Inside Page to Stage

By Jerome Harmann Hardeman

In this podcast we talk to artists of all stripes and in all arenas about their work. How they take an inkling of an idea, an inspiration or an offer to create from a thought to a finished work. As a performer I’m fascinated by all of the aspects and components of a finished theatrical production; the sets, sound, lighting, musical arrangements, costuming, stage management, choreography, direction and even the marketing. However my curiosity about the nature of things goes as far back as I can remember. As a kid I wondered about the way things worked or came to be. How many people it took to design, fabricate and assemble an elevator, or a bridge, What went into the bicycle I rode, where babies came from and where pigeons went at night. I wondered whether Sam our parrot dreamt of flying off to freedom or if he dreamt at all. We were in the funeral business and once I started “helping” around the funeral home I wondered who designed the trocar or eye caps or..., I’ll stop there. I remember the first school trip to the Guggenheim and thinking how does it stand? I read about the Sphinx and joined the chorus of questions on who were the architects and designers and how the pyramids were actually built. One of my junior high school papers was on “How different microbes live on the underside of bridges because they received so little sunlight”.It should be of no surprise that when the credits rolled at the end of a film, I’d sit with my family at the RKO Kieths movie theatre on Main Street in Flushing Queens, astonished at just how many people it took to make that movie look, sound and feel the way it did. That lifelong curiosity has led me around the globe where I’ve worked and lived among more than a few different cultures as well as to this podcast. Welcome to Inside page to stage:

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