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High-impact interviews for those who love adventure and the outdoors. Host and journalist Shelby Stanger interviews world-class explorers, athletes, authors, scientists, health experts, and entrepreneurs about how they’ve taken their own wild ideas and made them a reality, so you can too. Some of the wildest ideas can lead to the most rewarding adventures. Take a listen to start living more wildly today.

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When he’s not running, Lesford is the Senior Director of Programs at Outdoor Outreach, an organization that connects kids to the transformative power of nature. It’s not just about surfing or climbing — Outdoor Outreach teaches them about sustainability and advocacy. When these kids spend time outside, they’re discovering new passions, building confidence and connecting with peers and mentors. Other episodes to listen to:More about Outdoor OutreachConnect with Lesford:TwitterInstagramResources:Resilience video with Hoka One OneOutdoor OutreachEpisode sponsor:Hoka One One

Nov 16

34 min 17 sec

Ryan Kinder isn’t your average Nashville musician. In addition to recently releasing his full length album Room to Dream, Ryan is an endurance athlete. What started as a way to honor a friend’s passing has now become a full blown obsession with Ironman triathlon competitions. With six Ironman races under his belt, Ryan spends time between recording sessions training hard for his next race, and he’s learned a lot about himself along the way. Connect with Ryan:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Kinders KidsIronmanTour de Natchez TraceEpisode Sponsor:Teva

Nov 2

31 min 10 sec

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the subject of campfire stories and heated conversation as people ponder Bigfoot’s existence. You can go down a YouTube rabbit hole and find convincing evidence on either side of the debate. Cliff Barackman has dedicated much of his life to studying Bigfoot. He owns the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, Oregon, and he was one of the main experts featured on Animal Planet’s show, Finding Bigfoot. In the spirit of the season, we invite you to listen in on our conversation with Cliff as we let ourselves wonder: is Bigfoot out there? Wild Ideas Worth Living episodes to listen to:The Dark Divide with Tom PutnamPodcasts to listen to:Camp MonstersConnect with Cliff Barackman:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Cliff’s Podcast - Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and BoboNorth American Bigfoot CenterTheodore Roosevelt’s book, The Wilderness HunterEpisode Sponsor:Teva + Cotopaxi

Oct 19

43 min 33 sec

Professional surfer Pete Devries surfs waves that not many have experienced. That’s because he lives in Tofino, B.C., and spends most of his time surfing the frigid waters up north. Pete has traveled to plenty of more tropical locales during his career, but he feels at home in Tofino. Plus the chilly temps mean he’s often the only one in the water. He spends his days traveling to untouched rocky coves, surfing against evergreen backdrops and enjoying the serene landscapes of Canada.Connect with Pete:InstagramEpisode sponsors:Arc’teryxTeva

Oct 5

30 min 52 sec

Climber Alannah Yip spent her summer competing on the international stage in Tokyo, Japan. Even though she’s been a competitive climber since she was six years old, this competition was unlike anything she’d ever done before. It was the first year that rock climbing was included on the international athletics circuit, and in order to participate Alannah had to overcome some major obstacles. Following a stunning qualifying performance, she was one of the climbers on the wall making history in Japan. Connect with Alannah:FacebookInstagramEpisode Sponsors:Arc'teryxTeva

Sep 21

30 min 8 sec

Florence Williams has spent years researching the physical and mental impact of spending time outside. She’s a journalist, author and podcaster whose work focuses on how our environment shapes our wellbeing. In Florence’s book, The Nature Fix, she sets out to explain how the outdoors can improve our health, promote reflection, stimulate innovation, and strengthen our relationships. In this episode, Florence shares with us some of her research, her tricks for slowing down outside and getting our nature fix, no matter where we live. Connect with guests:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramEpisode sponsors:Arc’teryxTeva

Sep 8

37 min 28 sec

In early 2021, Misha Euceph spent six weeks on the road visiting national parks and recording a new podcast series for REI Co-op Studios called Hello, Nature. As a Pakistani-American writer, podcast host and journalist, Misha set out to find the new, lesser known stories of America's national parks through the lens of Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Misha’s interest in national parks is relatively new, but she’s no stranger to podcasting. Her production company, Dustlight Productions, produced The Michelle Obama podcast, and Barack Obama and Bruce Springstein’s podcast Renegades: Born in the USA. In this episode, Misha talks about making her latest project, Hello, Nature.Connect with Dustlight Productions:WebsiteTwitterInstagramConnect with Misha:WebsiteTwitterInstagramResources:Hello, Nature Podcast from REI Co-op StudiosMisha’s Guide, How to Make a PodcastEpisode Sponsor:SonosTeva

