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Superintendent Steven Cook

In each episode, Superintendent Dr. Steven Cook serves up news and information about Bend-La Pine Schools for families, staff and community members.

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Today on the Supe’s on!, Dr. Steven Cook talks with Kinsey Martin, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, about new Every Student Belongs legislation, the difference between bias and hate, pushing back on the notion that our community isn’t diverse, and the importance of empathy and staying at the table during uncomfortable conversations. 

Nov 29

33 min 41 sec

With cold, blustery weather on the horizon, it’s a good time to get prepared for inclement weather. Today on the Supe’s On! Podcast, Superintendent Cook talks with our Transportation Director Kim Crabtree about how we make decisions about when to call snow days and how our drivers prepare for inclement weather of all kinds. Learn what it’s like behind the wheel, the numerous ways Crabtree and the crew have adapted during the past two years and what’s making her hopeful for the future. 

Nov 4

21 min 8 sec

Did you know Bend-La Pine Schools has its very own Executive Chef? On this episode Tracie Surgeon takes us into the high tech production kitchen at Bend High, where she and Superintendent Steven Cook talk supply chain issues, buying local, the surprisingly sophisticated palates of kindergartners and why she is proud to be called THE Lunch Lady. Plus the pride she feels of preparing to feed from-scratch chili and cornbread to 1,200 community members at Caldera's ribbon cutting Oct. 21.

Oct 20

24 min 9 sec

Fruit math and four square:  Today, in a change of pace, Superintendent Cook goes back to school and gets a taste of what fifth grade at Amity Creek is like thanks to tour guide Quinn. He learns about fruit math, the importance of four square and finds out when Quinn would advise “don’t bite yourself!” 

Sep 17

15 min 9 sec

Director of Schools play a critical role for our schools – learn what these folks do, their vision for what challenges lie ahead, unforgettable first days and whether they think families and staff can dare to get excited for the first day. Thanks to Juan Cuadros, Tammy Doty, Katie Legace and Skip Offenhauser for joining Dr. Cook to share their insights.    

Sep 3

31 min 1 sec

For part three of Dr. Cook's series on Return to School Planning, we flipped the script a bit and instead of Dr. Cook conducting the interview, he is interviewed by Alandra Johnson, Assistant Director of Communications for Bend-La Pine Schools. Alandra and Dr. Cook have a good conversation about how the district is preparing for school in the fall, with information on the district's Continuation of In-Person Learning plan which includes information on masks, vaccinations, quarantines, and much more.

Aug 13

29 min 53 sec

This week's episode of Supe's On! With Dr. Steven Cook features an interview with Tami Pike, Assistant Director of Health Services for Bend-La Pine Schools. Tami and Dr. Cook cover a lot of ground about how the district is preparing for school in the fall with good information on masking, vaccinations, quarantines and more.  

Aug 3

33 min 38 sec

This episode contains information about how the district is preparing for school to resume in the fall, including current information on masks, vaccinations, quarantines and summer school guidelines.

Jul 28

29 min 43 sec