The Three Questions with Andy Richter

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Host Andy Richter asks the same three questions to each guest: Where do you come from? Where are you going? What have you learned? These three simple questions, when answered honestly and thoughtfully, are enough to provide a pretty complete picture of who a person is. The answers are what Andy always wants to know about people. This will not be a one-sided process, as Andy won’t shy away from getting personal himself.

Introducing The Three Questions with Andy Richter
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Actor John Ross Bowie joins Andy Richter to talk about being a household face, growing up in Manhattan, going from teaching to acting and more.


Nov 30

1 hr 21 min

Actor and musician Tawny Newsome joins Andy Richter to talk about growing up in Northern California, performing in Chicago, doing music and comedy, and more. Check Tawny out on “True Story” on Netflix starting 11/24!


Nov 23

1 hr 25 min

Chef and author Christina Tosi joins Andy Richter to talk about birthday cake, working in restaurants, being a good leader, and her new picture book “Every Cake Has a Story”.


Nov 16

1 hr 1 min

Actor, Writer and Comedian Nick Kroll joins Andy Richter to talk about birth order, his journey through comedy, doing roasts, and more.


Nov 9

1 hr 5 min

Bill Hader joins Andy Richter to talk about going from behind the camera to in front of it, thinking everyone is mad, and more.


Nov 2

47 min 23 sec

Stand-up Comedian Neal Brennan joins Andy Richter to talk about working with your close friend, defining your career, experimental meditation and more.


Oct 26

1 hr 15 min

Hey Three Questions listeners, today we’re giving you a taste of a very special episode of Parks and Recollection featuring Chris Pratt! On this episode Chris opens up about his audition for Parks and Rec, working with Mouse Rat song writer Mark Rivers, adapting the character of Andy to a lovable loser, and so much more! If you liked this clip, then spread your wings and fly on over to Parks and Recollection to hear the whole episode!


Oct 21

3 min 44 sec

Writer, comedian and TV show host Amber Ruffin joins Andy Richter to talk about getting started at Boom Chicago, auditioning for SNL, making the news funny, and more.


Oct 19

1 hr 17 min

Standup comedian Taylor Tomlinson joins Andy Richter to talk about starting comedy from a religious background, quarantining with a long distance partner, doing comedy that your parents don't enjoy, and more.


Oct 12

1 hr 3 min

Writer and TV personality Dave Holmes joins Andy Richter to talk about growing up in the midwest, coming out, finding your way in the industry, and more!


Oct 5

1 hr 36 min

John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants) joins Andy Richter to talk about the notion of "selling out",  the magic of Dial-A-Song, They Might Be Giants' new project "Book", and more.


Sep 28

1 hr 33 min

Writer and Comedian Laurie Kilmartin joins Andy Richter to talk about getting started in standup, writing for Conan, the loss of her parents, and more.

Sep 21

1 hr 22 min

Actor and Comedian Steve Agee joins Andy Richter to talk about being sent to military school, finding his way into comedy, making stuff with his friends, and more.

Sep 14

1 hr 27 min

Writer, actor and comedian Caleb Hearon joins Andy Richter to talk about the Chicago comedy scene, moving to LA in a pandemic, internet comments and more.

Sep 7

1 hr 11 min

Actor, Comedian and Director Aisha Tyler joins Andy to talk about wearing many hats in showbiz, getting through divorce, her alcoholic beverage brand Courage + Stone, and more.

Aug 31

1 hr 32 min

Emmy Nominated Yvette Nicole Brown joins Andy Richter to discuss humble beginnings, sacrifices parents make, leading with kindness and more.

Aug 24

1 hr 9 min

Actor, Producer and Director Gillian Jacobs joins Andy Richter to discuss growing up as an only child, Juilliard, learning on the job, and more.

Aug 17

1 hr 13 min

Writer and Producer Mike Schur joins Andy to talk about writing on Saturday Night Live, Harvard, not overstaying your welcome in showbiz, and more.

Aug 10

1 hr 29 min

Comedy Legend George Wallace joins Andy to talk about Atlanta, growing up in a big family, working in advertising, and more!