Aug 24

41 min 1 sec

When we’re alone in nature, all of our senses are heightened — which can be wonderful, but it can also be intimidating. There's a lot of messaging out there that tells us doing things alone isn't safe. Nicole Snell, self defense instructor and owner of Girls Fight Back, believes in solo adventuring and wants to provide people with the tools and confidence to get out there. Nicole has trained so she can feel comfortable doing what she wants and has made it her mission to change the conversation around personal safety. Connect with Nicole Snell:WebsiteInstagramYouTubeConnect with Girls Fight Back:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Outdoor Defense YouTube seriesEpisode sponsor:HOKASonos

Aug 10

34 min 10 sec

Any long distance hiker will tell you about a magical encounter they had with a trail angel. Trail angels are awesome people who provide support to those on long treks — a meal, a shower or a ride into the nearest town. Barney and Sandy Mann are two of the most well-known trail angels in the U.S. Their house is an hour from the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. The two offer hikers dinner and a place to sleep, but also camaraderie as they start their journey north.Connect with Barney and Sandy: WebsiteFacebookInstagramEpisode Sponsor:Sonos

Jul 27

44 min 1 sec

When you think of KEEN, you probably think of their iconic sandals, the ones with bungee cord straps and big rubber toe caps. Over the years, KEEN has prioritized social and environmental responsibility. In this bonus episode, Shelby chats with Erik Burbank, the vice-president of the KEEN Effect and Kirk Richardson, a KEEN Effect advisor. Their mission is to have a positive impact on the world through philanthropy and sustainable footwear. Learn more about KEEN. 

Jul 20

30 min 48 sec

Mikah Meyer is a record-breaking road tripper. His cross-country adventures started at 19 years old when his dad passed away. On Mikah’s first trip, he traveled for 260 days. Five years later, he spent three years living out of a van, venturing to all 419 U.S. National Park service sites. As he documented his trips online, his following grew and he realized he had a platform. He now travels with the goal of promoting LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the outdoors with his Outside Safe Space Campaign.Connect with Mikah:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeResources:Outside Safe Space“Across” seriesEpisode Sponsor:SonosParks Project


Jul 13

39 min 39 sec

Sika set this goal 6 years ago and was aiming to achieve it in 2019. But nothing could have prepared her for the bike accident she experienced in that year during a race in Texas. Sika isn’t one to let any obstacle stand in her way and she trained hard to come back stronger than ever. Now, she uses the experience of her accident and the success of getting her pro card to talk to youth, particularly Black Americans, about getting involved in triathlon.Connect with Sika:WebsiteFacebookInstagramResources:Iron ManBlack MarathonersSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:SonosHOKA One One

Jun 29

35 min 58 sec

Joseph Mulherin is known by his stage name nothing,nowhere. He’s a musician who has worked with celebrities like Travis Barker from Blink 182 and Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy. Joe has an incredible fan base, but things haven’t always been easy for him. Since he was a kid, Joe has struggled with an anxiety and panic disorder. But he’s found that being out in nature and practicing bushcraft skills can be a real salve for his mental health. On this show, Joe talks about how music, meditation, and getting outside have made a powerful impact on his life. Connect with Joseph Mulherin (nothing, nowhere.):Website YouTubeTwitterInstagramResources:Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Into the Trauma Factory YouTube SeriesSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:Teva Sonos

Jun 15

34 min 44 sec

Angela Tucker is a writer, director and Emmy-nominated producer who makes narrative and documentary films. For her new series, The Trees Remember, Angela teamed up with REI to make three short films. Each short features a Black woman experiencing a moment of connection and reflection in the outdoors, showing that nature is a backdrop to our daily lives, providing space to learn and inspire. In this episode, Angela talks about how she became a filmmaker, making period pieces, and the creative process behind The Trees Remember.Connect with guests:Website Facebook TwitterInstagramResources:REI: The Trees Remember film seriesSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:SonosTeva

