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(Talk by Tony Balsamo)

Nov 28

35 min 54 sec

How many of us are asking Jesus to just bail our boat? We aren’t going to the source, we aren’t asking God to do that radical thing, we’re not at the point where we want to ask Jesus to interrupt the struggle or storms in our life. (Talk by Wayne Morgan)

Nov 7

36 min 48 sec

Maybe you've been judged, been kept at arm's length, been denied opportunities, been oppressed, or been an outast because of someone else's drama. Jesus is always looking to rise above the drama of others to offer you grace. Stand up, stretch out your hand and be healed. (Talk by Matt Saxinger)

Oct 31

35 min 4 sec

(Talk by Cedrick Brown)

Oct 24

42 min 29 sec

We all face giants in our lives, and think that we can't win. Or we could do what David did and depend on God for our help. God is all-powerful and good, and He only wants what it best for you. (Talk by Don Baker)

Oct 17

32 min 27 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Sep 26

47 min 45 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Sep 19

34 min 5 sec

Sometimes one line can change the trajectory of your day, week, or year. What is astonishing about this passage is the love the father displays for the lost son. He endures the shame , the heartbreak and the humiliation of granting this son’s request. It reminds me of Jesus and his love for us and what he endured on the cross. Jesus sees deeper than your struggle and you don’t have to talk Him into loving you. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Aug 8

42 min 29 sec

The first message in our #BLESSED series looks at the “Blessed” statements from Jesus. What we think will get us a good life usually doesn’t. Instead what Jesus teaches us is the stuff on the inside and our spiritual journey lead to the fullness He has for us. There is a deeper kind of happy for you. It’s a journey and God cares more about your inside. Don’t miss the best stuff He has for you. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

May 23

36 min 50 sec

One of the things that exhausts us the quickest is the expectations and pressure we place on ourselves or others place on us. You can’t truly find rest unless you know how to deal with pressure and expectations. This messages takes a look at Jesus and 7 ways he modeled for us to deal with pressure and expectations. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

May 16

31 min 23 sec

Some things wear you out faster than others. Dysfunction is one of those things. It always flares up at the worst possible moments and it exhausts us on the inside. Whether it is the dysfunction of detour from God’s design, disruption from God’s plan or disappointment the fix is to find a new rhythm and space for rest. Moses had four fortunate spiritual practices that helped him find the rest and confidence he needed to move forward: spiritual rhythm, boundaries. honest relationship with God, and God’s presence. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

May 9

39 min 2 sec

(Talk by Randy Ott)

May 2

15 min 19 sec

Rest is something God commanded us to do but we struggle to find new space to really rest and so many of us are tired on the inside. This talk looks at a Psalm King David wrote in the midst of despair. This is the reality and reminder we need as we all look to find rest. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Apr 25

33 min 52 sec

Waiting for anything is hard. It’s especially hard when waiting for matters of the heart. This message looks at the last encounter between the disciples and Jesus recorded in the book of John. Don’t fall back into what is comfortable or busy when you get restless. Look back and see how far God has brought you. Let your past trigger grace and reframe your future. God loves you and new beginnings await. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Apr 18

33 min 51 sec

Thomas is a disciple who had a misunderstood moment stick, labeling him throughout history as “Doubting” Thomas. Thomas is a lot like us. We are more than a bad or unfortunate moment. We are free but not always doing great. The question is: Do you believe God is good? Let your questions be a catalyst to examine your faith and come out the other side stronger. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Apr 11

38 min 29 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Apr 4

29 min 27 sec

There is a finality to the language “it's over”. A helplessness. It sucks the hope out of life. But Jesus didn’t say "it’s over", He said “it’s finished”, and the difference in those words equals a whole lot of hope. The hope nothing can steal from you. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Apr 2

23 min 40 sec

It is easy to lose things in translation. We get caught up in the buzz of the right now, what we need right now, what life looks like right now and we miss what God is doing in our lives. That is why it so important to go to the source and the source is Jesus. He’s whats missing when we miss peace and hope and joy. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Mar 28

31 min 55 sec

The irony of grace is that we have it offered to us and we don’t take it, or we take it but don’t live in it. Instead we sit thinking more or better of the same broken stuff will fix our lives. Jesus offers us a new life, a full life. Time to stop holding on to things that hold us back and start trusting Him and stepping into the best life He has for us. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Mar 21

