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SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP deep dive into various sneaker topics.

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On today's episode, DP sits down with Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard, Collin Sexton to talk about his extensive sneaker collection, why he loves Air Jordan 2s, who really is the sneaker king of the Cavs and so much more! 0:33 What is your sneaker origin story?1:09 What was your first sneaker purchase?2:31 Is there a shoe that stands out to you because of a moment in your life?3:19 Why do you like the Jordan 2 so much?5:53 How many Doernbecher Jordans do you have in your collection?8:47 How many shoes do you have in your collection right now?13:17 Is there anyone on the Cavaliers that can keep up with your sneaker collection?16:16 What kind of sneakerhead are you off the court?17:00 Is there any shoe that you took an L on that you still don’t have?21:17 Where does your nickname “Young Bull” come from?22:50 How did you score 40 points and play 3 on 5?26:14 Any sneakers that you want to show us?


Nov 24

30 min 8 sec

On today's episode, Anna Bediones sits down with WNBA Superstar Arike Ogunbowale to talk about the WNBA's growing popularity, how she stays active during the off-season, who her biggest competition is for sneaker queen of the WNBA and so much more!0:53 What are you up to right now?1:35 What do you have on feet today?1:45 Why do you think there has been such growth in viewership this year for the WNBA?3:08 What do you think is the biggest roadblock in supporting women’s sports?5:00 Who did you think would win for the finals?5:54 What does your off-season look like?10:18 If you weren’t  playing professional basketball right now what would you be doing?11:35 What has been your biggest takeaway from Kobe Bryant?12:56 Who are some of the top WNBA players that you like to play against?14:18 Is there a general attitude when you compete against men during a pickup game?15:55 Are there any players that you think you could go head to head within a sneaker battle?17:02 What’s your approach to collecting sneakers?17:52 What’s the sneaker in your collection that you are most proud of? 18:45 What’s your approach to unDSing sneakers?19:42 How seriously do you take the tunnel/game day fit?20:31 Can you tell us about your jerseys on your wall?21:50 What is the basketball scene like in Milwaukee?22:56 What can we look forward to, from you in the future?23:53 What is your favorite sneaker ever?


Nov 17

25 min 1 sec

On today's podcast, Marco chops it up with UCLA quarterback, Chase Griffin to talk all things NIL deals, what he's most excited for with this historic change, what it's like to play with Jordan brand and so much more!1:02 How prepared were you for the NIL news this past year?4:05 What kind of deals have you already signed?6:40 Do you approach these deals with the criteria of having a community outreach guideline?8:26 Are students teaming up to help each other reach deals as well?10:22 Tell us about your studies and your graduate program12:55 Do you see schools offering more resources for student-athletes in regards to NIL deals?14:21 What kind of plans have you made with other student-athletes with creating an agency to handle deals?17:00 What has the balance been like between athlete and student?19:04 When did you discover social media as to more than just to keep up with your friends?20:52 Have any professional athletes reached out to you to support your NIL deals?21:19 How is your discord group going for you?22:12 How has it been to shift over to Jordan brand?23:21 Any future plans?


Nov 10

24 min 46 sec

On today's podcast, Marco sits down with Matt Steiner, found of @saint twitter and marketing lead at MSCHF to talk through his sneaker origin story, how he feels about MSCHF's Lil Nas X collab, advice on how you can break into the sneaker media industry and much more!0:55 What’s the first shoe that got you hooked on sneakers?3:34 What’s your opinion on the CDG Foamposites?5:19 Do you think there is a Foamposite wave coming?10:10 At what point did you think to create the @Saint account?13:08 What are some of the big moments from the @Saint accounting that broke big news?18:50 How did these conversations with big companies come about?21:27 What were you studying in college?26:37 Can you tell us a bit more about MSCHF?38:15 Do you think right now to break into the sneaker industry there are no limits on how to do it?41:40 What does your dad think about what you are doing now?


Nov 3

44 min 58 sec

On today's podcast, Tony Mui sits down with journalist and sneakerhead Ariel Helwani. Listen in as Ariel opens up about his "real" problem with Tony, how he feels about controversial guests on his show, his favorite sneakers and so much more!6:20 How much content do you consume/create a day?20:44 How in tune are you with hip-hop culture?28:14 How many bobbleheads are on your set?31:07 What’s on your laptop monitor as you do your show?34:34 What are the top 3 takeaways from hosting?41:52 Top 5 shoes in your collection right now?46:27 Overrated or Underrated?