Jun 1

30 min 28 sec

Writer and professor Susan Lacke never anticipated becoming an endurance athlete. But when her boss Carlos Nunez offered her an opportunity to improve her unhealthy lifestyle, she went for it. What started as small changes became bigger and bigger until she signed up for an Ironman triathlon. Now, she’s breaking the mold of who we think of as an athlete - Susan is deaf, and she writes about other athletes that don’t fit the runner stereotype. She believes anyone can be a runner, no matter their size, race, gender, or ability.Connect with Susan:WebsiteFacebookTwitter InstagramSusan's books:Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking SlowRunning Outside the Comfort ZoneSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:HokaSonos

May 18

39 min 48 sec

Professional mountain biker, Eliot Jackson, is no stranger to reaching big goals. He started riding motorcycles before he was in kindergarten, and ended up becoming a child motocross athlete. He won five national motocross national championships during his youth. When Eliot was 15 years old, he decided to retire from motocross. A few years later, Eliot took up mountain biking and had the wild idea to become a professional downhill mountain bike athlete. In his seven year career, Eliot became one of the top three downhill mountain bikers in the US.  Now, he is conquering a new dream. Eliot recently started a non-profit called Grow Cycling Foundation, which is an organization that is making mountain biking more accessible to youth in Los Angeles.Connect with Eliot and Grow Cycling Foundation:WebsiteFacebookInstagram (Eliot)Instagram (Grow Cycling Foundation)Season Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:Teva Sonos

May 4

33 min 17 sec

Tyrhee Moore is a mountaineer, outdoor guide and founder of the non-profit, Soul Trak. Growing up in Washington D.C, Tyrhee first fell in love with the outdoors on a 7th grade trip to the Grand Tetons with City Kids Wilderness Project. He was blown away by the beautiful views, but he was also impressed by his own power and ability to climb mountains. He was hooked on outdoor adventures. Several years later, Tyrhee was asked to be on the first all-Black American team to climb Denali and was featured in a documentary called An American Ascent about the group’s climb. After becoming a trained mountain and river guide, Tyrhee started the non-profit Soul Trak Outdoors, an organization that connects urban communities of color with green spaces in the D.C. area. Connect with Tyhree and Soul Trak:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram - (Soul Trak)Instagram - (Tyrhee)Resources:An American Ascent DocumentaryCity Kids Wilderness ProjectExpedition DenaliSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:SonosTeva

Apr 27

37 min 57 sec

Using their backgrounds in apparel and marketing, Keith and Sevag launched Parks Project, a brand that donates its proceeds to conservation projects within our National Parks. But their clothes aren’t your typical park paraphernalia. Parks Project teams up with artists to create outdoorsy graphics with vintage vibes. With a unique model and huge success, Parks Project is making an impact and inspiring the next generation to take care of our public lands.Connect with Parks Project:WebsiteInstagramFacebookResources:National Park ServiceSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:Parks Project

Apr 20

27 min 33 sec

Country singer Brett Eldredge was at the top of his game. He had released four chart-topping records and performed with stars like Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton. But life as a touring musician took a toll on him. Brett felt like he was spending all of his time worrying about the next performance. He decided to take a vacation from stress and social media to reconnect with the outdoors. In this episode, find out how unplugging and getting out in nature helped Brett soothe his anxiety and spark creativity for his latest record, Sunday Drive.Connect with Brett:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Mental Health AmericaSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:Teva


Apr 6

27 min 7 sec

Adam Campbell is an accomplished mountain runner with some of the fastest known times on many Canadian mountains and trails. But being an athlete comes with risks. In 2016, Adam endured a life-threatening fall down a 200 foot ravine while running Roger’s Pass in British Columbia. But Adam came back, started running again and got married. In January 2020, Adam’s wife Laura passed away after being buried in an avalanche while the two were out skiing. Despite all the hardships Adam has endured in the mountains, he has also found that spending time outside is helping him heal mentally and physically.Connect with Adam:WebsiteInstagramFacebookResources:In Constant Motion FilmAdam’s incident report on FacebookSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:Arc’teryx

