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Welcome to Let’s Talk Tri Delta! Topics covered on this podcast will be relevant to the Tri Delta experience, both collegiate and alumnae, with hosts and guests who are members, friends and industry experts. We will take a deep dive into some of the most powerful stories from our award-winning magazine, The Trident, and we will get up close and personal with some of our brave, bold and kind members.

Welcome to Let's Talk Tri Delta!
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The #1 thought leader on 21st century teamwork and collaboration, Erica Dhawan brought the house down at our recent LEADDD Keynote, focusing on how to lead with digital intelligence and we’re so pleased to have her on this episode of Let’s Talk Tri Delta! In an ever-changing world, Erica shows us how to find your voice and get noticed through your digital presence and body language. She offers fantastic “dos” and “don’ts” on how to truly interact in our virtual worlds … more than just mastering a Zoom call. Erica also offers insight on connectional intelligence and how to leverage relationships to make bigger dreams become a reality. These ideas are myth-busters on how to have a thriving work culture in an increasingly digital workplace. Be sure to check out more from Erica at ericadhawan.com!Follow Erica on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn! 

Dec 7

22 min 13 sec

This Founders’ Day, we take a look both to Tri Delta’s past and our future. Fraternity President Megan James, Millsaps, speaks about our trailblazing Founders and their remarkable paths as women and professionals. Since our earliest days, we’ve had a steadfast commitment to the growth and development of our members. She also offers an exciting glimpse into new opportunities for our sisters!Highlights:1:55 Challenges facing Tri Delta today3:05 Reflecting on our Founders4:54 The call to learn and grow from our 1938 Convention6:50 Tri Delta is here for your lifelong development

Nov 23

10 min 13 sec

We are celebrating our sisters as we approach our annual Day of Giving on Friday, Nov. 12, just ahead of World Kindness Day. Tri Delta’s Foundation Board Chair Stacey Cox, Southern Methodist, is joined by three alumnae who share why they give and how it makes a difference in the lives of their sisters. Lexi Leggs, Millikin, is a young alumna who received a scholarship as a collegian, which helped alleviate financial constraints so she could focus on her academics and chapter leadership. Leah Jochim, Ottawa, gives back to the Foundation through a company matching program which allows her to maximize her impact. And Executive Board Director Sandy Beach Lin, Toledo, has made a transformational gift to Tri Delta, centered around her passions for our DEI efforts, women in business and music as a part of our history. Hear these sisters’ stories and learn how you, too, can invest in your sisters on our Day of Giving 2021!http://tridelta.org/dayofgiving  

Nov 9

21 min 55 sec

Fresh off her LEADDD Keynote for Tri Delta, we’re pleased to have Dr. Megan Gerhardt on our podcast! Megan is a professor of management and director of leadership development at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She began her work on “gentelligence” following her TEDx Talk “Why I Like Millennials and You Should Too.” This concept reframes how people think about generational differences in the workplace and personal relationships, and how to apply what we know about diversity in other realms to generations of people. She also discusses the opportunities for “mutual mentorship” and intergenerational learning in both directions, providing the ability to exchange ideas for everyone’s collective growth. Be sure to check out Megan’s TEDx Talk, book and other articles on her website, profgerhardt.com!Follow Megan on Instagram: @profgerhardt

Oct 26

14 min 28 sec

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Alison Griffin, Southern Methodist, contributed her story about life as a single parent during the pandemic. She discusses the lengths she took for her family when all her available resources for support were suddenly gone. Feeling the weight of the world, Alison forced herself to hit the pause button in order to recalibrate and reset parts of her life. She offers the best lessons she learned from having the courage to put herself first, and learn to say no in order to give her best yes. Her powerful story of her challenges is an inspiration for all to hit pause when difficulties arise. Read Alison’s contribution to the Harvard Business Review.Connect with Alison on Twitter and LinkedIn!Episode highlights:2:08 Alison’s contribution to Harvard Business Review article4:50 Realizing the cracks in her personal support system8:22 Creating resources out of nothing12:04 Pushing the pause button15:48 Creating space and time for yourself16:58 Normalizing therapy and mental wellness18:58 Learning to say no20:00 Realigning and resetting

