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The Laudato Si‘ Movement serves the Catholic family worldwide to turn Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ encyclical into action for climate justice by undergoing our own ecological conversion, transforming our lifestyles, and calling for bold public policies together with the wider climate movement.

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Bishop Martin Hayes is Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland, the coordinating bishop for Pope Francis' Laudato Si’ for the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference, and a member of the Council for Justice & Peace of the Bishops’ Conference. He is attending the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, and we spoke to him in Glasgow about his thoughts on the conference so far, what he's heard from developing countries in the various meetings he's attended, and why he feels compelled to act on Pope Francis' Laudato Si'. “I think Pope Francis always gives us a sense of what each on one of us as individuals can contribute and all of us holds out a sense of hope." More about Bishop Hayes attending COP26: More about Catholics at COP26:

Nov 8

14 min 56 sec

Father Cornelius Ejiogu of St. Luke Roman Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., talks about how they're celebrating the Season of Creation, the annual ecumenical celebration of prayer and action for our common home. Father Ejiogu also talks about growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, how God called him to be a priest, and his love of rap music, including Coolio, The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. More about the Season of Creation here. More about St. Luke Roman Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.

Sep 16

28 min 29 sec

Laudato Si' Animator Nicholas Collura of EcoPhilly in the U.S. reads his recently-published story titled, "I couldn't find any Catholic creation care efforts in my archdiocese. That gave me an idea." You can read his story at Learn more about EcoPhilly at

Sep 7

8 min 50 sec

Sister Judi Clemens of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur reads her moving tribute to Sister Dorothy Stang, who was murdered in 2005 while fighting for the Amazon and its people. Earlier this year, scientists discovered a new species of screech owl in the Amazon rainforest and named the new species after Sr. Dorothy Stang. Sr. Clemens wrote the tribute for Laudato Si' Movement. The story, as well as a video of Sr. Judi reading the story, can be found at Laudato Si' Movement: The expanded story of Sister Dorothy Stang: More about the new species:

Aug 22

8 min 11 sec

Laudato Si’ Movement and the countless other organizations leading creation care efforts around the world are part of a “renewal movement” taking place throughout the global Catholic Church, said Dr. Erin Lothes in the latest Laudato Si' Movement podcast. More about Dr. Lothes: More about Laudato Si' Movement:

Aug 9

32 min 44 sec

When did Pope Francis write Laudato Si': 24 May or 18 June? We explore the two dates and why both are important to celebrate. Story:

Jun 17

3 min 42 sec

During a Laudato Si' Dialogue on divestment, energy, and fossil fuels, cardinals, Vatican priests, bishops, New York Times best-selling authors, and organizational leaders share how Catholics have a moral imperative to divest from fossil fuels, and how all of us are called to bring up divestment to Church leaders everywhere. More on Laudato Si' Week 2021: Speakers Rev. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, Head of the Vatican's Ecology and Creation Office Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, President of the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) Bill McKibben, New York Times best-selling author and co-founder of Reabetswe Tloubatla, Denis Hurley Peace Institute/SACBC Clare Fussell, Environmental Officer at the Diocese of Bristol, England Bishop Brendan Leahy, Diocese of Limerick, Ireland

May 19

1 hr 13 min

Pope Francis invites all Catholics to participate in Laudato Si' Week 2021, the crowning event of the Laudato Si' Special Anniversary Year to take place 16-25 May. Tomás Insua, co-founder and executive director of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, and Anna Wagner, GCCM's director of network engagement, join the podcast to talk about all things Laudato Si' Week 2021 and how you can bring the celebration to your community by organizing an event. For more information, go to Laudato Si’ Week 2021 is sponsored by the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and facilitated by the Global Catholic Climate Movement in collaboration with RENOVA+, Caritas Internationalis, CIDSE, International Union Superiors General, Union of Superiors General,  Society of Jesus, the General office for justice, peace and integrity of creation from the Order from the Franciscan Friars, and in partnership with dozens of Catholic partners.

May 13

31 min 48 sec

Kayla Jacobs is the Director of Programs for Laudato Si' Ministries in Joliet, Illinois, USA. In 2019, the Diocese of Joliet became the first in the U.S. to establish such a ministry. Jacobs talks about how the change has amplified her work, what it took to create such a ministry, and why every diocese in the world should strive to transform their community with Laudato Si' Ministries. More from GCCM: From Diocese of Joliet:

May 4

38 min 46 sec

Decades ago, Dr. Louk Andrianos didn’t picture himself serving as a consultant on the Care for Creation, Sustainability and Climate Justice for the World Council of Churches, a key Season of Creation partner. But the Season of Creation Steering Committee member has found a way to blend both his faith and the sciences to help Christians around the world care for creation. In the podcast, Dr. Andrianos talks about how he feels God is calling him to do this work, how faith and science can work well together, and why he's particularly excited about this year's ecumenical Season of Creation, the annual celebration of prayer and action for our common home. Season of Creation:

