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What are the best sales professionals doing to get to the top? In the Sales Success Stories podcast, Scott Ingram interviews and deconstructs world class sales performers to uncover their favorite sales books, habits, routines, strategies and tips. These salespeople are the A+ players among A players. If you’re in B2B Sales, Enterprise Sales, SAAS Sales, selling professional services, serving as an account manager or otherwise interested in revenue growth there’s something for you in these conversations.

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This bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast featuring Irfan Jafar's presentation on Closing Big Deals with a Winning Mentality from this year’s Sales Success Summit is brought to you thanks to all of our summit sponsors. Thanks to Proposify, Outreach, Vidyard, Revenue Grid, QuotaPath, Skipio, and Gong you can still get access to all of these presentations on-demand as well as the slide decks at

Dec 7

40 min 53 sec

Briana Stimmler is the top Solutions Advisor in the top Unmanaged Accounts Team within the SMB segment at Microsoft out of Fargo, North Dakota. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Briana is a helper by nature; she wants to help her customers solve whatever pain points they may be facing. She is a driven, competitive, life-long learner looking to guide her customers by presenting them with tips, solutions, and best practices.

Nov 30

1 hr 3 min

Vlad Voskresensky is the co-founder and CEO of Revenue Grid, a leading AI Guided Selling Platform that nudges sales teams with step-by-step guidance towards actions that bring the best results, shows deals at risk, and prioritizes tactics with the greatest impact. Vlad has been driving the product vision and leading the company’s technology direction for over a decade, reinforced with more than 20 years of deep expertise in connecting enterprise (CRM systems) and personal environments.

Nov 23

44 min 48 sec

Haylee Taylor is the top Account Executive at ClozeLoop, a revenue strategy firm that drives performance for Management, Sales, Customer Success, and Sales Enablement in the fastest-growing companies on the planet. In the less than one year she’s been with ClozeLoop, Haylee has watched over twenty sales teams have their best quarter in company history. The impact spans top of funnel pipeline generation to discovery and demo training, account management, management coaching, and all the way up to executives. She’s exactly where she wants to be after hitting 268% of her last software sales quota: training sales reps to crush bigger quotas and exceed their leadership's wildest expectations. 

Nov 16

46 min 45 sec

This bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast featuring Jenn Zhou's presentation on How to Win at Sales or Life from this year's Sales Success Summit is brought to you thanks to all of our summit sponsors. Thanks to Proposify, Outreach, Vidyard, Revenue Grid, QuotaPath, Skipio, and Gong you can still get access to all of these presentations on-demand and learn more about them at

Nov 9

21 min 43 sec

Brooke Holt is the top seller at Sales Gravy, a company that delivers the training, resources, and solutions that enable sales organizations to become more agile in the face of disruptive change and accelerate sales productivity, fast. In her role, Brooke delivers her clients the best customer experience and quality training services. She is a top producing representative utilizing her mastery of prospecting, discovery, negotiation, and closing skills to advance sales as a profession. In fact, Brooke did over three hundred percent of her number last year amidst a global pandemic!

Nov 2

17 min 4 sec

In this very special episode of the Sales Success Podcast, host Scott Ingram is celebrating the five-year anniversary of the Sales Success Stories Podcast! Guest host Jeff Bajorek rejoins the show today to break down the results of the recent Sales Success Summit and talk about some of the key takeaways Scott has gleaned from his time doing the Sales Success Stories Podcast. Scott reflects on the origin of the Summit and elaborates on why he prefers attendees who invest heavily in themselves and their personal and professional development. If you know Scott, you know it’s very difficult for him to pat himself on the back or take any credit, so Jeff does it for him with a funny little exercise mid-show.

Oct 26

1 hr 7 min

AJ Bruno is the Co-founder and CEO at QuotaPath, the most adaptable compensation solution for sales reps to finance to everyone in between. Prior to QuotaPath, AJ spent six years at TrendKite, the company he founded and was president of in Austin, Texas. Aside from his love of all things tech, AJ is an avid pilot and is very active in the startup community. He’s an investor to dozens of startups and advisor and mentor to many. He currently sits as a Board Member of Philly Start-Up Leaders, the largest community of entrepreneurs in Philadelphia.

Oct 19

1 hr 3 min

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.    

Oct 13

19 min 42 sec

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit.    

Oct 13

14 min 58 sec

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.  

