Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs

By Julian Hayes II

Become superhuman in life and business without the guesswork. Join Julian Hayes II, a human performance advisor & epigenetic coach for entrepreneurs, executives, and the elite. If you want to match your physical success to your financial success, the Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs podcast is for you. This show's mission aims to marry health and business or, rather, shed light on the already existing connection so you can operate with sustained peak performance. It's time to look and feel as healthy and energetic as you are successful. Lastly, this show will also feature conversations with high-performing entrepreneurs, artists, forward-thinking doctors, scientists, and other fascinating humans that will help you become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. You can find out more about Julian and his boutique consultancy at theartoffitnessandlife.com

  1. 1.
    MMM | Treat the Cause, Not The Symptom
  2. 2.
    Oliver Anwar on Losing Body Fat and Building Muscle in Only 4 Hours Per Week While Enjoying Life
  3. 3.
    Reality Check: How to Keep Moving Forward When Life and Business Isn’t Going Your Way
  4. 4.
    Florence Williams on Leveraging Nature to Make Us Healthier, Smarter, and Happier
  5. 5.
    MMM | Need Motivation? Create An Anti-Vision
  6. 6.
    Shanna Dickerson on Building A Ultra Luxury Travel Company and Why We Should Start Living Our Dream Life Now
  7. 7.
    MMM | The Most Important Step to Living Beyond 120
  8. 8.
    Sienna Sinclaire on Building An Unmistakable Empire and Why We Should Embrace Our Naughtiness
  1. 9.
    Are You Making This 1 Huge Mistake With Your Supplements | Mental Model Monday
  2. 10.
    Making Your Life and Health Pandemic Proof | Mental Model Monday
  3. 11.
    Abandoned and Left On A Doorstep to Now Helping People Level Up Their Life With L. Scott Ferguson
  4. 12.
    Leveraging Whole Life Insurance for a Superhuman Life With Rachel Marshall & Bruce Wehner
  5. 13.
    Make Fitness Great Again: Shed Your Pandemic Pounds With These 3 Habits
  6. 14.
    Genetic Testing: Why Genetic Data Alone Isn’t Enough When It Comes to Optimizing Your Health
  7. 15.
    Frederick Benjamin Founder Michael James on Selling From The Trunk of His Car to Innovating The Men’s Grooming Space
  8. 16.
    Health Optimization Under 10 Minutes: 5 Unconventional Ways to Immediately Build a Smarter & Stronger Brain
  9. 17.
    Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO of CLMBR Avrum Elmakis on Innovating The Fitness Industry
  10. 18.
    Former NFL Athlete Turned CEO Mike Morini on Leading and Growing Your Company During Uncertain Times
  11. 19.
    Hellah Sidibe on Running Across the U.S. and Every Day For 3 Years + Unlocking Your Human Potential
  12. 20.
    Gratitude 2.0: The Untold Story (and Science) of Gratitude + How It Can Reverse Aging and Boost Your Immune System
  13. 21.
    Health Optimization Under 10 Minutes: 3 Questions to Know If You're Serious About Truly Transforming Your Body and Life
  14. 22.
    Health Optimization Under 10 Minutes: 3 Critical Factors That Will Ensure You Lose The Weight and Actually Keep It Off This Year
  15. 23.
    The 3 Most Valuable Habits to Mastering Your Health and Body in 2021
  16. 24.
    Anthony Moore on Living a Kickass Life, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, and Becoming a Top Performing Writer
  17. 25.
    9 Reasons Why You Age (and What to Do About It So You Can Live Beyond 120) Part II
  18. 26.
    9 Reasons Why You Age (and What to Do About It So You Can Live Beyond 120) Part I
  19. 27.
    Health Optimization Under 10 Minutes: 3 Overlooked Mistakes That People Make When Trying to Improve Their Sleep
  20. 28.
    Why Your Childhood Behaviors Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss and Longevity Goals
  21. 29.
    Epigenetic Longevity Expert & Author Dr. Melissa Petersen on Leveraging Stress to Your Advantage and Thriving Everyday
  22. 30.
    RSI Security Founder & Managing Director John Shin on Cybersecurity, Fitness, & Growing a Successful Company
  23. 31.
    What Dr. Seuss Can Teach You About Health Optimization & Precision Performance
  24. 32.
    Internationally Acclaimed Matchmaker Amy Andersen on Love in the Time of COVID and Becoming “Silicon Valley’s Cupid”
  25. 33.
    Think & Live Longer: 1 Simple Mental Model To Reverse Aging and Operate With Sustained Peak Performance
  26. 34.
    Feed.FM Co-founder & COO Lauren Pufpaf on How Music Impacts Your Fitness and Navigating The Turntables and Boardroom Tables
  27. 35.
    Patrick McKeown on How Breathing Through Your Nose Will Change Your Body, Brain, & Business
  28. 36.
    Actress and Singer Luba Mason on Creating Your Own Musical Genre, Taking Risks, and Staying Healthy
  29. 37.
    5 Simple Questions to Help You Get "Unstuck" With Your Health and Fitness
  30. 38.
    Dr. Tracy Gapin on Creating Male 2.0 and Going Beyond Testosterone
  31. 39.
    Aaron Houghton on a $150 Million+ Exit, The Dark Sides of Entrepreneurship, and Keeping Founders Mentally Healthy
  32. 40.
    Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand on Creating The Future Female in Life and Health (aka Woman 2.0)
  33. 41.
    Precision Performance Medicine Clinician and Epigenetic Coach Ryan Lester on Building a Resilient & Thriving Human System
  34. 42.
    World-Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach Phil Daru on Training Like an MMA Fighter and Building a Successful Business
  35. 43.
    John Sonmez on Retiring at 33, Becoming a Multi-Millionaire, and Getting a Bulldog Mindset
  36. 44.
    Crowd Cow CEO & Co-Founder Joe Heitzeberg on Taking the Mystery Out of Your Meat and Redefining an Industry
  37. 45.
    Weight Loss for Busy Entrepreneurs Part VI: 5 Signs You’re Making Progress Despite What Your Scale Says
  38. 46.
    Weight Loss for Busy Entrepreneurs Part V: An Architectural Approach to Designing World-Class Workouts
  39. 47.
    Weight Loss for Busy Entrepreneurs Part IV: The 5 Tiny Weight Loss Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs
  40. 48.
    Weight Loss for Busy Entrepreneurs Part III: How to Setup a Bulletproof Weight Loss Routine
  41. 49.
    Weight Loss for Busy Entrepreneurs Part II: The 7 Reasons Why You Gain Weight
  42. 50.
    Weight Loss for Busy Entrepreneurs Part I: How Your Weight Affects Your Business + 6 Sneaky Excuses That You Must Wage War With

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