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Join Christina, James, and Michael each week as they breakdown the latest news, game releases, and happenings in the Nintendo universe. No topic or game system is off limits as we discuss at the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo's mobile games, theme parks, merchandise, and whatever else awesome Nintendo is doing. Join us each week for a new episode of awesome. Now you're playing with power!

  1. 1.
    165: Nintendo's E3 Direct Peak Viewers, New Switch Release, Bayonetta 3 Still "Alive and Well", Pokemon Unite
  2. 2.
    164: Our E3 Breakdown!!
  3. 3.
    163: Pokemon Company Breaking Records, New Nintendo Museum, and Our E3 Predictions!
  4. 4.
    162: New Switch Announcement Before E3, Rating System for eShop, Pokemon Release Dates, Pokemon GO Fest, and Anniversaries Galore!
  5. 5.
    161: New Zelda Amiibo, More Xbox Game Pass Rumors, Netflix Making Games, More Steamworld games, and Mario Golf details!
  6. 6.
    160: Nintendo Confirms More Games, Switch Calculator, New 2D Metroid Game, and Switch Pro OLED Display Confirmed?
  7. 7.
    159: Nintendo's Great Fiscal Year, Epic vs Apple Reveals Potential Nintendo Collab, Game Builder Garage Announced, and Bad News for a Metroid Prime Trilogy?
  8. 8.
    158: Super Mario Party Goes Online, Fall Guys Delayed, Hyrule Warriors a Success, and Metal Gear Solid on Switch?!
  1. 9.
    157: Mario Kart Tour Still Going Strong, Super Nintendo World Closing, LEGO Luigi, and the Perfect Printer for Pokemon Snap?!
  2. 10.
    156: Nintendo Indie World Showcase Breakdown!
  3. 11.
    155: Nintendo Is All About the New Ideas, Pac-Man 99, Super Nintendo World in Hollywood, and Switch Getting Bluetooth Audio Support?!
  4. 12.
    154: Fortnite Performance Update, Mario Kart Ride Built on Game Engine, Indigenous Pokemon Artwork, and Tons More!
  5. 13.
    153: Tencent's New Handheld Console, Upgraded Nvidia Chip, All Animal Crossing Does is Win, Breath of the Wild in VR, and More!
  6. 14.
    152: Super Nintendo World Easter eggs, One Year in Animal Crossing, and Some Great eShop Deals!
  7. 15.
    151: Switch Now Nintendo's 2nd Best, 3DS and 3DS XL Repairs Halted, A Tiny N64, and a New TMNT Game!!
  8. 16.
    150: Super Switch, Super Nintendo World USA, and Among Us Updates
  9. 17.
    149: Pokémon 25th, Tony Hawk, more Animal Crossing + Happy Birthday Michael!
  10. 18.
    148: Nintendo Directs Are BACK Baby!
  11. 19.
    147: Super Mario 3D World and Stardew Valley Have Taken Over Our Lives!
  12. 20.
    146: Apex Legends Lands on Switch, New Pokemon and Animal Crossing Merch, and a Nintendo Land Tour
  13. 21.
    145: Monster Hunter Themed Switch & Pro Controller, Shadowcast Kickstarter Goal Easily Hit, Next Big Animal Crossing Update, More Joy-Con Drift Issues, The Switch was "Make or Break" for Nintendo
  14. 22.
    144: 87% of Console Sales in Japan are Nintendo Switch, 28 of 30 Top Games in Japan are Switch Games, Tingle Creator Retires, New Exclusive Game for Game Boy, Mario Kart 8 Now a Fitness Game, and Mario in GoldenEye?!
  15. 23.
    143: New Red & Blue Mario Themed Switch, NES Lego Set Knock-offs, Limited Run Games Celebrates Scott Pilgrim, Super Nintendo World Opening Delayed, Pokémon Snap Release Date
  16. 24.
    142: Our 2021 Nintendo Predictions!
  17. 25.
    141: Leaked Footage of Yoshi Ride, Lost Game Boy WorkBoy, Nintendo and Kanye West, 2020 Best Selling Indies, Our 2020 Nintendo Highlight
  18. 26.