Oct 29

57 min 12 sec

On today's podcast, Marco and DP are joined by Tye Engmann a.k.a. CuratedVan to talk all things vintage Air Jordan 1. Find out about the details that make some '85 AJ1s better than the rest, what's next up on the vintage craze, how to get into collecting old retros and so much more!0:40 Share with us more about Curated Van7:18 What do you think that created the vintage AJ1 wave we’ve seen recently?11:51 How do the different factories impact the vintage AJ1 design?16:40 How did it feel like when you had someone famous ask you to find them sneakers?18:24 Where is the most surprising place that you have found sneakers?20:20 Has it gotten harder to source product now?21:50 Are there any shoes that you haven’t been able to get your hands on?26:09 Do a majority of your clients sole swap vintage Jordan 3 and 4s?31:50 What is sizing like for vintage AJ1?34:23 If you don’t want to invest in ‘85s, what other years would you recommend looking into?37:57 What are some of the other shoes that you are getting requests for? 45:20 What was up with the shadow with the red outsole?


Oct 20

46 min 26 sec

On today's podcast, DP, Marco, and Anna give you a quick rundown of the hottest shoes to be dropping this Holiday season from the patent leather Bred Jordan 1 to the Salehe Bembury Crocs. Listen in as we give our hot takes on what's going to be the most innovative shoe this season.1:03 SoleSavy x Jordan Brand Collab4:11 Which sneaker are you most excited about from the Jordan Brand Winter Collection?14:38 What can people expect from the Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” release?20:00 Reactions to Off White x AJ2?22:58 Reactions to NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra?28:49 Halloween Sneaker Reactions?29:26 Salehe Bembury Crocs and New Balances Reactions31:20 Yeezy Knit Runner reactions? 


Oct 13

33 min 11 sec

On today's podcast, DP, Marco, and Anna sit down to discuss the upcoming NBA season, what their biggest expectation is for this year, what really could be happening with Kobe's sneaker line and so much more!1:00 What is happening with the Kobe line?10:20 What are the big moves in sneaker deal signing this year?19:00 Who are you looking forward to the most seeing in Jordan 36 P.E.?29:05 If you are New Balance with Kawhi being out, do you find new talent or free agents?35:06 What are the expectations for the Zion signature shoe?38:08 Lamelo Ball being on Puma, is this their big break?41:30 Who do you think deserves a signature shoe next?


Oct 7

45 min 33 sec

On today's episode, DP is joined by OG sneakerhead Franalations, to talk all things NFT. Listen in as they discuss the most exciting things in the space, what would it be like if Nike ever joined, what is an NFT and so much more!0:50 What is your sneaker origin story?1:44 How many sneakers did you have at the peak?2:20 How did you make the jump into NFT’s?7:38 Is collecting NFT the same as collecting sneakers?10:00 What kind of NFT collector are you?13:20 Can I just buy any NFT and be rich tomorrow?18:32 What is gas and why is there a war?26:02 What brand do you think could jump into NFT’s soon?28:27 Tell us more about your NFT project31:35 What are some of your favorite NFT projects?


Sep 29

40 min 4 sec

Michael Sykes (@MikeDSykes) joins DP to talk through some key questions around what increased stock does to a sneakers hype and how it impacts consumers decision making.


Sep 15

38 min 31 sec

On today's episode, DP sits down with New Orleans Pelicans player Devonte' Graham, to talk all about what it's like to be a Jordan athlete, his love for the Air Jordan 1 low, how he feels about his trade and so much more!0:46 Why do you like to play in the Jordan 13?2:11 What is it like to play in your home state, with Michael Jordan as the owner of the team and being a Jordan athlete?3:37 Any advice that Jordan gave you that you want to share?4:42 Can you tell us a bit more about your Instagram pic of you with Jordan Diors?6:32 What kind of Jordan product do you get in a typical month?8:37 How do you store and display your sneakers?9:51 Why do you like such a variety of sneakers?12:48 Is there any shoe in your collection that holds a special memory?16:04 NCAA changed their rules on NIL recently, how do you feel about it?17:49 What are you most excited about being on the Pelicans?


Sep 8

22 min 10 sec

On today's episode, DP sits down with Dennis Todisco, founder of @outfitgrid on Instagram to discuss his thoughts on where streetwear is going in the future, throwbacks to the early internet days, what it's like working for Instagram and so much more!0:28 How long do you feel like you’ve been a part of the culture?2:55 What did you learn from the early Internet forum days?6:45 What are you currently working on?9:12 What has been the biggest shift in streetwear and sneakers in the last few years?19:44 How did you get inspired to start Outfitgrid?24:50 What’s your sneaker collection like now?28:16 Tell us about your new show 


Sep 1

36 min 19 sec

On today's episode, DP sits down with Phoenix Suns small forward, Mikal Bridges to talk about why he loves the KD's so much, what his favorite off-court sneaker is, what it was like to get so far in the postseason and so much more!0:31 What is your sneaker origin story?4:44 Do you usually wear your sneakers to the ground on the court?6:38 Why did you want to wear KD 13?9:05 What was the playoff run like this past year?11:43 What was the like getting that point in at .6 sec?13:55 What’s your sneaker style off the court?17:17 What sneaker are you thinking of wearing for next season?


