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Double Tap is Mash Those Button’s weekly podcast dedicated to fighting games and the fighting game community. In each episode we discuss news, recent and upcoming events, and on-goings in the FGC.

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Here come the new challengers; Vira, Angel, Happy Chaos, Dungeon Fighters and Luke is finally here in SFV.

Nov 30

1 hr 6 min

King Of Fighter's Beta came and went, a new Dungeon Fighter Trailer, CPT 10 v 10, and Project L gets a big update.

Nov 23

1 hr 9 min

It's UMVC3's birthday, Happy Chaos and Poisandra revealed, more tournament results and a reflective focus attack.

Nov 17

1 hr 19 min

More KOF XV footage appears, Idom gets signed by XSet, Discord discussion, Static goes to NEC and Psylocke is in Marvel.

Nov 9

1 hr 15 min

Static and Crashtag find news for Melty Blood and KOF XV. Then, answer a listener question and react to new EVO news.

Nov 2

48 min 53 sec

We are back and Tekken removes DRM, Harada's bar has a new episode, Daigo has game gum, and more FGC anniversaries.

Oct 27

1 hr 2 min

This episode the hosts check out Sora, the Heidern trailer, Strive patch. Plus a Focus attack and Bison Mod.

Oct 20

1 hr 10 min

A new Dev backyard for Strive arrived, SFV charity, Nick fixed, Winrich is big brained, and will online replace offline?

Oct 12

1 hr 19 min

Sora has been revealed as the final Smash Character, KOF announces Isla and K'dash, then Melty and Nick have arrived!

Oct 6

1 hr 13 min

Melty Blood bring Vlov, Ruby Heart costume, BFTG gets a new season, Ren and Stimpy arrive and Cyclops made it in UMVC3!

Sep 21

1 hr 3 min

Melty Blood gameplay, Granblue has a patch, SFV new skins, Nick All Stars Brawl is legit and a cake for going 0-2.

Sep 14

1 hr 12 min

We're back and Melty has Noel, KOF brings Ash, Spongebob and Patrick movelist and is RNG good or bad in fighting games.

Sep 7

1 hr 18 min

This week, more character trailers, Jack-O patch is live, April O'Neil confirmed and we share thoughts on Summer Jam.

Aug 31

1 hr 34 min

In today's packed show, KOFXV leaks, Baiken's cool, a dope GG flowchart, and Pattheflip writes on fighting game fatigue.

Aug 24

1 hr 33 min

EVO online ends and character trailers arrive, as well as announcements, results, questions and our favorite mods.

Aug 17

1 hr 20 min

#FreeMvc2 fightcade edition, DragonBall FighterZ massive patch, Guilty Gear Strive developers turn their gears forward!

Aug 10

1 hr 15 min

Akiha, Athena, and Umbrella trailers arrive, Strive Leaks, SFV news incoming, Max to revive Mvc2 and play what you like.

Aug 3

1 hr 15 min

Ciel, King of Dinosaurs, Goldlewis trailers are out, GB is on sale, tourney results and your community question answers.

Jul 27

1 hr 26 min

Nick All Stars has everyone, Melty shows off characters, Strive sells 500k, Steam Deck impressions and a focus attack.

Jul 20

1 hr 29 min

Today on Double Tap, the Ramon trailer, Granblue and SG patch notes, random SFV rules, DLC graphs, NRS news and mods!

Jul 14

1 hr 18 min

The full team is here! We discuss Strive top 3, MK DLC is no more, big tournaments and DLC support for older games.

Jul 6

1 hr 5 min

Guilty Gear Strive is live, wild dolphins are loose, Kazuya smashes the comp, Luong kicks hard and is TxSF dead or not?

Jun 22

1 hr 13 min

Crashtag and Static can smell Strive with trailers and resources, VF and UMVC3 are alive and live events are back soon?

Jun 8

1 hr 14 min

Strive is almost here, KOF is delayed, Blue Mary and Amakusa trailers drop, Evo plans, Randoms and a community question.

Jun 4

1 hr 14 min

Red Bull Kumite Exhibitions and results, Surprise SFV Patch, Ralf and Clark arrive and we get a Fighting Game Glossary

May 25

1 hr 23 min

Leona trailer, Samsho is on steam, CPT results, and GG Strive story trailer revealed and we give our beta impressions

May 18

1 hr 22 min

Team Art of Fighting is revealed, Umbrella for Skullgirls, DefJam Popularity and an Iceberg of Scams within the FGC.

May 11

1 hr 18 min

Chris Trailer arrives, Strive Beta soon, a bunch of cool randoms and the Mortal Kombat Spoiler talk is finally here!

