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What is Chanukah and should you be celebrating it? Take a listen as we break down what it is, how to get started celebrating it, and some fun crafts to try with the kids. Go here to get our Chanukah guide for fun ideas for the holiday.  Download our FREE printable 8 Nights of Hanukkah  How to play Dreidel: And as always please let us know how much you love the show by rating and leaving a review. It means so much to hear from you. 

Dec 1

16 min 16 sec

How to homebirth in a pinch. :D Ok, so this topic is such a near and dear one, and people are SO curious about what childbirth without all the modern rig-a-ma-roll might look like, well, Amy and I discuss all that and so much more!What to have on hand, what to plan for, what to do AFTER a new baby comes. Birth is such a beautiful and NORMAL part of life--I'm so glad I finally got the chance to share this passion of mine with you all, and I can't believe it took this long! And to do it with Amy--you're all so lucky to get to access her wisdom in such an easy way. If you liked this episode leave us a review!! Not sure where to start with homeschooling? Try The Homeschool Open House    The Homeschool Open House ( A virtual summit)  

Nov 24

1 hr 11 min

More and more we are being told that all of our failing systems can be saved by technology. Food, education, health, business, and so on. But in reality its the turning away from nature and natural systems that is causing the downfall of these systems. We break it all down and look at what it would be like to follow nature over technology. If you liked this episode leave us a review:) We love hearing from you. Who we are The SchoolHouse Life - Never Stop Learning For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world: Not sure where to start with homeschooling? Try the The Homeschool Open House The Homeschool Open House ( A virtual summit)

Nov 17

28 min 54 sec

Today we are talking with Ivy and Paul about all things chickens. They have a 1 acre property in a neighborhood and are slowly turning it into a homestead. They just raised their first batch of broilers and had a bunch of questions. So I told them let’s chat on the podcast so everyone can hear. Please leave a review and let us know what you think about this episode! For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:  

Nov 10

30 min 1 sec

This week we are diving into the reason that you should kill your TV and live a free life. It's been super rewarding for us and the whole family as we figure out what to do instead of watching TV and what better way to start off "NO TV November" So turn off your TV and give this episode a listen. Get started with Creative Bug  If you liked this episode leave us a review:) We love hearing from you. Who we are The SchoolHouse Life - Never Stop Learning  

Nov 3

16 min 42 sec

We just got back from homesteaders of America and we want to share with you all the little nuggets we took away. Joel Salatin and Eustace Conway were there and had some great things to say. I'm glad the kids got to hear Eustace talk again, we watched him on Mountain Men and have even been to Turtle Island. What he had to say was great. Take a little listen and we'll break down all of our favorites. Will you join us next year?  Don't forget to rate and review the podcast or share it with a friend. Let us know what you want to hear us chat about next. For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:  

Oct 27

26 min 8 sec

We're so excited to be announcing the contest winners at the end of this podcast! Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews, keep rating your favorite episodes to let us know the ones you enjoy the most.  Bart and Erica just got onto his grandparents' land and they’re basically starting from scratch on what to do first and how to do it. Join us as we talk all about what’s needed to get a homestead going, growing fruit trees without bugs and lots more. Leave us a review and let us know what you'd like to hear us cover on the podcast.  Grab your copies of our two favorite books  The Holistic Orchard  Gaia's Garden For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:    

Oct 20

43 min 6 sec

We’re back for round 2 of Shmita. Join us as we get a little more into nitty-gritty about how to make it all work and what our plans are for taking a year off of homesteading. If you like this podcast leave us a review and enter the giveaway, it ends at midnight tonight the 13th. here For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:

Oct 13

20 min 16 sec

Have you heard of the word Shmita? It's a Hebrew word meaning let go. This year we are letting go over everything that's grown in the ground. Yeah i know it sounds crazy but that where the magic happens...right? Join us as we dive deeper into this idea and we'll explain a little more about how we got to where we are. If you like this podcast leave us a review and enter the giveaway here For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:  

Oct 6

17 min 50 sec

Can you teach? Are you going to be able to handle homeschooling? We are our child's best teacher. The word homeschool is HEAVY. But, let's lighten that load! I have felt a STRONG connection with Kaleena Amuchastegui of the 5 Hour School week for some time. She gets me, and she has SO MUCH wisdom to share. Her words and thoughts have given me confidence, and I hope you'll listen to our conversation and feel that confidence. Whether you LOVE curriculum, public schooling, or prefer to follow the flow of your child's curiosity--this episode touches on some of the deeply rooted cultural education we all should take a closer look at! We're giving away some goodies to our listeners!!! Check out this link for more details  