Aug 25

19 min 27 sec

What's up, everyone? Welcome to Triple Stitch. Today we are joined by Sashà, Toronto-born stylist and creative behind the looks of your favorite artist and events from tour styling, television appearances, and the red carpet with roots planted both in LA and New York.0:40 Can you explain how your story began and how your styling has been influenced by your unique background?9:23 How has the sneaker game changed from growing up until now?12:32 What was it about the 2's that attracted you to them?19:50 Is the Jordan 2 still your favorite Jordan? And if you had to pick a top 3, which ones would it be and why?22:04 What was the most memorable part of your journey?32:43 Do you ever look at everything you're doing and think how did I get here?36:55 Is there a creative process that you go through to channel the right vibes? And what does that process look like?41:04 What are some new brands and recent sneaker drops that have really caught your eye?45:36 If you were a mood board, what would be on it?48:40 What is something that you can share with our listeners looking to follow in your footsteps in the world of styling and being creative?51:16 If you could have a dream group chat, who would be in it? Dead or alive.


Aug 18

55 min 12 sec

On today's episode, DP sits down with basketball player and sneakerhead, Lance Stephenson to discuss his love of sneakers, how big his collection is, why the Jordan 13 is his favorite Jordan model and so much more!1:26 Where did your love from sneakers start?3:49 Why does the Jordan 13 stand out to you?4:40 How big is your collection?6:22 What did your sneakers look like in high school?7:16 Why do you continue to play in streetball tournaments?9:06 Tell us about And 110:25 Who in the NBA is a good trash talker?10:59 What was the experience like playing in China?13:30 Which players do you think personify the NBA?15:12 Tell us about wearing a different Jordan retro every game in a season18:12 What comes next for you this summer?19:02 What are your most recent pickups?


Aug 18

21 min 4 sec

On today's episode, Marco gets the inside info on the latest Air Jordan model the Jordan 36 with Jordan Brand designer Tate Kuerbis, find out about the newest tech, how Michael Jordan felt when he first touched this model, why fashion is coming second in this model and so much more!1:06 What does it feel like to have a shoe you designed help the U.S. win an Olympic gold medal?1:36 How long does it take to take a sneaker from concept to finished sample?2:45 Is the eclipse plate here to stay?3:42 What kind of premium materials did you include on the 36?5:05 What is the inspiration from on the Jordan 36?5:56 Were there any athletes that worked closely on providing feedback on the Jordan 36?6:56 What kind of new tech was used to create the Jordan 36?8:07 What is the pressure like working on an Air Jordan model?9:01 What is liked working with Michael Jordan on creating the newest models?10:08 Tell us about the deeper meaning behind “light” in this sneaker11:49 Tell us about sticking with making the best basketball performance shoe vs chasing the latest fashion trends15:31 What else can the weave be made into on the Jordan 36?16:16 Do you think about PE’s when destining the shoe?17:12 Is there a release schedule for the Jordan 36 lows?18:29 What is the double-stacked zoom like?19:09 Any easter eggs in the design?20:14 Can you give some insight into the colorway of this shoe?


Aug 16

21 min 5 sec

On today's podcast, DP sits down with GianFranc Ciarmela to discuss his recent feature article, "How We Got Here: A Dive into the World of Replica Sneakers". From why people buy fake sneakers over authentic, how the TikTok generation views replicas, and a live legit check.0:52 Breaking down Fake Sneaker Culture14:08 Has your stance changed on replica sneakers?18:25 Tell us more about fake sneakers getting through resale apps22:27 Live legit check on Travis Scott x Jordan 1


Aug 13

37 min 32 sec

On today's podcast, Marco sits down with Jeff Harris, Jordan brand employee to talk all about Jeff's Shoe Challenge, his advice if you want to get into the sneaker industry, how you can get involved and so much more!1:00 Introduction to Jeff’s Shoe Challenge3:55 What was the first shoe that got you excited about sneakers?5:15 What was the reception like to the shoe challenge?8:00 What made you change this from just a shoe drive to an experience for the kids?10:07 What are some of the most memorable shoes that have been donated?11:31 Introduction to Jeff Harris17:33 Did you see the musicians/sneakers collaborations coming?19:35 What is the most memorable shoe that you worked on?22:45 What advice do you have to get into the sneaker industry?26:51 How do you get involved Jeff’s Shoe Challenge?


Aug 11

31 min 31 sec

On today's podcast, Marco sits down with Modern Notoriety founder Oscar Castillo, to talk all about his love of Chicago, reminiscing about the sneaker blog glory days, how Marco has a long-lost connection with Oscar and so much more!1:03 Introduction2:43 What’s your origin story with sneakers?7:31 What made you decide to create your own blog?11:43 What do you think of Chicago being the sneaker capital?16:41 Do you remember that first moment where you thought you made it?18:22 What's your most memorable press trip?21:49 What's the most memorable sneakers that you got given?27:05 How did you start adding your different interests into your sneaker blog?31:14 What do you think about the sneaker blog era?38:17 How do you build a community into a passionate online community?42:34 Do you think that people getting into the industry skipping over sneaker blogs?48:53 What’s on your feet today? 


