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Noted this week take on the exotic Cactus profile. Check out the latest episode for the best DIY cactus flavorings

Oct 19

1 hr 13 min

This week, Noted bring out the Black Licorice and find their favorites!

Sep 28

1 hr 46 min

This week on Mixin Vixens, they tackle some cereal, in a PIE!

Jul 12

39 min 10 sec

Developed bring on the blind remix, this time going after Mango Creamsicle by MilkMan

Jul 12

1 hr 14 min

Blood Orange gets the spotlight in this weeks noted featuring SteveTC and StardustCoyote

Jun 29

1 hr 32 min

Check out the latest Vixens Podcast here

Jun 29

43 min 45 sec

The Noted crew get all sweet in their SUGAR episode with Mindfloodz. Tune in here

Jun 23

1 hr 23 min

Developed bring out the Dulce in their new episode. Get the recipe and watch the show here

Jun 16

16 min 46 sec

Noted is here with a tobacco episode, this time on the Burley side of things

Jun 16

1 hr 25 min

The Vixens get all buttered up in this new episode

Jun 13

49 min 55 sec

It's that time of the...quarter. Where the Noted team break down their best

Jun 8

1 hr 15 min

The Vixens this week get their Cheesecake on. Check out the episode and recipe here!

Jun 7

48 min 30 sec

Developed go over their Manson Pebbles remix, and get a loud visit from Wayne

Jun 7

56 min 7 sec

The Noted team bring on Sascha again to chat about WHIPPED CREAM DIY FLAVOR NOTES check it out!

Jun 1

1 hr

The Vixens get their recipes reviewed in this episode. Tune in!

May 31

50 min

Developed this week are taking on Fruity PEbbles. Check out the episode and recipe here

May 31

23 min 19 sec

Developed this week discuss their latest Jager milkshake recipe. Tune in for the latest episode

May 25

1 hr 5 min

Vanilla Cream hits the Noted desk today. Get all your vanilla cream flavor notes here!

May 25

56 min 35 sec

Tune into Noted now, to hear about all the best SWEET CREAM DIY flavor notes

May 18

54 min 56 sec

Vienna Crema is the next flavor for Noted. Tune in to hear the flavor notes.

May 18

1 hr 27 min

Developed create one of the more interesting profiles this week. Check out their latest ep!

May 17

21 min 4 sec

The Vixens this week put some nuts into some cake. Tune in for the latest ep.

May 17

38 min 25 sec

Noted comes out this week with ConcreteRiver to give you the rundown on Chai DIY flavors

May 5

1 hr 22 min

The Developed crew are back and they're going back to the cookie. Check out the episode here, and make sure to tune into Part 1.

May 3

26 min 31 sec

The Vixens whip up some Trifle diy e-liquids. Check out the episode here

May 3

47 min 50 sec

Do you like Wood? Do you want Wood? Well then Noted this week has you covered. Check out the flavor notes here

Apr 27

1 hr 17 min

The Vixens get peachy in their new episode. Check it out here and get the recipes

Apr 27

41 min 30 sec

Developed come to you with some Cookie! Check out the recent episode here!

Apr 27

1 hr 1 min

bread. bread is the flavor of the week for noted. bread

Apr 20

1 hr 21 min

the Vixens whip up some Berry Good Cake this week on Mixin Vixens. Check out the episode here

Apr 19

48 min 20 sec

Developed this week has an assignment for you. Check out their latest episode here

Apr 16

1 hr 17 min

Noted bring on DragonLady and they dive into the creamy world of Cream Soda DIY e-liquid flavorings

Apr 13

1 hr 18 min

Developed is here and they want to talk about Flavorah, Smores, and PEZ! Check out the episode here

Apr 12

58 min 47 sec

It's Coconut time for the Noted Crew. Get the latest notes here!

Apr 7

1 hr 34 min

Developed get into some voting and mixing with Smore's! Check out the episode here

Apr 5

1 hr 56 min

Time for the Noted team to take on the mango profile. Get the notes here!

Mar 30

1 hr 58 min

Developed Podcast gets into some Grape, and discuss Vape Freight

Mar 29

1 hr 16 min

The Vixens are reviewed by Fresh and Eyemsam. Tune in!

Mar 29

51 min 15 sec

The Noted team go over all the latest flavors of the last quarter. Check out the notes here!

Mar 25

1 hr 41 min

Developed come this week with their latest blind remix, this time Lemon Twist

Mar 22

1 hr 34 min

The Vixens this week bring you their Chit Chat. Tune in

Mar 22

55 min 55 sec

The Noted team mix up some Rhubarb flavorings for review. Check it out now.

Mar 16

1 hr 37 min

The Vixens are back and just like the title states, they're whipping up some gummies

Mar 16

47 min 40 sec

Developed is here and their drenching some cookies. Check out the episode here

Mar 16

1 hr 10 min

Noted bring on Jenn Winstead and FomentLife to chat all about Turkish Tobacco

Mar 10

1 hr 11 min

In this episode, the Vixens all share...a cup.

Mar 9

50 min 45 sec

Developed drenches some cookies in their latest podcast

Mar 9

20 min 54 sec

The Noted Team bring on Folkart & Bubba to give you all the Vanilla Ice Cream DIY Flavoring Reviews

Mar 2

1 hr 26 min

Developed is back with another Interactive Mixing episode this time with Peaches and Cream

Mar 1

1 hr 43 min

The Vixens are back and they're giving you some Butterscotch - Get the recipes here

Mar 1

42 min 10 sec