Mar 24

55 min 53 sec

Michelle Parker is a professional freeskier.  She takes helicopters, snowmobiles, or hikes up to steep snowy peaks and skis down them, launching off cliffs and gliding down nearly vertical slopes. She has been featured in dozens of ski films and when Michelle goes out and films on the peaks, she is often the only woman on these outings. The other athletes, the camera people, even the helicopter pilot are usually men. Regardless, Michelle has always been motivated by women in sports. In fact, it was her mom who put her on skis before she was two years old. On this show, Michelle talks about how she’s embraced her superwoman abilities to excel as an athlete and show women around the world that they can ski some of the craziest lines.Connect with Michelle:FacebookTwitterInstagramResources:RedbullRedbull Originate seriesProtect Our WintersSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:Arc’teryx

Mar 9

38 min 40 sec

David Brown is one of the world’s fastest blind runners, a two-time record breaker, and the first totally blind athlete to run 100m in under 11 seconds. Jerome Avery is his running guide. The two run tethered together by a short strap. They train together almost daily to maintain their synchronization and speed, and that hard work shows on and off the track. In this episode, hear how David fell in love with running, their journey to start running together, and what it feels like when they’re the first to cross the finish line.Connect with David and Jerome:David's TwitterDavid's InstagramJerome's InstagramSeason Sponsor:FordEpisode Sponsor:On Running

Feb 23

33 min 2 sec

 In 2016, Karel beat the record for the fastest known time to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. Then in 2018, he ran the Appalachian trail and broke the fastest known time record by four days! Karel started running as a hobby so that he could get some exercise after work. Now, just a few years later, he’s running some of the longest wilderness trails on earth. Episodes to listen to: Chris McDougallConnect with guest: WebsiteFacebook YouTubeInstagram Resources:Out There MovieBarkley MarathonsBorn to Run by Chris McDougallEpisode Sponsor:On Running 

Feb 9

35 min 41 sec

When you think of exciting outdoor activities, bird watching probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But in the words of today’s guest Corina Newsome, it’s like a treasure hunt. There is exhilaration in looking for movement through binoculars or listening for specific bird calls. There's also a sense of achievement that comes with identifying a specific bird and crossing it off your list. Corina isn’t your stereotypical birder. She’s a 27 year old Black woman from Philadelphia with a Master’s degree in Ornithology (the study of birds). Corina was one of the primary organizers behind Black Birders Week, a virtual event that took place in summer of 2020. In this episode, Corina tells us about how she fell in love with birds, the circumstances that inspired Black Birders Week and what it’s like being a Black woman in the outdoors. Read more about how she's helping more birders find their place. Connect with Corina:WebsiteTwitterInstagramResources:Black AF in STEMGeorgia AudubonNational Audubon SocietyMerlin Bird ID AppAudubon AppEpisode Sponsor:Danner

Jan 26

36 min 43 sec

Trying a new sport or skill for the first time can be scary. Nobody wants to look like an awkward newbie in front of the pros, but Dylan Efron is learning to embrace the thrill of being a beginner. In fact, he’s inspiring others to do the same with his new YouTube series called Flow State. The goal of the show is to invite professional athletes to do an outdoor sport that they’ve never tried before, from spearfishing to speed flying, and see what happens. On this episode, Dylan tells us about some of the most impactful Flow State episodes, what it’s like working with his brother Zac Efron, and how he’s built a lifestyle doing what he loves most.Connect with Dylan Efron:TwitterInstagramYouTubeResources:Flow StateFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyEpisode Sponsor:Danner's Mountain Pass Arctic Night bootMade in our Portland, Oregon factory and inspired by the original Mountain Light, the Mountain Pass Winter was created to handle cold days and icy city streets. A breathable GORE-TEX lining and Thinsulate™ insulation keep feet warm and dry in slush and snow. An updated construction method allows us to significantly reduce weight and create out-of-the-box comfort that doesn't come standard for most classic hiking boots. The Vibram® Arctic Grip outsole was designed to keep your footing secure on wet ice, frozen ground or whatever else the colder months have in store.

