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Youth Cymru are a national youth charity, supporting young people aged 11-25 in Wales. YOUTHPOD aims to educate, inform, and engage young people on different topics through sharing stories and experiences of others. Topics will range from mental health, to saving money, to learning all about the digital industry.

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Welcome to YOUTHPOD- A Youth Cymru Podcast! We want to share stories and support young people in Wales. Follow us to hear and download new episodes!

Dec 2020

38 sec

The first episode of our 'Save Your Energy' series. In this episode, Anna talks to her flatmate George, about what to think about when you move out and begin to live independently. They also discuss the importance of choosing the right tariff, and some tips on how you can manage your bills at home.This Podcast Episode was funded by the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme.About us | Energy Redress scheme

Jan 11

17 min 1 sec

We are back with another episode of our 'Save Your Energy' series! Today, Anna talks to Ieuan Bater- a young person from Bridgend who is a member of our Llais Ifanc group at Youth Cymru. They discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has had an affect on our day to day energy consumption at home, and what the UK Government are putting in place to make the energy we use more renewable.This Podcast Episode was funded by the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme.About us | Energy Redress scheme

Jan 15

25 min 38 sec

Our final episode in the 'Save Your Energy' series! In this episode, Anna chats to Shannon Lee- the President of the Student Union at the University of South Wales. Shannon shares some great tips and tricks on how to reduce costs in your home, and how best to manage your bills when you are living with others.This Podcast Episode was funded by the Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme.About us | Energy Redress scheme

Jan 18

20 min 57 sec

To start off our "Power Of Your Vote" Series, Anna speaks to Nirushan and Ieuan, two of our Llais Ifanc group members at Youth Cymru. They talk a bit about the history of Llais Ifanc, and what kind of things they have achieved! As well as talking about their journey, they introduce the "Power Of Your Vote" campaign, all around empowering young people in Wales to use their vote. They share more about the purpose of the campaign and how YOU can get involved!

Feb 11

21 min 39 sec

Today, Anna is back with Ieuan and Nirushan, and they are talk about the environment; one of the key priorities on the Llais Ifanc Manifesto. They think about how young people can make a change, and they also share their opinions on whether they think the government and public bodies in Wales are really pushing the priorities of young people onto the agenda.

Feb 15

27 min 9 sec

In this episode, Anna is joined by Nirushan and Ieuan, and this time a special guest , Adnaan: The creator and producer of the Pariah Nation Podcast. They discuss some examples of young people who have inspired them to fight for social justice, how young people can use social media to elevate their voices, and the barriers they may have to overcome to do so.@pariahnation

Feb 18

30 min 38 sec

Today, Anna talks to Ieuan and Nirushan, and two new guests, Hamdah and Hamika. Hamdah and Hamika are two of the founders and creators of the Somali Mindfulness podcast. The group discuss the importance of mental health and how it is affecting young people through the COVID-19 pandemic.@thesmproject_

Feb 22

28 min 28 sec

In this final episode of the series, Anna talks to 3 Llais Ifanc members, Nadila, Nirushan and Ieuan. Now that 16&17 year olds are now able to vote in the Welsh elections, they discuss important issues such as fair representation, the curriculum, how we can improve access to political education, and how we can empower young people to use their vote. They also touch upon some of the services and campaigns already out there at the moment which are elevating the voices of young Welsh voters.

Feb 24

34 min 9 sec