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Animals Loose in the Car! We Got Some Crazy Calls This AM - Are Superheroes Real? (Melissa Says Yes) - Troubles With Dr Seuss - 2nd Date (Justin & Michelle)

Mar 3

19 min 27 sec

Are You in a Secret Tattoo Club? - It's 2nd Christmas This Week! - Taylor Swift VS Netflix? - 2nd Date (Steve & Liz)

Mar 2

16 min 52 sec

Back to School Teacher Confessions (You Won't Believe What One Kid Brought to School in His Backpack!) - I Feel Good on a Rainy Monday - The Golden Globes Were....Different - 2nd Date (Vick & Eileen)

Mar 1

17 min 7 sec

What Old Show Did You Get Into During the Pandemic? - Teens Helping the Elderly With Vaccinations (This is Awesome!) - Lady Gaga Had her Dogs Stolen? WTH?! - Brand New 2nd Date (Shawn & Patricia)

Feb 26

13 min 20 sec

A Listener Called In and Told Us She Has Been Stealing From Her Boyfriend - There Are Screaming Foxes in Short Pump - Someone Sent Melissa Money for No Reason - 2nd Date (Eric & Sandra)

Feb 25

16 min 29 sec

What's the Best Decision You've Ever Made? (We Got Some Amazing Calls) - Jack is a Crotchety Old Man - Stop Making Sexy Snowmen! - Brand New 2nd Date (Tim & Olivia)

Feb 24

17 min 28 sec

A Caller Made a Promise to Marry Someone When They Turned 40 (So We Actually Called the Other Person On-Air!) - What is Party PPE? - Jack's Hero Is Settling Down? - 2nd Date (Annie & Chris)

Feb 23

18 min 8 sec

Today Callers Told Us the Pettiest Things They've Ever Done (And Wow!) - Lying to Get An Early COVID Vaccination - Melissa & Jack Annouced a Huge Giveaway Involving Jason Derulo - Info On a Show Filming Here in RVA - 2nd Date (Greg & Dina)

Feb 22

18 min 34 sec

UH OH, A Listener Broke the Law this Morning and Then Called In For Advice - Melissa Found Something Odd in Her Bathroom - This New TikTok Food Craze is Amazing - 2nd Date (Oscar & Kim)

Feb 17

19 min 35 sec

Jack Found Something Super Creepy on His Doorstep at 4am - CEOs Use This Kid's Toy to Jumpstart Their Day - Harry Styles is Officially Off the Market - 2nd Date (Eric & Andrea)

Feb 16

18 min 48 sec

Your Worst Valentine's Day Experiences (WOW You Gotta Hear This One) - Jack Got His Wife A Very Different Sort of Gift - Don't Use This Emoji Anymore - Brand New Royal Celebrity Baby - 2nd Date (Allan & Brandy)

Feb 15

17 min 21 sec

Have You Heard of Tree Pods? - Melissa Had Something Strange Happen Last Night - Pandemic Dating Terms (Have You Heard of Zumping?) - Tom Brady Was DRUNK Yesterday - 2nd Date (Rob & Wendy)

Feb 11

17 min 29 sec

Snacking While Grocery Shopping Controversy (Do You Do It?) - Remake of a CLASSIC Movie - Melissa Has a Cat Backpack (?) - New 2nd Date (John & Anna)

Feb 10

19 min 8 sec

Worst Job Interviews Ever - What Weird Thing Did You Get Stuck in Your Hair? - No More Middle Seat on Planes - Local Chef on a Major TV Show - 2nd Date (Nick & Connie)

Feb 9

20 min 12 sec

Mother-In-Law Drama on Facebook (You Have to Hear This Story!) - Melissa Made A...Unique Super Bowl Snack - The Weeknd's Halftime Performance Explained - 2nd Date (Tara & Henry)

Feb 8

22 min 54 sec

A Listener Told a MAJOR Lie to Her Spouse (You Have to Hear This Confession) - Super Bowl Halftime Show Could Be a Bust - Jack Messed Up Date Night (Again) - 2nd Date (Chad & Wendy

