Bed Talks the Podcast

By WRG Media

Bed Talks was born from a belief that we grow through sharing our no bullshit stories around our experiences, struggles and what we learned from basically falling flat on our faces and getting up again. You can expect a mix of intimate conversations between our hosts Meg and Sabrina, interviews with mission-driven entrepreneurs and creatives and practical tools to help you put what you learn into practice because let’s be real, change requires action. Our goal is to inspire women to live to their full potential and feel empowered by their femininity and vulnerability through open dialogue about the things that matter to us most, topics that are often still taboo or even just overlooked in our everyday, hectic lives. Uncensored discussions covering everything from relationships, sex, body image, wellness, spirituality and anything else that inspires growth, self-reflection, and self-love. Every month we pick a topic, share our stories around it and invite experts to weigh in. Welcome to Bed Talks the Podcast

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