Sep 30

21 min 2 sec

The first in our series of ask Drew and Lacey, Candice sits down with us to get a little deeper into what the first steps of homesteading should be, how to keep kids happy while helping out, and how to be valuable in a barter and trade economy that looks like it might be headed this way. Do you have some burning questions? Not sure what to do on the homestead? Send us a message and maybe we'll have you on the podcast! For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:  

Sep 22

28 min 53 sec

Need help not feeling too exhausted to start your fall garden? with Jill McSheehy Whew. It's hot. I don't know about you but it's really hard to get motivated in the suppressive heat and humidity of the Southeast! BUT, it's that time of year to start plotting out and planting the fall garden--the best way to ensure you'll have delicious and nutritious veggies through as last as November in most climates! Carrots, lettuces, brassicas and more can be prolific this fall, but the time is now! Have a listen while I and Jill McSheehy of the Beginner's Garden have a great conversation about best practices for fall. Who knows, a little chit-chat might just be the perfect inspiration for making the most of what this next season has to offer. She's a wealth of garden know-how AND she leaks a big secret surprise that our listeners will be first to know about!! Connect with Jill and grab her free garden printables For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:

Sep 9

29 min 18 sec

It’s harvest time and it’s also time to start preserving your food. We preserve the harvest in almost every way we can. Come join us as we break down all the styles and give you the pros and cons of each. If you have any questions ask us in the comments below and we will get back to you. If you loved this episode drop a review below. For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:

Sep 1

16 min 55 sec

Why is it that so many people are trying to avoid death? We don’t see where our food comes from and we’ll do almost anything to avoid death. Let’s talk about death on the homestead and what it’s like to be responsible for life and death. If you liked this episode leave us a review:) We love hearing from you. Who we are Start your homesteading journey Homesteading Simplified Not sure where to start with homeschooling? Try the The Homeschool Open House Essential Oils Blending Work Shop 

Aug 18

15 min

Not sure how or when to get started homeschooling? This podcast is for you. After 16 years and 4 kids we’ve figured out a few things that work. Want homeschooling Simplified?  20+ Experts Help You Find The Confidence You Need To Make Homeschooling Work. Check out The HomeSchool Open House 

Aug 4

23 min

Do you struggle to have enough time to get all your homesteading done? Never feel like you have enough daylight hours? Talk a little time and listen to our tips.  

Jul 28

25 min 9 sec

We got a question in our group and we get this question all the time. How do I get started with a business idea and what’s the best way to make it all happen? Have you started a side hustle?

Jul 14

21 min 16 sec

We are going deep into the world of natural medicine and how to use essential oils to keep your family and homestead healthy.  What’s your go-to for natural farming?  Don't forget to leave us a review and check out all of our online and in-person events For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:    

Jul 7

26 min 55 sec

Feel like you’re depriving your children? Maybe you own your own business and are also homeschooling your kids—this combo can be like a side act at the circus with plates of every size spinning on plates balanced on sticks of different heights. Well, we have some thoughts and encouragements to remind you of the really important things and how you can find a more relaxed and stable foundation that works for everyone. Tell us what you thought about this episode and leave a review.  Check out The Homeschool Open House Event if you'd like more tips and tricks for your homeschooling journey from experienced homeschool families.

Jun 23

15 min 22 sec

Rhyne is a super passionate man that knows a ton about farm business and farming pigs. He’s traveled the world speaking on the topics and has a ton of knowledge to share from some very different perspectives.  We were lucky enough to have him chat with me for a little bit about homestead business ideas and about pigs.  Take a listen. Share and tag a friend that would benefit.  Connect with Rhyne

Jun 16

28 min 27 sec

The most important thing on the homestead is water. We are exploring all the ways to work with water and store water. We share what's worked for us and what hasn't.  We'd love for you to share this episode and leave us a review!!! Find the perfect Berkey filter for your needs HERE For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:  

