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Paul Jarrell

Welcome to The Get Smart Project where we explore the ideas and approaches people are using to get smarter every day. Join us as we talk to business leaders and entrepreneurs in Southeast Missouri about the tools and processes they use to Get Things Done!

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This week Paul and Jakob sit down to discuss dealing with the unexpected, something that we have all be dealing with pretty extensively in 2020. Listen as we talk through our process and though processes as we navigated these uncertain times just like everyone else. This weeks recommendations are: Nassim Taleb: Always be flexible Gary Vaynerchuck

Aug 2020

38 min 6 sec

We sit down with Shad Burner, the Southeast Regional Manager, Missouri Department of Economic Development, to talk about growing up Southeast Missouri and being immersed in the business environment from so many different angles. Be sure to go to to get a full list of the books we talked about.

Jul 2020

56 min 41 sec

This week Paul and Jakob sit down to discuss how they each approach setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and the setting of good habits Check out this episode on our website, for a full set of links to everything we talked about in this episode!

Jun 2020

52 min 56 sec

This week hosts Paul Jarrell and Jakob Pallesen sit down to talk about the tools and tips that they use to work more effectively and efficiently. Tools that we talked about in this podcast include:

Jun 2020

40 min 24 sec

We sit down with Jakob Pallesen, Director of the SBDC at Southeast Missouri State University to breakdown everything you need to know about the SBA Disaster Loans and Federal relief for small businesses during the COVID19 Pandemic.

May 2020

44 min 22 sec