Oct 12

17 min

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.  

Oct 11

13 min 41 sec

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.

Oct 11

12 min 16 sec

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.

Oct 11

7 min 55 sec

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.

Oct 11

8 min 49 sec

Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the 2021 Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the hallway.

Oct 11

10 min 16 sec

Today, in this special episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast, Scott is joined by Jeff Bajorek to give you a bit of a preview and let you know what to expect on the 2021 Sales Success Summit.

Oct 11

14 min 58 sec

Devon Banks is the top Sales Development Representative at HAAS Alert, an organization that builds lifesaving mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Their vision is a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. Devon is an incredibly dedicated and detailed sales professional who approaches sales with humanity, empathy, and an open mind.

Oct 6

1 hr 5 min

This bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast is brought to you thanks to the generous support of Revenue Grid, Outreach, and QuotaPath who are not only supporting this show but also the upcoming Sales Success Summit and the free live streaming of that event on October 11th and 12th. Not only that but for every person who signs up for the live stream they will be making a contribution to UNCrushed, a platform and community for mental health awareness. So do us all a favor and sign up for the Sales Success Summit live stream right now at, that's T-O-P the Number One, Summit dot com. and get access to some incredible content and support an incredible cause in the process. and while you're there you can click through to check out our sponsors as well.

Sep 28

41 min 57 sec

Angie Donato is the top Senior Sales Executive in the HR Practice at Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company. Gartner is an organization that equips business leaders with indispensable insights, advice, and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities. Angie is a highly intentional sales professional who takes the time to do things the right way.

Sep 21

56 min 8 sec

In this week's bonus episode, I thought we might try to have just a little bit more fun. What I've got for you here is a series of 5 tips from the Daily Sales Tips podcast where we dialed up the humor a little bit, and the first one is actually a sneak preview because it's not even scheduled to release until this Friday. So I guess you heard it here first. For whatever reason, there's also a fair amount of singing involved here, but I really think you're going to enjoy these. Enjoy:

Sep 14

16 min 51 sec

Pascal Kaldenbach is the top individual contributor and the Head of Sales at EPI-USE Labs in Central & Eastern Europe. EPI-USA Labs is a global software solutions company that helps their clients maximize the performance so they can make faster, more accurate business decisions. Pascal is an extremely successful and knowledgeable sales professional who understands the amount of hard work and dedication required to become a success in this profession.

Sep 7

1 hr 37 min

In today's bonus episode of I wanted to share a bit of a preview of this year's Sales Success Summit. At this point, I've got about 70% of the agenda figured out, which is even more than it sounds like because I try to keep 15-20% of it undefined so we can be flexible in the moment and either go deeper into a particular topic that people are interested in, or explore something important that comes up that we don't already have accounted for in the scheduled talks. So I'll really only be adding 2-3 more scheduled speakers. While I continue to work on that, let me tell you about what we do have set up so far and if you'll click over to I'll have all of these details in addition to links to each presenter's episode as well so you can go even deeper in your preparation for the event itself on October 11th and 12th.

Aug 31

6 min 6 sec

Jennifer Zhou is the top Senior Account Executive at Attentive, a personalized text messaging platform built for innovative e-commerce brands. Attentive is the most comprehensive text message marketing solution, driving 18.5% of total online revenue for businesses by creating thoughtful SMS experiences. Jenn is an accomplished and knowledgeable sales professional who knows how to be effective and intentional in everything she does.

Aug 24

1 hr 6 min

Lori Richardson is the founder of Women Sales Pros and a B2B sales and revenue growth strategist at her own firm, Score More Sales. Lori is also the host of the Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast, a show that features women in sales who are doing incredible work and their male counterparts who have become allies. Each episode features topics such as leadership, career management, overcoming adversity, sales and marketing alignment, content creation, and more.

Aug 17

36 min 29 sec

This is the Sales Success Stories Podcast and I'm your host, Scott Ingram. I really appreciate you listening to this show, but listening is such a passive activity so I want to challenge you to get a little more involved in the Sales Success Community and to do something to improve yourself. So today I'm going to issue that challenge.

Aug 11

7 min 16 sec

Chris Horton is the top Key Account Executive at Workstream, a text recruiting and hiring tool for local businesses, especially restaurants. Chris is also the first rep in Workstream’s history to close more than one million dollars, and he did it in just six months! His keys to success include turning ideas into action, bringing a vision of a bright future, and doing big things to change the world. Chris is a passionate sales professional who truly looks to provide meaningful and lasting value to his customers.

