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This podcast is a weekly production of Salud America!, the Institute for Health Promotion Research at The UT Health San Antonio’s media organization. This project aims to inform listeners of health inequities and trends impacting the Latino community.

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The COVID-19 vaccine is a contentious topic for many Latinos and Americans. The divide between those who are vaccinated and those who are unsure or don’t want to get the shot grows wider every day. But we can use compassion and cultural relevancy when promoting vaccine benefits with our loved ones who are unsure about the shot!

Sep 29

25 min 56 sec

Health disparities have impacted Latinos for many years. Worse, the COVID-19 pandemic only worsened these inequities. Still, these issues have gained national attention, and, hopefully, spur action, change. Recently, experts from the National Institutes of Health and UT Health San Antonio joined our Salud Talks podcast to discuss the COVID-19, health inequities, and the struggles Latinos face in the US today.

Sep 15

29 min 20 sec

Recently, experts from the National Institutes of Health joined our Salud Talks podcast to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and the “scientific pathway” that ensures safety for those who receive such treatment. Now we’re talking all about the design of vaccine clinical trials and how they’re conducted.

Jul 14

25 min 32 sec

Despite its widespread success, there has been some misunderstanding about the COVID-19 vaccine. In hopes of addressing these issues, we sit down with medical providers, researchers, and even a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participant. These experts provide a greater understanding of the treatment and why it is so safe.

Jun 28

31 min 37 sec

Salud Talks' co-hosts and producers, Tenoch Aztecatl and Josh McCormack discuss this new normal, the struggles we are facing, how we have adapted, and what the experts are saying about the current state of the world.

Aug 2020

33 min 2 sec

The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a conversation about race and prejudice in America. One of the key factors in that discussion is the privileges afforded to whites, and how those benefits harm communities of color. Dr. Rogelio Sáenz, the Dean of the College of Public Policy and the Mark G. Yudof Endowed Chair at the University of Texas at San Antonio, joins Salud Talks to discuss this issue and what the members of that community can do to make a difference.

Jul 2020

31 min 9 sec

In light of the recent tragedies, co-hosts Tenoch Aztecatl and Josh McCormack discuss systemic injustice as well as the violence committed against communities of color.

Jun 2020

28 min 33 sec

With the current spread of the current novel coronavirus, many with creative passions—ranging from painting to woodworking to storytelling—are facing new difficulties, especially in their ability to produce work. Tenoch Aztecatl, the producer of this podcast and video producer at Salud America, joins Salud Talks to discuss inspiration, innovation, and imagination — as well as how the global crisis has impacted those pursuits.

May 2020

38 min 15 sec

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps throughout the U.S., medical experts say that mixed messaging coming from civic leaders in Washington has led to worse outcomes for everyday individuals and a successful stop to the spread. Today, Dr. Jason Rosenfeld, the Assistant Director of Global Health at UT Health San Antonio joins Salud Talks to discuss his career in health communications, and how that experience is informing his work to disseminate knowledge about the outbreak.

May 2020

30 min 25 sec

Last week, we discussed how high levels of stress could influence the development of cancer. This week, we explore another risk factor in cancer development — genetics. A person’s family or place of origin, even dating back years and years, can influence that individual’s risk for certain types of cancers.

May 2020

30 min 28 sec

Stress can lead to serious health complications, according to Cathy Samayoa, an adjunct assistant professor at San Francisco State University. She and Dr. Daniel C Hughes with the Institute for Health Promotions Research join Salud Talks to discuss their research concerning connections between stress and cancer development.

May 2020

31 min 17 sec

Statistically, Latinos and people of color are vastly underrepresented in these kinds of exploratory efforts. This matters as the knowledge gained and disseminated in these studies could influence whether or not a patient receives adequate care.

Apr 2020

31 min 14 sec

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps throughout the US, one personal and political issue is taking center stage for most: the cost of and access to quality healthcare. Statistically, Latinos and other disadvantaged groups experience some of the worst outcomes of those concerns. Moreover, experts say it will only get worse as this outbreak endures.

