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Global Business with Mahesh Joshi spotlights not only mega trends in global business but provides unique insights into the global business which affects you whether or not you are aware of all the facts. You’ll get to know the interesting facts which are normally not easily available. Our guests include senior business executives as well as Academicians and views from theorists as well as practitioners.brbr Get the years of research knowledge from academicians and Practical knowledge from practitioners while you listen online. This is what you really want to know. Each program leaves you smarter than when the hour began. Each weekly program provides a summary which will include three positives or strengths about the country or the concept or topic, three issues or negatives plus three strange but interesting facts.

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Listen to Liza Haffenberg on importance of activating purpose and engaging people with Movement Thinking. Movement Thinking is a people-centric approach to create positive change. It uses the power of societal movements to mobilize employees, stakeholders and customers to engage, act and advocate.

Oct 20

54 min 15 sec

Listen to Michelle Tucker, Best-Selling Author of the book “Think & Grow Rich Today”, “Sell Your Business for more than it’s Worth”, and her latest book Exit Rich “, talk about her Proven Strategies to Grow a Scalable and Sellable Business!

Aug 25

59 min 11 sec

Listen to Dr Duane Varan about his unique Leadership style to manage the Pandemic situation in a very scientific environment creating commercial value for customers and building trust in the team.

Jun 16

54 min 7 sec

Listen to a discussion on impact of crisis on Leadership. Post Pandemic would the Leadership revert back to pre pandemic world or would it move forward with learnings and lead the development of a better world and move the human race to next level of development.

May 19

1 hr

Listen to Karl talk about his book The Fairshare Model. The Fairshare Model was conceived to deal with the uncertainty involved in establishing a value for a venture-stage company. There are ways to mitigate the risk of getting it wrong in a private offering, deal terms. But there is no equivalent in an IPO. The Fairshare Model changes that with a deal structure that places no value on future performance. It does that by providing shares for future performance that vote but cannot trade; they convert into the tradable stock based on performance milestones.

Apr 14

58 min 48 sec

Listen to JR Klein on the role of Empathy in Leadership during Pandemic and it's importance in the success of Leaders in the post Pandemic world. He shares from his research on the most desired Leadership trait during crisis.

Mar 10

1 hr 4 min

Laura Kriska on the power of We. There has never been a more important time for leaders to foster connection among people of diverse backgrounds. To thrive in the global marketplace teams must learn to work across differences of age, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and many other identity factors. Laura talks about how to prevent Us versus Them culture clashes by promoting inclusion in the organizations to increase employee retention and productivity and to prevent misunderstandings that lead to lost time and increased legal risk. Laura offers a practical roadmap at a time when stakeholders at all levels – investors, employees, customers – are demanding action that will lead to lasting change. These timely tools can help any leader successfully navigate Us versus Them dynamics to create cohesive, productive and inclusive teams.

Jan 20

54 min 55 sec

Listen to a practitioner and an academician, Dr Sreedharan talk about his latest book on the importance of International Business Operations for success of Globalization.

Dec 2020

54 min 18 sec

Listen to Lance Tyson, the most sought after coach & trainer of sales leaders, who has also authored two best selling books; Igniting sales EQ: Driving Sales Confidence During Uncertainty & Selling is an Away Game: Close Business and Compete in a Complex World, talk about how to motivate sales teams and the enterprise to keep winning business in the uncertain times of Pandemic. Lance addresses the so desired role of EQ in such times.

Dec 2020

1 hr

Howard shore in discussion about his latest book The Leader Launchpad. Howard offers a five-step, clear-cut, actionable plan to help leaders feel in control of their professional destiny. He elaborates the concepts in his book for profit-actualizing and scale-enhancing systems for: • Identifying mindsets essential to creating great companies • Recognizing the crucial steps to increase employee engagement • Developing a strategy that leads to faster growth and higher profitability • Aligning teams with priorities to significantly impact results • Ensuring the right people are in the right seats doing the right thing • Building a culture of accountability

Sep 2020

53 min 59 sec

Peabody Award winner, Firdaus Kharas; A Thought Leader, Global Communicator, Author, and Speaker joins us to discuss how to leverage the rapid changes and a world in turmoil around us to transform the professional and personal lives by harnessing the innate creativity.

Sep 2020

57 min 22 sec

Is it Zoom & Bloom or Zoom & Doom for you while working remotely. Gaurav Rastogi in discussion on how to keep your creativity, efficiency and productivity alive when working remote . Remote working by itself, has shown to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Now it is Pandemic forced work remotely to isolate employees for Health reasons. It is Health crisis compounded with social & economic crisis. The real danger in current situation is lack of a physical separation between work and the rest of life. People may not stop working, causing burnouts, which is a huge cost for employees as well as the organizations. Two weeks into Pandemic driven remote work in USA, triggered an all-time high Google search Traffic for Symptoms of anxiety. There is a relationship between remote set-ups & mental-health challenges which must be addressed. If this shift leads to widespread remote work in the future, will that make our brains healthier, or will we all feel more alone more often?

