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Ad Victoriam Salesforce Simplified

Ad Victoriam is a Salesforce® and MuleSoft® Partner that provides multi-cloud consulting services, from strategy to implementation. Our nimble team of certified professionals across the United States accelerates businesses by simplifying complex problems through cloud and data expertise. As a Certified B Corp, we balance purpose with profits and have made a strong commitment to the community. Learn more at Visit our podcast homepage here:

How to Improve Sales Forecasting in Salesforce with AI
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Episode Notes/Resources: Phil Everhart, President & Founder of SmartFox Technologies, talks about how companies can better accurately forecast sales in their CRMs using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Phil Everhart and SmartFox Technologies: Turn Sales Into Selling Machines, CRMs, AI, and More: Contact AdVic:

Dec 2

12 min 11 sec

Episode Notes: Have you ever wondered what it was like to go through a Salesforce implementation? Well, you’re about to find out! On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” we’ve invited AdVic’s Executive Director of Delivery - Jenny Chiczewski - to walk us through a Salesforce implementation, from initiation to the all-important (and butterflies-in-the-stomach) go-live day. Salesforce Implementation Resources: Salesforce Implementation with AdVic: When Outsourcing a Salesforce Implementation Makes Sense: Tips for a Successful Salesforce Implementation: Planning Your Salesforce Implementation: Finding the Right Salesforce Implementation Partner:

Nov 19

11 min 59 sec

Episode Notes: On this episode of AdVic’s "Salesforce Simplified" podcast we talk with AdVic Experience Cloud Practice Lead Ricardo Diaz about all the amazing things Salesforce’s Experience Cloud™ can do for your business' teams and customers. Learn more about Experience Cloud:

Nov 1

20 min 27 sec

Episode Notes: An overview of MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is the subject of this “Salesforce Simplified” podcast, and there’s no one better-suited to speak on the subject than AdVic’s own MuleSoft Practice Director, Tom Minton. MuleSoft Composer Info: Learn more about MuleSoft Anypoint Platform:

Oct 14

14 min 47 sec

Episode Notes: On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” our guest is Megan Burns, a Customer and Employee Experience expert, who helps good people deliver great experiences. Our discussion specifically focuses on creating world-class B2B customer experiences. Visit Megan Burns’ Website: Learn about B2B Commerce Cloud:

Sep 30

26 min 59 sec

On this “Salesforce Simplified” episode, we speak with AdVic CPQ Practice Lead Aaron Chamblee about some of his favorite new features in the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release across Sales Cloud, Reporting, Experience Cloud, Field Service, and Service Cloud.  Links: Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Notes: Top 6 Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Highlights - AdVic Blog:

Sep 15

13 min 51 sec

Ad Victoriam Executive Director, Technical Operations, David Litton, talks about how our Service Cloud Accelerator can increase the speed of any business' service delivery and satisfaction within just weeks...not months. Episode Notes: Learn more about AdVic's Service Cloud Accelerator:

Sep 1

13 min 24 sec

On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” our guest is Ad Victoriam’s Analytics Practice Director, Abby Schreiber. We last spoke to Abby on this podcast in November 2020 ( about the analytics power within Tableau™ and Tableau CRM™. This time, we’re talking about the difference between those two Salesforce® tools and what to take into consideration when choosing between them. Episode Notes: Learn More About Tableau and Tableau CRM: The Analytics Power Inside Salesforce Tableau CRM and Tableau:

Aug 19

13 min 17 sec

Christine Marshall is a 4x Salesforce-Certified Evangelist from Salesforce Ben, who also serves as a Salesforce Admin Group leader and has been named a Salesforce MVP in both 2020 and 2021. Episode Notes: Salesforce Ben: Bristol Salesforce Admin User Group: Admin Group, Bristol, UK - Trailhead: Bristol Salesforce Admin Group - LinkedIn: Bristol Salesforce Admin Group - Twitter: @BristolSFUG Christine Marshall’s “The Everyday Admin Blog:

Aug 2

14 min 59 sec

During this AdVic "Salesforce Simplified" podcast, we get to know MuleSoft Commercial Account Executive Ashley Casey, who talks about her role at the company, her love of technology, and her volunteer work with Women In Technology. Episode Notes: MuleSoft Information: and Women In Technology:

