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The Philadelphia Orchestra presents the HearTOGETHER Podcast; honest conversations with artists and activists about life, music, social justice, and how they all connect. Hosted by Tori Marchiony.

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How do you honor the multitudes you contain?  The Honorable Elizabeth A. Baker makes space for all that she is by eschewing conventional categorizations and creating art that follows her own curiosities, not the latest trends. In this episode of HearTOGETHER, new renaissance artist The Honorable Elizabeth A. Baker joins host Tori Marchiony for a candid conversation about self-definition, collaborating with nature, what it takes to truly improvise, and more. Music in this episode:Three Compositions for Piano and Electronics, I. Out of Season,  {a series of strange narratives}Field Studies 20HPX, Field Studies Blips, Beeps, Breeze, Tweet, Field StudiesCommand Voices, Quadrivium Remain Calm, REMAIN CALM. This is just a test.Thanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 

Dec 3

34 min 12 sec

Do you think of "doing the right thing" as fun and joyful? Lara Downes does. In this episode of HearTOGETHER, pianist and podcast host (NPR's Amplify) Lara Downes joins host Tori Marchiony for an intimate conversation about growing up as an American abroad, exploring her identity through music, and expanding the cannon to create a more inclusive and vibrant future for concert music. You'll hear about her youth mentorship series, My Promise Project, her ambitious venture to create new recordings of works by Black composers, Rising Sun, and more.  Music in this episode: HOLIDAY, I Cover The Waterfront, Lara Downes (A Billie Holiday Songbook)GOLSON, On Gossamer Wings, Lara Downes (American Ballads)PRICE, Some of These Days, Lara Downes (Lara Downes And Friends) STILL, Summerland, Lara Downes (The Bedtime Sessions)HOLT, Nora’s Dance, Lara DownesBLAKE, Love Will Find a Way, Lara DownesThanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 

Nov 5

34 min 3 sec

What does it take for a 120-year old institution to change? President and CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra, Matías Tarnopolsky, is determined to find out. In this episode,  hear the veteran arts administrator reflect on the hectic year that saw concert halls close, but made hearts and minds open in new ways. In this candid conversation with host Tori Marchiony, Matías talks about why institutions like his can't sidestep social issues, what blind auditions miss, and the "universal values" that drive him. Music in this episode: PRICE Piano Concerto in One Movement, Michelle Cann & The Philadelphia Orchestra MONTGOMERY Starburst—First Philadelphia Orchestra PerformanceVarious Sermon, Davóne Tines  III. “You Want the Truth, but You Don’t Want to Know,” from X: The Life and  Times of Malcolm X, by Anthony Davis MARSALIS ImprovisationThanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 

Sep 30

17 min 18 sec

On the season finale of HearTOGETHER, PA State Representative and Philly native Joanna McClinton (D)  speaks with host Tori Marchiony about the importance of music, the politics of hair, and how her faith moves her forward and keeps her focused.  MUSIC:WARD, America the Beautiful, The Philadelphia OrchestraTRADITIONAL, Amazing Grace, Jeffrey Lang, Anthony Prisk, & Matthew VaughnTRADITIONAL, Great Day, Julia Li, Chay-Hung Chen & Yumi Kendall  WARREN, Joyful, Joyful, CAPA Choir w/ The Philadelphia OrchestraThanks to consulting producer Sofiya Ballin and audio engineer Teng Chen.

Jun 16

29 min 47 sec

Gabriela Lena Frank, The Philadelphia Orchestra’s composer-in-residence is widely celebrated for exploring her multicultural heritage through her work. On this episode, you'll hear about her path, her position on "identity politics", and how she pays it forward. Learn more about the Gabriela Frank Creative Academy of Music hereMUSIC: FRANK, Leyendas; An Andean Walkabout, Mvt.3  (Philadelphia Orchestra)FRANK, Concertino Cusequeño  (Philadelphia Orchestra)HUNT, Climb  (Philadelphia Orchestra)FRANK, Leyendas; An Andean Walkabout, Mvt.4  (Philadelphia Orchestra)Hosted by Tori Marchiony. Thanks to Consulting Producer, Sofiya Ballin and Audio Engineer, Teng Chen. 

