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Toronto musician Blair Packham checks in to talk about songwriting, teaching and The Beatles / The 45th anniversary of John Lennon's death / If Trump had died / Spezza's suspension / The Retirement Sherpa / Dan Duran the anchorman

Dec 8

1 hr 51 min

. Ron Hawkins from Lowest of the Low talks about their latest album and upcoming shows / Phil sticks to take out / The Buffalo Bills blow it / We're getting too old for a lot of things / Andy Palalas from Canacabana / Dan Duran the anchorman / Drake snubs the Grammys.

Dec 7

1 hr 46 min

Paul Romanuk, who produces a Beatles podcast, talks about Get Back / The gun loving U.S. congressman / Gretzkly the movie producer / The dumb Detroit Red Wing / Delyn Gray performs live on the show / Dan Duran the anchorman / Chris Cuomo gets the axe / Charlie Glassman talks about her bout of Covid.

Dec 6

2 hr 8 min

Singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk describes working in the new digital world / Humble's eye is all weird and pussy / MLB locks out the players / What is an audio disruptor and thought leader / Dan Duran the anchorman / Mike Boon / Brett Tanner from the Chambers Plan.

Dec 2

2 hr 3 min

Elias "The Spartan" Theodorou is a MMA fighter and medical cannabis advocate / A review of yesterday's interaction with the anti-vaxer / Rihanna is a braless hero / Cori McPhee from Toronto Miracle / The Retirement Sherpa / Dan Duran the anchorman

Dec 1

1 hr 45 min

Brandon Wainwright wrote a book about his dog, and he's an anti-vaxer who doesn't understand the concept of freedom / Humble and Fred review "Get Back" / Another Blue Jay is gone / Andy Kim calls in to talk about this year's Christmas Special / Dan Duran reports on his Manscape experience / Dan Duran news

Nov 30

1 hr 52 min

Singer / Songwriter Hawksley Workman is preparing for live shows and he won't freak out over Omicron / Humble and Fred holiday stories / Testing can by tedious / Dan Duran the anchorman / Charlie has covid / Get Back is excellent.

Nov 29

1 hr 53 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / Steven Pearl, comedic legend / The Jays had a hot streak / Blue Rodeo's Stephen Harper song / Roots of the Trump Presidency / Fred's injured shoulder / Phil and holidays.

Nov 25

1 hr 48 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / The Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan special / Sideways farts / Local radio king Rob Carnie / Visiting Humble's childhood home / Hometown-Hotel Panel with Clark Gordon, Dave Jukes and David Glassman.

Nov 24

1 hr 15 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / Frank Sinatra Jr., an incredible star / The SOPA and PIPA soap opera / "God" watches Dave White saving Fred on Highway 401 / The boys practice commercial scripts / Old friends like Jason Kinder and Mike Wixson.

Nov 23

1 hr 36 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / Peter Cetera, famous Humble and Fred fan / Stupid Facebook posts / The Blue Jays played well in 2015 / A capella group Retrocity.

Nov 22

1 hr 49 min

Linda Kash is / was the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel and she's appeared on Seinfeld and been directed by Ron Howard / A Blue Jay wins the Cy Young Award / Murder at a high school / The blackface teacher is fired / Kids are gonna get vaxed / The Don Knott memorial / Mike Boon tees up future shows

Nov 18

1 hr 26 min

Broadcaster and writer Bruce Dowbiggin was once jealous of Fred, he's against mandates and he's written a book with his son / Canada wins in the bitter cold / Dan Duran explains how to be a weatherman / Things Dan and Fred argue about / Mike Boon and Phil have different views of the Asian Muppet / The Retirement Sherpa

Nov 17

1 hr 44 min

Dan Duran sits in for Humble this week / Liz West talks about her professional pivot / Fred's history with Dan Duran / Scams that bug Duran / The Rittenhouse aggravation / The Asian Muppet is no big deal to Phil / The weather in BC.

Nov 16

1 hr 24 min

Comic / Cash Cab guy Adam Growe puts Humble and Fred to the test with some Italian trivia / They're making an I Love Lucy movie / The Adele special was great / Honouring Don Knotts / Humble and the anti vaxer / Joe Rogan can swallow his own pipe / Dan Duran the anchorman.

