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Zachary Bellante

We are Fitness For The Misfits. Lift Weights. Drink Blood.

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We talk about the album that created doom, Thanksgiving madness, vegan mashed potatoes, Resident Evil, Nic Cage deserving an Oscar for Pig, and Mohawk Mandy returning to the podcast in the coolest way possible - with a DCL TATTOO.  --- Support this podcast:

Nov 28

28 min 28 sec

Your favorite death metal co-hosts talk about sex, drugs, and rock & roll... Minus the sex.  We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  --- Support this podcast:

Nov 17

56 min 55 sec

Welcome back to church, FREAKS! Sabbath Sunday Iron Worship commences with a revisit to the "greatest hits album", Paranoid.  We talk it's enduring legacy, classic songs, nut butters, and much more madness as usual.  --- Support this podcast:

Nov 14

24 min 34 sec

We ride again into the intergalactic depths of metal space with GWAR guitarist, Postulus Maximus.  We talk 30 YEARS of Scumdogs of the Universe, touring with Napalm Death & Eyehategod, the logistics behind a GWAR show, GWAR vs Cancel Culture, spiritual enlightenment journeys, controversial Judas Priest album favorites, pre-workout supplements. Zak from Death Comes Lifting unfortunately had to handle this one solo, our co-host Schuler of Death Metal radio was sorely missed. Please go squirt blood on him.  Also please campaign for a GWAR & Death Comes Lifting pre-workout supplement collaboration. Thank you for listening. --- Support this podcast:

Nov 12

37 min 31 sec

WE ARE STARTING OVER.  The Church of Iron Worship has made it's way through the might Black Sabbath discography, and is rolling back through it. We begin at the creation of heavy metal with Black Sabbath's 1970 self-titled debut. It's the gift that keeps on giving.  We talk tattoos, vasectomies, Bill Ward VS Travis Barker, Metallica, bulking up for the holidays, and more.  --- Support this podcast:

Nov 7

29 min 37 sec

Happy Halloween from the fine freaks of The Lifting Dead Army. Featuring Sabatoge-era Ozzy, A Retro Tennis Player, & Gomez Adams / The Iron Shiek. --- Support this podcast:

Oct 31

27 min 51 sec

It is an honor to welcome long-time Lifting Dead Army Member, Thriller Thursday Review Writer, and solo metal musician known as Valkyrie AD, Corey Thomas; BACK on the podcast. We talk horror literature, books vs movies, a deep dive into the rankings of the Halloween franchise, general horror nerd talk, and what YOU can expect to unearth when YOU join us over on The Lifting Dad Army's Patreon Page.  Happy Halloween.  --- Support this podcast:

Oct 30

50 min 52 sec

WE RIDE AGAIN into the haunted regions of South Dakota to chat with American-made Swedish death warriors in Angerot. We talk about how the accomplish their killer chainsaw sound, writing their new record, their killer merch game, the Sioux Falls metal scene, Acid Bath, Black Sabbath, and much more.  --- Support this podcast:

Oct 29

1 hr 7 min

The Lifts & Riffs boys are honored to talk to independent recording artist Lisa Mann. She has worked in the music industry doing everything from playing bass in Top 40 bands to becoming known for playing the blues; she currently is promoting her metal record, The Poisoner by White Crone. We talk all things music, fitness, and Dio.   --- Support this podcast:

Oct 22

43 min 31 sec

JOIN THE LIFTING DEAD ARMY in celebrating the greatest Black Sabbath COVERS record ever, Nativity In Black.  We also talk a lot about the Halloween series.  We're OFF NEXT WEEK to return with a SABBATH SUNDAY HALLOWEEN PARTY SPECIAL on 10.31... DON'T MISS IT! Join THE LIFTING DEAD ARMY to JOIN our LIVE PODCAST at 830am EST via ZOOM! --- Support this podcast:

Oct 17

25 min 58 sec

MEAT The Lifting Dead Army's official STRENGTH COACH, Roger "The Backwoods Berserker" Bailey. In this long overdue podcast we talk all things heavy lifting, strongman, carnivore diets, keto diets, carbohydrates, supplementation, and training all types of freaks to be their strongest selves.  --- Support this podcast:

Oct 15

45 min 32 sec

THIS MAY BE THE ONLY SABBATH SUNDAY PODCAST IN HISTORY THAT WE DIDN'T TALK ABOUT BLACK SABBATH, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULDN'T LISTEN TO BLACK SABBATH TODAY. Also, that doesn't mean we don't talk about the usual killer stuff like RACING IN THE MOUNTAINS, training, welding, Ghost, Halloween, Busta Rhymes's Mortal Kombat Fatality, and morgue hugely important information.  THANKS FOR LISTENING, FREAKS! -Z --- Support this podcast:

Oct 10

26 min

Join us for a deep dive into the history of NYDM legends, Afterbirth. We talk early days, discovering influences, breaking up and getting back together years later, staying relevant as an 'adult' in the death metal world, and being fearlessly creative.  --- Support this podcast:

Oct 8

1 hr 12 min

Video games. Not a subject typically found within our LIFTS & RIFFS PODCAST quickly becomes one of our favorite conversations in recent history with Steve of Proponent Games. He distributes independent video games, is a massive metal head... and really good dude.  Check it out for video games business inside tips, tech death, Schuler & Zak being schooled on modern-era video games, and much more.  --- Support this podcast:

Sep 24

1 hr 5 min

Welcome back to the church of SABBATH SUNDAY IRON WORSHIP, FREAKS! Help celebrate The Crypt Keeper's 270th birthday as we review the super deluxe edition of Black Sabbath's (best) record, Sabotage.  We are joined by our trusty Lifts & Riffs co-hose @DeathMetalRadio Schuler Benson for today's rituals.  Thank you all for joining & listening. Love you.  --- Support this podcast:

Sep 19

38 min 27 sec

WE RIDE AGAIN with death metal multi-instrumentalist & renaissance man Garry Brents. We talk his creative & working process, songwriting inspirations, playing live vs being a studio project, and much more.  --- Support this podcast:

Sep 17

56 min 40 sec

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! This week, we are on to covering the first Ozzy Osbourne solo record, Blizzard Of Ozz. We are reunited with podcast favorites Mikey & Ashley to talk professional wrestling training, plant based nutrition, Ozzy, Metallica, Gwar, The Jasons, and more.  Listen for a short and sweet good time back with the crew. Thanks for listening, freaks! --- Support this podcast:

Sep 12

18 min 21 sec

Your favorite LIFTS & RIFFS duo are BACK with the vocalist Los Angeles - based industrial band, 3TEETH. We talk psychedelics in the desert, Mick Gordon, fitness routines, Cradle of Flith, industrial vs traditional metal influences, the doors of consciousness, etc... you know, the usual madness. Check 3TEETH out ON TOUR with Cradle of Filth this fall while we patiently await their new record. HEAR their latest single here: --- Support this podcast:

Sep 10

54 min 4 sec

We are honored to welcome legendary guitarist, Ryan Roxie, of the great Alice Cooper band on the podcast. We talk pandemic life in Sweden, his rock & roll beginnings, touring with Ace Frehley & favorite KISS songs, the importance of trying new things, his tour fitness regimen, advice for new musicians, and where he fits into the Alice Cooper legacy. Don't miss it. CHECK OUT RYAN ON TOUR WITH ALICE COOPER & ACE FREHLEY THIS FALL! --- Support this podcast:

Sep 9

46 min 2 sec

From tour managing bands on the road for a decade, getting fatherly advice form King Diamond, working for IndieMerch, befriending Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death, and more... hear the cool story on how Night Shift Merch become on of metal's leading merch companies & distro's.  We talk music, life on the road, his business process, setbacks from covid, and much more.  --- Support this podcast:

Sep 3

58 min 46 sec

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS!!  The Lifting Dead Army RETURNS to discuss the madness that is Bill Ward's FIRST solo album, that just may be the best of the bunch... Listen to find out The Crypt Keeper's justification for such a statement. We also talk training, tease a DCL's upcoming October festivities, horror movie recommendations, and the usual insanity.  Thank YOU for listening.  --- Support this podcast:

Aug 22

31 min 22 sec

It is beyond an honor to welcome back Lifts & Riffs FIRST recurring guest, the mighty Rocco Martone. He is the vocalist of New Jersey's Chained to the Dead and an expert on all things old school death metal.  Join us for a fun debate on hatred for Dee Snider, near death experiences, streaming vs physical media, drug & alcohol war stories, and way too much more to put into words.  Rocco is always a wealth of insight & information, so much so that we have to make this a series. Stay tuned for Parts 2&3. We hope YOU dig it as much as we did. Thanks for listening, FREAKS! --- Support this podcast:

Aug 20

1 hr 27 min

Host of the Metal Revolution Radio Show & vocalist of death metal band Deviant Burial, Chris Briggs, joins your favorite Lifts & Riffs boys to for an extremely passionate & nerdy chat on all things horror, metal, and much more. Christ is an a magical collector, filmmaker, and all around really sweet dude. It was an honor to have him on the show! --- Support this podcast:

Aug 13

1 hr 3 min

Amanda Kenberg, better known in Death Comes Lifting world as "Mohawk Mandy" or "Buff Shady", finally joins the podcast to talk about the training work we do in The Lifting Dead Army.  We talk her extensive fitness background, training & nutrition philosophies, mindset, and all the ways WE can HELP YOU when YOU Join The Lifting Dead Army. We are honored to have her on board in The Crypt as a trainer who puts her knowledge, love, and hard work ethic in all she does for us. TRAIN WITH HER HERE: --- Support this podcast:

Aug 11

51 min 57 sec

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! This week's SABBATH SUNDAY IRON WORSHIP sermon covers Geezer Butler's first solo record, "Plastic Planet" in all its industrial metal glory. This spawns a discussion of Woodstock '99 & Batman. You've been warned. --- Support this podcast:

Aug 8

27 min 44 sec

WE RIDE AGAIN TO THE OUTLAW LANDS OF TEXAS (R.I.P. Dusty Hill) to talk all things METAL with McKenna, vocalist of Tribal Gaze.  LISTEN to find out why death metal goes so well with the gym, what it's to play killer live shows again, and how the Bible is metal as fuck. Tribal Gaze's debut EP "Godless Voyage" is OUT NOW via Desert Wastelands Productions. --- Support this podcast:

Aug 6

55 min

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! THIS WEEK we cover a very unique solo record from Tony Iommi with a special guest forged from iron & hellfire. Listen on to uncover the ancient secrets. Keep holy thy Iron Worship. --- Support this podcast:

Aug 1

27 min 2 sec

THE LIFTS & RIFFS BOYS embark on yet another trip to the beloved lands of the UK - coming at YOU from Cornwall, is  Ryan Wills of solo death metal project Seven Doors. JOIN US to chat our mutual admiration for obscure horror films, death metal, Slipknot, and much more. Get ready to shit French fries on bread. --- Support this podcast:

Jul 30

51 min 39 sec

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! Due to a ritual scheduling confusion, This week's SABBATH SUNDAY PODCAST hath been transformed into a SOLOCAST with your host, The Crypt Keeper, talking about a very mysterious record...  "Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls" by Coven WHY are we talking about THIS on a Black Sabbath PODCAST? Well, YOU will just have to LISTEN TO FIND OUT! Prepare your altars of iron worship and DIG IT UP! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 25

17 min 5 sec

WE RIDE AGAIN to the great death metal landscape of Canada to rock with Charlie of DEFORMATORY! We talk their brain-rattling technical song structure, their surprising organic writing process, their previously slept-on material, Cryptopsy, passion, influences, and much more. Of course, he's a really good dude. DIG IT UP FREAKS! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 23

1 hr 8 min

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! This week, because we could just NOT let the original Sabbath lineup say goodbye with their final studio record, "13", we take a look at their follow up LIVE FINAL SHOW on "The End." The show was recorded on 2/4/17 in their hometown fo Birmingham, England. We dissect the setlist, discuss lockdown workouts, vegan nutrition, Australia's best cover bands, and much more.  We laugh, we cry, we say goodbye.. until next time. --- Support this podcast:

Jul 18

30 min 17 sec

JOIN US in the motherland of death metal, the deep swamps of Florida, to talk to the one & only MYK COLBY of WHARFLURCH! We talk lots of magic mushrooms, reinventing oneself artistically & personally, powering through the pandemic and coming out stronger, Curtis Mayfield, David Bowie, The Swamp Thing, and much more positivity from this dude.  --- Support this podcast:

Jul 16

56 min 59 sec

Mr. Universe runner-up Todd Payette joins us on our podcast to talk about his crazy, inspiring story that YOU HAVE TO HEAR in order to believe. We get into the psychology of motivation, using negatives a positives, classic bodybuilding, battling demons with exercise, & much more insight from Todd's amazing professional experiences.  Check out his autobiography, "Shoulder Down", available now. --- Support this podcast:

Jul 15

40 min 35 sec

We had to get Kyle back from our previous Lifts & Riffs episode #38 to expand upon his inspiring story & fitness journey. So, make sure you check THAT out before listening to this one.  We talk about overcoming deep adversary through physical, mental, and spiritual setbacks. He generously details his gym journey from weakness to strength and back again, using pain as artistic inspiration, developing mindset in the "mental gym",  how to view suffering as a reward while being thankful for it, and how comfort is detrimental.  Kyle's generous vulnerability makes this one of the coolest & inspirational podcasts we've ever been apart of. Hope you freaks dig it as much as we did.  Vitriols brilliant debut record, is out NOW via Century Media. --- Support this podcast:

Jul 13

1 hr 17 min

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! This week's Sabbath Sunday Iron Worship sermon covers Black Sabbath's FINAL record, 13. We talk Iommi's battle with cancer, Ozzy relapsing, Bill Ward's absence, and Geezer's badassness the usual weirdness.  What do YOU think of their final record? Is it worthy?? Thank YOU for listening.    --- Support this podcast:

Jul 11

26 min 15 sec

WE RIDE AGAIN!! Lifts & Riffs is back in style with an International episode spanning from Belgium to Italy with Sven (vocals) & Stefano (bass) in the legendary death metal band, Aborted.  Please enjoy our chat with theses gore grind horror metal masters as we talk lavishing hairstyles, Italian food, PhD's, mayonnaise on French fries, Aborted's merchandise & killer promotion process, their new album, touring, and much more of the usual madness here on LIFTS & RIFFS! Thank YOU for listening.  --- Support this podcast:

Jul 9

1 hr 2 min

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! This week's IRON WORSHIP SERMON covers the reunion of Heaven & Hell, the Dio era lineup of Black Sabbath, with the album "The Devil You Know." We cover all things from Tenacious D, action figure & horror paperback collecting, zombie workouts with Linnea Quigley, and the usual Black Sabbath backstage debauchery.  --- Support this podcast:

Jul 4

29 min 47 sec

Join The LIFTS & RIFFS BOYS as we get down with the mastermind behind World Eaters. We talk influences, Bolt Thrower, pandemic life in Canada, writing & recording process for the EP, Guitar Hero & Rock Band introducing a new era to heavy metal, and MUCH MORGUE! DIG UP World Eaters' EP here! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 2

1 hr

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! This week's sermon covers Black Sabbath's LIVE 1997 Record, "Reunion", which fittingly sees the return of the original lineup. It rules. We talk our first time being exposed to Sabbath via songs on this record, Batman & strength training, a Spartan race routine & recap, funny Ozzy studio stories, weights, blood, and much more. Thank YOU for listening, FREAKS! JOIN The Lifting Dead Army to JOIN this LIVE PODCAST recording every Sabbath Sunday mourning at 8:30am EST! --- Support this podcast:

Jun 27

30 min 24 sec

Coming at your from Oregon, join THE LIFTS & RIFFS BOYS for an absolutely killer conversation with Vitriol guitarist & mastermind, Kyle Rasmussen! This conversation is filled with his intense passion vulnerability, adn generous look into the creative process from what some claim to be the best extreme metal debut of all time.  Check out Vitriol and the aforementioned record, To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice, HERE! --- Support this podcast:

Jun 25

58 min 53 sec

An episode intended for a killer guest became a scheduling conflict happy accident as your favorite co-hosts got to spend much needed quality  time chatting together. We love you and thanks for listening.  --- Support this podcast:

Jun 22

36 min 36 sec

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS! On this week's episode, we cover Black Sabbath's infamous 1995 record, Forbidden, produced by Body Count's Ernie C. Is it as bad as it gets credit for? Is it secretly genius? What do the freaks think?? We also talk... CHEAT MEALS & training, Body Count / Ice -T worship, spiritual wisdom, and MUCH MORGUE on this fun episode of Sabbath Sunday Iron Worship. JOIN The Lifting Dead Army to ATTEND our LIVE PODCAST via ZOOM every Sunday Mourning at 830am EST! --- Support this podcast:

Jun 20

27 min 22 sec

JOIN THE LIFTS & RIFFS BOYS as we go BEHIND THE SCENES of Darkest Hour's recording dojo, get the low-down on their fan club Patreon page, pandemic life, band & touring history, being influenced by contemporaries, Black Sabbath & general good dude vibes. Boom.  --- Support this podcast:

Jun 18

1 hr 26 min

WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH, FREAKS!! This week we cover Black Sabbath's 1994 record, "Cross Purposes", in all its Tony Martin - returning glory.  We talk the riff chemistry of early Sabbath, proper nutrition & training for a Spartan race / becoming Batman, 2000's GODZILLA, Motorhead uniting punks & metal heads across the globe, and MUCH MORE! --- Support this podcast:

Jun 13

29 min 20 sec

JOIN THE LIFTS & RIFFS BOYS as we head to The UK to talk to the guitar guru of Unfathomable Ruiantion. Listen for stories of 12 shots of absinthe, touring in Europe, a death metal fitness regime, and lots more firepower.  --- Support this podcast:

Jun 11

57 min 18 sec

Welcome BACK to CHURCH, FREAKS!!  After a long 2 WEEK HIATUS, The Lifting Dead Army has made their triumphant return to the podcast altar on 6/6 for Sabbath Sunday Iron Worship redemption. IF YOU ARE NEW to this podcast, here is a great place to start. We do not dive into any new Sabbath album specifically - we just recap our favorite jams and our love & experience with the music though this podcast.  We chat general lifting, health & wellness, backyard BBQ deadlift competitions in Omaha, a mythical rant about cats, drug stories, and all you could ask for. Talk to YOU next week, freaks!! --- Support this podcast:

Jun 6

50 min 28 sec

JOIN the LIFTS & RIFFS BOYS as we chat to the beast behind the drums of legendary NOLA metal act, Goatwhore. We talk to Zack about joining the band at 17, life in New Orleans, being influenced by Motorhead, recording their last album on tape, NEW album detials, live streams, pandemic life, sparkling water, fitness, beards, & general madness.   --- Support this podcast:

Jun 4

1 hr

Scout Tafoya is a film critic & connoisseur whom recently released his first book, "Cinemaphagy: On the Psychedelic Classical Form of Tobe Hooper." We talk all things Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the understated genius of Tobe Hooper, and the insanity of the film industry in general. Scout is a remarkably witty & passionate dude which made this podcast one of the most fun we've done. DIG IT UP, FREAKS!  --- Support this podcast:

Jun 1

51 min 53 sec

History of exhumed, gore vs psychological, growing up with horror, evolving as a writer, different projects, what's next  Join the Lifts & Riffs boys for a lesson in EXHUMED history from the frontman himself, Matt Harvey. We talk the evolution of gore horror to psychological horror, evolving as a band and as a lyricist, horror influences, all the different projects he's involved in (like POUNDER), & what's next for Exhumed in the near future... --- Support this podcast:

May 28

1 hr 20 min

Join your trusty Lifts & Riffs duo as we chat the multi-faceted man with metal royalty in his bloodline, Igor Cavalera Jr. Not only do we get into his band 'Go Ahead And Die' with his approach to writing, recording, and playing music live; we also dive deep into his creative process in authoring books. We also talk early life, finding influences, and continuing to pioneer metal froward in a positive way.  --- Support this podcast:

May 21

1 hr 6 min