Jan 12

30 min 22 sec

2020 has been quite a year. We had a plan for what this season of Wild Ideas Worth Living would look like, but a few months in we had to change course, just as everyone in the world did. So while our first few episodes focused on adventurers who traveled all over the world and broke barriers, we spent the rest of the year learning from guests who taught us how to find peace and a sense of adventure in our own homes. Thank you to all of our guests for sharing your stories and wild ideas with us. And thank you especially to you, the listeners, for tuning in, writing reviews, and sending us notes about your own wild ideas. We’ll be back with new episodes in January, so be sure to subscribe or follow wherever you listen to podcasts. Happy holidays and happy new year.Episodes to listen to:Mike PosnerJames NestorEric WolfingerLatoya Shauntay Snell - Running Fat Chef + Redefining RoutingJoe GraySeason Sponsor:SubaruEpisode Sponsor:Danner

Dec 2020

15 min 6 sec

Noah Howell is one of the greatest backcountry skiers to date, and he has been named one of the “50 Icons of Backcountry Skiing” by Backcountry Magazine. He was also the second person to ski all 90 lines of what author Andrew McLean deemed the steepest ski lines in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Noah feels free skiing rarely traveled slopes, and for him, that freedom is also reflected in his everyday life. When he’s not skiing, Noah continues to buck the norms and do what he loves, even when it is difficult to keep pathing his own way.Connect with Noah:WebsiteInstagramVimeoResources:Black Diamond profile (Noah is sponsored by Black Diamond)The Chuting Gallery: A Guide to Steep Skiing in the Wasatch Mountains by Andrew McLeanSeason sponsor:SubaruEpisode sponsor:Ikon Pass

Dec 2020

37 min 7 sec

When Ally Coucke adopted her white German Shepherd, Bailey, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Ally was just a kid looking for a big, protective dog to run with her in the early mornings, and what she got became the most important relationship of her life. Now, Bailey and his adoptive brother, “Loki the Wolfdog” are Internet sensations. But Bailey has been battling cancer for the last couple of years, and last week he lost the fight. Back in August, Ally was preparing to face the deepest grief she’s ever experienced, she found that Bailey had a lot to teach her about herself and her community. Connect with Ally: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources: Wild TogetherSeason SponsorSubaruEpisode SponsorIkon Pass

Nov 2020

34 min 37 sec

Tom Putnam is a filmmaker known for writing and directing documentaries and short films. After reading Robert Pyle’s book, Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide, he felt compelled to turn Pyle’s story into a movie. After 10 years of writing and re-writing the script, Tom brought the entire cast and crew for The Dark Divide film into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Oregon. They shot the film on-location in just 22 days, and it was quite the wild adventure. In this episode, Tom talks about his career as a director, what it was like to write and direct The Dark Divide, the stories and hiccups they faced while shooting the film, and more. You can now rent or buy The Dark Divide now on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play and On Demand everywhere. To learn more about the movie and where you can watch it, visit darkdividefilm.com. Learn more about the film:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide by Robert PyleSeason Sponsor:SubaruEpisode Sponsor:Danner 


Nov 2020

30 min 58 sec

Clare Gallagher is an accomplished trail and ultra runner who made history when she won the Leadville 100 in 2016, a notorious 100-mile trek through the Rocky Mountains. Soon after she started her career, Clare realized that she had a unique platform as an outdoor athlete to become a dedicated environmental advocate. For Clare, working for a healthy planet is a no-brainer, and she argues that it is not such a wild idea to fight pollution and climate change. In this episode, Clare shares her story and useful tips on easy ways to get involved in the issues that you care about.Connect with Clare:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:CommonCauseLeah ThomasIntersectional Environmentalist Leadville Race SeriesEarthraging with EnglishSeason Sponsor:SubaruEpisode Sponsor:DannerIkon Pass

Oct 2020

39 min 35 sec

Now that Christiane is Head of Sustainability at Fjallraven, she wears “the grandma jacket” regularly as a reminder of the brand’s mission to make timeless clothing that lasts. In this episode, Christiane shares how heritage and longevity inform how Fjallraven designs and manufactures their products.Connect with Fjallraven & Christiane: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

Oct 2020

26 min 20 sec

Historically, outdoor apparel and clothing brands have shrunk the same designs that they use in their mens’ lines and dyed them a supposed "girly" color (aka: purple and pink) to create outdoor gear for women. However, Edita Hadravska, Design Director at Arc’teryx Equipment, takes a different approach. She designs outdoor equipment and gear for women that take into account how women’s bodies are actually shaped, the way they move, and the elements that they encounter in the outdoors. Edita’s designs are challenging industry trends and helping women look stylish and perform their best as outdoor athletes.

