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Grant chats with Maggie about the trappings of the world our kids are living in & how being easy on yourself could quite possibly be the key to successful parenting.

Aug 26

1 hr 2 min

Grant chats with Al about, what he calls the most important job there is. About following your passion, and how picking up on a cardio-glitch, kept him around for some time to come!

May 12

50 min 22 sec

Grant chat's with his Dad, Graeme Lyndon, about his experience of becoming a dad in very different times, and how modern family life could certainly benefit from the simplicity of those days.

Nov 2020

29 min 26 sec

James shares his unique and arresting story. His sudden launch into fatherhood, life as a single dad, losing a child to leukaemia, and reinventing himself with a life very much worth living.

Oct 2020

1 hr

This is an episode from The Defiance Code. *Apologies in advance - There's a couple of F-bombs* This content is so relevant to the Busy Dads platform that we had to share it with you all. Glenn & Grant talk about managing your children's emotional & psychological wellbeing in a sea of mixed messages from social media & peers. They also talk deeply about body dysmorphia, self management & managing expectations of your own parenting.

Sep 2020

1 hr 4 min

Reidy chats with Grant about the gear changes of fatherhood, finding true love, and milking the most out of life.

Aug 2020

43 min 21 sec

Grant explains how simple it is to make this family food crowd pleaser, his wife's favourite chicken casserole.

Jul 2020

10 min 2 sec

Grant chats with Tim very candidly about his experience of role models & parenting. How meditation helps when the pressure is on, & why regular physical contact with our kids is so important for them to grow with confidence.

Jul 2020

41 min 10 sec

Grant chats with Dr Justin about the "perfect parenting syndrome", breaking the patterns of the way we were parented, and more... Justin also opens up with some of his own challenges that have shaped him as a dad.

Jun 2020

48 min 16 sec

Grant chats with Tom about what it takes for him to stay on top of his business life, how he keeps fit & strong, tackles personal goals, fussy eaters, and he drops some super handy hints for dads to make simple and tasty food, making vegetables sexy again.

Jun 2020

53 min 39 sec

Grant chats with Nadine about what dads need to be the best possible birthing partner they can be. And how doing this work can set you up for a smoother entry into fatherhood.

Jun 2020

38 min 33 sec