Aug 2020

57 min 44 sec

John Vespian presents his 11th book, Assymmetry. Knowledge is the only valid response to stress, the only formula that can make you more effective, Vespasian argues.

Jun 2020

56 min 32 sec

Is the pandemic a wake-up call to the manufacturing sector, bringing the Industry 4.0 technologies to the fore front for survival in the marketplace which requires agile and flexible production systems and supply chains. Will 3D printing, the internet of things (IoT), advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and big data bring the benefits of applying a digitization mindset to a physical business. The need for remote interaction and asset management during the pandemic has highlighted the requirement of advanced manufacturing technologies, cloudbased services and 5G solutions.

Jun 2020

59 min 35 sec

Listen to the author of the book; 2040, The battle for life. A story for tomorrow. The author shares the insight into future of humanity and role of technology, possible scenarios of Geopolitics and technology.

Jun 2020

55 min 13 sec

We are discussing Responsible Investing and how to do it with Ian Robertson, Director and Vice President of Odlum Brown. He explains how ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) has gained importance in the last decade and is providing a moral compass, an analytical tool for investors, and how the power of proxy voting can be used to influence Responsible Investing.

May 2020

58 min 43 sec

In January 2020 US president Donald Trump congratulated the oil industry for having made the country 'energy independent' American production crossed 12 Million barrels per day at the end of 2019. What would be the impact of Pandemic on Shale oil in USA.

May 2020

59 min 38 sec

WTI Oil prices plunged to the lowest level ever in the largest single day drop. What the future holds for Oil under the current circumstances. We discuss the possible scenarios with the expert from Oil industry, Mr Santosh Mathilakath

Apr 2020

53 min 15 sec

Listen to the President of APICS Houston, Mr David Cabello on the resetting of Global Supply chains due to the Pandemic.

Apr 2020

53 min 6 sec

How should extraordinary leaders keep sane in insane times? We discuss ways to be centered, energetic and focused, even while the world outside seems to be in Chaos?

Apr 2020

55 min 26 sec

With the pandemic, the discussions about the future of work are no longer hypothetical, we all seem to have Zoomed into the future of work all at once. Our expert, and host for multiple sessions on the Future of Work, Mr. Gaurav Rastogi from Silicon Valley, discusses this sudden arrival of the future, and how it is impacting our lifestyle. We review all our past predictions and see how they stack up with the present.

Apr 2020

59 min 8 sec

Listen to Brandon Busteed President, University Partners and Global Head, Learn-Work Innovation Kaplan North America on the role of higher education in enhancing the work readiness. Would the merger of work and education be the answer? What would be recognized in future? Degree, skillset or industry recognized credentials. Need for getting Credegree (Credential’s and Degree).

Apr 2020

58 min 27 sec

Personal ReInvention is Critical in the Future of Work (which is already here). The future of work isn’t about what you used to be. It’s about what you are. And “what you are” is always evolving. Problem is, most of us don’t know how to reinvent ourselves. In this talk, our guest is Gaurav Rastogi, who discusses the need to shed old identities to survive and thrive in the new workplace. Sticking to past successes is a guarantee of future lack of success.

Mar 2020

52 min 28 sec

As someone committed to your career and your industry, you should worry if your company doesn’t look like it’s trying to bite its own tail, with investments into technology and taking business risks. If your company is not investing in eating itself fast enough, you can be sure that a tech or hyphen-tech company will have your company as a snack. Your company is not a safe haven. It will either eat itself, or be eaten by technology. Because the technology treadmill runs very fast, the new jobs are not safe from obsolescence. So as an individual with a few decades of work left inside you, you have to learn to eat and reinvent yourself perpetually, like the ouroboros. In this fascinating talk, our frequent guest, Gaurav Rastogi, tells us why the ancient image of a snake biting its own tail will be the defining portrayal of careers in the decade to come.

Feb 2020

55 min 51 sec

Many of the world’s economies are struggling. The global economic system which is currently impacted by over consumption in west, tariffs and other unfair globalization issues coupled with under regulation of some large financial institutions. It has a room for improvement. Who can take a position to help the system as well as gain a prominent position in Global economy. Middle East could be the one.The region has rare combination of its enormous oil and gas reserves, large and skillable labor force, along with the large sovereign wealth funds in some of the countries.The prosperous Middle East governments also have an opportunity to play major roles within the World Bank and the IMF for the ongoing reform efforts.

