Ultimate eCommerce & Digital Marketing Podcast

By Joe Rozsa

We created the Ultimate eCommerce and Digital Marketing Podcast to share every aspect of eCommerce that anyone could ever want to learn, from Shopify to Facebook Advertising and everything in between, because we want to help you have the most eCommerce success possible. With 20 years of experience in the eCommerce world, Ultimate eCommerce and Digital Marketing Podcast host Joe Rozsa has experienced a wide range of things in the eCommerce industry. This podcast was created as a fun way to share as much of that experience and knowledge as possible to help any level of eCommerce and Digital Marketing professional, from beginners to savvy veterans) with their business needs. We will cover everything you may need to know, including Digital Marketing using channels such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, automated email, and SEO, as well as Google Analytics, Conversion Optimization, and User Experience best practices. We also cover product sourcing and importing, as well as fulfillment using a 3PL or using your own warehouse (or spare bedroom/garage – we’ve been there). We’ll also cover technology, tools and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce, as well as marketplaces such as Amazon. Every episode of the Ultimate eComm Podcast is proudly produced by Launch Commerce, the Austin based eCommerce and Digital Marketing agency focused on helping you learn everything there is to know about eCommerce.Follow the host of the Ultimate eCommerce Podcast, Joe Rozsa, on Twitter (@JoeRozsa) and Facebook, and be sure to click SUBSCRIBE on our podcast so that you can be sure not to miss the next episode of eCommerce knowledge presented to help you break through to the next level with your business.

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