37 min 18 sec

God’s purpose in Jesus was for you. This message looks at the mechanism of Grace the cross. Where free for us wasn’t free at all. Jesus cuts the distance to pull the barriers down and make a way for us to be restored through His sacrifice for us. He is the way, the truth and the life. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Mar 14

27 min 12 sec

There are things in life we don’t want to talk about but probably should. Sin is one of those things. The conversation about sin in church, maybe in your past is usually one absent of grace. That’s a huge problem. The bottom line is sin (not just yours, all of ours) wrecks things, but God’s grace is way bigger. This message points to our need for grace and doesn’t just stop there, it celebrates grace and invites us deeper into it. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Mar 7

40 min 4 sec

Good News. It is hard to see when things get difficult. We get so distracted by all the bad news. Grace is like that. It is really good news that gets lost in the shuffle of religion and our efforts to prove ourselves. Grace is beautiful and crazy and it is God’s unmerited, unearned, and undeserved favor toward us. He loves us unconditionally. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Feb 28

40 min 46 sec

The hard part is finishing strong. If you are struggling to get started, are stuck or failed somewhere along the way it should be encouraging to know that it’s not how you start it is how you finish that matters. Paul is teaching Timothy how to finish strong as he lives out an example for us all while he nears the end of his life. 7 ways to finish strong! (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Feb 21

35 min 3 sec

It is hard to have confidence and courage during difficult times, especially when Jesus doesn’t feel close to you. Most of us don’t feel like we have really big mountain moving faith, but Jesus never said we had to have big faith, just little faith. Keep focused on Jesus. Your little faith and His big Grace will always equal rescue. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Feb 14

33 min 21 sec

Life is full of seasons. Some easy, some hard, all carry a burden. You can’t let a season of your life steal your hope. Even when things aren’t going well you can learn to bear up under the burden of a season and live well. This message is how to make it through the season you find yourself in. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Feb 7

40 min

I would rather be better than worse but often it feels like the choices in life are between a bad situation and settling for less than what we hoped for. The secret to finding hope in anything is learning to disconnect your satisfaction from your situation. It is learning the state of, the spiritual practice of contentment. This message readjusts our misconceptions about contentment, helps us source it from Christ. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Jan 31

41 min 17 sec

Sometimes the mess is the problem. The mess keeps us from experiencing hope and joy. The mess in our heart usually starts small but easily distracts us from what we need most. Jesus went to the temple and flipped the tables. He was passionate about the house of God where people would worship and find the hope they needed. Jesus cleared the mess so people could see God and find the new life He has for them. 1 Corinthians 6:19 and Romans 8:9 teach us that we are the temple. The place where God’s Spirit resides if we have given Him our hearts in faith. Time to clean up the mess and get back to the absolutely amazing experience it is to be close to Him. Let Jesus clean up your heart. Don’t wait to work on the mess. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Jan 24

40 min 16 sec

You can find hope in anything because Jesus is better...Jesus is still King. Everything eventually runs out except for what is connect to Jesus. Let him flip your life and fill it up. Time to trust Jesus with every area of your life. Jesus is... (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Jan 17

38 min 56 sec

Don’t make comfort your goal for this new year. Comfort is nice but it can also be a trap. There is a much better goal for your new year. The better goal is to step into the best life God has for you even if it means following Jesus when you are uncomfortable. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Jan 10

33 min 25 sec

Maybe you feel like you are out of options, out of time, or don’t have anything significant to offer. Great news! God is enough for you and he can use your “nothing” to do something amazing in your life. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Jan 3

34 min 56 sec

Waiting for a promise can be hard. What starts as excitement quickly turns to agitation, pessimism and even disappointment. The stakes go up the more we want what we are waiting for. It can become a physical experience as we try to keep ourselves faithful in the season God has us in right now. It can be an emotional experience as we try to remind our heart of the things God has promised us and it can become a spiritual exercise as we struggle to move past our doubts and live in faith. We can learn a lot from two characters in the Christmas story who don’t get a whole lot of screen time. Learning from Simeon we can find contentment and we wait with expectation that God is still going to do something amazing in our lives. The key to experiencing that kind of joy…complete joy is found in abiding with Jesus. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Dec 2020