Jan 2020

55 min 9 sec

Understand how and why there is so much interest in Big Data among enterprises. We will be talking to Amandeep Khurana, Co-Founder of Okera; a big data access management company, about the current state of data technologies and data privacy. We will discuss data privacy and many new regulations like GDPR and CCPA and its impact on enterprises and what they are doing to protect the data of their consumers.

Oct 2019

54 min 6 sec

Listen to K. Ganesh, the Man with the Midas touch talking about the growth story of start ups in India. The journey so far and what the future holds.

Aug 2019

57 min 4 sec

Continuing on the theme of Blockchain we covered in the last 2 episodes, this week we will tackle one of the most important developments in the cryptocurrency called Facebook Libra. We will discuss in detail what is Facebook Libra, who are the other companies involved in this effort and what does this mean for other cryptocurrencies and the ecosystem in general. Listen to founders of Sapien Network; a company in the social news space using Etherium based coin. Ankit and Robert; the two founders of Sapien are graduates of UC Berkeley and YCombinator

Jul 2019

53 min 53 sec

Listen to Paul in discussions with Jorden and Radhika on what everything one must know about Blockchain. Part 2

Jun 2019

55 min 6 sec

Listen to Paul in discussions with Jorden and Radhika on what everything one must know about Blockchain.

May 2019

56 min 16 sec

Has USA claimed world’s oil crown in an uncertain oil market which is going through a major disruption and reshaping. U.S. oil production has hit record levels.Combined U.S. exports of petroleum products and crude oil have perched the U.S. to net exporter status. As per the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports Growth in oil production in Texas and the Permian and Bakken geological regions have put total U.S. oil production ahead of Russia’s for the first time since February 1999 which makes it the world leader in oil production. Technological Innovation, Availability of capital and ingenuity of drillers have contributed to the growth. What does it does mean to the industry, Geopolitics and global trade

Apr 2019

57 min 39 sec

Listen to Dr Arthur Ciaramicoli author of 8 books on how leaders can use ground-breaking AIE (authenticity, integrity and empathy) leadership platform to lead effectively and successfully optimize the potential of employees. His pioneering approach offers new promise to society struggling with fear and doubt about those in powerful positions. The best part of AIE leadership is that it produces an environment for staff members to grow to respect each other while producing at the highest possible level.

Mar 2019

57 min 37 sec

Listen to Dr Kristen Sosulski about the data visualization, an essential skill required in today’s information-rich world. Importance of linear process to develop data visualization literacy and exploratory, inquiry-based approaches to visualization issues and developing expertise to use data. It is so important for practitioners in almost every field to have a coherent way to share findings from research, big data, learning analytics, and more.

Nov 2018

58 min 23 sec

Do Entrepreneurs get paid to Think or Act? There is always this debate and so got the author of You get paid to think to debate this topic with us in this episode.

Nov 2018

55 min 35 sec

What do you remember - not the long messages and numbers - we only remember stories. Stories are a way to build brands. Paul Singh talks with Rajesh Setty; who has written 16 books and has been teaching this skill to entrepreneurs for the last 10 years.

Oct 2018

54 min 56 sec

Listen to our guest Alexandra Sasha Johnson, who is an entrepreneur, investor and thought leader in entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe and Russia in discussions with our co-host Paul Singh about the issues of entrepreneurship in general and the specific challenges faced by founders of tech companies from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Oct 2018

57 min 29 sec

Listen to the host for the episode Paul Singh in discussions with Naeem Zafar to provide a perspective from a Startup CEO doing business globally and the challenges and opportunities he is facing. Also we will discuss entrepreneurship education and how it differs globally.

Oct 2018

56 min 47 sec

Listen to our host for the episode R. Paul Singh in discussions with Jessica Hasson about how the field of public relations has changed and how startups can use it to grow their business globally. Jessica runs her own PR agency, Pulp PR and has been doing PR for the last 20 years and offers some practical advice

Sep 2018

54 min 3 sec

In the age of the Internet, startups are born global and find customers everywhere irrespective of their origin country. In fact, most modern startups have their teams distributed across the world. So in this season, we are going to talk to entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and consultants who are part of startups going global.

Sep 2018

53 min 13 sec

Dr Johri from Oxford explains how to enhance your leadership and management skills to operate efficiently in today’s fast evolving world and adjust to the environmental needs. How should the leaders navigate and be effective in these times. His efforts in this direction at OAMLP (Oxford advanced Management and Leadership Program) and guidance to global leaders from across the world has enabled the program to achieve Global Ranking of number 2 as per Financial Times.

Aug 2018

59 min 50 sec

Two prominent authors and intellectuals from Oxford discuss the impact of Kindness in Leadership. In a global climate of increasing complexity and uncertainty, there have been calls for a more responsible form of leadership in business and society. The relationship between kindness and leadership is therefore a topic of fundamental importance for our well-being as individuals, for the success of our organisations, and for the future of our global community. Kindness in Leadership is one of the first books to explore both the concept and practice of kindness in leadership and consider them in different societal and organisational settings.