Aug 4

54 min 39 sec

Today we are joined by Tyler Mansour, Senior Photographer at Kith and the man behind the lens of footwear's most iconic shots also known as Arab Lincoln, the shoelace whisperer0:47 Where are you from originally and what’s your journey with footwear?32:27 Do you have a personal favorite project or a moment you will never forget while working at Kith?36:12 How do you continue to challenge and evolve yourself?40:58 Any advice for those trying to get into the sneaker photography space?43:18 What is the origin of the legendary ankle/sock pose?46:46 Can you tell us about your Nike ID’s?52:40 What was it like to participate in Apple’s first annual sneaker series?1:01:21 What other artists inspire you?1:07:50 When did you decide to launch the studio, and why is it important to you to have this space?1:12:43 If you could photograph any shoe, what would it be?


Jul 29

1 hr 14 min

On today's episode, Solesavy Team member Luis Torres sits down with Mike Wright, co-host of Fantasy Footballers podcast to discuss his love of Nike SB sneakers, how many times he's hit on SNKRS, what's his holy grail, and much more! 0:54 Tell us about what Fantasy Footballers podcast is all about2:30 What is the origin story of the Fantasy Footballers?9:08 What keeps you going every year?14:47 What is your sneaker journey like?21:15 What is your favorite pair in your collection?25:12 Are you still collecting the recent Nike SB releases? 32:02 Style Tips for Nike SB sneakers?33:18 Is there a pair that you always find yourself wearing?37:02 Which NFL players would you add to your team based on their sneaker collections?41:14 Any insights for Fantasy Football picks?45:07 What do you have on feet today?


Jul 28

47 min 19 sec

On today's podcast, Marco is joined by SoleSavy Community leader Toriq Ahmed, sneaker journalist Ian Stonebrook and former Def Jam Social Media Manager and current Bleacher Report Social Programming Manager Ala'a Eewshah. The four of them share reactions from Kanye West’s live DONDA listening event including the style, features and highly talked about rollout of the new album.0:41 Introductions2:18 First Reactions to the Listening Party4:25 Reactions to the sneakers at the listening party10:04 What does Kanye wearing Nike socks mean for us?21:40 What does a Kanye Listening Party look like for the team behind the scenes?25:12 What’s your reaction to the Beats by Dre commercial?28:58 What are some of the things that stood out to you from the album?38:38 If you had to choose, one Kanye sneaker era which would it be?


Jul 23

44 min 49 sec

On this episode of the pod, DP has Cassius Stanley in to talk all about his passion for sneakers, what collabs he's excited for with team Puma, what being in the dunk contest is like and so much more! 0:16 What have you been doing during the off-season?1:10 What is your origin story with sneakers?2:20 What was the sneaker scene like in high school?3:18 How long have you been with Puma and what is the team like?5:10 What was it like being in the dunk contest this year?7:14 What’s your sneaker rotation like on the court?10:38 How many shoes are in your collection?13:59 What has it been like expanding your collection to a new brand?18:04 How are you getting the newest shoes you want?20:03 What does your sneaker community look like?22:25 What are you looking forward to in the upcoming basketball season?23:21 What’s your social media strategy and how do you see it?25:33 Batman or Iron Man?


Jul 21

27 min 55 sec

On today's podcast, DP, Ian, and Marco all sit down to discuss Space Jam: A New Legacy, their review of the film, why they think you shouldn't be so critical of it, what other NBA star they would've wanted to see in the film and so much more!0:55 Space Jam (1996) Review5:24 Reactions to Space Jam: A New Legacy30:22 Who would you choose for your Space Jam team?33:52 If Space Jam 2 with Michael Jordan would’ve happened, who would you want to see?34:20 Favourite "Space Jam 11" shoe year?


Jul 20

39 min 45 sec

Today we are joined by Noah Thomas, Fashion Editor, Consultant, Host, and one of the leaders of the Mulement #muleboyz0:29 Introduction to Noah Thomas5:31 Tell us about your relationship with sneakers8:27 What was your experience like with The Dropcast podcast?9:43 What do you think would’ve happened if you stuck with school? 10:53 What was the most memorable interview on the Dropcast?12:31 What does it take to be Mule Boy?15:09 What one sneaker would be better as a mule?17:42 What is your ratio of mulez to sneakers in your collection?19:35 What are your thoughts on the sneaker culture of today?27:37 What are some of your favorite sneaker collars that you’ve seen recently?31:42 If Noah Thomas was a mule, which mule would he be?33:27 Do you have any words of advice for people that want to become a writer like you?


