Purposeful Parenting Period!

Brian Donato

Host Brian Donato has conversations with mothers and fathers who parent purposefully! Two major themes discussed are: 1. Parenting to instill specific character traits in your children, an inside-out approach, and 2. Parenting towards what is desired more-so than parenting to avoid "the negative". The podcast is heavily Positive Psychology inspired. Checkout Brian's "Raising an Ace" series on YouTube for additional parenting inspiration + perspectives also.

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Purposeful parent Yiayia Kapsalis shares powerful perspectives on facilitating self-worth and empowerment in our children. Yiayia is a certified parenting coach, certified parenting facilitator, future author of the book “Raising Moms & Dads”, mother of kids, grandmother of 19, and great grandmother to 2 & counting. Yiayia discusses ideas such as recognizing how our upbringing affects our parenting, comparing our parenting styles to how our mom/dad parented us, comparing self esteem vs. self worth, giving children’s agency to make optimal decisions for themselves & others, assisting children with identifying their feelings - Asking questions, “What does hate look like to you?” when child says they hate someone, showing children how their emotions physically affect them, treat the BEHAVIOR - not the child, how respect is a cooperative endeavor, “all feelings are acceptable but not all are beneficial”, defining humility, giving children choices for things (ideally 2) to develop empowerment, & what we can learn from our children’s voices. Yiayia’s parenting mission statement: “Live the legacy you want to leave behind, live the legacy you want to pass on to your children Connect w/ Yiayia at: Website - https://hugsfromyiayia.com/ Phone/text - (317) 508-1667 E-mail - becky@hugsfromyiayia.com

Oct 31

35 min 31 sec

Purposeful parent Kirk Berry shares powerful perspectives on developing self-respect & self-confidence in children through intentional conversations. Kirk is an impactful author of the book “5 Powerful Tips for Motivating Youth”, educator, motivational speaker, & a father of two. Kirk discusses ideas such as recognizing that love & time go together, being an “authentically positive” person, prioritizing self-confidence, living life respectfully & honestly, giving honest praise in areas where child is skilled, how failures can lead to self-confidence, having appropriate responses when children are truthful, affirming child’s physical boundaries with other people, asking children to explain the aftermath of a particular “lie” to show the downsides of lying, validating nervousness as natural & encouraging preparation to overcome it better, the importance of putting other positive role models near your children, asking child about other people in their life to highlight positive & negative influences, highlighting the book by Stephanie Humphry: “Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Kick you in the Butt”, the importance of having a dialogue and not a monologue, & making connections to what is relevant to a child NOW, Kirk’s parenting mission statement: “Love my children the same but treat them differently based off the ways their individuality is set up” Connect w/ Kirk at: Website - https://www.kirkberry.com/ Instagram - kb_power YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCenb_qdR6Jbqc7MxBOWfQ (MrKBPOWER)

Oct 15

31 min 23 sec

Purposeful parent Janet Philbin shares powerful perspectives on disciplining children effectively & emphasizing connection in all aspects of parenting. Janet is a licensed social worker, certified hypnotherapist, certified conscious parenting coach, and published author (Link below). She’s a mother to 3 children. Janet discusses ideas such as being open to growing as a parent & person, asking a child questions after failure to discover lessons, appreciating honesty from children, emphasizing follow through with children, not reacting off instinct when bad behavior occurs but strategically addressing it, a quote - “kids only lie because they believe they won’t be accepted for who they are if they tell the truth”, recognizing natural occurring consequence such as if food falls on floor then you have to clean it up & not punishing arbitrarily - So a child actually learns effectively, finding root factors for any negative behavior, “connection over correction”, say to child - “tell me about your world”, healing ourselves as parents so we don’t project our pain onto our kids, & making space for our children to fail on their own. Janet’s parenting mission statement: “Help people break free from those painful stories of their past so they don’t have to keep reenacting them now & in the present” Connect w/ Janet at: Website - https://www.janetphilbin.com/ “Show Up for Yourself” Book - https://www.amazon.com/Show-Up-Yourself-Growth-Awareness-ebook/dp/B086SMS661

Aug 30

28 min 35 sec

Purposeful parent Justin Batt shares powerful perspectives on fostering resilience in children & guiding them to become heroic. Justin is the founder of Daddy Saturday Foundation, and through events, digital products, coaching, and various means he aims to reignite & restore fatherhood around the world! He’s a father to four children. Justin discusses ideas such as honoring the “assignment” of parenting, the importance of modeling behaviors - even failures, examples of how to foster resilience in children, how to view failure positively, not allowing ego to get in the way of allowing children to learn from other mentors/people, creating space for children to be challenged, the power in raising our “ceilings” by pushing ourselves, teaching finance to children through a “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” game for kids, solving the fatherlessness epidemic in the world - incl. those fathers who are “physically present but emotionally absent”, and the necessity to plan activities with children. Justin’s parenting mission statement is to raise kids who know who God is, know who they are, and know who they are called to be. *And if they have those three things - then they’re gonna be a confident, resilient, and well-centered child who becomes a strong adult who makes an impact and becomes a force of good in the world. Connect w/ Justin at: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinbatt/ Website - https://daddysaturday.com/

