Dev Brewed

Dominic Williams, Glenn White

Your hosts are Dominic Williams, creator of the App Moderation, and Glenn White, founder of Brew Monster, a micro brewery based in South Wales. We’ll be exploring topics such as marketing, business strategy and raising capital, as well as the simpler things in life, like staying motivated when everything seems to be going wrong. Stick around for our after-show discussion, where we will talk about the latest news with Apple.


Dominic says goodbye to the Dev Brewed listeners

Mar 2020

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Dom and James discuss all the announcements from Apple's September iPhone event, including that beautiful new colour: Midnight Green! The watchy watch that Dom plans on buying: Farer Pendine ( Special Guest: James Frost.

Sep 2019

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Glenn is away on vacation, so Dom is joined by two special guests to discuss the announcements from WWDC 2019. Special Guests: James Frost and Kishan Ladhani.

Jun 2019

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On this episode Dom asks Glenn loads of questions relating to the 5 fund raising activities that Brew Monster have done so far. SEIS Scheme ( EIS Scheme ( Start Up Loans ( Brew Monster on CrowdCube ( After Show links: Six Colors: Apple Q2 2019 Graphs ( Samsung has no launch date for the Galaxy Fold (

May 2019

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Dom and Glenn introduce themselves and the podcast. After the show they talk about all the announcements from Apple's "Show Time" event.

Apr 2019

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