Oct 12

24 min 20 sec

Rachel Graham, Baylor, is the CEO and co-founder of Healing Springs Ranch, where she focuses on bridging the gap between addiction, mental health and trauma. Her personal mission is to affect change in addiction treatment by treating the “whole person.” Following a personal experience with a loved one who battled addiction, Rachel sought her passion for understanding the roots of addiction—across all generations and demographics—and offer better solutions for treatment. She discusses how to understand guilt vs. Shame and how shame is the crux of addiction. Rachel also focuses on the support network for those struggling with addiction and how to offer compassion with boundaries. This complex topic affects so many in our worlds, and we welcome the dialogue with Rachel now and in future podcasts.  Learn more about Rachel and her important work:https://www.healingspringsranch.com/our-team/rachel-graham/https://www.evolveandtransform.me/ Episode highlights:7:00 Understanding compulsions in addiction9:30 How to feel your feelings12:21 Depression vs. Anxiety13:48 Supporting with compassion and boundaries15:50 Guilt vs. Shame17:32 Normalizing and understanding addiction19:50 Recognizing enabling habits

Sep 28

24 min 21 sec

The last 18 months have been a challenge for our collegiate chapters … some of whom have just returned to campus for the first time since March 2020! Our collegiate leaders are leading the way in re-adjusting to what chapter life now looks like on campuses. Tri Delta’s Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives Dr. Mari Ann Callais has been championing our chapters with programming and support as they navigate the new experiences back at school. Mari Ann is joined by collegiate chapter presidents Julia Dawson, Pennsylvania, and Caroline Bradley, Texas A&M, to cover the importance of community, how to ask for support and how to make sorority better by being catalysts in a global world. Highlights:4:18 CCPs share challenges they face6:12 How they worked to build community13:00 How Tri Delta has helped personal growth and development15:08 What do sororities need to be better in society

Sep 14

21 min 6 sec

In our more than 20-year partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Tri Delta has helped St. Jude further its mission of finding cures and saving children. ALSAC President & CEO Rick Shadyac joins us on the podcast to give updates on St. Jude’s brave and bold new strategic plan. This new $11.5 billion expansion of their mission will continue to fight the most difficult childhood cancers and focus on a bigger global expansion of their work around the world, in partnership with the World Health Organization. Rick notes that because of Tri Delta, St. Jude is able to dream even bigger about a world without childhood cancer.  Here are some highlights:1:28: Rick discusses St. Jude’s new strategic plan3:40: St. Jude eyes more global expansion7:42: How St. Jude relies on public donations10:40: Hear about St. Jude grad school! https://www.stjude.org/

Aug 31

15 min 24 sec

Dr. Erin Gallagher, California/Berkeley, started her career as an educator and shifted into life coaching when she observed the levels of stress in young people. Helping others build resilience and develop mindfulness has become her mission, especially as we navigate returning to “normal.” Hear her tips, ideas and guidance, including how to use the “5-4-3-2-1” technique for moments of anxiety and other great habits to start practicing!https://www.themettleworkshop.com/Follow Erin on Instagram!  erin.mettleworkshop

Aug 17

19 min 3 sec

Christi Flynn, Washington, is a certified life coach and the Principal of Inspirata Coaching. As the world gets back to “normals” Christi examines the levels of anxiety we may have as we go back to work, school and everyday activities. She offers the great advice of “name it to tame it” in recognizing your feelings and how to reflect on what’s most important. Every anxiety provides a new opportunity shift perspectives and invest in what you trust. Christi also discusses resilience and how we’ve realized we can accomplish hard feats, especially in a pandemic. She covers how resilience is like a muscle and gives advice on how to stretch and exercise that muscle. Finally, she offers four great reflection questions to ask yourself as you “bring your best.”Inspirata CoachingConnect on Facebook!Email Christi@inspiratacoaching.com