Jun 9

21 min 49 sec

Before you grab that fertilizer to give your plants a little boost listen to this episode. We are talking about all the ways you can naturally turn that dirt into living soil that will give your plants and homestead a huge amount of life! If you loved this episode please share it and leave a review!! We love hearing from you.  Grab your comfrey root here:

Jun 2

22 min 33 sec

Have you ever noticed that personal growth doesn't always help you get away from the problems that you're working so hard on? Don't get me wrong, we do get better and we do grow, but it seems like sometimes we come back around to a different version of the same problem, maybe even years later. When we look at nature this makes total sense! We are growing like a spiral, like tree rings, we are growing out and the issues we deal with help us grow mighty. We hope you enjoy this episode, feel free to share, and don't forget to leave us a review. For more homesteading guidance join the Academy: Are you ready to start homesteading? Learn from 15+ homesteaders all over the world:

May 26

18 min 24 sec

We all have the secret room, the one with the door we can close when guests come over. Heck, we may have more than one of those. e-hem.  Like anything in life, maybe it's more to-do with our lack of planning than it is to do with our shortcomings? Thanks to this chat with Stephanie I am feeling much more capable of not just cleaning, but KEEPING things cleaner. Her tips, tricks, and demos are inspiring, and decluttering this way proves not to be just about the home, but about the mind. Chaos be GONE!   Connect with Stephanie, grab her printables, and check out her cleaning routines: Printables:  

May 20

26 min 49 sec

A lot of cleaning products have some deadly chemicals in them that are making you and your family sick. The good news is there are plenty of ways to clean up those cleaners and make your home safer and healthier. Take a listen and give us a review then check out the link below for step-by-step instructions on replacing your top cleaners.  Learn how to replace your cleaners here

May 12

16 min 15 sec

Brittany Nickerson of @thymeherbal has created incredible ways to access the healing and medicinal qualities of herbs in really simple ways! Her posters and books give people a chance to learn how to tie herbs into their normal routine so they can reap the abundant benefits without having to go back to school for another degree--it doesn't HAVE to be complicated! Listen to our chat and share--what way would you love to get to know herbs better? Connect with Brittany; Instagram @thymeherbal #homeapothecary #herbalism 

May 5

23 min 15 sec

We went live in our Schoolhouse Life FB Group a few weeks ago about planning and starting from scratch.  We covered so much and answered some really good questions so we decided we had to share this with you all on our podcast! If we were starting from scratch. Again. Here's what we'd do!

Apr 29

21 min 18 sec

Dr. Alexsandra Vujnovic shares how her practice as a chiropractor helps folks regain a state of thriving balance. Her wisdom on how we can all achieve better health in simpler and less invasive ways are encouraging and offer folks a glimpse into the world of holistic medicine + chiropractic that might just be the ticket in stepping out of simple survival and into growth--because it's true! Fundamentally, you can't do both.  Connect with Dr. Alex: #holistichealthcare #holisticmedicine #chiropracticwisdom #chiropractor

Apr 21

33 min 26 sec

There is pollen all over now in the southeast and people are having to play the same game as last year. "pollen or pandemic?" in the grocery store. Trust me as an allergy sufferer sneezing is pretty awkward nowadays. Take a listen as we give you the low down on how to naturally beat back those allergies.

Apr 14

10 min 39 sec

This call with Nathalie gets a little hard--but in all the best ways.  Her lifestyle of self-sufficient living off the land is inspiring! But, even if you still need to make grocery trips, it's important to consider HOW you get your food--do you even deserve to eat meat? It's time to eat good, but not just for yourself. Sign up for The Homestead Open House Here Connect with Nathalie

Apr 8

27 min 4 sec

It's springtime on the homestead and everything is going so fast. We are finishing up fences, greenhouses, shearing sheep, putting plants in the ground, feeding compost to trees, and the list goes on. Join us as we chat about what we have going on. Hopefully, it spurs a few ideas for you.

Mar 31

14 min 18 sec

In the fall I gifted myself a beautiful Harvesting + Wildcrafting poster that I simply adored, and it's better in real life than it was on Instagram! As a result, I reached out to the artist and asked her to share more about her work with us. Chelsea Granger is passionate about making plants a part of life for everyone, and this poster is just the tip of her iceberg. Her work includes an incredible selection of tools disguised as art--practical, useful, and so pleasing to look at! Have a listen to our call and be inspired by how SIMPLE + BEAUTIFUL nature can be. Connect with Chelsea

Mar 24

31 min 12 sec

It's seed starting time for almost everyone in the US now. Full disclosure we've had some seeds going for a couple of months now. We are kind of seed-starting junkies.  The questions have been coming in on what to do for certain situations. So we compiled a list of the most asked questions so hopefully, we can help you skip them. Get your seed trays and shop at Bootstrap Farmer for all your gardening needs!!

