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A comprehensive podcast covering the NHL Central Division Nashville Predators news, scores, upcoming games, and other poignant NHL news and analysis.

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Nov 20

30 min 43 sec

Have the Predators figured out the power play? Where in the world is Tolvanen? Finally, our thoughts on Tomosino.

Nov 1

28 min 27 sec

Mark & David are back at it with all the trades, retirements, changes, etc. to the Nashville Predators in the off season. Also, way-too-early Central Division predictions and game previews!

Oct 16

42 min 29 sec

A quick look back at the first round playoff loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, and some final thoughts on the 20-21 Predators Season.

Jun 4

39 min 38 sec

The Predators start the playoffs facing the Carolina Hurricanes. Mark, JC & David take you through the dates, important stats and who to look out for during round 1.

May 16

50 min 5 sec

The Predators end the season with back-to-back wins versus the Hurricanes! Nathan & Mark reflect on the season: were you surprised by the last two games? What’s your take of the season’s highs and lows? Finally, Nathan gives his round one playoff prediction.

May 13

27 min 46 sec

JC is back! We talk about what’s happened to the lineup with the stars coming back, Has Duchene bought in, and is it ‘if’ or ‘when’ the Preds make the playoffs.

May 8

42 min 1 sec

With a handful of games left the guys answer if they want the team to make the playoffs, if this team is like the 16-17 team, and take a look at the remaining schedule as the Preds make a final playoff push. Oh, and there’s also some talk of a Stanley KEG match-up between the Below Average Joe’s and the Mighty Drunks!

May 1

36 min 28 sec

Nathan and Dave look at the Pred’s Roster: As Forsberg, Duchene, and Tovlenan return to line-up, which three forwards do you remove? Also, who do you pick, Olivier or Jeannot?

Apr 23

39 min 1 sec

Are the Nashville Predators for real, Did we not give Hynes enough time? With the team on a winning streak this close to the trade deadline do you buy, sell, or stand pat?

Apr 10

41 min 7 sec

David and Nathan celebrate the demise of Tim Peel then talk about the upcoming trade deadline… what are the Preds going to do!? Oh yeah, and all that Central Division, Game Post-Postmortems, and talk about nasty beer…. lot of nasty beer!

Mar 27

47 min 15 sec

The Predators come out of a rough week with points in the Central Division. David, JC, Mark, and Nathan play a game of Keep/Trade/Drop. What happens to the rookies once the vets get healthy?

Mar 19

44 min 45 sec

Another week of the Nashville Predators leading from behind in the Central Division. Nathan, Mark, and JC discuss what the ESPN deal means for existing and new fans, Visit the Wheel of Justice, and discuss the youth movement on the team.

Mar 12

37 min 31 sec

David, JC, and Mark bring ya the Central Division goodness, then some Post-Mortem bad-ness. The guys discuss Niederreiter’s hit on Saros, and then ask, “is it time for the rebuild to start yet!?”

Mar 6

42 min 22 sec

David, JC, and Nathan are back with the Central Division Update, and Game Recaps for the week. They then ask if Rinne has reclaimed the starting job, If Tolvanen is off the taxi squad, and a painful one; what would you get back for a Forsberg trade?

Feb 26

38 min 28 sec

David, Mark, and Nathan share their ideas: what has to change? What moves should the Predators make to salvage the season or start a much-needed rebuild? There’s no optimism in the answers… Or the Week Ahead.

Feb 19

34 min 30 sec

David, Nathan, Mark and JC question GM David Poile’s abilities as Preds GM: Is he good, lucky, has the game moved on without him?

Feb 13

43 min 17 sec

Dave, Nathan bring JC up to speed on the amazing comeback vs. the Panthers! What does this mean for the lowly Central Division Preds? What’s the biggest surprise & disappointment so far. Is JOFA still a thing?

Feb 5

40 min 24 sec

Nathan, Mark and JC are here with the Central standings ever (the Preds in first?), hate on NBC broadcasters, then preview upcoming games. We had Discord issues (again) which cut out more of our discussion. We’ll be back at 100% next episode!

Jan 30

16 min 14 sec

We’re doing some remodeling here at DSH with a new logo… but still here with the hockey news you expect: Central Division standings, game reactions, talk about our expectations for the team, then prepare for another week of Preds hockey! We did have some audio issues and have done our best to minimize the listening experience.

Jan 23

31 min

Lets just jump right in shall we? David and JC cover all the topics: Departures, trades, free-agent signings, oh… and still manage to cover other happenings around the NHL.

Jan 14

1 hr 10 min

David, Mark, JC, and Nathan react to the Predators series loss to the Arizona Coyotes; a WAY too early look at the roster, lottery predictions, and a look back at a frustrating season of hockey.

Aug 2020

1 hr 10 min

The Predators are in the Edmonton bubble preparing for the Qualifier Round versus the Arizona Coyotes. Nathan and Dave take a look at the schedule, stats and rosters. With a four month layoff, this is an entirely new session where anything can happen!

Jul 2020

39 min 25 sec

Hockey’s happening for real: David, Nathan, & Mark are still around to tell you WHEN hockey starts back up, we dive into the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and then take a look at whose on the Pred’s playoff roster.

Jul 2020

50 min 33 sec

We’re back after an extended pause on the 20-21 NHL Season. Lets talk the playoff structure, a proposed schedule for returning to play, then “Big Brain Dave” breaks down the NHL Draft.

May 2020

32 min 47 sec