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Learn actionable tips for marketing your small to medium business online and the psychology behind it!

Join me, Lindsey Burda, owner of Burda Marketing, as I talk with industry experts and small-business owners, share marketing successes and fails, and provide you with actionable plans to market your business online so you can bring in new business while you sleep!

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A common misconception I often hear is that branding is the same as marketing, marketing is advertising, or marketing is the same as sales, or even as far as “we don’t need branding,” or “we don’t need marketing.” But, actually these are all very distinct areas of business with very different purposes and every business needs them all to work together in order to win customers and sell. I’ve heard business owners say that they don’t need some of these crucial areas of business and well that’s just not entirely possible. I heard someone say in passing once that “Oh no we don’t need branding.”  But when you say that, what you’re actually saying is… You don’t need to know the purpose of your business or how to share that message with your potential clients. You don’t need to know the value that your company brings to it’s clients. And you don’t want to offer a great client experience. Because all of that IS branding. Branding is not just a logo. A logo is simply the visual representation of it. Branding is the foundation of your business and who you are. But this isn’t the only misconception.

Dec 6

7 min 54 sec

If you’ve ever gotten a bad review online, or want to avoid getting them at all, then let’s talk about soft skills! Soft skills can make or break your marketing efforts in a big way. Find out how! I am sharing some helpful insights on how you can help avoid getting into this situation, and bring in more business. I will be joined by special guest, Brian Grossman, Partner, Art Director and Brand Strategist at 36 Creative, who also has a passion for teaching team management, soft skills, and mindfulness. So what are soft skills exactly? Well, soft skills are what make us, well, soft, in a good way. A great way, actually. They are character traits and interpersonal skills that characterize a person's relationships with other people. These skills make us likable and pleasant to work with. So why is this important in marketing? Listen to the this podcast to find out! Subscribe for more marketing tips or go to BurdaMarketing.com to learn more. Thanks again to my special guest, Brian Gross. Find him on Instagram @iambriangrossman

Nov 22

39 min 34 sec

Want to create more content faster to bring in more business online? Well, I'm giving away my proven content strategy framework to help you create more content faster to effectively bring in more business online. This episode is short, but is jam packed with value! Learn why content marketing is important, how to create effective content, and my proven framework to create more content faster to grow your audience and bring in more business online. Be sure to subscribe to continue to receive small business marketing tips. Sign up and receive marketing tips and more right to your email inbox!

Nov 8

8 min 56 sec

After growing her business on referrals for 5 years she suddenly lost it all. Here's how this small business owner bounced back and how you can prevent this from happening to you! I recently sat down with Catie Daus, a Google Ads Expert, based in Colorado who works with clients all over the world. Catie joined me to tell her story and inspire others to diversify their marketing efforts and online presence. Listen to this inspiring story, how you can create a stronger foundation online for your business and prevent this from happening to you! If you'd like more information on diversifying your digital marketing efforts, reach out me at burdamarketing.com or find me on instagram @burdamarketing If you'd like more information on Catie and Google Ads, check her out a catiedaus.com or on Instagram @catiedaus.

Oct 25

45 min 52 sec

How to Diversifying your online presence for more visibility, more control, and better results for your small business. But first let’s get the real question, did you survive the Facebook shutdown of 2021? Did you freak out, go crazy, not know what to do with yourself for 5 hours? All jokes aside we need a better plan when it comes to our businesses online!! Here's how to get started!

Oct 7

8 min 56 sec

Marketing not working to bring in new business? Or maybe you just don't know where to start? Well, let's take a closer look at a few things that you should be doing.

Sep 18

13 min 47 sec

I see it all the time! Business social media accounts doing more harm than good! Did you know social media can actually hurt your business? And can cause more harm than good? It's true. But, there is a simple way to avoid this from happening. Here I give you my top tips to make social media work for you, not against you!

Sep 9

10 min 7 sec