Jul 2018

1 hr 5 min

Storytelling is suddenly a hot skill, but it wasn’t so when our guest Sam Swaminathan started his leadership coaching journey with a card that read “Storyteller”. In his two decades as coach, Sam has inspired more than 400,000 people in more than 20 countries that worked for giant corporations like Fedex, 3M, Infosys, Accenture and Unilever. Our guest host, Gaurav Rastogi, discusses how storytelling is an essential leadership skill, as it connects the head and the heart. Hard technical skills are not enough, and companies need Apostles, balladeers and tinkerers.

Jun 2018

56 min 44 sec

We have attention deficit. The weaponization of the “technologies of mass distraction” has destroyed our ability to focus. At the same time, our work requires us to bring more emotional energy, focus and creativity. The future human worker needs to learn skill-- the ability to do deep work, the ability to learn, and the ability to find and learn from challenges at work. How can Meditation and Yoga bring these two together? We discuss with Gaurav Rastogi.

May 2018

55 min 46 sec

Wall Street is used to companies setting and meeting expectations. But recently, all too often companies that play this fail-safe game have begun to fail. What is going on? This week in Global Business, Mahesh Joshi and Gaurav Rastogi are discussing A New Kind of Math, and how today’s leaders should have the ability to build “belief” in a yet unseen future. This requires having the power to suspend skepticism. Just as algebra begins with “let there be an X such that”’s leaders must have the ability to believe in a future that is different from today, in order to make that future happen. And so, despite failures like Theranos, we must learn to believe.

May 2018

59 min 32 sec

The future of work is continuous learning. How are the companies and employees computing their ROE, the Return on Education? We continue our discussion with Oxford's Prof Lalit Johri, and entrepreneur Gaurav Rastogi. We discuss, how educational institutions are adapting to the explosion in new learning technologies and methodologies, on the one hand, and to the need for a fast paced digestion of real-world learning needs on the other. Humanity's future depends on how well we transform the business of functional learning.

May 2018

1 hr 1 min

The term frontier markets was coined in 1992 by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and it referred to a subset of emerging markets. Subsequently, frontier indices was established by major providers like Standard & Poor’s, MSCI, Russell Investments and FTSE. The number of frontier markets in these indices ranges from 25 in the MSCI index to 41 in the Russell Frontier Index. The criteria for inclusion, is that it should not already be a component of any emerging market or developed market indices. They must also qualify on parameters such as its economic development, market accessibility, liquidity and foreign investment restrictions. Will the frontier markets be able to challenge the BRIC’s as the next growth opportunity with real economic development, or will they become yet another investment vehicle only for some time.

Apr 2018

51 min 47 sec

We have been discussing the Disruption in every industry in recent episodes. Today we have a very special guest, Professor Lalit Johri from the University of Oxford's Said Business School, talking with Global Business host Mahesh Joshi and our series guest, Gaurav Rastogi. Our guest this week brings us the perspective of a 1000+ years old University, and shows us how Universities must perform a dual role- one of transferring functional knowledge or technical skills, and another as seats of cultural learning. The importance of un-learning through peer-dialogue is pointed out emphatically in these times of rapid change. There has been a lot of innovation on imparting technical knowledge through new media, but education institutions must also continue innovate on their roles as culture and values bearers for the societies they work in.

Apr 2018

59 min 6 sec

Listen to an intriguing discussion on the role of failure on the road to success. Companies that try too hard to avoid failing inevitably crash and burn. Adopting a positive attitude towards work and failure allow us to make the most of opportunities. This week Gaurav Rastogi and the host, Mahesh Joshi, are talking about how to think of work as a “Failure Gym”. Just as we go to the gym to build our muscle tone and strength, we should use the power to fail as a way of building our strength. That’s what we learn from Jack Ma, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos- you can continue failing until you succeed.

Apr 2018

1 hr

For peak performance as a leader, get out of the yoga studio, and learn to become a Corporate Yogi. The future of human work is the subject of this week’s discussion. In the age of distraction and destruction, as we discussed previously, the new model of the Corporate Yogi is filled with hope for the future of humanity. While others despair about the dystopia that technology will unleash, Gaurav and Mahesh are talking this week about how all the technology will finally give us time to pay attention to knowledge work that really matters.

Apr 2018

59 min 52 sec

Oil industry is under sharp focus. There is a lot of narrative for the increased role of renewable energy, and impact of Electric vehicles and self-driving vehicle on oil. All of these indicate a hard time for oil. With the focus on environmental issues and clean energy, is it the end of Oil? One could also say that Oil is also renewable energy. It just takes longer to renew.

Mar 2018

57 min 52 sec