Jul 5

23 min 17 sec

Purposeful parent Debbi Thomas shares insights on several topics including how to combine different parenting styles into one. Debbi is a business owner of “Haven Inspired Style” and a YouTube Creator who shares topics related to meditation, self-love, & overcoming challenges. She’s a dedicated mom to two children aged 11 & 13. Debbi discusses ideas such as “millennial fusion” parenting, not being afraid to apologize to our children, how to foster compassion to other people’s viewpoints, the importance of self-accountability, balancing self-care with awareness of other people, why accountability is even more important with remote learning, how to ignite your child’s self-accountability when it is lacking, having honest dialogue around challenges with children, using the strategy of sending a video to a child on specific subjects (such as puberty/health related) & simply saying “Watch this, lmk if you want to talk afterwards” as a way to enter their digital world, taking your children out on dates to have 1 on 1 conversation, knowing your children’s love languages, noticing what was “missing” from your childhood & then including that in your parenting, how to address children being mean or intolerant towards others on social media, understanding that hurt children hurt children, & strategically and creatively using life’s challenges to your advantage. Debbi’s parenting mission statement: To raise my children to - Be in charge of themselves, their thoughts, & their abilities Understand how their strengths & weaknesses affect their life Solve their life’s challenges Always find joy in their life’s journey Spark creativity, compassion, and ambition in the hearts and minds of others Connect w/ Debbi at: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/haveninspired Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/haveninspired/?hl=en YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/haveninspired/videos Website - https://www.haveninspiredstyle.com/

May 12

33 min 40 sec

Purposeful parent Nekole Eaton shares insights on several topics including why raising emotionally intelligent children is so important. Nekole is on a mission to empower and inspire parents out there as a conscious parenting coach, pediatric occupational therapist, and also through her YouTube channel “Kids OT Help” where she creates practical and meaningful content tied to enhancing child development. In this episode, Nekole shares some of her purposeful parenting strategies in raising her two kids Kai and Nya. Nekole discusses ideas such as honoring a child’s authenticity, prioritizing emotional intelligence, allowing children to identify their emotional and physical feelings, how emotional regulation is tied to facing challenges in life, how books can teach kids lessons, modeling emotional awareness for our children, utilizing daily emotional check in points, creating space for conscious conversations, having reflective dialogue with children, mastering our self power, the importance of courageously taking calculated risks, why we must show vulnerability in front of children, how releasing tears can lead to overcoming life’s adversities, how both sexes are conditioned negatively to restrict emotions, & how an emotionally intelligent world would improve human relationships significantly. Nekole’s parenting mission statement: To lead ourselves first and our children will follow. Connect w/ Nekole at: YouTube - “Kids OT Help” - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-iRg8d5I1Ww9-aH62xicg Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nekole.amber/?hl=en Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nekole.amber Website - https://www.nekoleamber.com/

Apr 5

29 min 30 sec

Purposeful parent Trish Lee shares insights on several topics including how to foster a child’s confidence & self-acceptance. Trish has an inspiring background, which includes overcoming her lack of self-esteem as a child to eventually emancipate into a butterfly metaphorically and find her confidence. She’s currently a mental health & career counselor, author, and leads some powerful conversation related to mental health via social media. In this episode, Trish shares some of her purposeful parenting strategies in raising her toddler Abigail! Trish discusses meaningful ideas such as maintaining a growth mindset as a parent, communicating the “why” to children, modeling kindness in front of children, how to raise an open-minded child, the importance of being present, emphasizing quality time w/ children, prioritizing self-care, recognizing that children absorb everything, utilizing positive affirmations, the power of standing up for yourself, how to share life experiences and start impactful dialogue with your child w/o forcing your viewpoints, mastering your own self-love before seeking outside love, viewing the “rain” as a requirement to see the “rainbow”, valuing your own opinion of yourself above anyone else’s, and realizing that our children are our best teachers! Trish’s parenting mission statement: To understand that it’s okay to not have all the answers to everything all the time & to give ourselves grace, while giving our children our best effort. YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHaNr3K4k8BGYhtj88olToA Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/trishrlee/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/trishrlee Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/TrishRLee/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TrishRLee/

