The 3 Pillars

By Chriselda Barretto

Welcome to "The 3 Pillars" Podcast The host Chriselda, is a prolific, multi-genre author of over 20 books, a motivational speaker and an Ex-Aviation Safety Training Instructor, with over 2 decades of experience in the field of Aviation Safety. She will be interviewing expert guest speakers on topics centered on "The 3 Pillars" : Pillar 1 - Aviation Pillar 2 - Self-help Pillar 3 - Writing Different aspects varying from creative writing techniques, aerotoxic syndrome, image building, alternate health remedies, to self-publishing and much more will be discussed on the show. Series 1 was focused on aviation and aerotoxic syndrome. Series 2 is currently being aired and is focused on writing. The next - Series 3 will focus on self-help. Join Chriselda and her guests as she helps share important information in a casual, fun and relaxed sphere!

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