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Your host, Mishelle Lamarand takes you through difficult topics that bring both joy & challenge. Special guests bring their stories of failures and successes on a var

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In this edition of "Friday Favs", I share my five best practical tips on how to be productive & happy while working from home. I've been working from home for over 15 years and have learned so much in avoiding small business & creative burnout. These tips will also help you to find a healthy work life balance. It is possible to be productive, and still be happy working from home.

Apr 2019

15 min

In this episode, I share the idea of re-writing your story. The story you've been telling yourself for so many years now, maybe even since childhood. This episode digs deep into layers of pain or failure that you've experienced and encourages you to take this story off repeat and step into a new one that gives you permission to step into a life of connection and success.

Apr 2019

41 min

Every Friday, I'll share my Friday Favs. A 5 minute episode for you to take into the weekend with some of my favorite tips, tricks and tools to living in & through your faults and this messy life. In this episode, I share 5 ways to self care that are outside of the box, yet simple to apply to your every day life. It took me year of therapy to realize that I was worthy of good self care practices. And today, I share some of my favorites with you.

Apr 2019

6 min

If you love a good, juicy read then you're going to love this episode. I share 5 books that changed the course of my life. In this episode I also share the titles and insights of some of my favorite books, and touch on the story of losing my first husband to a heart attack and how I was able to find love again without fear.

Apr 2019

51 min

An open letter to the perfect version of you. In this episode, I share an open letter that I wrote for all the perfectionists, and for anyone who has spent a good part of their life chasing perfection, like I have. This is for anyone who believes they're not good enough or worthy of being loved. This letter is also for the ones who are ready to leave all of that behind.

Apr 2019

10 min

In this episode, I explore the concept of love & fear and how they cannot coexist. Hang in there, as I dive into a bit of the neuroscience behind this concept as well as how to apply it to our real lives. I share my own fears and story of how I walked away from a high paying job in Corporate America to chase my dreams and what that looked like. I provide insight and quick tools to naming and destroying your own fears and how to take baby steps towards crushing them. If you are letting fear decide your future, you might want to listen to this episode.

Mar 2019

26 min

In this episode, I welcome new listeners, share a glimpse into my life & experiences in being a mom, small business owner and widow. I share some insight about how I came to the name "Beautiful Faults" and what's its like learning to live inside my own. In each episode, I'll share a few gems to get you thinking about your own circumstances and encourage you to dream BIG and to start somewhere. I'm so happy you're here.

Mar 2019

29 min

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