Jul 15

37 min

On today's podcast, DP is back! Chopping it up with Jake Biggs & P.J. Worsfold from Size? Canada, finding out what it's like to expand the iconic sneaker store into North America, what heat is expected to drop this summer, what they are most excited for and so much more!0:30 Introduction to Size? Team0:58 History of Size?2:51 Why did Size? choose to open a store in Canada?3:34 Where in Toronto is Size? opening?5:15 Will we be getting Size? collabs in Canada?7:23 What can we expect with the Toronto location opening?8:42 How are you trying to differentiate the in-store shopping experience?10:49 What’s been the biggest challenge you had to overcome launching the brand here?13:17 What is something that you are excited to see launch through the brand in Canada?17:46 Final Thoughts


Jul 12

20 min 3 sec

On today's episode, L is joined by Jason Markk, Founder of Jason Markk Premium shoe care, keeping our toe boxes clean since 2007. 0:30 Tell us about your journey and what led to these shoe care products2:58 When did your love for sneakers start?4:55 What were some of the responses you would get when you would perform your research on cleaning products and techniques?8:29 Was the original name Jason Markk?11:01 Do you feel like you are held to a certain standard whenever you leave your home to never have dirty kicks?13:03 What were some of your sneaker cleaning hacks growing up?14:31 what is something really interesting about the chemistry of shoe cleaning that still blows your mind to this day?18:14 What is the process when you are updating products or introducing new ones like with your team?20:19 Have you or any of your team encountered a shoe so dirty that you were worried you might now be able to restore it? 28:22 What was it like opening your flagship and then going abroad to open another shop?34:17 What's one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a business owner?42:00 Why is sustainability so important to you?48:18 You've recently launched Jason Markk Public Radio with a playlist put together by friends and family. What was the reasoning behind this idea?51:12 What are some ways you are able to decompress when you aren’t working?


Jul 2

54 min 10 sec

On today's episode, Marco is joined by pro soccer player Zarek Valentin to talk all about his favorite soccer boots, how he got his hands on unreleased Off-White MCA AF1's, what he loves about the SoleSavy Community and so much more!0:37 What is your sneaker origin story?3:28 What are some of the iconic soccer boots?6:04 What are some of your go-to soccer boots?8:01 How was it being a Nike athlete in Portland?14:25 How was it adjusting to the Houston sneaker culture?16:59 How was MLS embraced sneaker culture?20:24 Who are the biggest sneakerheads in the MLS?21:52 Was there a kit or a boot that you had you mesmerized?27:00 With Euro Cup and Copa America going on right now, do you have time to watch those games?28:27 What were the challenges through this pandemic as a soccer player?30:13 What is it like to represent Puerto Rico on their national team?33:16 What was it like when people reacted to you wearing MCA x AF1?38:17 Why did you start sending messages on your soccer boots?41:10 What makes SoleSavy special to you?


Jun 30

46 min 48 sec

On this episode of the podcast, Anna Bediones sits down to talk with celebrity barber, Vince Garcia all about how he ended up on HBO 'The Shop', what to do if your barber is out of town, his favorite shoe to cut in and so much more!0:59 What’s on your feet today?1:38 What’s your go to sneaker while cutting hair? 2:44 What is the biggest sneaker flex you’ve seen come into your shop?3:47 Tell us the story about how you went from cutting hair to being the goto barber for celebrities6:31 Who was your first big celebrity you cut in LA?9:39 How did you get involved with ‘The Shop’11:19 What’s the special bond between a guy and his barber?14:42 What is the craziest request you’ve gotten from a celebrity?18:07 What if a client asks you for something that won’t turn out good, do you do it?19:52 Are designs in the hair coming back?21:45 Have any of your clients blessed you with some fire sneakers?23:58 Who has the best cut in the NBA?


Jun 23

27 min 9 sec

Today we are joined by Alani Figueroa also known as Wuzg00d, she is an Instagram powerhouse,  streetwear tastemaker, and the Queen of color coordination with head-to-toe looks that inspire all your favorite brands' mood boards. 0:55 Introduction1:58 When did your Instagram turn into a platform?4:04 Why the handle "Wuzg00d"?6:09 What was the experience like hosting Colorways & Toe boxes?8:57 How did you discover your style and make it your own?13:08 Is there one trend in sneakers that you wish you could unsee?14:35 Can you talk about some of the work you've done with Jeremy Scott?17:34  What is the process like when deciding what to do with your nails?21:02 How do you handle the pressure as a woman in the industry to be a voice for other women who may not have the same reach and platform?22:24 Where would you say your confidence comes from? and is it something you always had?25:30 What women have inspired you the most when you think of changes that have been made for women in the sneaker landscape?28:05 How have you been able to navigate working with multiple brands?29:50 A lot of content creators struggle deciding if they need a manager or not. What's your take on that?32:18 Is there one sneaker in your existing collection special to you?34:37 Do you have any advice on how people can coordinate color into their everyday wardrobe?37:38 What have been some of the most impactful moments for you so far in sneakers as a woman?


