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By Louie Luc

I'm Louie, the founder of the Income Prodigy blog, and also an online entrepreneur, internet marketer, SEO, growth hacker and blogger. I challenge myself to continuously learn every day by testing out and experimenting different online business models and ideas, digital marketing strategies, SEO tactics, blogging techniques, growth hacks and, even, success principles and personal development activities (be them emerging and recent or already proven, battle-tested ones) and publicly document my progress (including mistakes, blunders or miscalculations) so that you can learn from my successes as well as from my failures. Rather than just TELL you about my achievements, I actually want to SHOW you how YOU, too, can succeed in the online world. That's the mission and goal for this podcast! Follow my case studies and experiments or, simply, my overall day-to-day journey as I share my experience creating, growing and monetizing my Amazon/affiliate niche and authority sites, blogs and podcasts. Learn from/with me as I talk about the online business and internet marketing approaches, books and tools I use to try and achieve success and automate growth in my web-based businesses, drive traffic to my sites through search engine optimization or other sources, create engaging and helpful content, build links to my articles and rank them high in the search engines, get mailing list subscribers and social media followers and, in the end, turn visitors into customers. Improve yourself as I discuss topics such as entrepreneurship, personal development, motivation, mindset, psychology and overcoming difficulties -- those crucial factors in every entrepreneur's path toward a more successful, enjoyable, happy business and life with the freedom, time and control you've been aiming for. Subscribe for free and listen to this show right now, start taking action immediately and let's find out TOGETHER how we can make it online! One last thing: just remember... YOU GOT THIS!

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