May 19

29 min 36 sec

Sheryl Lee Ralph didn't always see a therapist. But from a young age, she was encouraged to speak her struggles aloud. "You go to church, you find the right minister and you talk about it."In this special HearTOGETHER Bonus Clip, Ralph and her husband, PA State Senator Vincent Hughes, talk about their own mental health journeys, and their fight to end the stigma around mental health care. Mental Health Resources MUSIC: Dvořák Symphony No.9, “from The New World,”  The Philadelphia OrchestraHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen

May 1

9 min 7 sec

Episode 7 of the HearTOGETHER Podcast from The Philadelphia Orchestra is twice as nice, with star of stage and screen, Sheryl Lee Ralph and longtime Pennsylvania Senator Vincent Hughes. Married for nearly 20 years, the power couple connected early through  their shared commitment to championing positive change (especially in public health). They talk about their first date, what HIV and COVID have in common, how they feel about third party politics, and more. MUSIC KRIEGER & EYAN, "Dreamgirls," Terry Burrell, Loretta Devine & Sheryl Lee Ralph- 1983 MDA Labor Day TelethonFUNG, "Prayer," Philadelphia Orchestra- Upcoming Performance 5/15HIGDON, "Pale Yellow," Barbara Govatos, Hai-Ye Ni, & Natalie Zhu - Community Concert RecordingBEETHOVEN, "Symphony No.5,"  Philadelphia Orchestra- BeethovenNOW LivestreamHosted by Tori Marchiony. Thanks to Consulting Producer, Sofiya Ballin and Audio Engineer, Teng Chen. 

Apr 21

34 min 54 sec

Dr. Eleonora Beck is a musicologist who teaches a course on Music and Social Justice at Lewis & Clark College-- but she's never been the type to stay locked away in an ivory tower. In this episode, you'll hear Beck talk about fighting for change through music, inside musical institutions, and out on the front lines of protest and policy. Music:BECK, Euridice, MONK, Railroad (Travel Song), Conrad TaoSHOSTAKOVICH, Symphony No.7 Leningrad 4th Movement Part 1, The Philadelphia OrchestraTINDLEY, We Shall Overcome, brass quintet PRICE, Piano Concerto, Philadelphia Orchestra w/ Michelle Cann Hosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 

Mar 17

30 min 13 sec

Through her non-profit, Decolonizing the Music Room, Brandi Waller-Pace teaches educators how to create class environments that celebrate, reflect, and speak to Black, brown, Indigenous, and Asian cultural perspectives that are routinely erased. In this episode, you’ll hear about Waller-Pace’s own school experiences, the "decolonizing" lessons that matter most, and why she always maintains the mindset of a student.   MUSIC Sally in the Garden, Brandi Waller-PaceMARSALIS, Blues Symphony, The Philadelphia OrchestraSAINT-GEORGES, Symphony No.2, The Philadelphia OrchestraLINKS“The Uses of Anger” by Audre LordeRing Around The Rosie FolkloreFort Worth African American Roots Music FestivalDecolonizing The Music Room, Website : Facebook : TwitterHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 

Feb 17

27 min 55 sec

Though many spiritual leaders preach visions of a better future, it's also common to bypass hard facts and focus on the happy ending. Not so for Reverend Mark Tyler.  On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, Tyler shares his path to leadership, the importance of slogans in activism, and what "Defund the Police" means to him. MUSIC"JOHNSON & JOHNSON, "Lift Every Voice,"  The Philadelphia Orchestra w. vocalist Laurin Talese"Magic," Maze ft. Frankie BeverlyWESLEY WORK JR., "Go Tell It On The Mountain," string quartet  w. vocalist Patrice Hawthorne TINDLEY, "We Shall Overcome," brass quintetLINKSOur City, Your Orchestra MLK Tribute ConcertHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 

Jan 20

24 min 11 sec

It's been a long and winding journey,  and Nicole Jordan has accomplished her dream of becoming a full-time member of The Philadelphia Orchestra as its new Principal Librarian. On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, Jordan shares her journey from aspiring instrumentalist to glass-ceiling-shattering- librarian, plus what's kept her sane in between.  MUSIC:Can't Hurry Love, The SupremesSIMON, Fate Now Conquers  WORLD PREMIERE - PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA COMMISSIONCOLEMAN, Seven O'Clock Shout  WORLD PREMIERE - PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA COMMISSIONHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen

Dec 2020

27 min 25 sec

Jeannine A. Cook is a writer, strategist, and entrepreneur who the city of Philadelphia has been lucky to call a resident for the better part of two decades.  On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, Cook shares some of the challenges and triumphs of opening her brick-and-mortar store, Harriett's Bookshop, how she became a master strategist, and why she doesn't let herself get sidetracked by unsolicited advice. MUSIC [Performers; Ohad Bar-David, Cello; Ajibola Rivers, Cello; Angela Zator Nelson, Percussion]ARGOV, Lech lamidbarNELSON, Percussion ImprovisationRIVERS, Rumba from Suite No.2LINKS:Read the rest of Jeannine's short story hereWatch the full Our City, Your Orchestra concert at Harriett's Bookshop here Learn about Mahalia Jackson here Hosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 

Nov 2020

26 min 35 sec

The HearTOGETHER Podcast from The Philadelphia Orchestra is a space for honest, intimate conversations about life, music, social justice- and how art can help bring us towards a brighter future. In episode one, you’ll hear from two singers who raise their voices against injustice- Davóne Tines and Jillian Patricia Pirtle.Davóne Tines is perhaps best-known for his original works which look at complex social issues, directly in the eye. Like 2018’s The Black Clown, based on Langston Hughes’ poem of the same name,  about a black clown who is at first forced to wear a white costume, and gradually finds the resolve to take it off. Growing up in “Virginia horse country”, Tines connected deeply to the character. "I realized if I wore a certain thing, people reacted to me a certain way. And so that starts you building a toolkit of how you want people to treat you, so you assign clothes to those things. And you can really shape-shift those things very subtly. And yeah, I think that was almost the beginning of me being a performer,"  he said.Jillian Patricia Pirtle is a historian, singer, pageant queen, and CEO of The Marian Anderson Historical Society and Museum. Her ongoing battle to preserve Marian’s 150-year old house got even more difficult this summer when three pipes burst in the basement. It’s been an incredibly difficult year, but Pirtle refuses to give up on her mission, saying, “I believe that Marian's legacy and her story makes our stories, what they will become, and our future legacies, possible. So why would I abandon that? You're asking me to abandon myself and you and other little girls who need to have that sense of knowing that they can. If I think of only but myself in this moment, then what?” DONATEMarian Anderson Museum: http://marianandersonhistoricalsociety.weebly.com/Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/kyjj43-support-for-marian-anderson-historical-societyWATCHDavóne Tines Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBnULOJjyv9QOaeUXw5iTjwVigil video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkSDFkEoU90Our City, Your Orchestra series: philorch.org/our-city-your-orchestraREADThe Black Clown by Langston Hughes: https://americanrepertorytheater.org/media/the-black-clown-poem/LISTENBackground on our intro music, Dvořák’s Symphony No.9, “from The New World”  https://www.npr.org/sections/deceptivecadence/2018/11/24/669557133/dvorak-new-world-symphony-american-anthem Mixed by Teng Chen

Oct 2020

51 min 51 sec

The HearTOGETHER Podcast from The Philadelphia Orchestra is a space for honest, intimate conversations about life, music, social justice- and how art can help bring us towards a brighter future. 

Oct 2020

29 sec

On June 6, 2020, The Philadelphia Orchestra presented the first HearTOGETHER live program, dedicated to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and the countless Black Lives wrongfully and tragically lost before them, and to the value and dignity of all Black Lives. This excerpt features American trumpeter, composer, teacher, and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center Wynton Marsalis reflecting on the past, present, and future of classical music. For more from Marsalis, check out this essay he wrote over the summer.

Oct 2020

25 min 15 sec

Before HearTOGETHER was a podcast, it was a live event! On August 28, 2020, The Philadelphia Orchestra marked Women’s Equality Day and the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, with a discussion moderated by First Associate Concertmaster Juliette Kang and featuring soprano Angel Blue, and composer Jennifer Higdon. In addition to recognizing the achievements—and failures—of the early suffrage movement, the discussion focused on the panelists' lived experiences as women artists at the top of their field. 

Oct 2020

50 min 33 sec