    140: Stardew Valley 1.5 Update, Switch eShop Goes Down, Zelda Map in Minecraft, and the Switch Gaming Station Appearing in Hospitals
  19. 27.
  20. 28.
    138: Switch is Still Best Selling Console, the Game Awards Winners, Little Nightmares II Demo, Sephiroth Coming to Smash, and a New Sonic Animated Series?!
  21. 29.
    137: Switch v11.0 Update, Splatoon Tournament Canceled, & Should You Buy Fire Emblem?
  22. 30.
    136: Original Stitch Now Selling Masks, Most Expensive Game Ever, Nintendo Game & Watch, and Doom Eternal Going Digital Only
  23. 31.
    135: Nvidia Sets Records With Switch, the Next Animal Crossing Update News, and More!
  24. 32.
    134: Stardew Valley's Next Big Update, Game Freak Has Moved Their HQ, Nintendo Australia Closing eBay Store, and the Switch Has it's Best October to Date!
  25. 33.
    133: Switch Outsells NES, Nintendo Reconfirms Release Dates for Games, Amazon Shipping Mario-Themed Boxes, Pokemon Go's Best Year, and Animal Crossing Goes to the NFL
  26. 34.
    132: Last Partner Direct of 2020, Retro Studios Remodeling, Fortnite Switch Bundle, and a My Time at Portia Sequel?!
  27. 35.
    131: Joy-Con Drop Confirmed for U.S., The Crown Tundra DLC is out, Pokemon Home Update, Apex Legends Delayed, Outer Worlds Update, and a Discussion on Game Streaming.
  28. 36.
    130: Switch is the Best-Selling Console in US for 22 Months, Reduced Joy-Con Price, More Physical Mario Rewards, Stardew Valley Update, and much More!
  29. 37.
    129: Age of Calamity and Pikmin 3 Treehouse, More Joy-Con Drift Chat, Super Nintendo World Update, and Another Splatfest!
  30. 38.
    128: Getting Physical Rewards for Platinum Points, Nintendo Legal Battles, Animal Crossing Awards, Minecraft in Smash, and More!
  31. 39.
    127: Amazon Luna, Nintendo Getting Sued...Again, Metroid Prime 4 News, Rocket League, and Animal Crossing Fall Update!
  32. 40.
    126: Fight Crab, Monster Hunter Rise, RIP 3DS, and LEGO Mario
  33. 41.
    125: Age of Calamity, RCT 3, Animal Crossing LEGO, and Fighting Crabs
  34. 42.
    124: All THE MARIO!! Nintendo NY Store Now Open, 8BitDo Arcade Stick, Redecorated eShop and Updates, Rocket League Dropping Switch Online, and Tons More!
  35. 43.
    123: Nintendo Direct Mini, Little Nightmares II Delay, and a New Switch in 2021?!
  36. 44.
    122: Indie World Showcase, Ikea Loves Animal Crossing, and Another Nintendo Direct This Week?!
  37. 45.
    121: Epic Goes to War, Switch Outsells the NES, Hellmann's Plays Animal Crossing for a Good Cause, and A Metroid Prime 4 Update (Sort of)
  38. 46.
    120: Super Nintendo World Delayed, Nintendo Huge Earnings Report, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and New Netflix Documentary Voiced by Mario (Kind of)
  39. 47.
    119: Enter the Gigaleak! Plus Even More Animal Crossing
  40. 48.
    118: Nintendo Direct Mini, Updates to Nintendo Dev Schedule, Paper Mario Debut Numbers, Mario Kart Tour Gets Landscape Mode, Niantic Merch, and More!
  41. 49.
    117: The BEST Lego Set EVER, Pokemon Center Face Masks, Hasbro Celebrates Mario, and Our 3rd Grader Interview
  42. 50.
    116: Treehouse Live 2020, Gamestop Leaks New Nintendo SKUs, Team Rocket Join Pokemon Go, & Pokemon Go Commercial by Rian Johnson

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