Aug 3

1 hr 12 min

Multi-Hyphenate David Duchovny joins Andy Richter to talk about academia, writing his book Truly Like Lightning, growing up in New York, and more.

Jul 27

1 hr 17 min

Actor and comedian Chris Parnell joins Andy to discuss growing up Southern Baptist, his journey from the Groundlings to Saturday Night Live, and more.

Jul 20

1 hr 2 min

News Anchor and Author Chris Hayes joins Andy to discuss growing up in a diverse neighborhood, wanting to be an actor and director before becoming a reporter, and the showbiz of the news.

Jul 13

56 min 47 sec

Actor and Comedian Hannah Einbinder (Hacks on HBO Max) joins Andy to discuss growing up in LA, wanting to be a journalist before getting into comedy, living with ADHD, and more.

Jul 6

1 hr 13 min

Andy revisits some of his favorite moments on the podcast to celebrate the 100th episode. This week's episode features Maria Bamford, Will Arnett, Deon Cole, Zach Galifianakis, Nicole Byer, and Scott Thompson.

Jun 29

1 hr 3 min

Actor and comedian Tim Meadows joins Andy to discuss their shared Chicago roots, the challenges of being a divorced dad, and how Talking Heads inspired his comedy career. Plus, Tim remembers and reflects on his friend Chris Farley.

Jun 22

1 hr 2 min

Author Lauren Hough calls her Twitter pal Andy to talk about her new book, "Leaving Isn't The Hardest Thing." They also discuss her experiences growing up in a cult, being gay in the military during peak "Don't ask, don't tell," and the power of empathy.

Jun 15

1 hr 2 min

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel joins Andy to discuss his childhood in Las Vegas, how he made the jump from radio to TV, and why his family is such a big part of his show and his success.

Jun 8

58 min 26 sec

Singer-songwriter Liz Phair joins Andy to talk about her new album "Soberish." She also reflects on her life straddling two states, her background as a visual artist, and what it takes to be a rockstar.

Jun 1

1 hr

Actress Judy Greer catches up with her friend Andy. Judy shares the perks of playing the sidekick, how she stumbled into an intense acting conservatory, and some sage advice from Dido.

May 25

1 hr

Actor and comedian JB Smoove joins Andy to drop some jewels of wisdom. The two discuss how JB got the standup bug, his affinity for giving advice, and why he loves being a work in progress. Plus, JB breaks down his new podcast "May I Elaborate?" which debuted April 26th.

May 18

1 hr 3 min

Actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata joins Andy to discuss her origins in Okinawa and Indiana, why stage fright never fazed her, and possibly the world's worst therapist. Sasheer also talks about her role in the new show Home Economics.

May 11

1 hr 1 min

Actor Richard Kind joins Andy to reflect on his impressive career on stage and screen. Richard shares how he's grown as an actor and why he never turns down work, even if it means acting some kid's Youtube series. Plus, Richard's life-changing workout routine.

May 4

1 hr 1 min

Andy drops in to tell you about Team Coco’s newest podcast! It’s called May I Elaborate: Daily Wisdom from JB Smoove. Every morning, Monday through Friday, JB will take an inspirational quote and squeeze even more meaning and motivation out of it. This show will help you laugh your way to your most enlightened self. We could all use a personal guru - make yours JB! Check out the first episode here. Wanna hear more? Subscribe!

Apr 29

13 min 11 sec

Comedian and author Tom Papa catches up with his neighbor Andy. The two chat about Papa’s very first bit, how to manage fear through comedic zen, and the therapeutic benefits of complaining about your family on stage.

Apr 27

1 hr 3 min

Actress and comedian Cecily Strong joins Andy to discuss being an art school cool kid, her horoscope (Aquarius, Leo rising), and why it's okay to cry in sketch comedy. Cecily also talks about her new book and the upcoming premiere of her new show, Schmigadoon!

Apr 20

1 hr 2 min

Poet and author Patricia Lockwood calls Andy to share stories from her childhood on the road and in rectories, how she got COVID-19 at Harvard, and why she took magic mushrooms in preparation for this podcast. The two discuss her new book, No One Is Talking About This, and why it’s written with the neurodivergent in mind. Plus, an appearance by the celebrity cat Miette and a story about a gruff parrot.