Jun 18

41 min 42 sec

On this episode, Toriq Ahmed sits down with sneaker legend, Bobbito Garcia to discuss sneaker culture, what Kobe's legacy is like on the game of basketball, his Nike collaboration and so much more!2:08 How do you define the true meaning of sneaker culture?6:39 Tell us about your Nike collaboration16:59 What kind of impact did Kobe have on the game of basketball?21:42 Is there any new silhouette that catches your eye?


Jun 16

28 min 26 sec

Today we are joined by Romy Samuel and Sophia Chang, the founders of Commonace, the one-stop shop marketplace for women's sneakers.0:29 Introduction to Romy Samuel and Sophia Chang7:21 What similarities have you both been able to find within your journeys through footwear being from two completely different parts of the world?8:26 Commonace was founded in 2018, what was it like when you initially launched?10:20 Why the name Commonace? 13:43 How do you balance your friendship and working together as partners?16:08 How do you both navigate being a voice and vessel for the female market and making sure that you are creating a space for all women and not just some?19:35 You’ve been conducting surveys this past year, are there any findings that have surprised you?22:39 Romy, you jumped from the tech industry to the footwear industry. What spurred that for you and how have you navigated them?25:39 Sophia, you worked for Jeff Staple as a project manager for Staple Design. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how you originally connected with Jeff?33:42 Is there an experience that you had that stood out to you the most to drive you to create Commonace and fill this void in the industry?36:12 Sophia, in 2014 you released your “brooklynite” collection with Puma. How did it feel as a collector to have that moment and what was the creative process like for you?40:17 Recently this year you both hosted the first-ever livestream Nike has done on SNKRS for Air Max Day. What did it feel like to make history on one of the most important holidays in sneakers?45:29 A sneaker collection can be as unique as a fingerprint, what’s the biggest difference between your collections?46:46 What are some different ways you have been able to clear out your sneaker collections without resorting to resale methods?48:51 How would you describe one another by referencing only one sneaker?


Jun 4

51 min 55 sec

On this episode of the SoleSavy podcast, Ian Stonebrook sits down with Clay Dean, Chief Innovation Officer at Under Armour to talk about the most recent release from Steph Curry's line the Curry 8's, breaks down what Steph challenged the design team to accomplish with them, where the Curry brand is going and so much more!0:42 What was it like to be challenged by Steph curry to make a shoe that ups his game?2:17 What was Steph Curry looking for in a shoe?4:27 How did you accomplish "court feel" need without the traditional approach?11:08 What was Tom Luedecke's approach to designing the Curry 8?13:59 How did you make this shoe accessible to the “everyman” wanting to get better?15:44 Community Question: What’s the most out-there thing that Steph has asked you to incorporate into a sneaker?16:24 Community Question: Working on the Curry line, is there a consistent theme or story you are trying to tell through the series?17:37 Community Question: What's in store for the Curry 10?18:14 Community Question: How much does casual wear play into designing the Curry 8?20:07 How does the Curry 8 launch the Curry Brand and what people can expect from the Curry Brand moving forward?


Jun 2

21 min 59 sec

On today's episode, Anna Bediones sits down with Filipino Basketball star and latest Jordan Brand signee, Kiefer Ravena to discuss what his goal is with Jordan Brand, what it's like to be the first Filipino signed, his favorite sneakers and much more! 1:27 What does it mean to you to be signed to Jordan Brand and the first Filipino to be signed?2:57 Did you know early on that pro sports would be your livelihood?3:58 What is the coolest part of being a part of the Jordan Brand family and what are you looking forward to the most?5:29 Are you a big sneakerhead?6:07 What are some of your favorite sneakers?6:57 How do you get sneakers out in Manila?8:10 What was your relationship with Kobe Bryant?11:07 Tell us about the landscape of sport in the Philippines12:55 Tell us about the experience from playing in the southeast Asia games to now playing in America14:50 Anyone in particular that taught you a lot while playing in the US?15:39 Any pros that we know, that you got to share a court with?16:42 What do you think it will take to elevate Philippine basketball?19:21 Do you want to take another shot of playing in the NBA?21:30 What do you think of the future of Filipinos in the NBA?24:14 What is your ultimate goal with Jordan brand? 


May 26

27 min 42 sec

Today we are joined by Drew Hammell, historian of the culture and the master behind your favorite sneakerhead's favorite Instagram, NikeStories.  0:31 How did you end up doing what you are doing today?1:47 Do you remember the first pair of Nike’s you ever got?3:55 When did Nike Stories really start?6:00 What was the process to develop the content for the page?6:53 What Nike Story impacts you the most?8:40 What was it about Andre Aggasi the inspired you the most?12:27 What sneaker designs by Wilson Smith have impacted you the most?13:54 Is there a shoe from your past that still eludes you to this day?17:11 How do you feel the sneaker industry has changed because of social media?21:42 What do you think about shoes that would hit the sale rack in the 90’s but now are reselling for high amounts?26:52 What collaboration do you wish would’ve happened in the 90’s?28:01 What was it like writing for Eastbay?29:58 What writer inspired you to start writing your own stories?31:25 What was it like to write for Complex Sneaker of the Year book?36:59 How many retro’s do you have versus new silhouettes?38:14 Which retro are you waiting on that hasn’t happened?39:07 Which Adidas silhouettes would you wear?41:34 What should we expect next from you?42:56 Is there a Nike Story we don’t know, but we all should?