Mar 17

21 min 4 sec

Michelle of Wild Ones Homestead is doing amazing things on her small homestead in Wisconsin! Having only been there for 5 years, they're in the midst of setting up a super self-sufficient dream homestead, and our conversation is such an inspiration for those of us striving to grow our own and stay curious about the land around us.  Have a listen + don't forget to subscribe, review and stay in touch! Connect with Michelle Grab access to The Homestead Open House #tappingsyrup #maplesyrup #thehomesteadopenhouse #homesteadinglife

Mar 11

30 min 54 sec

As a homeschool mom, successful blogger + Instagram guru, Lisa Burns of This Pilgrim Life is a wealth of inspiration and encouragement. Her endless resources for meal-planning to kid-friendly projects are something I come back to again and again, and in this podcast, she shares about her NEWEST adventure--Supper Shenanigans!! It's a hilarious way to get dinner ideas the whole family will LOVE. Connect with Lisa: This Pilgrim Life blog This Pilgrim Life on Instagram This Pilgrim Life on Facebook 

Mar 4

21 min 27 sec

In this chat with Jess Gronas of the Jess Gronas show, we hear her vulnerable story of body image struggles, experience with bodybuilding, counting calories, and finding a place of healthfulness that is so much more than just how we look or feel physically, but how we feel mentally as well.  So many of us struggle with our own self-opinions, have a listen and reconnect with your 10-year-old self! Connect with Jess: Podcast: Jess Gronas Show on Itunes and Spotify Insta: @jessgronas Website: Facebook: Jess Gronas For more info on upcoming events email:

Feb 24

32 min 53 sec

Essentially homeschooled as a child, Betsy has beautiful inspiration to share in our talk and she's well-known to MANY homeschoolers for her insightful, relatable and hilarious meme's relating to the plight of the homeschool life. If you liked this episode leave us a review!! Not sure where to start with homeschooling? Try the The Homeschool Open House Connect with Betsy: Check out the meme's:  

Feb 18

26 min 4 sec

Kallie has been homeschooling her 6 kids for over 18 years, and her experience is a testament to how the journey doesn't ever look perfect. Even with a degree in early education, having been raised by 2 public school teachers AND being married to one, her ideas on how to open a child's mind have very little to do with testing + end of grade--or with rigid schedules and checked boxes.  After almost 2 decades she can look back and offer us all comfort and instill confidence that there's no ONE right way to do things, and it's likely you're doing it all just right.  Connect with Kallie

Feb 10

25 min

Bio integration is a term Shawn coined for homestead systems that serve a lot of different functions. For instance, a chicken tractor will give you eggs, fertilize your grass, help turn the compost. maybe even more. In the world of permaculture, we try to make sure everything on the homestead does at least two things. Shawn is taking it to the next level with 7.  Do you think about your systems this way? How many functions can you get out of one system? Grab Shawn's book The Bio-Integrated Farm: Check out Wild Hope Farm:

Feb 5

19 min 30 sec

Ever had a bad thing make something good? Ever been told a gratitude journal will help improve your mind?  Well, we're excited to introduce you to the Wow Journal, the invention of an intuitive 8-year-old who knew that in spite of Covid, the world is FULL of miracles and things of wonder, and taking the time to notice them makes ALL the difference.  Have a listen to this short interview with the kid inventor of the Wow Journal. Maddie is marvelous + everyone in the family will be inspired to hear how this small idea was made a reality and is now available for purchase worldwide! Connect with Rowena and Maddie:

Jan 27

11 min 17 sec

We know the importance of a good reboot--lethargy, indigestion, sleeplessness, hormone fluctuation, anxiety... When we do a reboot of our body, we feel relief from the weight of the toxins that are trapped in our bodies.  Learn a bit about why cleansing is an invaluable tool for being healthy, and how to do one! Ready to start your cleanse, click this link to get started

