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Welcome to Garden State Debate®, a videocast and podcast launched in the fall of 2020. Garden State Debate® is available on all major streaming audio platforms and in video via our YouTube channel. Find us on all Social Media or by emailing us at for more information on where to watch, listen and follow the show! Garden State Debate® is multifaceted show that is not like any other, and we can’t wait to show you why. This show will bring you exclusive in-depth conversations with special guests up and down the state of New Jersey and across the country. We are casting a wide net to bring you, our listeners and viewers, the best content that you deserve. We know we have a lot of ground to cover, and we will do our best to bring you a wide range of viewpoints of various topics and issues impacting many of us today. In an ever changing world of news, stories to be told, and people to be heard, we hope you’ll participate and engage with the show and our guests and get involved and join…the Garden State Debate®!

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    Garden State Debate - Introduction
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    Dr. Jack Audett, Chief Medical Officer of Overlook Medical Center in NJ, gives a true inside look at the Coronavirus Pandemic - what they learned, how they rose to the occasion, and what he expects in the fall of 2020
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    Professor Peter Woolley, Co-Founder of Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) Poll joins us to discuss polling dynamics, the 2016 Presidential Election and whether pollsters got it right, and the importance of measuring public opinion. That and more, with Dr. Woolley
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    Jeiris Cook, professional singer, songwriter, and musician who resides and plays up and down the state of New Jersey and surrounding areas, joins us, to discuss his journey as a musician
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    Charlie Kratovil, Co-Founder of the widely distributed media outlet, New Brunswick Today, political activist, political candidate, and expert on the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)
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    Michele Siekerka, President and CEO of NJBIA, representing over 1 million New Jersey employees, widely covered across New Jersey media outlets on policy matters, joins us to discuss NJBIA's role and the current state of New Jersey's economy
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    Nancy Erika Smith, attorney and partner at Smith Mullin, practicing law in employment discrimination and civil rights, widely recognized as a top-rated attorney in New Jersey and America, featured on many national media outlets, joins us to discuss her life long journey in New Jersey to cases she's working on today, and everything in between
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    Bob Gordon, NJ Transit Board Member, NJ Board of Public Utilities Commissioner (BPU), and former member of the NJ State Legislature as both a Senator and Assemblymen, joins us to discuss his story from an early age and passion for public service, through his current roles, and everything in between. A discussion of a distinguished tenure in public service, a two-part series
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    Bob Gordon, NJ Board of Public Utilities Commissioner (BPU), NJ Transit Board Member, and former NJ State Legislature Senator and Assemblymen, joins us to discuss his role as Commissioner of the NJ BPU and their role within New Jersey. Part II of a two-part series
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    Will Dodge, Founder and Owner of Bull N Bear Brewery, set to open before the end this year, 2020, in downtown Summit, New Jersey, walks us through is several-year battle, both ups and downs, on what has gone into opening up a brewery, a small business, highly regulated, in the midst of a pandemic in New Jersey. A behind the scenes look, candid view of what is to come at Bull N Bear Brewery
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    New Jersey Transit Advocate Panel, Todd Barretta who is the former and first Chief Compliance Officer at NJ Transit, Len Resto who is President of New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers, and Robert Hale who is a Transit Advocate and global rail construction costs expert who blogs at, join us to discuss a wide range of topics covering NJ Transit.
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    Senator Declan O'Scanlon (R) on NJ State Legislature Dynamics, Pandemic Response, 2021 Full Year NJ State Budget, Federal Cares Act Funding, Cannabis Legislation, and more.
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    Dustin Racioppi, New Jersey Statehouse reporter of USA Today Network, Bergen Record,, and others, top reporter in New Jersey and the region, discusses his experience in the media from the beginning of his career, to the incredible work and challenges that have gone into covering the Pandemic and the Governor
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    Senator Weinberg is the Senate Majority Leader (D) in the New Jersey State Legislature and has held that post since 2012. Weinberg has been a member of the NJ Legislature for 28 years, serving in the Assembly from 1995 to 2005 and the Senate from 2005 to present. In this one of a kind in depth discussion, Weinberg is not short on details as she walks through policy and accompanying stories
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    Happy New Years from Garden State Debate!
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    Garden State Debate - Season 2 Introduction
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    NJ vs NYC Pizza - featuring Scott from Scotts Pizza Tours
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    Wynona's House - Child Advocacy Center of Essex County
  11. 19.
    Dr. Anghel, Chair of the Department of Medicine, Atlantic Health System’s Overlook Medical Center
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    Wynona's House Part 2 - featuring Dr. Barbara Prempeh, Psychologist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center of RWJ Barnabas

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