32 min 13 sec

You can’t understand a moment without understanding the bigger story…the context. Meaning gets lost without the context. Purpose gets lost without the context. But, when you really see the whole context of the Christmas story you can find a bigger context for your story. You find your meaning. You find your purpose. Don’t let the a story that may be a little too familiar to you loose its meaning. It will rewrite your story, no matter who you are, or where you find yourself in this world. There is room enough for you in God’s story. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Dec 2020

20 min 59 sec

Gifts are an important part of a lot of our Christmas traditions. A gift can tell you a lot about the person receiving the gift but even more about the gift giver. Unfortunately a lot of the gifts we give have a short shelf life before they are stuck in a drawer somewhere forgot, or unused. Our faith can be like that. We can take this amazing gift God has given us in Jesus and treat it like it is fragile, outdated or cheap. This gift of Jesus is timeless, priceless and strong. Time to pull it out of the junk drawer and put it center stage in our lives. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Dec 2020

33 min 10 sec

We all have things we have to get past in life. Maybe it is a heartbreak or wound form your past. Maybe you struggle to forgive someone or you have been holding onto anger. Sometimes we are faced with the reality that life isn’t turning out how we expected it to. Life is less than ideal. A lot of space in life is like that and we need to get past it to move from less than ideal to the blessings God has for us. This message will help you see how you can get past what you need to get past. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Dec 2020

33 min 13 sec

It’s easy to have our anxiety triggered when our plans get interrupted and we are anticipating conflict. The bigger our plans the harder they fall. But what if you could move from anxiety to adoration? Mary did. She had room enough to trust God even without all the answers. You can move from anxiety to adoration too. This messages looks at a few things to understand about God that will help get you there. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Dec 2020

34 min 13 sec

Our abundant life doesn't rest in what we muster up. It doesn't depend on what others can do for us. It depends upon the Lord. (Talk by Randy Ott)

Nov 2020

29 min 31 sec

Letting go of what once was is always a hard lesson, to let go means we have to face “how do we move forward?” When you are “caught up” in circumstances it is easy to lose faith in the ONE that is always there for you. God is in the business of victorious endings. (Talk by Ryan Fasnacht)

Nov 2020

36 min 50 sec

Lots of different things can lead to our hearts becoming hardened. It is something that can happen to all of us. You can tell when it starts to happen because you become less patient and more apathetic. Jesus knows what your heart needs and He is on the full send to get your heart back to where it belongs. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Nov 2020

31 min 25 sec

Pain is so heavy it hurts, and the more it hurts the heavier it makes everything else. Pain and suffering steals clarity and drains our faith, and it's the biggest challenge many of us will face. It can also raise our biggest questions about God and life, but God is at work in all of our painful circumstances to draw good out of the bad. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Nov 2020

31 min 46 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Nov 2020

38 min 35 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Oct 2020

32 min 53 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Oct 2020

32 min 44 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Oct 2020

37 min 15 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Oct 2020

33 min 44 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Sep 2020

31 min 58 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Sep 2020

30 min 37 sec

(Talk by Joshua Ott)

Sep 2020

36 min 3 sec

It doesn't matter what you look like, it doesn't matter what labels are thrown at you, it doesn't matter how other people judge you, Jesus just says come to me. Come to me if you're weary. Come to me if you're thirsty. I have what you've been looking for, just come to me. Just come and see. It's an invitation that will change your life. It's an invitation to be a part of something that is unstoppable. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Sep 2020

34 min 59 sec

Most of us feel inadequate at some time or another, like we aren't enough or we don't have enough for what we are facing. The problem is we treat our feeling like it's a definitive fact about us, and we compound it with the voices of others who tell us that we're not enough. But it isn't true. We are always enough for God. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Aug 2020

38 min 49 sec

Anxiety is an everybody issue. The ping of anxiety interrupts our days, our lives. Maybe it doesn’t really matter so much where our anxiety comes from; maybe what God has for us is just a better way to deal with it. What you’re worrying about 99% of the time- it doesn’t even matter. (Talk by Joshua Ott)

Aug 2020

34 min 7 sec