Sep 2020

30 min 50 sec

Kailey Kornhauser is a fat cyclist. Those two words didn’t come easily to her. But as she has claimed her place in both the cycling community and the body positivity movement, they’re words she now identifies with proudly. In 2018, Kailey took on one of the most challenging rides she’d ever been on: cycling 1,000 miles across Alaska to hear about the impact of climate change on the lives of locals. Hear her talk about the journey, her activism, and why everyone belongs in the outdoors on this episode. Connect with guests:InstagramResources:Kailey’s article - I’m a fat cyclist - and I don’t need to “fix” my bodyUnlikely HikersSalt Lake City Bicycle CollectiveRAGBRAIEpisode sponsor:DannerIkon Pass

Sep 2020

43 min 48 sec

Textured Waves is a surf collective that aims to introduce more women of color to riding waves.  The co-founders of Textured Waves, Chelsea Woody, Danielle Black Lyons, Gigi Lucas and Martina Duran, are working to encourage and represent women of color who surf. Textured Waves recently partnered with the women’s surf brand Seaa on a short film called Sea Us Now, which reimagines vintage surf culture to include and highlight Black women, using imagery, music and poetic narrative. But Textured Waves is just getting started, they have some powerful new projects on the horizon.Connect with Textured Waves:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Watch the Sea Us Now filmSeea Swimwear available at REISurfRider FoundationSeason Sponsor:SubaruEpisode Sponsor:IKON Pass

Sep 2020

32 min

There is a lot of confusing, conflicting information around exercise and pregnancy. When pro cyclist Laura King became pregnant, she didn’t want to lose touch with the amazing biking community that she had built in Richmond, Vermont. Without a guidebook, Laura had to experiment and listen to her body to figure out what worked for her. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Laura has learned about keeping an active lifestyle while pregnant, moving across the country and building a gravel cycling community. Season SponsorSubaruEpisode SponsorCannondaleConnect with Laura TwitterInstagramResources:Rooted VermontStravaUnTappedExercising Through Your Pregnancy by James F. Clap, M.D.Beth Gerdes McKenzieLarissa ConnorsVelocioDirty KanzaHow I Built ThisKing of the RideWork Play LoveThe Moment of Lift by Melinda GatesDIYGravelDIYgravel Belgian Waffle Ride: 140 Miles Vermont to Canada Featuring Laura King 

Aug 2020

36 min 47 sec

Jesse Huey is a professional climber who spends much of his time clambering up icy mountains, frozen waterfalls and other alpine landscapes. Climbing allows Jesse to push his own limits as well as build strong friendships with fellow climbers. The tight-knit climbing community was the inspiration for a climbing route he completed in the Wyoming wilderness to honor his late friend Hayden Kennedy. In this episode, Jesse shares how he became addicted to climbing and how friendship and loss have been a part of his life and career. Please note that the conversation in this episode covers suicide and survivors’ guilt. If you or someone you know is struggling, know that there’s always someone there to listen. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-TALK (8255).Connect with Jesse:WebsiteInstagramResources:Jesse's Alpinist article Hayden Kennedy Public Lands Defense Fund First Light TrailerHoney StingerSeason sponsor:SubaruEpisode sponsor:Arc'teryx 

Aug 2020

46 min 5 sec

Joe Kudla seems like one of those people who has 36 hours in a day. He’s dedicated to yoga and breath work, he loves being a dad and he is the CEO and founder of Vuori Clothing. After years of struggling to find his true calling, Joe learned how to prioritize both a healthy spirit, a healthy business, and a healthy personal life. Now, Joe’s created a multi-million dollar, fast-growing company that aligns with his values. Connect with Joe Kudla:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Wim Hof MethodEckhart Tolle’s book: The Power of NowReis PalusoSeason Sponsor:Subaru Episode Sponsor:Hydroflask

Aug 2020

33 min 55 sec

Years of hard work and training have landed “Mighty” Meagan Martin as a mainstay on the NBC show American Ninja Warrior, where she completes hardcore obstacle courses. Meagan is a born athlete and competitor, but she considers herself lucky to have found climbing as a young child. Now, climbing is her greatest passion, and she is working to make the sport more accessible to everyone.Connect with Meagan: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramSeason sponsor:Subaru Episode sponsor: Teva

