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The Oatcast takes a deep dive into the mysterious world of porridge, and fundamentally asks: why on Earth do some people pretend to enjoy it?

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This week's episode - brought to you by Breakfast Wheel™ - features an exclusive interview with an elusive guest.

Dec 2020

18 min 18 sec

This week's episode takes a deeper dive into the massive conspiracy surrounding oats, and porridge. Music by purple-planet, and from our archives.

Dec 2020

11 min 53 sec

This week's episode of The Oatcast blows the lid off one of the world's most massive and longest-running conspiracies. Music in this episode by Kevin MacLeod and Purple Planet. Thanks to Josh Oudendijk, Andy and John Nicol, and everyone else who lent their voices to this weeks episode. Do you know anything about the mysteriously missing oat historian? Do you have strong views on oats or porridge? Get in touch!

Dec 2020

14 min 34 sec

What this podcast is all about, and a call for participation to all the porridge lovers/haters out there.

Nov 2020

7 min 3 sec