Data Brilliant

By Qlik

In ‘Data Brilliant’, expert hosts from leading data company, Qlik, will tackle the biggest issues of the day and explore what our futures will look like through the lens of data. They’ll be joined by specialist guests as they dig deep into how data is reshaping the world’s businesses, the relationships we hold with each other, and the society we live in.  The series will talk to the vital role of data in our everyday lives; from how we interact and communicate with each other around the world, how we innovate, work every day and how it is influencing culture and society as a whole. Alongside this, we will showcase examples of how positive action through data can serve society at all levels and provide real life stories and advice on how to accelerate business value through data. See for privacy and opt-out information.

  1. 1.
    Why data is crucial to starting and growing a business in an emerging economy with Azran Osman-Rani
  2. 2.
    Why data cultures matter to organizations today with Winston Wu
  3. 3.
    Why data can help us navigate uncertainty in a volatile world with Dr. Vikram Mansharamani
  4. 4.
    Why data has the power to excite everyone, if we learn to tell the right stories from it with Malcolm Gladwell
  5. 5.
    Why data powered by human intelligence is the perfect combination with Hannah Fry
  6. 6.
    Why data literacy is vital to combating misinformation with Joel Finkelstein
  7. 7.
    Why data should be used to report the facts & only the facts with Katty Kay
  8. 8.
    Why data democratization and availability is key to success in 2021 with Dan Sommer and Susan Linnell

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