Jul 2020

43 min 36 sec

Amber Pierce started cycling in her early twenties, and within a year, she went pro. She signed her first professional contract with the WEBCOR Builders Pro Cycling Team in 2006. Since then, Amber has won more than 60 individual races across 5 continents. Now, Amber is all about encouraging healthy competition among women athletes. With the work of her non-profit Network for Advancing Athletes, she’s inspiring them to unleash their greatest potential in their sport.Connect with Amber Pierce:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterResources:Amber talking about diet for cyclingSaddlesNetwork for Advancing AthletesEpisode sponsor:CannondaleSeason sponsor:Subaru 


Jul 2020

40 min 13 sec

With more than 740,000 active members and counting, GirlTrek is the largest health movement and nonprofit for Black women and girls in the country. They are on a mission to inspire one million Black women to walk in the direction of their healthiest, most fulfilled lives by the end of 2020.GirlTrek kicked off their Black History Bootcamp series on June 1st – the Bootcamp is an epic 21-day walking meditation sharing the stories and legacies of legendary and revolutionary Black women in history. Women like Audre Lorde, Ella Baker and Shirley Chisholm. Every day you can join GirlTrek founders Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison as they hop on the phone and take a walk to discuss who these women are and why everyone should know their stories. And while we’re already in the last week of this 21-day bootcamp, there’s no reason you can’t start today. Or tomorrow. Or right now! These stories are relevant any time – so start from the beginning of the series or listen in whatever order feels right to you.You can sign up for the bootcamp anytime at girltrek.org/blackhistorybootcamp or find the entire Black History Bootcamp series on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

Jun 2020

31 min 55 sec

Joe Gray is an accomplished trail, mountain, and snowshoe runner. He was the first Black athlete to make the Team USA World Mountain Running Team and the first Black American to win the U.S.A. National Mountain Running Championships, which he has now done 18 times. But even with all this success, Joe is frustrated by the lack of diversity not only in pro running, but also in media coverage and sponsorship of the sport. He knows that young Black athletes aren’t pursuing the sports he loves because they don’t see themselves represented, so he’s doing something about it with his  organization, Project Inspire Diversity.Connect with Joe:FacebookTwitterInstagramResources:World Mountain Running ChampionshipHoka One OneRunner’s World articleShow sponsor:Hoka One One

Jun 2020

37 min 50 sec

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been keeping a lot of us humans indoors, the wildlife is taking advantage of the lack of human presence. Animals have been spotted in places where we don’t usually see them: playing in waterways, making homes under boardwalks and taking back their natural habitats. One place they’ve been seeing way more animals than usual? Yosemite National Park, where bobcats, bears and coyotes are showing up in places they'd usually avoid. On this episode, park ranger Jamie Richards talks about what she and the other rangers are seeing, how you can engage with the park’s online activities and how to plan your visit as they reopen.Connect with guests:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Video of black bear looking for foodMore videos, including Kids Ask Rangers and Draw with a RangerDay use reservationFind out what’s open at YosemiteEpisode sponsors:SubaruDanner

Jun 2020

25 min 49 sec

Having a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic seems like a blessing: they provide an excuse to get outside (safely!), they are always up for some quality time and pets, and they can provide some entertainment and maybe even a little laughter. No one knows the joys and comforts of being a dog owner more than photographer and author Ben Moon. His recent book, Denali, is all about how his pup helped him through his battle with colorectal cancer in his 20s. On today’s show, Ben shares how pets can help relieve stress and shares the story of adopting Denali.Episodes of Wild Ideas Worth Living to listen to:Tate MacDowellConnect with Ben Moon:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Denali bookDenali short filmThe Lucky Ones short film


May 2020

33 min 28 sec

To celebrate REI's 82nd anniversary and our Anniversary Sale, we asked some past guests to share their favorite stories about being in the great outdoors. Escape with Sal Masekela, Chris McDougall, Bonnie Tsui and more as they share stories about close encounters with wildlife, trips gone awry and the power of being outside.What is your favorite memory of being in the great outdoors? We want to hear it! Share your story on social media with the tag #REImember. Episodes to listen to:Sal MasekelaChris McDougall, Natural Born HeroesChris McDougall, Running with DonkeysBonnie TsuiChris FaganChris CoteSteve BramucciBrian KeaulanaConnect with guests:Sal MasekelaInstagramChris McDougallWebsiteRunning with ShermanBonnie TsuiWebsiteBen MoonWebsiteBookInstagramChris FaganWebsiteBookChris CotePodcastSteve BramucciWebsite

