The Betty Rocker Show

By Bree Argetsinger - aka Coach Betty Rocker

Nourish Your Mind. Love Your Body. Rock Your Life! Join world-renowned fitness and healthy lifestyle coach Betty Rocker and special guests for conversations and content that will uplift you, inspire you, and provide you with valuable insights for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

  1. 1.
    22. Stress Less, Accomplish More with Ziva Meditation's Emily Fletcher
  2. 2.
    21. The Power of Epigenetics in Fertility and Women's Health with Dr Cleopatra
  3. 3.
    20. Stress, Your Hormones and the Dark Side of Women’s Medicine with Dr Mariza Snyder
  4. 4.
    19. Early Detection for Breast Cancer with My Breast Friend Creator Dr Veronique Desaulniers
  5. 5.
    18. Growing Younger with Dr. Gowri Rocco
  6. 6.
    17. Cycle Syncing to Get "In the Flo" and Make the Most of Your Amazing Body with Alisa Vitti
  7. 7.
    16. Meaning Over Money with Kine Corder
  8. 8.
    15. The Power to Overcome, Transform and Thrive with Cynthia Garcia

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