Dr. Henry Wu吳佳鴻醫師- Your Channel To Health

By Dr. Henry Wu

Welcome to 吳佳鴻醫師Dr. Henry Wu's podcast channel- Your Channel to Health! Chronic degenerative diseases including diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders(which include SLE, Hashimoto's thyroiditis with low thyroid function, etc.), chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic allergy issues, chronic gut issues, poor digestion, Alzheimer's disease and even cancer are on the rise globally. We need to deal with all these health issues with a holistic and integrative way to regain our health. I'm a board certified physician and specialize in Anti-Aging, Integrative, Functional Medicine and Preventive Medicine . I help people improve their chronic health issues and regain vitality and optimal health. So please stay tuned, I'll share with you the information to improve your health. My website: https://www.drhenrywu.com

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