May 4

1 hr 31 min

Hibiki has appeared, Strive makes some drastic changes, Project L gets a legend, and a focus attack; goals then vs. now.

Apr 28

1 hr 17 min

Shermie breaks necks, Eustace aims high, Rose takes souls, Ryu joins BFTG and we pay tribute to a legendary stick maker.

Apr 21

1 hr 14 min

Mai, Oro, Rose and Akira trailers are here, we finish our coverage of Strive news and you answer the community question!

Apr 13

1 hr 39 min

Double Tap is back with Special Guest Tong, Tournament Organizer of Tampa Never Sleeps! Then, we have breaking Strive news!

Apr 6

1 hr 12 min

Crashtag is back with the team, KOF brings Yashiro, a new Melty blood, Project L rumor's and WeplayUFL thoughts.

Mar 31

1 hr 9 min

The crew checks out trailers for Terry and Lidia. Then Animist makes an SF video, Desk makes music and Sony buys EVO!

Mar 23

1 hr 25 min

Mezza and Static are here and discuss the Yuri trailer, Annie in Skullgirls, Tekken 7's new character and the fan made Juri costume. Then, CEO announces plans, Dreamhack tourneys and a focus attack!

Mar 16

1 hr 11 min

Crashtag is sad due to the Strive delay, but Pyra/Mythra, Andy Bogard, Eustance and the busted, SSJ4 Gogeta announcements should keep us busy. Then the Consouls hear fighting game osts and view mods!

Mar 9

1 hr 3 min

Welcome to DoubleTap and it's Chun-Li's Birthday! We first check the SkullGirls DLC, SFV's CPT results and patch notes. Then, Smash World Tour returns, Sako makes 10 years and get into a Focus Attack.

Mar 2

1 hr 20 min

Double Tap is back and discuss the Developers round table, including trailers from Samsho, Guilty Gear, Tekken 7, KOF and SF in Fortnite. Then we review the MK trailer and breakdown the GG Strive Beta!

Feb 23

1 hr 20 min

Double Tap is back and gearing for the Strive Beta with new content, Joe Higashi looks great and SFV brings Dan, Rose and a huge update. We predict the news from Round table 2 and Josie gets a hot mod!

Feb 16

1 hr 29 min

Guilty Gear footage, the beta info, the Iori trailer, and the SFV Winter update is coming. We highlight Leon Massey, MVC4 dream roster, CB is cancelled, and MVC2 looks weird!

Feb 9

1 hr 24 min

Static returns and Frosty Faustings concluded with hype moments. Mane 6, KOF, and SkullGirls had announcements. CPT explains plans, Vice makes an FGC doc and KI gets a tournament on Twitch Rivals!

Feb 2

1 hr 27 min

Anre's mustache hits the latest Granblue trailer. The FGC Code of Conduct get's the final call. Is it a good thing? Apparently NRS needs a safe space in their tournaments.

Jan 26

1 hr 21 min

FGC Code of conduct, Sephiroth at the middle of tiers, Mortal Kombat movie good/bad?, and Capcom Cup is cancelled but going online.

Jan 19

1 hr 6 min

King of Fighters 15 lives! SNK is bringing the news for Samurai Shodown and we're t-minus 2 days until Super Baby arrives in DBFZ. We get a taste of some possible SFV nerfs for Akuma!?

Jan 12

1 hr 16 min

We breakdown Anji Mito's Guilty Gear trailer and answer some listener's questions. 2020 ran out of tokens so we're continuing onto 2021 will we applying new methods to bring majors online?

Jan 5

1 hr 18 min

Dungeon Fighter Duel gets announced, Anji Mito trailer is dropping soon, Guilty Gear AC+R is hard, SC6 gets tier lists and events lined up, combos got rhythm and it's our 200th episode!!!

Dec 2020

1 hr 32 min

Crashtag, Mezza and StaticGorilla are back with a special guest, Coach Czech. Then we go over tournament results from DBFZ, MK11, Luffy gets into CPT and we see your answers to the community question!

Dec 2020

1 hr 27 min

Static and Mezza have a lot of character reveals to cover with Sephiroth, Yuel and Scorpina. MK has a new patch, DBFZ results, MK movie gets a release date and we ask a community question.

Dec 2020

1 hr 23 min

Crashtag and Static get ready for the next battle with special guest, Komanda, a local Tekken 7 champion, who tells us the good and the bad of the latest patch and then more DBFZ tournament results!

Dec 2020

1 hr 19 min

Crashtag is back with Static and is excited about the new MK League and Costumes. Then we make friendly bets on who will DBFZ nationals, a Hwang Returns to SC and Capcom has a big leak.

Dec 2020

1 hr 10 min