Feb 5

18 min 43 sec

Do You Have a Bogus Book Shelf for Zoom Calls?! - Melissa Threw a Cat Party - Stop Posting This One Thing Online Unless You Wanna Get Scammed - Lizzo Has A Unique Way to Fight Quarantine Pounds - New 2nd Date (Justin & Michelle)

Feb 4

14 min 59 sec

We Took Your Listener Catfish Stories This Morning - Jack Is Really Pumped About His New ToiLight (?) - Guy Missed the Entire Pandemic - Golden Globes Very Different This Year - 2nd Date (Vicky & Colton)

Feb 3

18 min 30 sec

A Caller Has Been Telling a Major Lie to Her Family (You Gotta Hear This) - The Groundhog Ruined EVERYONE'S Morning - Jack Was Name-Dropped in a Rap Song? - Great News for Black Panther Fans - 2nd Date (Peter & Brenda)

Feb 2

16 min 18 sec

Jack Had an Embarrassing Zoom "Incident" and We Took Your Calls (You've Gotta Hear This) - What's The One Household Chore That MUST Be Done - Bernie Meme is Making Crazy Money - 2nd Date (Josh & Audrey)

Jan 29

22 min 21 sec

No Gifts For Valentine's Day This Year? - Vaccination Cards are the New I Voted Stickers - Is Willy Wonka Evil? Jack Thinks So - Brand New 2nd Date (Vick & Eileen)

Jan 28

15 min 53 sec

Husband Who Has Been Lying to Wife for Months Comes Clean on the Show (It's a Weird Lie Too) - Tilly the Yorkie Has Been Found! - The 2nd Roaring Twenties Are About to Start - 2nd Date (David & Ashley)

Jan 27

20 min 28 sec

Love in the Time of COVID is a Real Thing - Melissa Has A Super Power? - You Can Now Legally Hunt Bigfoot (But Why?) - Are you Pangry? - Brand New 2nd Date (John & Beth)

Jan 26

17 min 27 sec

Am I a Monster Because I Accidentally Hurt My Co-Worker?! - A New Selfie Place Has Opened in VA Beach - New Way to Experience Concerts - 2nd Date (Peter & Melanie)

Jan 25

17 min 49 sec

When Cat-Sitting Goes Wrong (You Have to Hear This One) - Oven Probs for Melissa AND Jack - Best Way to End a Phone Call - 2nd Date (Eric & Courtney)

Jan 22

21 min 2 sec

Ideas to Make Quarantine Birthday Parties Fun - Are We Hugging or Nah? - Purple is the Color of 2021 - Lady Gaga's Giant Bird - Brand New 2nd Date (Eric & Andrea)

Jan 21

18 min 48 sec

What is Your Strange Phobia? We Took Your Calls - Melissa Might Become a Sugar Baby - Jack is Distraught Over the Bachelorette - 2nd Date (Tony & Ellie)

Jan 20

21 min 18 sec

Am I the Monster for Wanting My Spouse to Dress Better? - A Man Has Been Living in An Airport - New Celebri-baby! - Jack Explains Why Playing the Lotto is Smart - 2nd Date (Clayton & Emmy)

Jan 19

17 min 42 sec

New "Am I the Monster" Involving a Co-Workers Wedding - Melissa Witnessed Something Awesome & Uplifting - More Tom Cruise Set Meltdowns? - Brand New 2nd Date (Rob & Wendy)

Jan 15

21 min 48 sec

What Exotic Pets Have You Had? Some Crazy Calls for This! - The Roaring 20s are Coming Back - Micro Goals - 2nd Date (Eric & Sandra)

Jan 14

19 min 54 sec

"Am I the Monster" Caller Wants to Dump GF for V-Day - At What Age Should a Kid Get a Phone - Redhead Fight in Hollywood Hot Mess - 2nd Date (Dillon & Margaret)