Nov 15

1 hr 31 min

Our American friend Noel Casler comments on the Rittenhouse trial and fractured USA / Dogs that have bitten us / Humble's poppy betrays Fred / Dan Duran the anchorman / Mike Boon tees up next week

Nov 11

1 hr 46 min

Comic Glen Foster talks about Covid, cancel culture and his brand new song / Humble finds some foot relief / Fred crafts a dad joke / The highest earning sports figures / Carey Price is struggling / Connor McDavid is superhuman / Dan Duran the anchorman / The Retirement Sherpa

Nov 10

1 hr 50 min

Steven Page talks about songwriting. sharing credit and concert crowd control - and he's currently on tour / Great duo's of our time / John Lennon' favourite lyrics / The art of the joke according to Jerry Seinfeld / Dan Duran the anchorman - Joe Biden's farts in Glasgow / Time Daniels from Health Gauge

Nov 9

1 hr 41 min

Kristina Dervaitis is a Gynecologist turned rock star who grew up listening to Humble and Fred on The Edge / Our chicks think we're loud / Covid questions / Would you do a buffet / The border opens today / Aaron Rodgers gets his medical advice from Joe Rogan / Dan Duran the anchorman / Samantha from Nuveev skin care products

Nov 8

1 hr 22 min

Rick Mercer talks about his fascinating career and his new book / Is there too much Covid talk / Let's get a third dose / A poppy must come from the heart / Dan Duran the anchorman / Jon Stewart's "The Problem" is excellent

Nov 4

1 hr 48 min

Tara Spencer-Nairn of Corner Gas talks about her ADHD and the struggles of Canadian actors / Chris Sky is a deranged asshole / Canadians can be sucked in by conspiracies too / Last night's US elections could be a good thing / Has Fred missed out with cocaine / Dan Duran the anchorman / The Retirement Sherpa.

Nov 3

1 hr 42 min

Toronto Sun sports writer Lance Hornby talks about the past 50 years of Toronto sports and the Chicago Black Hawks scandal / Humble and Fred have special moments too / Satan is responsible for masks / Biden takes a nap / Dan Duran the anchorman / Doing things that make you shit your pants

Nov 2

1 hr 51 min

TV critic Bill Brouix gives him monthly update on what's new and what's worth watching / Toronto basketball history / November sucks / Our mates and our driving / Dan Duran the anchorman / Sometimes some people just have to die

Nov 1

1 hr 38 min

Montreal radio legend Terry Dimonte talks about retirement, the state of the radio business and his new podcast with Ted Bird / Listener em-mail / Billy Joel rejects rich people / Mike Boon tees up next week

Oct 28

1 hr 46 min

Teri Hart of Superchannel talks about turning 50 and offers a few recommendations / Making sense of the Dave Chappelle controversy / Humble needs to know about Fred's siblings / Dan Duran the anchorman dissects the Rogers shit show / The Retirement Sherpa

Oct 27

1 hr 35 min

Former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion calls the boys to talk about one hundred years of memories / What's worse, Humbles foot or his prostate / Fred Ball is a super fan with a wealth of H and F stories / Donald Trump Jr. is as disgusting and filthy as his putrid old man / Dan Duran the anchorman / Tim Daniels from Health Gauge.

Oct 26

1 hr 40 min

Comic Ron James is back on tour / Covid appears to be losing its grip / Making sense of the Alec Baldwin tragedy / Humble's wonderful day in Peterborough / Dan Duran the anchorman.

Oct 25

1 hr 29 min

Alan Cross talks about his new book for kids / Fred would rather spend money on cocaine than on a gondola ride / Dan Duran the news man / Trump's latest venture / Toronto Mike sets up for the week ahead.

Oct 21

1 hr 31 min

Tony Clement addresses water in Iqaluit, Doug Ford's immigrant statement, the Montreal Canadiens and meeting the Queen / The Queen needs to slow down and she drinks too much / Dan Duran the anchorman / The Retirement Sherpa

Oct 20

1 hr 32 min

Singer - songwriter Emm Gryner talks about her new book and her time with David Bowie / Doug Ford blows it / Trudeau and his indigenous bullshit / Ontario's archaic liquor laws / Dan Duran the anchorman

Oct 19

1 hr 35 min

Mark Hebscher reveals the greatest Jewish athlete of all time / A review of the tenth anniversary show / Listener e-mail / The Leafs and NHL suffer a huge embarrassment / Humble's going to Italy / Dan Duran the anchorman / Homemade poached halibut and jerk pork

Oct 18

1 hr 37 min

Humble and Fred celebrate ten years of their podcast with a cavalcade of specials guests and warm and fuzzy memories

Oct 14

1 hr 59 min

Today's show is actually tonight's show and it's a really big one - Humble and Fred explain

Oct 14

2 min 41 sec

Aron Solomon provides expert legal commentary on the Brittney Spears' conservatorship battle - now we understand / Humble schools Johnny Golfshot / Paul McCartney takes shots at Lennon and the Stones / Jon Gruden is totally finished / Dan Duran the anchorman / The Retirement Sherpa / Keith Olbermann nails anti-vaxers

Oct 13

1 hr 40 min

Ralph Benmergui returns to talk about his book and what happened to his nose / Thanksgiving was a good time for the fellas / Ontario's unfair Covid rules / Ted Lasso - the end of season two / Dan Duran the anchorman / Mike Boon gives a sneak preview to our anniversary show / Tim Daniels from Health Gauge

Oct 12

1 hr 46 min

Bill Brioux talks network TV and streaming / Dan Duran the anchorman / Toronto Mike talks anniversary show and the week ahead / Humble wants to throw out eggplant dip in the toilet.