Apr 28

26 min 42 sec

Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect for the Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, and Dr. Jane Goodall, the renowned scientist and UN Messenger of Peace, talk about the need for Catholics and all people to tackle the biodiversity crisis ahead of COP 15. The webinar was put on by the Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and the Vatican COVID-19 Commission, in collaboration with numerous partners. Laudato Si' Week: Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development:

Apr 23

48 min 7 sec

Father Tim Galvin, a St. Patrick's Missionary Society priest, used to not worry about God's creation and caring for our common home. But the worsening climate crisis made him want to learn more. Now he and the people of Riwoto, South Sudan, are showing the world how to bring Pope Francis' encyclical letter Laudato Si' to life. Read and watch more about Father Tim Galvin's story:

Apr 14

25 min 47 sec

Durante la reciente Cuaresma Laudato Si’, este movimiento junto a nuestros socios de todo el mundo realizó las Estaciones del Via Crucis en vivo online. Esperamos que este Via Crucis online te ayude a ti y a tu comunidad a conectar la Pasión de Cristo con el clamor de la tierra y el clamor de los pobres a lo largo de todo el año.

Apr 12

24 min 49 sec

In this Laudato Si' Dialogue, Father Xavier Jeyaraj, SJ, director of the Jesuit Social Justice and Ecology secretariat in Rome, and Melvin Purzuelo of the Philippine Misereor Partnership discuss their personal experiences with environmental defenders and how regular people can help advocate for them around the world.

Mar 19

43 min 17 sec

How should you talk about the climate crisis? With only facts, or by merging the scientific facts and people's values and motivations? Bernadeta Golebiowska of Poland talks about the difficult and courageous conversations she's had with people throughout her country about the climate crisis and what she's learned from those experiences. “We cannot talk only about facts. From my point of view, it's more important to talk about values, to talk about motivation, to show people what is God's vision of creation."

Mar 4

30 min 18 sec

Dan Misleh was all set to study business and spend a lifetime in the secular world, until a college course about Catholic Social Teaching at Xavier University in the U.S. changed his life. Decades later, Misleh has spent his career working for social justice. He now serves as the founding executive director of the Catholic Climate Covenant. Misleh talks about how one of his sons opened his eyes to the need to care for creation, why the organization’s tagline has always been about more than just caring for the environment, how he stopped feeling depressed about the climate crisis, and the one thing people can do to better understand the climate emergency.

Feb 17

30 min 22 sec

Nancy Uelmen didn’t want to write another doom and gloom song about the climate crisis. Instead, the music director of Gen Verde wanted to help inspire our sisters and brothers around the world to realize that it’s not too late to change our ways and care for our common home. The result is the group’s new song, “Turn Around,” a hopeful and inspiring take on how all of us can unite and care for our common home. In the podcast, Nancy shares how Laudato Si', Pope Francis, and inspiring young people all over the world, including Greta Thunberg, motivated her to write the moving song. Watch the music video for "Turn Around": Learn more about Gen Verde:

Feb 11

32 min 21 sec

Ahead of COP26, faith institutions worldwide are leading the way and showing the world that now is the time to commit to meaningful, long-term action for our common home. Dozens of faith institutions representing hundreds of millions of faithful have joined the new “Faith Long-Term Plans” initiative organized by FaithInvest, the International Network for Conservation and Religion, and the World Wildlife Fund’s Beliefs and Values Program. Dr. Lorna Gold, Director of Movement Building for FaithInvest and the Acting Chair for the Global Catholic Climate Movement Board of Directors, and Pippa Arnold, Events Organizer at FaithInvest, talk about the initiative and why they're expecting dozens more organizations to join the effort this year. “In the Catholic tradition, certainly Pope Francis has really awakened us through Laudato Si’ to that responsibility,” Gold said.

Feb 2

31 min 7 sec

With an eye on the 2021 Season of Creation, high-level Christian leaders from around the world share how the world's 2.3 billion Christians can work together to have a home for all, and how creation care unites Christians everywhere. Guests Rev. Dr. Chad Rimmer, Executive for Theology, relating to Ecotheology at the Lutheran World Federation Fr. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, Coordinator of the Sector of Ecology and Creation at the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development Dr. Louk Andrianos, Consultant on the Care for Creation, Sustainability and Climate Justice at World Council of Churches Richard Murray, Vice-Chair of Eco-Congregation Scotland and a lay reader in the Scottish Episcopal Church, Aberdeen & Orkney Diocese Moderated by Amy Woolam Echeverria, International Coordinator of Justice, Peace, and Ecology for Columban Missionaries Go to to learn more about the Season of Creation, and visit to learn more about this episode.