May 2020

44 min 30 sec

During these weird times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, one thing that can make us all feel a bit better is laughter. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your mental health is to stop reading the news and instead read or watch something that makes you smile. To help us find something to laugh at, past guest, adventurer and illustrator Brendan Leonard joins the show to share where he’s finding inspiration for his comedic work and what he’s laughing about these days.Episodes to listen to:What to Cook While CampingHow to Run 100 MilesConnect with guests:WebsiteTwitterInstagramResources:Strange Planet by Nathan W PyleNew Yorker CartoonsRaising a Teenage Daughter by Liz Weil

May 2020

32 min 11 sec

With everyone spending most of their time at home during this COVID-19 Pandemic, many are turning to their kitchens to provide comfort and entertainment. There has been a particular rise in people baking their own bread. Maybe it’s because grocery stores were running out of this staple, or maybe it’s because it’s a fun, time intensive but relatively simple baking project. Previous guest Eric Wolfinger knows a thing or two about baking bread, having worked at Tartine Bakery for years, so I thought I’d ask him for some tips about how to make the perfect loaf. From simple no-knead recipes to intricate sourdoughs, Eric has lots of ideas and tricks for making yourself some delicious food while you stay at home.Episodes to listen to:How to be a World-Class Traveling Food Photographer with Eric WolfingerConnect with guest:WebsiteInstagramResources:No Knead Bread by Jim LaheyTartine Bread CookbookTartine Bread recipe (abbreviated version)Tartine Bread recipe (fan rewrite, more detailed)Donabe CookbookSponsors:Danner

Apr 2020

27 min 45 sec

If you are struggling to adapt to the physical and emotional challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. Latoya Shauntay Snell is a pro athlete and inclusivity advocate who was training for her first triathlon when the isolation orders hit in New York City, and her life, routines and plans have all been disrupted. But Latoya says this is just another hurdle to clear and that we’re going to come out of it stronger than ever. Today Latoya shares some great advice on how to adjust your training routine to stay safe indoors, how she’s cooking in isolation and why we need to relieve the pressure to be creative and productive during this stressful time.Other episodes of Wild Ideas Worth Living to listen to:Latoya Shauntay Snell: Running Fat ChefConnect with guests:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Hot Chocolate 15kGo GuardedStrava Beacon (support page)Brene BrownLatoya Shauntay Snell’s Spotify PlaylistEpisode sponsor: Hoka One One

Apr 2020

36 min 31 sec

James Nestor’s new book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art dives deep into the art and science of breathing. He participated in experiments, spoke with experts, and studied ancient breathing practices like Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, and Tummo to learn about humans’ beliefs around breath. Modern research shows us that changing the way we breathe can impact our athletic performance, rejuvenate our organs, stop snoring, allergies, asthma, and more. In the unsettling times of the COVID-19 epidemic, one thing we can do to be healthier and calmer is breathe. James is here to tell us how to do it right, sharing four exercises that will help us breathe better. Connect with James:WebsiteInstagram

Mar 2020

35 min 15 sec

Like many of you, we had some big plans for spring and summer, and we got ahead on the podcast, but life happens and things shift. So, we're taking the next few months to create new timely podcasts for you that hopefully make your days a little brighter.

Mar 2020

1 min 28 sec

Mike Posner is a Grammy-nominated pop artist who decided to walk across the United States to see if a cross-country walk would help him become someone he was proud of. He started his trek in April of 2019, but it nearly ended when he was bitten by a rattlesnake en route. As it turns out, a rattlesnake bite wasn't enough to stop Mike. He eventually finished the walk and learned a lot about himself along the way.  Connect with Mike: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramProducts mentioned in the episode: Bodyglide Foot GlideREI Silk Liner Socks SalomonBooks mentioned in the episode: Ask and it is Given by Esther Hicks The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  Episode sponsor: Teva 

Mar 2020

46 min 59 sec