Aug 10

1 hr 32 min

In today’s bonus episode, Scott sits down with Chief Revenue Officer at Proposify, Conor Cox. Conor joins the show for a deep dive into the impact that proposal software can have on the closing side of the business. Scott and Conor discuss best practices to help you win a higher percentage of your deals and what Proposify is doing to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Conor talks in detail about the importance of having visibility and control over your proposals and speaks to how he structures his team at Proposify to put them in a position to be successful. Finally, Scott and Conor talk about the impact Proposify is having on management and how that is impacting their customers.

Aug 3

23 min

Patrick Joyce is a true one-percenter and he’s also the first sales hire Scott has officially made in his journey towards building his very own world-class sales organization. Patrick has been a lifelong seller with a diverse background including graduate-level mathematics, secondary education, insurance, and SaaS. He’s consulted over 100 startups and has a reputation for his unique ability to craft relevant, multichannel messaging that delivers results. Patrick has worked to successfully coach clients on breaking into new business ranging from SMB to Fortune 100 markets. Now, he’s joined Sales Success Media to help Scott build something incredible and lasting!

Jul 27

2 hr 27 min

In this week's bonus episode, I've got the audio from the most recent All Things Sales Success webinar series sessions with Tim Clarke of UNCrushed for you. Stay tuned at the end to learn more about the connection between UNCrushed and this year's Sales Success Summit. Here's my conversation with Tim:

Jul 20

40 min 14 sec

Rachel Shi is currently the Senior Manager of Partnerships at Vidyard, after leaving her previous company as their number one Account Executive. Vidyard is the video platform for Marketing and Sales Video hosting, enablement, and analytics that help their clients connect with more buyers, close more deals, and optimize their content for real results. Rachel is a driven, curious and quick on her feet sales and partnerships professional with a heart for creativity and a mind for business. Her experience driving business impact for startups to Fortune 500 companies is underscored by over ten years in design thinking. Currently, Rachel is building and scaling strategic partnerships for Vidyard’s ecosystem while growing her own sales consultancy business.

Jul 13

1 hr 13 min

In today's bonus episode, I wanted to share with you Nina Butler's virtual presentation at last year's Sales Success Summit where she talked about The ABP's of Gifting in Sales. Alyce has been an incredible sponsor of ours all year long, and rather than telling you about Alyce this time. I'd really like for you to experience what it's like to get a gift from Alyce. If you're in the US or Canada, all you have to do is write a short review of this podcast either on Apple Podcasts or if you're not using an Apple Device then on Podchaser. Take a screenshot of that review and email it to me at and we'll set you up with the gift of your choice worth up to $50 from Alyce. I'll remind you again, but in the meantime, here's Nina to talk about gifting in sales:

Jul 6

32 min 43 sec

Derek Sentner is the VP of Sales & Business Development at Driver Studios, an award-winning media and entertainment company focused on the development, production, distribution, marketing, and licensing of entertainment content. Derek is a highly motivated and entrepreneurial sales leader who is focused on driving revenue and building businesses. Employing a conversational sales style and a consultative sales philosophy, Derek has been able to achieve incredible results at Driver Studios and is consistently a top performer.

Jun 29

1 hr 20 min

As we come up to the close of Q2 and the first half of 2021 I thought this was the perfect time to share Leila Mozaffarian's closing presentation from last year's Sales Success Summit on Writing Your Next Chapter. I think we're about to see another dramatic shift. We're not going back to where we were before the pandemic. We're accelerating and going forward to our future together post-pandemic. This is a great opportunity to reflect on what that could mean for each of us, as we start the second half of the year and Leila's message is perfect for just this type of transition period. You can get Leila's slides and the slides from all of the presentations from last year's Summit at, and I sincerely hope you'll consider joining us this October in Austin at this year's Sales Success Summit, sponsored by Proposify, Outreach, and Gong. You'll find all of those details at And now, here's Leila:

Jun 22

26 min 48 sec

George Mann is the top Account Executive at Multiverse, an organization based out of London, England that empowers and supports people to create their own realities as they journey through a fulfilling career. Multiverse is a true alternative to both a one-track university route and often uninspiring corporate training. Working with a range of companies from large corporates to small boutiques, George provides counsel and support to allow them to utilize the English Apprenticeship Levy, while also championing the role of young and diverse talent. George has extensive experience in public relations and public affairs and is a Teach First ambassador and advocate.