May 21

45 min 38 sec

On today's episode, Marco Henry sits down with NBA All-Star Draymond Green to talk all about his brand new Converse PE sneakers that will debut during the NBA playoffs, why he is so excited about his move to Converse, all about his love for sneakers and so much more! 0:47 Why did you want to move to Converse?4:50 What are some of your memorable debuts/campaigns for Nike?7:15 How does it feel to have your own PE with Converse?9:38 What story do you want to tell with this PE’s colorway?12:32 How are you feeling right now as the NBA season comes to an end?16:06 When did you start getting a love for sneakers?19:32 What does getting a Converse PE mean for you?


May 19

21 min 35 sec

Today we take a deep dive into Sneaker Law! DP is joined by Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein, authors of "Sneaker Law" a book designed to show the business and legal side of the sneaker industry, to discuss Nike's recent lawsuits against MSCHF x Lil Nas X, why they wanted to write this book, why you should read it and so much more!0:28 Introductions 5:43 What was it like working with Kanye West?7:12 Why did you decide to write a book?9:48 What’s your take on Nike's recent lawsuits against custom sneakers?13:12 Why did Nike sue Warren Lotas but not the Shoe Surgeon?15:58 What is Sneaker Law for the classroom all about?18:05 What was it like to publish a book?22:08 Where we can buy the book?


May 10

24 min 21 sec

What's up everyone, welcome back to Triple Stitch! Today we are joined by none other than Justine Brown, host, social producer, and sneaker connoisseur.2:02 How did the love of sneakers begin for you?4:10 What was the first sneaker that you loved?7:40 What was your journey like to what you are doing today?12:52 What is one of the most heartbreaking L’s you’ve taken when it comes to footwear?19:34 Do you think female sneakerheads have more to prove than male sneakerheads?23:10 If you could only wear one silhouette for the rest of your life what would it be?28:51 Has your career played a part in what kind of sneakers you like?32:52 If you could have any athletes sneaker collection and why?41:53 What do you think the female impact on the sneaker game will hold in the future?45:08 What female sneaker drops have been the most influential?49:43 Do you have a guilty pleasure cop?


May 6

54 min 40 sec

Introducing the newest member of the SoleSavy Team, Tony Mui! On this episode of the SoleSavy Podcast, DP talks with Tony all about his new role on the team, what life was really like at Complex, what you can expect with Tony on the team and so much more!0:28 Introductions1:57 How did you first get into sneakers?6:36 What was it like being an actor?11:18 How did you get a job at Complex?13:11 What was making Life at Complex like?19:05 What moments stand out from your time at Complex?22:05 What are you looking forward to most being with SoleSavy?23:27 Why did you want to join the SoleSavy Team?26:00 What do you love and appreciate about  sneaker culture? 


May 3

28 min 6 sec

In today's episode, DP and Justin sit back and admire the flawlessness of A Ma Maniére x Jordan 3 sneaker release, how it stacked up to Trophy Room's Disaster Drop, where it ranks on the list of best ever sneaker release methods and so much more!0:48 Trophy Room x Jordan 1 Release vs A Ma Maniére Jordan 3 Release2:10 How did they cater to this being women’s release?8:48 How technical would it be to set up a release like this?11:05 hall of fame sneaker releases14:53 Sneaker Drop delays18:10 World Wide Release Date for A Ma Maniére x Jordan 3


Apr 29

20 min 57 sec

In today's episode, DP sits down with the newest member of the SS  team, Luis Torres, to talk about his outlook on the sneaker game, why community is so important to him, how he became a sneakerhead and so much more!0:21 Introducing Luis Torres4:33 How did you become a sneakerhead?8:37 What's your favorite memory from writing at NiceKicks?12:31 Favorite running sneaker of all time and non-running sneaker of all time?15:08 What’s your take on the state of the sneaker game?20:17 Why did you want to join SS at this time?22:43 What upcoming events are you most excited about?


Apr 26

24 min 54 sec

Following the breaking news of Kobe Bryant's Nike deal ending, DP, Ian Stonebrook, and Marco Negrete  jump on the pod to discuss. The trio breaks down the timeline of how and why this happened and what comes next.