Jan 26

1 hr

Six years ago this month, 17 organizations and 12 leaders from all continents came together to form the Global Catholic Climate Movement. Since then, with Laudato Si' as their guide, hundreds of thousands of Catholics and Christians have realized that their faith calls them to care for God's creation. GCCM's founding Board President Amy Echeverria shares her memories from this movement's beginnings, the moments that have stood out, and why places stick with her. GCCM's story: More about Amy: Climate Pilgrimage:

Jan 21

35 min

It's not easy to be hopeful all the time, but as Catholics and Christians we are called to create hope through our lives and our actions. Br. Benedict Ayodi, GCCM Programs Manager for Africa, talks about why we should be hopeful and how we all can create hope in our lives during 2021 and beyond. Read Br. Benedict's moving essay on maintaining hope during the COVID-19 pandemic that has been read by tens of thousands of people: Watch Br. Benedict's Advent retreat reflection: Listen to an earlier podcast episode about Br. Benedict's faith journey:

Dec 2020

25 min 31 sec

Suzi Moreira of Brazil was studying theology as an undergraduate student when Pope Francis helped clarify her career path by releasing Laudato Si'. On the podcast, Moreira talks about growing up with a Franciscan spirituality, how Laudato Si' affected her, and why the body is the backbone of theology in Latin America.

Dec 2020

29 min 13 sec

Bishop Allwyn D'Silva is sometimes referred to as the "green bishop" by his friends and colleagues. But his ecological conversion took years and largely happened because of his friends and peers. In 2017, Pope Francis appointed Bishop D'Silva to become the Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Bombay, India (now called Mumbai). Bishop D'Silva is the former Executive Secretary of the Climate Change desk at the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC).

Dec 2020

43 min 56 sec

Ariana Díaz Acuña, a Costa Rican theologian and former deputy director of the Laudato Si' Observatory at the Catholic University of Costa Rica, shares the story of her faith journey, including the many times she has worked in the Amazon and how those experiences have had a lasting effect on her. “They were always praying for water. I was like, ‘Why are they praying for water? I can’t understand this.’ Then I began to realize that they really need water to live and for the fruits of the Earth to come."

Nov 2020

31 min 56 sec

More and more Catholic and faith institutions are choosing to divest from fossil fuels to live out their values. Why are they divesting, and what does that mean exactly? Daniela Finamore, GCCM Divest-Invest & European Programs Coordinator, talks about the growing movement. More information about this week's divestment announcement:

Nov 2020

35 min 57 sec

Facing long odds of success, how do you keep yourself spiritually full and hopeful? Sr. Mary John Mananzan, 83, has spent her life advocating for women and standing in solidarity with workers in the Philippines. In 2011, Women Deliver, a global advocacy group, named her one of the top 100 inspiring persons in the world. Sr. Mary John shared what has helped her 60-year career of activism, imparting countless lessons for Catholics and all people working against the climate crisis. "Your spiritual nourishment is the one that feeds you, gives you the strength, and even the courage to dare things you wouldn’t dare if you had no conviction that God is with you.” ---- Be sure to leave us a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Want to receive an email every time we post a new episode? Click here to be the first to know when a new podcast episode is shared. ---- More on Sr. Mary John Mananzan CNN Phillipines: Profiles: Sr. Mary John Mananzan CIDSE: The Place of Women Is... In The Struggle Global Sisters Report: The hospital that miracles built Global Catholic Climate Movement Advocacy Campaign:

Nov 2020

37 min 54 sec

What does it mean to "vote Catholic"? How can Catholics vote for the care of creation? What does it mean to vote "pro-life"? In a special election-themed podcast, Father Jacek Orzechowski of the Franciscan Action Network and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (USA), and Roxana Bendezú of PAX Christi USA talk about voting Catholic. ----- Be sure to leave us a review! PAX Christi USA Statement of Principles: Election 2020: Franciscan Action Network's "Vote Franciscan Values": For more information about Global Catholic Climate Movement: CatholicClimateMovement.Global

Oct 2020

37 min 15 sec

Ahead of the seventh anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan, A.G. Saño of the Philippines talks about surviving the strongest storm to ever make landfall, why he works for climate justice, and why he still has hope. To learn more about A.G.'s story, go to -- Follow Global Catholic Climate Movement on social media: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Oct 2020

36 min 42 sec

Durante el reciente Tiempo de Creación, el Capítulo del MCMC Colombia realizó una lectura de la Laudato Si' en español. ¡Muchas gracias al capítulo de Colombia! Compartimos su lectura, como un recurso al que pueden utilizar las veces que sea necesario.

Oct 2020

5 hr 54 min

How is Pope Francis' third encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, related to Laudato Si'? Fr. Augusto Zampini, adjunct secretary of the Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, speaks with Dr. Lorna Gold, director of movement building at FaithInvest.

Oct 2020

58 min 3 sec

How should we care for creation? Capuchin Br. Benedict Ayodi, Global Catholic Climate Movement Program Manager for Africa, answers those questions and talks about following St. Francis' example at all times, even while running away from lions.

Oct 2020

42 min 30 sec

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves, the Global Catholic Climate Movement. GCCM was founded in 2015 and works to bring to life Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si'. Tomás Insua, co-founder and executive director of GCCM, and Anna Wagner, director of network engagement for GCCM, talk about what they love about this work and what the ongoing Season of Creation means to this movement.

Sep 2020

31 min 28 sec