Jul 12

24 min 20 sec

Episode Notes: Vende Digital founder and CEO Paul Slack offers B2B Marketing tips across the topics of marketing strategies, sales and marketing, SEO, and social media. Links: Vende Digital: Paul’s Book: “Social Rules!” - Paul’s “Where Are My Leads” Webinar: Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation eBook: Test a website's readiness for Google Core Web Vitals: Learn More About B2B Commerce Solutions: Request an AdVic Expert as a Guest on Your Podcast: Send an email to

Jun 16

34 min 39 sec

AdVic CPQ Practice Lead Aaron Chamblee talks about some of his favorite new features in the Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release, focusing on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service, and more. Salesforce’s Complete Summer ’21 Release Notes: Previous Salesforce Release Podcasts from AdVic: Spring ’21 Release: Winter ’21 Release:

May 26

11 min 7 sec

Episode Notes: In this “Salesforce Simplified” episode, we're talking with AdVic Technical Account Executive Matt Rothman about how the utilization of data, reports, and dashboards within Salesforce's CRM helps him manage his business relationships and close more deals. Resources: Salesforce Implementation: Salesforce Integration: 4 Ways Salesforce CRM Improves Lead Conversions: How to Convince Your Stakeholders It’s Time to Get a CRM:

May 13

18 min 32 sec

Episode Notes T-Mobile Business Sales Manager Kenneth Scott leads his sales team daily in executing key business metrics, which makes him uniquely qualified to talk about making Salesforce work in your company. Reach Kenneth Scott: Email: Maximizing the Student Athlete: Resources: Salesforce Implementation - Salesforce Integration - 4 Ways Salesforce CRM Improves Lead Conversions - How to Convince Your Stakeholders It’s Time to Get a CRM -

Apr 29

13 min 38 sec

A conversation with Ali Davachi, CEO of the Boulder, CO-area tech consulting firm Realware ( Ali offers tips on avoiding digital transformation project failures (like having a healthy company mindset and culture), and how to make your project a success. Digital Transformation Resources: Getting Started with Digital Transformation Digital Transformation 101: Your Questions Answered Preparing for a Digital Transformation

Apr 21

15 min 42 sec

AdVic’s own Cassie Nettles talks about how she began her career path into the tech world, plus she talks about encouraging and supporting women in the workplace, especially working moms. Resources: Five Tips for Building Up and Supporting Women in the Tech Field: 30 Ways to Be an Ally for Women in Tech: 4 Ways to Support Working Mothers in Your Organization: Watch the AdVic "Culture" video (see if you can spot Cassie!):

Apr 14

12 min 7 sec

Guest Andrew Deutsch talks about lead conversions, how to turn sales teams into selling machines, CRM implementations, AI, and more. Andrew helms Fangled Tech International, a strategic marketing consultancy with services including fractional CMO leadership, in-depth research beyond the financials for M&A, in addition to total branding and go-to-market strategy creation. Reach Andrew at Episode Notes: - The Virtual Presenter Course (w/$50 off coupon applied): - 4 Ways Salesforce CRM Improves Lead Conversions: - How to Convince Your Stakeholders It's Time to Get a CRM:

Mar 10

20 min 51 sec

On this episode of AdVic’s Salesforce Simplified podcast, we're delighted to have as a guest Diane Helbig, the Chief Improvement Catalyzer at Helbig Enterprises. Our first topic is the world of sales - what companies are doing right...and wrong these days within their sales departments. We also get some tips on effective sales productivity and bringing deals to a close. We then switch gears and talk specifically about sales from a retail perspective and touch on what has changed for retailers and consumers as a result of the pandemic. Diane also talks about what people want to buy these days, and how retailers are bidding for their business via personalized journeys… and more. Reach Diane via: Diane's book, "Succeed Without Selling," is available here:

Feb 26

15 min 38 sec

Ad Victoriam consultant Aaron Chamblee break's down six highlights from Salesforce's Spring '21 Release, several of which enhance the Salesforce Field Service experience. Additional Resources: "6 Top Salesforce Spring '21 Release Highlights" Blog: Salesforce Spring '21 Release Notes:

Jan 27

16 min 51 sec

A conversation with David Panitch, President of Results Technology Group, about Digital Transformations and what to consider when planning for one for your business. Helpful Links: Digital Transformation Symposium - February 9, 2021: Ad Victoriam's "The Roadmap to Your Digital Transformation" eBook:

Jan 14

21 min 42 sec

Ad Victoriam VP of Manufacturing Delivery, Daniele Osif, talks about the many ways that manufacturers can digitally transform their businesses to deliver modern, connected experiences that improve internal operations and also enhances their customer service experience through a Salesforce solution. Learn more about Salesforce solutions for manufacturers here: and here: You can also watch a manufacturing customer talk about their experience with AdVic here:

Dec 2020

26 min 59 sec

The Analytics Power Inside Salesforce’s Tableau CRM and Tableau Ad Victoriam’s Analytics Practice Lead Abby Schreiber takes us inside Salesforce’s Tableau CRM and Tableau to talk about the analytical power that their individual platforms can bring to any business. Learn more about how Tableau CRM and Tableau can help your business here: And if you have more questions, reach AdVic here:

Nov 2020

13 min 16 sec

Ad Victoriam Field Service Practice Lead Jake Mize discusses Salesforce’s Field Service - and why the service industry should take note of its capabilities not only for their field teams but for their overall customer experience as well. Learn more about Salesforce Field Service here:

Oct 2020

17 min 7 sec

Thinking about becoming a Salesforce Developer, but not sure about the skills you will need to make it in this competitive field? Ad Victoriam consultant and developer Warren Walters offers advice on those needed skills, plus has suggestions on where you can go to get the training you’ll need.

Oct 2020

14 min

To help get you ready for the Salesforce® Winter ’21 Release, Ad Victoriam consultant Aaron Chamblee helps us go through the latest Salesforce innovations across mobile, industry solutions, content management, AI, and more to highlight seven of the standout new features. Learn more about the Salesforce Winter ’21 Release here:

Sep 2020

11 min 2 sec

Thriving businesses are agile, scalable and continually innovate to serve their customers. Based on industry best practices and the latest Salesforce advancements, learn how AdVic's Thrive Managed Services for Salesforce program keeps your cloud-based software in alignment with your processes and goals so your business can thrive. Guest Speaker: Ad Victoriam's Karen Dickinson.

Aug 2020

10 min 56 sec

More and more businesses today are empowering their sales and service teams with Salesforce Maps. Easily accessible on mobile or desktop, this tool provides your teams with a location-based view of critical customer data. Teams cut down on time spent planning and spend more time building meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers face-to-face. Guest Speaker: AdVic's Heather Bruder.

Jul 2020

11 min 21 sec

Learn about the Ad Victoriam Elevate Program, which trains college graduates (or students in their last semester) to become Salesforce Analysts. Guest Speaker: AdVic's Grant Keller. Learn more about the Elevate Program here:

Jul 2020

10 min 19 sec

Learn the basics of what Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is, and how it revolutionizes the way sales teams work. Guest Speaker: AdVic's Tyler Law. Additional Salesforce CPQ info here:

Jul 2020

16 min 44 sec

Who are the most important people to your organization? Customers? Donors? Employees? Connecting with the people who matter most to your business' success is a top priority. Engaging customers, employees, donors, volunteers, and stakeholders is fundamental to the growth of any operation – whether you are running a Fortune 500 company or local non-profit. In this "Salesforce Simplified" podcast episode - with our guest speaker, AdVic's Ricardo Diaz - we talk about how Salesforce's Community Cloud can give your business the roadmap it needs to manage these connections in a personal, yet efficient way. *Note: As of September 23, 2020, Salesforce's Community Cloud is now known as Experience Cloud. Get more information on Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) here:

Jun 2020

17 min 21 sec

Learn all about the power of Salesforce B2B Commerce and how its implementation into your CRM can benefit your business. Guest Speaker: AdVic's Sean McVay. And to learn even more about Salesforce B2B Commerce, click here:

Jun 2020

18 min 32 sec

When your member data is located in different systems, data is disconnected and not relatable, and effectively managing your members is challenging and ineffective. By unlocking and connecting data, you will see one coordinated view, in one system. Imagine access to members’ changes in benefits, claims submitted, claims paid, sales solutions, reporting, and even be able to reach out to members on a personalized level through marketing. In this podcast we'll reference Health Cloud for payers by Salesforce to discuss the value of connected data. To learn about how AdVic can help you connect your data, visit us at Guest Speaker: AdVic's Erin Snyder.

Apr 2020

25 min 55 sec

Customers and employees are demanding that the corporate world begin to serve all stakeholders, including their employees, communities, and the environment. More and more companies are listening and have begun incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives into their day-to-day business operations. But for those considering it and for everyone working to be the good they want to see, how can you make your company stand out? Becoming a Certified B Corporation is now the gold standard of the CSR world. Learn what it is, how to become one and how to truly have an impact. And if we can answer any questions you have about becoming a B Corporation, visit us at Guest Speaker: AdVic's Nathan Stuck.

Apr 2020

28 min 54 sec