2019

2 min 5 sec