Oct 7

1 hr 44 min

Peter Mansbridge drops in to promote his new book, talk about Covid and general craziness around the world / John Stewart comes back with a winner / The facebook whistleblower is a world wide hero / Pants fit for the garbage / Dan Duran the anchorman / The Retirement Sherpa

Oct 6

1 hr 35 min

TSN's James Duthie talks about the Jays, All or Nothing and the Ryder Cup / Trudeau screws up / Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp problems / Dan Duran the anchorman / Tony Giorgi from Sensi Brands

Oct 5

1 hr 35 min

Helen Tansey and Dianne Wiseman host the Feminine Warrior podcast / The Blue Jays win but lose / Facebook is ruining societies around the world / Humble buys another Trump book / Dan Duran the anchorman / Former intern Paul Schubert returns with his many voices.

Oct 4

1 hr 39 min

Billy Newton-Davis returns and we talk more about his amazing career / National Day for Truth and Reconciliation / Tim Daniels from Health Gauge / Dan Duran in Shediac, NB and his giant lobster / Toronto Mike on our tenth anniversary show and guests coming up.

Sep 30

1 hr 46 min

Our American buddy Noel Casler checks in - his podcast is cooking and his stand up is back / Canada's impressive vaccination rate / The Jays crap out / Old time pictures, long time memories / The Retirement Sherpa / Time is flying by

Sep 29

1 hr 38 min

Former hockey broadcaster Paul Romanuk talks about his Beatles podcast, the state of sports broadcasting and the current political climate / Listener e-mail / 39 Miners / NBA players get a pass / The big series starts tonight / Michael Krestell of Dynaleo Inc, talks edibles.

Sep 28

1 hr 38 min

Comic Ron James has written a book and he explains where it comes from / We're still bewildered by anti-vax simpleton morons / Humble and Fred are feeling their age / The Jays and Leafs welcome more fans / Steve Dick from Kalvara - Premium Cannabis Infused Beverages

Sep 27

1 hr 41 min

Our old radio buddy Ted Woloshyn talks about his battle with Covid, filling the shoes of Wally Crouter and his new podcast / Pearl is getting restless / Humble and Fred reveal who they voted for / We need election reform / Humble tangles with a whack job from the PPC / Dan Duran the anchorman discusses penis length / Mike Boon tees up next week

Sep 23

1 hr 37 min

Comic John Hastings talks about his appearance on America's Got Talent, living in Los Angeles and his most recent accident / The backwards state of Texas / Trumps firm grip on the GOP / It's the first day of fall / Dan Duran the anchorman / The Retirement Sherpa / Howard's much anticipated golf story

Sep 22

1 hr 49 min

Rik Emmett, key member of Triumph, is releasing a fascinating new autographic book of poetry / Tony Clement pops in for a post-election mortem / Stephanie Warren from the Chambers Plan / Dan Duran and the news / Humble's shocking golfing first.

Sep 21

1 hr 51 min

Tony Clement tees up today's election / Ted Lasso kicks ass at the Emmys / The Jays are kickin ass too / Chris Rock has Covid / Dan Duran the anchorman / Chris Evans talks pickleball / Humble worked with Norm MacDonald

Sep 20

1 hr 42 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / The Sheepdogs on their first Canadian exclusively podcast interview / Our friends Scary Pete, Jason Kinder and Drew Marshall / Texting while Walking / Vajazzling was trendy.

Sep 16

1 hr 18 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / David Marsden, national broadcasting treasure / Our friends Kelly Cutrara and Scary Pete / The Occupy protests / Ryan Doyle on professional protesters / Classic Goohead Visa moment / Bubble wrapped kids and balls.

Sep 15

1 hr 23 min

Classic moments combined with extra fun worth the tape / Bob Izumi, legendary national angler / Comedian and broadcaster Ali Hassan brought food / Eggs, bacon, chutney / Fred Ball with a Fred story / Who gets irritated more easily / Our friend Eileen.

Sep 14

1 hr 27 min