Apr 13

1 hr 2 min

Comedian and actor Eric Andre talks with Andy about his early comedy career “toiling in obscurity,” subverting the talk show format, and his post-vaccine plans. Plus, Eric explains why his new movie “Bad Trip” took 7 years to make.

Apr 6

1 hr

Comedian and actor Jason Mantzoukas joins Andy from his extremely organized closet. Jason shares why the pandemic has been his “second childhood,” reflections on the most influential years of his comedic growth, and how his failures have shaped a career he’s proud of. Plus, Andy and Jason reminisce on the joys of watching cable TV, in what might be the most Dad conversation in the history of this podcast.

Mar 30

1 hr 3 min

Comedian and actor Roy Wood Jr. talks with Andy about growing up in the South as a latchkey kid, the unique challenge of raising children who are just like you, and reflections on his career working in show business and at Subway.

Mar 23

1 hr 2 min

Comedian Nikki Glaser calls Andy from the COVID-free Cayman Islands. They chat about her obsession (and fear) around sex, her experience filming a reality show with her parents, and coping with depression through weed and baring her soul on podcasts.

Mar 16

59 min 45 sec

Comedian and actress Chelsea Peretti joins Andy to relive middle school trauma and reminisce about the pre-quarantine comedy scene. Plus, Chelsea’s publicist emerges from a cryogenic freezer to provide her talking points for this interview.

Mar 9

1 hr

Comedian, writer and actor Bowen Yang joins Andy Richter to discuss growing up with smarty-pants parents, the high school of SNL, and why your goals should be a process.

Mar 2

1 hr

Comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis joins Andy from his hideout in the woods. The two discuss Zach’s Greek-hillbilly lineage, living in closets in New York and vans in LA, and how parenthood has changed Zach and his comedy.

Feb 23

59 min 11 sec

Comedian and actress Patti Harrison shares her experiences growing up in chipotle-mayonnaise Ohio, navigating the comedy world as a trans woman, and how being open-minded has given her unexpected opportunities and friendships. Plus, Patti makes her debut as Chili’s first news correspondent.

Feb 16

1 hr

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Isbell tells Andy about growing up liberal in Alabama, how addiction led to “getting divorced on a bus in front of friends” (and his subsequent departure from Drive-By Truckers), and Isbell's fear of creatively cashing in on those negative experiences. Nothing hurts harder than having to learn something, and sometimes you need to wait a decade for your songs to find their audience. Isbell has hard earned advice for creatives and humans everywhere!

Feb 9

1 hr

Comedian and former Conan intern Natalie Palamides joins Andy from her childhood neighbor’s closet. Natalie and Andy talk about how she got into devised theatre, physically laying eggs on stage, and the development behind her extraordinary, award-winning and now-available-on Netflix one man show, Nate. Plus, why Natalie got in trouble while working at Conan.

Feb 2

53 min 11 sec

Musician, artist and director John Lurie joins Andy for a conversation covering Lurie's early music career, why he doesn’t consider himself an actor, the inception of his cult hit TV show, Fishing with John, struggle with Lime disease and how all of that fueled his new HBO venture, Painting with John.

Jan 26

44 min 47 sec

Comedian Paul Scheer (HDTGM, The League, Black Monday) joins Andy to share about how his grandmother got gifted a house in the Hamptons, his journey from underage improv lessons to breaking through on film and television, and the collaborative value of “trying it, having fun, and making the thing."

Jan 19

59 min 51 sec

Comedian Jon Gabrus chops it up with Andy about his Long Island origin story, trying to carve a career out of improv, and the joys of being alone in a hotel room for 48 hours.

Jan 12

1 hr 1 min

TV writer, stand-up and podcaster Jamie Loftus talks with Andy about her teenage years wearing a back brace, the perils of butt-chugging too much milk while on tour, and her new podcast about the legacy of Nabokov’s Lolita.

Jan 5

1 hr 10 min