Apr 2020

27 min 12 sec

Unique stressors, such as sheltering in place the time or experiencing new financial struggles, are causing issues in most homes throughout the U.S. While these problems might not be resolved in the near future, as civic and business leaders deal with the consequences of the outbreak, it is essential that Latinos and all Americans find ways to battle back against these mental health complications.

Apr 2020

22 min 11 sec

The coronavirus outbreak has caused severe changes to the fabric of our society. One issue that is at the forefront of many healthcare providers’ minds is something most might not have considered being an issue before: mental health.

Apr 2020

24 min 9 sec

Amid a global pandemic, most find themselves inside their homes more than ever. While this is tough for some and easier for others, one thing is apparent: Many are asking some tough questions, including, are the systems that are currently in place operating in the best interest of everyone? In January, we sat down with government officials from ReWorks San Antonio, an agency of the city’s Solid Waste Management Department, that aims to connect businesses to cost-effective recycling solutions and promote those businesses among consumers who value social responsibility.

Mar 2020

26 min 15 sec

As COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines, all of us are experiencing new levels of stress and anxiety. With that in mind, public health workers from the Institute for Health Promotion Research share their best practices in how—in the words of another global crisis— they are keeping calm and carrying on.

Mar 2020

22 min 35 sec

Have you ever encountered a child in need? While most might think no, experts say that’s likely not the case. Dr. Kathy Fletcher, the President and CEO of Voices for Children of San Antonio, and State Representative of Texas’ 124 district, Ina Minjarez, join Salud Talks to discuss their work with children in crisis, and, what we all can do to provide our community’s children with a brighter future.

Mar 2020

28 min 37 sec

Food insecurity is an issue gripping American families—including those in the Latino community—across the country. Dwayne Wharton, an Independent Consultant with Dwayne Wharton & Partners and the former Director Of External Affairs at The Food Trust, joins Salud Talks to discuss this issue and what progress is needed to ensure Latinos and all Americans have access to healthy foods.

Mar 2020

28 min 6 sec

When was the last time you noticed if an intersection had a Soundsystem for the visually impaired? For over 60 million Americans with disabilities, these issues can become an everyday burden when equal access is not a priority. Bob Lujano, Information Specialist for the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability joins Salud Talks to discuss these issues, and how we all can step up to make life more equitable for his community.

Feb 2020

25 min 28 sec

When was the last time you drank soda, juice, or other forms of sugary drinks? For most Americans, it is a normal part of everyday life. The problem? These drinks are incredibly unhealthy, more so than some companies would lead consumers to believe.

Feb 2020

27 min 7 sec

Doug Hattaway, president of Hattaway Communications, says that the way we communicate can make the difference between positive movement in an issue or those ideas falling on deaf ears. Today, he joins Salud Talks to discuss the strategy his firm uses to fight for positive change — aspirational communication.

Jan 2020

25 min 46 sec

Last week, Salud Talks discussed the failing state of discipline in schools throughout the country. Today, Director of School Leadership at AIM Consulting Lizzy Perez joins us again to explain how some schools are implementing trauma-informed care practices — and how it's changing the lives of kids.

Jan 2020

23 min 44 sec

Schools throughout the U.S. are failing their students due to harsh, black-and-white discipline practices. That's why this week's guest, Director of School Leadership at AIM Consulting Lizzy Perez, joins us to discuss a new form of educating children about right and wrong: trauma-informed care.

Jan 2020

28 min 55 sec

This year, Americans will be given the opportunity in the U.S. Census. Experts, including those from the Census Bureau, say every single person alive needs to complete this survey — it impacts health, local funding, and so much more. Census Bureau Deputy Regional Director Dennis Johnson and Media Specialist Ximena Alvarez join to talk about this once-in-a-decade event and its importance to the American people.

Jan 2020

23 min 49 sec

As we enter a new year and decade, the Salud Talks podcast will return — bringing you more episodes that explore holistic health equity. Experts from all fields discuss the critical issues impacting Latinos and all Americans. Tune in, January 8, for our first episode of 2020.

Dec 2019

2 min 10 sec

Who is your hero? They are as unique as the work they do, but one thing is consistent throughout each of their stories: Taking action to help others. Alejandro Maya, CEO of Sprocket Media Hub, discusses telling those stories through Salud America!'s web-based docuseries, Salud Heroes.

