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This podcast is about technologies, lifestyle, business, philosophy and other. Every episode is based on my own experience, which is enough good in many areas.

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Apple is suing NSO Group in an attempt to hold the surveillance company accountable for what it says was the surveillance and targeting of Apple users.  My website:  My Twitter:

Nov 24

1 min 55 sec

Stalking and harassment in Taiwan is now a criminal offense after a draft bill passed the third legislative reading on November, 19.

Nov 20

1 min 41 sec

It’s interesting to watch when corporations adjust to the agenda. When the month of LGBT then most of the companies in LinkedIn repaint their logo in rainbow colors. In 2020 a lot of companies repainted their logo to the black color. But whether or not they care about these people? Full Article:

Jul 28

3 min 32 sec

Yes or not? Do you know these kinds of companies and people? What can you do? My Website:

Jul 17

57 sec

Initially, you can very easily tell who is a positive or negative character. But later everything changes and you start to doubt your conclusions at the beginning of the movie.  I did not finish the first season yet, but I am sure, that this series will not disappoint me.  My Website:

Jul 1

1 min 42 sec

What’s interesting is despite all criticism of Google, DuckDuckGo either started to cooperate closely with them or only for some fronts. And now, I will easily prove it. My Website:

Jun 21

6 min 8 sec

When I decided to make the Mac version for my game Mama’s farm: Match 3, I ran into a problem. The thing is that the existing version for iPhone and iPad have embedded Google AdMob. Unfortunately, it’s not supported by Mac Catalyst (as well as in macOS). Mama’s farm game: My website:

Jun 15

2 min 41 sec

Coffee, besides positive factors affecting the human body, also has negative ones. We can talk about both of these factors for a long time. But we are curious when we should drink coffee — before a workout or after a workout. My app for weight loss: My website:

Jun 14

4 min 28 sec

All the wealth belongs to Fairy-tale and his friends. And the people do not have the right to vote nor the freedom of speech. However, they enjoy taxes, low salaries, and being part of “Planet’s Special Way"...  This game: My website:

Jun 13

2 min 34 sec

Initially, it was even interesting when Pavel Durov was criticized Apple and Google. Especially Apple. Later everyone is used to read and hear that. Currently even boring to listen when he whines how everything bad in Apple. And now I understand that all his criticism is very subjective and prejudiced. My website:

Jun 12

5 min 41 sec

Xcode is pretty much cluttering up the Mac with all sorts of junk. Every iOS developer knows it. But there are a huge number of third-party applications that help clean up unnecessary garbage, old archives of apps, and old operation systems (iOS, watchOS, tvOS). My website:

Jun 10

4 min 26 sec

In the last year, my friends lamented that most iPhone apps for Muslims are very serious and complicated. They would like to have something simple, light and live. This app: My website:

Jun 9

2 min 27 sec

I have already written in my portfolio that my first book on Apple Books was approved. The book is for free, but it's in Russian Language. However Apple allows to publish books only in 51 countries in the world, Google in 66 and Amazon only in 10-20 countries... My books on: - Apple Books: - Google Books: - Amazon Kindle Books: My website:

Jun 7

3 min 39 sec

Once I had several interviews. Companies flunked me on theoretical and practical tests. Moreover, theoretical questions were absolutely pointless and not impact on programming quality or results... My website:

Jun 7

4 min 6 sec