Jan 13

22 min 1 sec

When Family Game Night Goes Wrong - Jack Saw Something CRAZY On the Way to Work - Year Round School? - Brand New 2nd Date (Nick & Connie)

Jan 12

21 min

Do You Really Need to Send Handwritten Thank You Notes? - A Major Sitcom Returns - I Feel Good to Get The Week Started on a Positive Note - 2nd Date (Miles & Jessie)

Jan 11

19 min 57 sec

What's the most creative punishment you've ever used on your kids? One of our listeners needs help with her son who racked up $200 in phone game charges! / Do you know how often you're supposed to clean your phone? We were shocked to find out / Parney from the Flying Squirrels joins Melissa & Jack to let us know if RVA will be getting baseball this year / 2nd Date: What did Evan give Gina that caused her to ignore his call? Listen now to find out!

Jan 8

24 min 34 sec

Letting Positivity Rule with Melissa & Jack's "I Feel Good" - Pioneer Fashion Is In - Batman is Back? - Brand New 2nd Date (Vicky & Colton)

Jan 7

21 min 21 sec

Where Do You Meet People During a Pandemic? - Huge Celebrity Divorce - Eat Your Christmas Trees! - 2nd Date (Jeff & Rosie)

Jan 6

17 min 40 sec

Giving Back Gifts AFTER a Break Up? - Famous Musician Possibly Joining WWE - Girl Scout Cookie SZN - 2nd Date (Annie & Chris)

Jan 5

17 min 25 sec

Goals for 2021 - New Rules for Drivers in VA - Keep Your Xmas Lights Up 'Til Feb - New Bachelor - 2nd Date (Peter & Brenda)

Jan 4

16 min 59 sec

How Did You Get Injured Over the Holidays - Is There Something Living in Your Tree - Mel Gets Crunchy - 2nd Date (Oscar & Kim)

Dec 2020

17 min 27 sec

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Ariana Grande Back Off the Market - What do Creed & Frank Sinatra Have in Common? - New 2nd Date (Chad & Wendy)

Dec 2020

17 min 5 sec

Positive Things to Come Out of 2020 - Tacky Sweater Alarms? - Little House on the Prairie Fashion - New 2nd Date (Dan & Missy)

Dec 2020

19 min 52 sec

IOU Gifts - Getting Arrested for the Holidays - Melissa and Her Hack to Not Lose the Remote Control - New 2nd Date (Bobby & Marilyn)

Dec 2020

19 min 58 sec

Weird Holiday Gift Requests from Kids - Tom Cruise MELTDOWN - Do You Get Your Pets Xmas Gifts? - New 2nd Date (Howard & Olivia)

Dec 2020

17 min 15 sec

Do You Tip All of Your Delivery Drivers? - No More Grinch for Jack - Oprah and Megan Markel Teamed Up - New 2nd Date (Peter & Brenda)

Dec 2020

18 min 53 sec

Melissa Has the Ultimate (Cheap & Easy) Xmas Gift - I Feel Good - The Music Collaboration We've Wanted Forever - New 2nd Date (Austin & Caitlin)

Dec 2020

15 min 30 sec

Retail Workers Confessions - Melissa Already Had a Hanukkah Fail - Huge Star Wars News - New 2nd Date (Seth & Christine)

Dec 2020

16 min 1 sec

Christmas Light Neighbor Fight ON AIR - Unsave the Date - More Unneeded Reboots - New 2nd Date (Ellis & Michelle)

Dec 2020

15 min 59 sec

Awkward Co-Worker Gifts - Holiday Parking Lot Fights - Kardashian & Tiger King Collaboration? - New 2nd Date (Max & Tina)

Dec 2020

18 min 41 sec

Office Christmas Parties During COVID - We've All Been Decorating Wrong - New Show Filming in RVA - New 2nd Date (Dillon & Margaret)

Dec 2020

16 min 20 sec

Pets Ruining Christmas - There's An Imposter Melissa on the Internet! - Tickle Bar - New 2nd Date (Jessica & Tom)

Dec 2020

14 min 45 sec