Dec 2019

25 min 17 sec

Rural communities throughout the U.S. do not receive equal access to quality medical treatment. Some live so far from the nearest hospital that they will have to take a day off work to make a doctor's appointment, according to our guest Jordan Rassmussen, the Policy Manager of the Center for Rural Affairs.

Dec 2019

22 min 41 sec

Do you know how many harmful chemicals are in the products found in your home, school, office, or car? The reality is most people face exposure to hundreds—if not thousands—every day. We explore this issue in-depth with Mike Schade, "Mind the Store" Campaign Director with Safer Chemicals.

Dec 2019

25 min 18 sec

How often do you see Latinos and people of color on the big screen? Kerry Valderrama, president of Alamo City Studios, joins Salud Talks to discuss how his company is creating a culture in which all people can tell their stories through art and film.

Nov 2019

26 min 34 sec

When was the last time you didn't use your car to get around? A lack of transportation options and safe streets make it too difficult for too many Americans to not use personal vehicles, according to Ian Thomas, the State and Local Program Director of America Walks.

Nov 2019

28 min 8 sec

Is your town quickly becoming unlivable? That's the case for Jose Luis Ortiz, a farmer and an environmental activist with the Los Jardines Institute. He describes how, despite what some might think, climate change is already destroying his home.

Nov 2019

26 min 30 sec

Too many American families struggle with Cancer. That’s why the American Cancer Society is fighting for less cancer incidence and greater awareness. Kyle Deleon, Texas Grassroots Manager with the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, joins Salud Talks to share his personal journey, and what his organization is doing to reach that goal.

Oct 2019

25 min 24 sec

Who is your hero? Well, Salud Talks’ is Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, the director of Salud America! and its home, the Institute for Health Promotion Research. Despite being one of the busiest people in this field, Dr. Ramirez joins us for a discussion on public health, the Latino community, and why both topics influence everyone.

Oct 2019

28 min 35 sec

Kindness, empathy, and compassion are all things most can agree are good for the world. Yet, how are people practicing these virtues in everyday life? Dante Jones, founder of San Antonio’s Roll Models program, joins Salud Talks to discuss how we all can treat each other better.

Oct 2019

21 min 26 sec

Politics, the one subject that we can all agree on is a subject most often disagreed on. However, civic engagement is unanimously important to the foundation of our democracy. But how does that factor in with regards to the Latino community? We sat down with Texas State Repetitive Ray Lopez, who serves the 125th congressional district, and Lourdes Castro Ramirez, former San Antonio Housing Chief and Current President of the University Health System’s Foundation to find out.

Oct 2019

29 min 6 sec

Is the water coming from your tap safe? Research shows that millions of Americans face harmful exposure every day — from chemicals in public water. Patty Lovera, assistant director of Food and Water Watch, and Michelle O’Leary, member of the New York Water Project, join Salud Talks to discuss toxic substances in municipal water supplies.

Sep 2019

24 min 27 sec

From concussions to Latino representation in college football, David Castillo, a staff writer for Vox and SB Nation, joins Salud Talks to discuss America’s understanding of the state of Latino health inequity through sports.

Sep 2019

26 min 20 sec

Do you feel like your doctor knows enough about you? The cultural foundation of who you are? Dr. Daniel Carlos Hughes and his colleagues are doing just that in a case study revolved around how medical professionals heal their patients especially those with chronic conditions, better — holistically.

Sep 2019

24 min 47 sec

It’s no secret that the environment will suffer at the hands of the climate crisis. What’s worse? Those changes are happening today. Dolores Belmares, Texas Field Consultant at Moms Clean Air Force, and Dr. Juan Declet-Barreto, a climate scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists, discuss the issue that will determine the fate of the planet.

Sep 2019

29 min 27 sec

Salud Talks is a weekly production featuring discussions on health equity, public policy, culture shifts, climate change, and other subjects that significantly impact Latinos, and all Americans, today. The podcast is produced by the team at the Institute for Health Promotion Research (IHPR) at The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Aug 2019

2 min 13 sec