Jan 20

11 min 46 sec

Carolyn Anne of Wonder and Wilder has created a calendar I LOVE! Each month focuses on one foraged plant that can be used for our benefit in a variety of ways.  Listen to her share what inspired this product, her plans for simple guides in the future, and how you can benefit from following her along in her journey!  Connect with Carolyn:

Jan 13

18 min 50 sec

Review + what's coming?!  We spent a little time focusing on what we were actually able to pull off in 2020. It wasn't the year we expected, and almost every plan was flipped on its head, BUT, we have a lot to show for ourselves in spite of it, and I bet you do too!  AND, we're inspired more than ever to bring the empowerment of self-sufficient living to anyone who's looking for it, so we have big plans to continue on that mission in 2021--are you ready?  Want more self-sufficiency? Join our group

Jan 6

17 min 33 sec

Do you still believe in nature's medicine?  While we tend to be saying 'science' is what to trust right now, let's not ignore that the science of the natural world has been in practice for thousands of years!  In this episode, we get a little honest about how we think humanity is failing to keep its belief in nature and all it has to offer us, when we put our faith in other people we can lose our own power to heal and be well.

Dec 2020

17 min 2 sec

Have you wanted to live your most healthful life, but don't know the first thing about nutrition? Curious why a former executive might be called to farming? Jennifer Maynard and I had the most inspiring conversation about why farming and connecting with farmers is crucial for our health--she also shared some really great tips for farmers who need to be reinspired by their own property. Check out the meal plans Connect with Jennifer:

Dec 2020

26 min 18 sec

Join me (Drew) as I sit down and interview lacey on her book. We talk about the meaning behind the title "I Belong Here" and why it's such a great book for all the people trying to make more out of their lives. Get your FREE first chapter of the book and take the C4 Quiz here:  Order the book using the coupon code  THESCHOOLHOUSELIFE

Dec 2020

12 min 58 sec

Lacey and I sat down and went over what Hanukkah means to us. How to even say that word. We cover all the essentials of the holiday and how to give it a go this year and maybe add a little bit of it to your holiday traditions. We all could use a little more light in the darkness this winter. Download our FREE printable 8 Nights of Hanukkah  Link to our blog and all things Hanukkah: How to play Dreidel:

Dec 2020

15 min 28 sec

Join us as we share a quick intro into composting and explore all the ends and outs of composting. Humanure, Black Soldier Flies, Compost Bins, and More. Check out the full webinar available on our website, the link is below in the comments. All of the important links regarding some of the products we use and love for composting are listed below   The Garden Tower - Our go to for small space gardening and composting. You can compost with worms in the middle and grow veggies in the outside part! We also send free worms to anyone that buys one from us. You for sure have to check it out!   Comfrey Root - From The Schoolhouse Farm - One of the best plants to have on your property. it's great for healing wounds on people and animals. It makes a great accelerator for compost. It's also the leaves are one of my favorites to add to compost tea. (we'll send you a couple of small roots. you can get them started inside and they'll be ready for spring)   Wiggle Poo (aka worm poo) - From The Homeplace Farm - Our friends right around the corner compost their dairy cow waste and chicken waste into their giant worm bins. Then they produce this black gold. I've got them to make a special link so we can send some to you. This stuff is great for adding to overwintering plants or to outside gardens. Even better is your helping a small farm make a living.    Black Soldier Fly Bins- A great way to compost everything. Meat to veg it all goes in and you get very nutrient grubs you can feed to livestock or just feed the wild birds.

Dec 2020

20 min 40 sec

Ali Greer + Eric Tommassini own and operate Avenue 33 Farm in the city of Las Angeles. For so many reasons, that seems like an odd undertaking, but their oasis is showing how much you can do with a little intention, purpose, and inspiration.  You don't have to be on the most ideal piece of land to start growing and becoming more self-sufficient and improving the ecosystem of your own neighborhood! Listen and be inspired! Connect with Ali:

Nov 2020

21 min 9 sec

Family time can be drudgery without the right perspective! And, particularly if we’re not finding our own purpose. How do we manage our families, our passions and our lives? Have a listen to Celeste Orr as she shares her tips for redefining togetherness, making the most of our time together, AND finding a way to do our life’s work with our family by our side. Connect with Celeste on Instagram Grab a copy of her book at

Nov 2020

18 min 33 sec