Mar 8

42 min 46 sec

Purposeful parent Emily Harman shares insights on how to empower a child to find their truth and develop agency in choosing the right path for them. Emily is a multifaceted individual, having served in the Navy for 38 years and founded the Onward Movement through which she currently inspires people to master their authenticity. In this episode, Emily shares some of her purposeful parenting strategies! Emily discusses powerful ideas such as how to influence children to manifest honesty, differentiating consequences of telling the truth vs. lying, creating open dialogue at an early age, how little lies can turn into big lies, the importance of understanding & listening to your children when they “misbehave”, modeling self-awareness as people & parents, being proactive to tackle challenging scenarios, prioritizing integrity, letting children learn at their own pace, allowing failure be the teacher at times, positive reinforcement in addition to consequences, & sticking to your word. Emily’s parenting mission statement: To be the best parent that I can be, be self-aware, and to raise children into young adults that are contributing to society and that have honesty, integrity, and self-love Connect w/ Emily at: Website - https://emilyharman.com/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-harman-8580413/

Feb 2

30 min 48 sec

Purposeful parent Damon Burton discusses the importance of parents supporting their children’s authentic expression and independence. Damon is dedicated to thriving in all areas of life, from his work as an SEO consultant to his role as a father of three - and we dive into his purposeful mindsets in this episode! Damon discusses ideas such as maintaining open-mindedness as a parent, the difference between exposing vs. forcing things onto child, letting children explore on their own, bonding through technology, utilizing Pinterest for creative activity ideas, how environment plays into focus, seeing misbehaviors as learning opportunities, channeling a child’s energy in a positive way, & the power of responsibility. Damon’s parenting mission statement: To raise happy children who contribute to society, through finding the right balance of being a parent + friend, Connect w/ Damon at: Website - https://www.damonburton.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/damon.burton Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/damonburton

Dec 2020

34 min 25 sec

Purposeful parent Dustin Dean discusses the importance of resilience in today’s world and how to instill mindsets in children that empower them, rather than disempower. As Dustin says, the key to life is resilience! Powerful topics are discussed such as the importance of embracing life’s struggles, positive themes from the movie Black Panther, taking back control, how to talk with kids about the chaos that is 2020, how resilience is tied to being an independent thinker, why modeling resilience is so critical, & so much more! Dustin’s parenting mission statement: Be the parent you wanted to have. Connect w/ Dustin on: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustin-dean-psychiatric-b-e-r-t-rn-a619b9b/ YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-woSky3y2GujSpiwgbUO8Q Twitter - https://twitter.com/LEARNIN2LIV Website w/ Coaching Opportunities: https://www.learnin2live.com/  * Pathways to Empower referenced resource on brain development + resilience: https://learn.pathwaystoempower.com/?ref=92350a

Nov 2020

41 min 58 sec

Welcome to Purposeful Parenting Period! Podcast! In this opening episode, I introduce myself and discuss the purpose and format of the podcast going forward. This will be the only episode where it is just me talking! Every episode to follow will include a powerful parent who will share his/her perspectives on deep parenting topics, and the guest will do the majority of the talking going forward also. For this episode, I discuss potential questions I may ask guests and answer them myself for my son Ace, who was born June 2019. The topic I focus on is self-love specifically, and how fostering self-love in a child is the root for a lot of successes and greatness in a person's life. Check it out for more insights! I go deeper in the episode but a quick word on the name choice for the podcast - I believe that every parent has a duty to have purpose in every action and decision they make with a child. I firmly believe that raising a child blind and saying things like "I'll just learn as I go" is precisely letting yourself off the hook and being lazy. Of course there are some things you have to learn as you go, but being proactive with parenting is one of the many things in my opinion that separate the great parents from the mediocre parents. And I hope the insights shared on this podcast inspire listeners to challenge themselves to be the best parent they can possibly be. The bar needs to be raised in parenting I believe, and I hope this podcast contributes to making that happen! The final question on every one of my episodes will be, "What is your mission statement as a parent?". For myself I would answer that: To empower my child to dominate and control the controllable aspects of his life - his mindset, his words, and his actions - and provide him the necessary tools internally as intentionally as I possibly can, to help him achieve his greatness.

Nov 2020

30 min 5 sec

Purposeful parent Kriya Lendzion discusses the importance of parents supporting their children in their development of an inner compass in their life - essentially core values that they hold dear as they navigate through life. Specifically for Kriya, she discusses valuable strategies that she personally used and uses with her 22 year old son and two step teens that every parent should hear. Deep topics are discussed such as how to purposefully parent on a budget or as a single parent, how parents can learn from their children, the difference between being an authoritarian vs. authoritative, how to build trust with children at an early age, practical questions to ask your children, the importance of validation, and so much more! Kriya’s parenting mission statement: To raise kids who consistently have love & respect for themselves, others, & the planet in all they do and who are able to craft fulfilling, joy-filled lives for themselves. Connect w/ Kriya at: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KriyaCounselor Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kriyacounselor/?hl=en Twitter - https://twitter.com/kriyacounselor YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpXG4kM7X7j9HQLZnKZaRag/featured Website - https://www.kriyalendzion.com/

Nov 2020

44 min 8 sec