Jun 15

1 hr 28 min

Brandon Fluharty is the number one top seller at LivePerson out of Sarasota, Florida, an organization that aims to make life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. In his role as Vice President of Strategic Account Solutions, Brandon focuses on acquiring top-tier, strategic enterprise accounts. Through a combination of sales expertise and his PREP approach, Brandon has been able to close over $40M in sales in less than three years.

Jun 8

1 hr 15 min

Sid Nazareth was the number one salesperson worldwide at Appian for two years in a row before starting his current role as a Strategic Account Manager at Amazon Web Services. During his time at Appian Sid made significant contributions in winning new business and was known as one of the best pre-sales consultants with technical skills, dedication, and work ethic second to none. Today, he works with some of AWS’ largest customers. Sid is the epitome of a thoughtful and intentional sales professional who believes in being compassionate and kind. It is his ability to relate and connect with people – one of his superpowers – that has led to a tremendous amount of success in his profession.

Jun 1

1 hr 47 min

Today on the Sales Success Stories podcast Scott provides another bonus episode, this time with Avenue Talent Partners’ Amy Volas. In addition to being the CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, Amy is the co-founder of Thursday Night Sales. In this episode, Scott and Amy discuss all things sales, including why the market for sales professionals is currently brimming with lucrative opportunities and potential. Amy provides her thoughts on what she looks for in a sales organization before deciding the join it as well as the importance she places on culture and sales leadership.

May 25

51 min 39 sec

Kevin Piket is the top Business Development Executive at Ascend Technologies, an organization that enables business growth through innovation and technology. Even though Kevin has just recently started in this role, he very quickly ascended to the top of the leaderboard after his first full quarter at full quota. There are two things Kevin really enjoys in his professional life; he enjoys everything about the sales and marketing profession and he enjoys helping people. Whether it's coaching sales professionals with skill development or helping customers solve their challenges and achieve their goals, it truly is Kevin’s passion. Kevin believes in using a blend of relationship sales, targeted marketing programs utilizing data, and working through his personal network to generate revenue. Overall, Kevin likes to bring his high energy and positive attitude to any opportunity that he’s involved with.

May 18

1 hr 29 min

Today I've got another presentation from last year's Sales Success Summit for you, and this may have been my personal favorite presentation. I definitely learned some new things from Evan and his delivery is hilarious. It's even funnier if you see that slides that go with it and you can access those a If you ever sell to publicly traded companies and haven't ever dug into various financial statements, this could be game-changing for you, and even if you have I can almost guarantee that you're going to learn something new. Here's Evan Kelsay, Senior Director of Global Account at Seismic on Demystifying the 10K for Sales Professionals:

May 11

27 min 9 sec

Jheryn Kenney is the top Enterprise Relationship Manager with LinkedIn Sales Solutions and is also Global External Partnerships Lead for LinkedIn’s Diversity Inclusion and Belonging. Throughout her illustrious career, Jheryn has had the privilege of working with talented people at leading enterprises including Pfizer, Abbott (AbbVie), Mary Kay Inc, Grainger, and now LinkedIn. She’s also learned from some of the very best minds in both academic and personal capacities about critical thinking, cause and effect, and problem-solving. Today, she partners with enterprise leaders to think differently, strategically leveraging the LinkedIn ecosystem to help their organizations become smarter and more insightful.

May 4

1 hr 13 min

In today's bonus episode, I've got the audio from another session from the 2020 Sales Success Summit. This is Vin Matano from Demandbase talking about "The Prospecting Checklist and Advanced Multi-Channel Prospecting." There are quite a few visuals in this one and you can get the slides from Vin's presentation at Here he is:

Apr 27

24 min 12 sec

Qayam Noorani is a recently-promoted Account Executive at Klue, an AI-powered Competitive Enablement platform designed to help product marketers collect, curate, and deliver actionable competitor insights to empower revenue teams to win more business. Prior to his promotion, Qayam had an unbelievably successful run in SDR-level roles where he put up some incredible numbers. Qayam credits much of his success to a moment in his SDR career where everything clicked. He started prioritizing the relationship-building aspect of prospecting and that made a huge difference in the results he achieved. Qayam realized that, to be a successful sales professional, you can never play the short game. It’s all about putting in the time and effort to reach the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

