Exploring your brain’s phenomena, one scientific adventure at a time

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Episode 6: Demystifying the Female Brain – From Genes to Behavior (Guest: Dr. Marija Kundakovic) Our DNA expression controls nearly if not everything that we are. It informs how we look, the diseases we are susceptible to, and shapes our personality. It even sets the bar for our risk of developing anxiety and depression. Females […]

Jun 7

36 min 4 sec

Episode 5: Neurobiology of Love and Loss (Guest: Dr. Zoe Donaldson) Over the last few decades, distances between us around the world have been compressed through air travel and technological innovations, but the pandemic has temporarily re-expanded the Earth. As we have been tasked with forcibly isolating from one another for the benefit of humanity, […]

May 3

46 min 32 sec

Episode 4 – A Glimpse into the Neural Code: Theoretical Neuroscience with Dr. Larry Abbott Our guest is Dr. Larry Abbott, a pioneer in the field of theoretical neuroscience and also the co-director of the Center of Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University. We enjoyed learning about theoretical neuroscience as it relates to the broader neuroscience […]

Apr 5

42 min 10 sec

Episode 3 – GFP: Lighting Up Life with Nobel Laureate Dr. Martin Chalfie Scientists have learned a lot by looking at biological systems by imaging fixed sections of tissue, though to learn more we need to see dynamics, but how? Enter Green Fluorescent Protein, known in the scientific world as GFP. It is used by […]

Mar 2

52 min 53 sec

Episode 2: A Window into Depression – Part 2/2 (Guest: Dr. Jonathan Alpert) After a tough year that has affected everyone around the globe in different ways, will 2021 provide any relief? One thing many of us do have in common these days to varying degrees is an unrelenting sense of anxiety and depression. Sometimes […]

Feb 1

44 min 12 sec