Apr 20

1 hr

What's up everyone welcome to Triple Stitch, we are kicking off our very first episode with community leader and founder of the Whitaker Group, James Whitner. Chopping it up about his upcoming Jordan collab of the AJ3 "Raised by Women", what it's like being a black creative in the space and what he likes to have for breakfast.0:36 Introduction to James Whitner & the Whitaker Group1:20 History of the Flava Factory5:10 Launch of Social Status7:33 Birth of A Ma Maniére9:10 Do you have any mentors?10:43 Best piece of advice that you’ve gotten?14:06 What was it like mentoring Marcus Jordan through opening Trophy Room?15:25 How important was your Friends and Family Air Force 1?18:46 Why is it so important to give back to the community?20:40 A Ma Maniére x Jordan 3 Women’s Drop34:36 Community Question: How do you make your products attainable by those that inspire it?38:00 Any free game for the listeners?


Apr 19

39 min 21 sec

On today's episode, Jay "@Shanghaisole" Shuang sits down with DP to break down why Nike is having so many shipping delays, what's sitting on shelves in China, how a new problem with China could cause an even larger disruption and so much more!1:00 Introduction to @Shanghaisole3:55 Thoughts on Nike Sneakers Release Delays7:47 Do you think China will become the sneaker hub?9:02 Does a staggered release help at all?14:31 If you walked into a nike store in Shanghai what is on the wall?21:51 Cotton Dispute26:33 Do you think Nike will pull product from China? 


Apr 16

37 min 17 sec

On today's episode, Eric Paschall joins DP to talk about his love for sneakers, what his dream PE would look like, who has the biggest sneaker collection on the Golden State Warriors and so much more!0:51 Why did you want to start a sneaker collection Instagram account?2:01 What was your sneaker collection about before the NBA?3:29 What’s your favorite pair of Jordan 1s?4:25 What got you into sneakers?7:24 Why do you like playing in Kobes?8:53 How many shoes do you go through in a year?10:08 How many shoes do you pack for a road game?11:07 Who’s got the biggest sneaker collection on the Warriors?12:17 Who would be the next king of sneakers in the NBA?13:49 What would your PE look like?15:38 How do you get sneakers even though your busy playing?


Apr 14

18 min 40 sec

Ian "The Human Fact Machine" Stonebrook is back with us today on the SoleSavy Podcast! DP and Ian talk all about the most hyped release of this weekend the Jordan 5 "Raging Bull", why DP is excited to triple up on them, where Ian ranks them on his list of top 5 Jordan 5 colorways and so much more!0:28 Why we are excited for the Jordan 5 Raging Bull Retro6:37 Why does Jordan brand give us similar colorways instead of the original retro?7:51 Why Jordan brand is retroing 2000’s colorways14:50 Would you say this is a top 5 Jordan colorway?15:40 Where do these rank on the list of best non-OG Jordan colorways?17:28 Do you think that Jordan Brand has more Jordan 5’s colorways on the way?25:15 Where do these rank on all red sneakers?


Apr 8

29 min 13 sec

On this episode of the SoleSavy podcast, DP sits down with NFL player, Mack Hollins to discuss what life is like after you win the championship your rookie year, how Mack is using his social media to inspire the next generation, what his favorite sneaker is, and much more!:27 What was it like to sign with the Miami Dolphins?1:28 How did we meet?14:30  What was the experience like to win a super bowl your rookie year?21:03 Is the league competitive from a style perspective?25:41 What's your sneaker collection like?27:09 What is Fast Fact Fridays, Mackbook Mondays, and your social media all about?37:04 Favorite sneaker?37:34 Favorite shoe to work out in?38:16 What’s your favorite cleat?


Apr 7

41 min 22 sec

On this episode of the podcast, DP and Justin discuss the sold-out MSCHF x Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” and all the controversy behind them.  Afterward, the duo gets into what exactly is causing all these sneaker release delays in 2021.0:32 Thoughts on the MSCHF x Lil Nas X collab3:51 Why did Nike sue MSCHF?9:58 What‘s going on with all the sneaker delays? 


Mar 31

25 min 21 sec

Ian, Human Fact Machine, Stonebrook is back! On this episode of the SoleSavy podcast, DP and Ian breakdown all the releases and dive deep into Air Max Day 2021, what their favourite Air Max model is, which model they want to see come back and so much more!1:03 Air Max 1 "Evolution of Icons"11:23 Nike Air Max Pre-Day18:00 CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death”26:03 DQM’s Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon”32:12 If there’s one Air Max that you could bring back, what is it?


Mar 24

37 min 42 sec

On today's episode, DP interviews our special guest Sarah Sukumaran, on what it takes to bring up a brand new sneaker brand during a pandemic, what inspires the design process of her first shoe, why Sarah's new brand is based around inclusivity and much more!0:27 Introduction to Sarah Sukumaran2:33 What was the biggest thing you learned while working at Nike?6:14 What motivated you to start something new?9:56 What inspired you to create the brand?15:04 Where are you in the design process now?16:24 How would you describe the sneaker you are creating right now? 


Mar 17

20 min 48 sec