Apr 20

1 hr 19 min

In today's bonus episode, I've got the audio from the top-rated session of the 2020 Sales Success Summit from Matt Du Pont for you. Matt is an Enterprise AE who's obsessed with improvement. He's finished #1 in attainment for the last three years, and currently works at LaunchDarkly, a SaaS company selling to software engineers. Oh, and before we get started. You can find the slides for Matt's presentation and all of the 2020 Summit presentations actually at Here he is:

Apr 13

32 min 33 sec

Until very recently, Alex Whyte was the top Enterprise Account Executive at GoCardless, an organization that makes it simple to collect recurring and one-off payments from customers worldwide. Alex just started a new role at Zscaler, a company that operates the world’s largest cloud security platform, protecting thousands of enterprises and government agencies from cyberattacks and data loss. Alex is an experienced business development professional with a demonstrated history of working in scaling hyper-growth businesses in the information technology and services industry. He is an intentional and dedicated sales professional who knows firsthand the power of mentorship, listening and following your passion. Alex’s expertise ranges from market research, software as a service (SaaS), business development and finance, to name a few.

Apr 6

1 hr 44 min

On Today's bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast I actually have the intro episode of a brand new show that we just launched yesterday. I guess this was kind of a thing before, but there's now officially a Sales Success Media Podcast Network. I'm not the host of this new show. I've kind of got enough on my plate already. Some of you who've been part of the Sales Success Community for a long time may recognize Thom Singer, because he was the MC of the first-ever Sales Success Summit and I've asked him to host the brand new Sales Tech Podcast.

Mar 30

24 min 24 sec

Irfan Jafar is a top Sales Specialist at VMware, an organization that believes that software has the power to unlock new opportunities for people and our planet. VMware looks beyond the barriers of compromise to engineer new ways to make technologies work together seamlessly. Irfan is a technology sales professional with a clear goal to help his customers become more successful. He believes that, as a sales professional, it is his responsibility to be able to provide the best possible solution to his customers’ business and IT challenges. Irfan is a big believer in personal growth and development and strives every day to be a better human than he was the day before.

Mar 23

1 hr 52 min

In this bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast I have the audio from another of the presentations from last year's Sales Success Summit. This is Lisa Palmer's talk on "Team Selling, Visual Dartboarding and Winning at Enterprise Scale," and I've also included the Q&A from our more recent Encore Series session together. Both of these should serve as a really nice primer for my Enterprise Sales focused conversation with VMware's top enterprise seller that will release next week. For the visuals that go with this presentation, you can click over to to get access to those, and you'll also find lots more about Lisa Palmer at because of course, she was the start of episode 100 here on this show. With that. Here's Lisa:

Mar 16

1 hr 12 min

Constantine Johns is the top relationship partner at Bloomberg Industry Group, an organization that empowers professionals in government, law, tax, and accounting with the news, data, and analysis they need to take decisive action and make the most of every opportunity. Constantine is a curious, passionate and ever-evolving sales professional who is dedicated to his journey of self-awareness and self-development. Constantine is always working to be the best version of himself that he can possibly be. This constant drive to be better has been a major driving force in his life and he aspires to make a positive impact in every interaction he has. With Constantine, it’s always more than sales; it's about partnership and collaboration that come along with it.

Mar 9

2 hr

Today on the Sales Success Stories Podcast, along with all of our sponsors who you can find at, we're celebrating women in sales on this International Women's Day. If you'll click over to, you'll find 29 deep dive interview episodes featuring some of the most successful women you'll find in sales today. If you're new to the show, it's worth noting that I only interview active quota-carrying individual contributor sales professionals, who are either the outright number one top performer at their companies, or they're at least in the top 1%. So these 29 women are some of the best of the best. And I hope you'll help me find more like them. If you know a female seller who holds that spot at the very top of the leaderboard, I would love an introduction.  Send me a note to or connect us on LinkedIn either way works. And I appreciate you for helping me find more of the best of the best. So that's it for today. Just go check out that list at And then tomorrow I've got a brand new interview episode for you that I think you're really going to like. Thanks for listening and for sharing this resource with your friends and other women in sales or women who would need to be in sales. I appreciate it.

Mar 8

2 min 18 sec