Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Karen O'Connor

Replacing the fear and uncertainty of menopause through inspiring stories, expert knowledge and connection with a whole tribe of Queenagers

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Sex trafficking has become easier to conduct and more accessible than ever before. How is it being tackled today and what can you do to help end the problem? Click here to find out:


Nov 30

44 min 51 sec

Why is it that even when our brains experience a massive trauma, they can relearn how to do everything they did before. However, at the same time, massive trauma to the brain can also lead to a change in personality. Find out more and connect with us:


Nov 25

44 min 55 sec

Ever felt overwhelmed and snowed under with the amount of things that need doing?  Or that you’re juggling too many balls in the air and they’re all starting to fall down around you? Find out how to get your life organised. Click here to connect with us:


Nov 23

37 min 43 sec

Susan Jarvis has made it her mission to inspire women, no matter their age, to have a fabulous sex life and to provide them with access to high quality products to help them reignite their love life. **WARNING EXPLICIT** Find out more here:


Nov 16

40 min 38 sec

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of menopause when you’re at work, how do you create open communication about what’s going on, what those around you can expect and how do you survive menopause in the workplace? Dyna Vink tells us how. Find out more here:


Nov 9

38 min 45 sec

When people say, "This is my God-given right" or "This is my right as the individual", they're using that as a get out of jail free card to do whatever they want, which means the consequences of their actions shouldn't affect them. Find out more here:


Nov 4

41 min 29 sec

When we have kids, nobody gives us a manual telling us how to do things, it’s all a big make-it-up-as-you-go-along guessing game. So, when the big events in a little person’s life come along, things like a new baby in the family, starting school or someone dying, how do we talk to them about it? How do we teach them to identify and communicate how they’re feeling? Find out more here:


Nov 2

38 min 51 sec

As parents, we all want our children to be happy and we’ll do whatever we can to keep them happy and to avoid giving them any pain. But we could be doing them more harm than good when we do that. Dr Stephen Spencer explains why. Find out more here:


Oct 26

48 min 11 sec

‘Women are in pain, all through their bodies; they're in pain with their periods, and while having sex… And many are so, so tired … But women's pain is all too often dismissed, their illnesses misdiagnosed or ignored.‘ Find out more here:


Oct 19

31 min 44 sec

Why does modern medicine dismiss ‘old fashioned’ herbal remedies as not efficacious? Are ‘old wives tales’ all nonsense? Find out why there is actually little difference between modern medicine and the traditional herbal remedies. Find out more:


Oct 12

29 min 52 sec

Laura Conti discusses the similarities between fundamentalist religious sects and the QAnon conspiracy theorists. Find out more here:


Oct 5

55 min 24 sec

Raising confident, strong women is never an easy job, but it can be particularly difficult when girls are being constantly bombarded by the idea of female 'perfection'. Here’s how to do it. Find out more here:


Sep 28

31 min

The change room that refurbishes your entire life, from your wardrobe to your purpose to your business and career with Scarlett Vespa. Find out more here: 


Sep 21

38 min 6 sec

“The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant.”* Join Ryan O’Connor and I for this discussion: *Wikipedia


Sep 16

41 min 54 sec

Body shame is real for many women no matter what our age. Find out what one woman is doing to help change that. Find out more here:


Aug 31

41 min 33 sec

What if all the menopause symptoms that most Western women experience are common, but they're not normal? What if there's a way to get rid of them? Find out more here:


Aug 24

41 min 2 sec

Why is it that as we hit midlife, all those little things that we’ve put up with for years suddenly become intolerable? Why is it that people in their late 50’s and early 60’s are the fastest growing age group for divorce? Find out more here:


Aug 17

43 min 32 sec

What if all those colds, blocked noses, sore throats, have had a negative impact on our ability to breathe properly. Eva Knorles explains to us how we can notice how we breathe and how to change it. Find out more here:


Aug 10

40 min 41 sec

Why is it that we can have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, yet still feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear? Imogen Lamport tells us how we can move beyond this and transform our wardrobe. Connect with Imogen here:


Aug 3

41 min 23 sec

Find out how you can inspire everyone you meet and leave each person in a better place. Find out more here:


Jul 27

40 min 48 sec

Despite the fact that young people today have life easier and better than ever before, there is a growing incidence of youth depression, anxiety & suicide. This is how you can support them. Find out more here:


Jul 20

41 min 9 sec

Why is it, when we reach menopause, all of a sudden the food we’ve eaten for the previous forty-odd years makes us feel bloated? Nutritionist Liz Ward explains why that happens and what we can do about it. Find out more here:


Jul 13

36 min 7 sec

One of the worst things about midlife is lying in bed at night overwhelmed by that feeling of guilt and shame. Find out how to go to sleep feeling like you've done your very best and be a role model to your grown up children. Find out more here:


Jul 6

40 min 1 sec

Danielle Hawkins is a country vet, who also runs a cattle & sheep farm with her husband, all while bringing up two kids and finding the time to write not one but five best selling novels. Listen now to find out how and connect with Danielle here:


Jun 29

37 min 44 sec

We're often left wondering why people don't just leave what's clearly a toxic relationship. After 20 years of working in that field, Dr Erica Bowen sheds a bit of light on things. Find out more here:


Jun 22

31 min 33 sec

With the increase in domestic violence thanks to the lockdown, I thought I'd ask an expert about how women (and some men) got into abusive relationships and why they stay in them. Find out more here: and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE


Jun 15

32 min 34 sec

Brain injuries are hidden. You can see a broken arm or a bruise, but the damage that can be caused when you hit your head is life changing. Find out more here:


Jun 8

39 min 50 sec

In part 2 of this super rare interview, Dr Wendy Sweet opens up about how midlife women are the FORGOTTEN GENERATION. Dr Sweet has dedicated her life to figuring out what goes on during menopause, why we gain weight, why we need to change the food we eat and the way we exercise and why we can have so much difficulty sleeping. In this rare interview, she shares all her knowledge. Connect with Dr Sweet here:


Jun 1

35 min 3 sec

According to Dr Wendy Sweet, midlife women are the FORGOTTEN GENERATION. She's dedicated her life to figuring out what goes on during menopause, why we gain weight, why we need to change the food we eat and the way we exercise and why we can have so much difficulty sleeping. In part one of this rare interview, she shares her knowledge. Connect with Dr Sweet here:


May 25

34 min 13 sec

There seems to be a trend towards being a friend to your kids. Find out why that's a really bad idea. Connect with us here:


May 19

43 min 9 sec

By the time we reach our fifties, life can seem like it's filled with regrets and sadness. Find out why and what you can do about it. Find out more here:


May 12

24 min 24 sec

Menopause can be a huge series of unknowns. Here we talk about how you can prepare yourself and your family for what might happen over the next few years. Find out more here:


May 4

33 min 30 sec

One of the biggest growth categories for homelessness is women over 45. You might not notice them, but we all know someone who house sits permanently or couch surfs. Find out how you can avoid becoming one of those statistics and how to help them:


Apr 27

40 min 6 sec

Feng Shui isn't for everyone but the results that people can get when they make a few small changes can be huge. Find out more here:


Apr 20

44 min 6 sec

Ever wondered how French women always look so effortlessly elegant and stylish? Meet Marie-Anne LeCoeur who's taught thousands of women to do exactly that. Find out more:


Apr 13

47 min 9 sec

Ordinary people do the most extraordinary things. It's often more inspiring to hear a 'normal' person's story. This one is no exception.


Apr 6

27 min 11 sec

MENOPAUSE. Does that conjure up a feeling of dread? Impending doom? Linda Condrillo spent 11 years researching and publishing a book about what happens as we go through this phase. Find out more here:


Mar 30

37 min 22 sec

It's an unseen and unspoken killer: depression and suicide in men. It's often left to the women in their lives to get them help and support them to move forward. Find out more here:


Mar 23

38 min 17 sec

Paul Sterling, best selling author and relationship coach who's appeared alongside Tony Robbins, shares his expertise on how to get the best from our relationships. Watch the video and connect with us here:


Mar 16

51 min 3 sec

You may not think that the kind of water you drink and shower in or the coffee cups you use has an impact on your health, until you listen to this. Find out more and connect with us here:


Mar 9

40 min 24 sec

Lucy Obod headed off to Africa at the age of 17 and began a charity to help educate the young children there before she turned 20. Listen to Lucy and find out more about her charity The Kutamani Foundation:


Mar 2

37 min 2 sec



Feb 23

36 min 11 sec

Did you know that mineral imbalances can be the cause of most of the symptoms of menopause? And that those imbalances don't show up in blood tests? This is how to find out what's going on in your body. Go here to do the quiz and connect with both Veronica and I:


Feb 16

45 min 55 sec

It's time to go beyond our view of old crones as unwanted, wizened hags and embrace them as they're meant to be: Wise Women. Find out more here:


Feb 9

40 min 20 sec

Jane Whittred creates art classes that both parents and children can participate in at the same time, and she did this whole taking care of a child with aspergers. Listen to her inspiring story and find out more here:


Feb 3

39 min 54 sec

Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well Karen Clark can tell you exactly how to do it. Listen to/watch the podcast and then click here to download your free tip sheet:


Jan 19

44 min 48 sec

Meet the delightful Shawn Matthews, a woman who really understands that there’s no ‘One Size Fits All’ when it comes to counselling and what it takes to help each of us move our lives forward or break through something that’s holding us back. And find out the one daily practise that really will change your life. Connect with us here:


Jan 12

30 min 52 sec

Heather Abbot has spent her "retirement" researching potential sources of investment and now she's sharing that information with others to help them create a life of wealth. NB: Heather is NOT a financial advisor. Find out more here: 


Jan 5

40 min 33 sec

How on earth do French women eat all that rich food, those baguettes, croissants, amazing desserts and exquisite sauces and don’t put on any weight? These are the things Marie-Anne wants to show you. Find out more here:


Dec 2020

38 min 37 sec

If you know you need to clean up your act but the thought of eating healthy food makes you reach for the nearest chocolate bar, it's time you met Kerri Robertson. Find out more here:


Dec 2020

44 min 19 sec