Aug 3

26 min 25 sec

Tri Delta held our first ever virtual Volunteer Leadership Conference the weekend of July 16-17! This power-packed weekend featured an inspiring keynote from Jenny Evans, dynamic workshops and celebrated our sisterhood with our Volunteer and Alumnae Awards. Kicking off the VLC experience was Fraternity President Megan James, Millsaps, with a special version of Let’s Talk Tri Delta, giving Fraternity updates. Despite our collective experience of the last 18 months, Tri Delta is coming out of this more vibrant than ever! Megan celebrates our many accomplishments and has a sit-down conversation with Rob Wilson of Culture Shift Team, our partner in completing our organization-wide diversity audit. Megan and Rob discuss the progress of our LEADDD Now action plan to create a more inclusive and equitable lifetime membership experience for our Black, Indigenous and Sisters of Color. Listen in as Megan provides a glimpse of the many successes we have to be proud of and exciting things to come!

Jul 21

33 min 4 sec

Many of Tri Delta’s collegiate chapters are on the front lines leading the way on our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Melanie Velasquez, San Francisco, found a way to use her voice through Epsilon Rho’s DEI committee. Her work with the committee helps educate her chapter members and community about having uncomfortable conversations, and how that ultimately creates humanity. Melanie discusses how she defines allyship and why self-education is imperative to being an ally to any marginalized community. Epsilon Rho was the first Panhellenic chapter at USF to have a DEI committee and is now partnering with other chapters on campus to promote education within their communities. She reflects that her leadership and efforts in Tri Delta have shown her how to make positive change and use her voice in an effective manner. Follow Epsilon Rho Chapter on Instagram!@usfcatridelta

Jul 1

18 min 50 sec

Following the racial unrest of 2020, Lauren Whitman, Delaware, took it upon herself to create DEI programming for Epsilon Upsilon Chapter to open communication among chapter members, even with difficult conversations. A key part of her programming is a self-reflection exercise, used for members to assess their own DEI journey before and after they participate in training. Lauren designed the chapter’s resources and training with a focus on growth mindset, and it’s already having an impact on members. Learn more about the work of our collegiate members like Lauren and Epsilon Upsilon Chapter as we create a more equitable and inclusive lifetime membership experience.Follow Lauren and Epsilon Upsilon!@LaurenWhitman8@udtrideltahttp://delaware.tridelta.org/

Jun 8

14 min 24 sec

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we are joined by Dr. Julie Shannon, Stephen F. Austin, a speaker, writer and podcaster. Julie focuses on practical compassion in dealing with life’s realities. She discusses her journey with infertility and how the celebration of motherhood and Mother’s Day may be painful to those who are “involuntarily childless.” Julie also discusses the “storms of life” both literally and figuratively through her own personal experience with a tornado devastating her home. She talks about how to be a builder, assess true damage and how to look to new opportunities that life brings along Hear more from Julie on The Bearing Life Podcast!Find more mental health resources, Behind Happy Faces and Behind Happy Faces: Navigating Stress and Uncertainty on Leaddder.org.

May 25

21 min 8 sec

Tri Delta’s Theta Zeta Chapter at the University of Texas has been hard at work with efforts on diversity, equity and inclusion, starting with eliminating preferential treatment of legacies during recruitment. Before Tri Delta made this organizational change, collegiate chapter president Ainslee Harrison was leading the charge for her chapter. Theta Zeta is eager to eliminate barriers in the recruitment process to make a more inclusive experience to welcome members to Tri Delta sisterhood. Ainslee also discusses how her chapter began utilizing a third-party reference for potential new members during recruitment. As DEI leaders in the Texas Panhellenic community, Theta Zeta hopes that that more accessibility will soon make campus sororities truly reflect the university population.Follow Theta Zeta on Instagram!  http://utexas.tridelta.org/

May 12

16 min 20 sec

Alicia Russell, Furman, has been singing as long as she could sit still in church. Coming from generations of singers, Alicia found early passions for the stage through musical theater performances. After being encouraged to pursue opera, she quickly discovered what would become her career. Having served as a resident artist at companies around the country, Alicia has also been able to promote arts education to young people and introduce them to the world of opera. She has been able to showcase BIPOC professionals in the arts and participate in telling more diverse experiences through her art. Alicia offers great advice on staying flexible in your life and career in an ever-changing world. Follow Alicia!Instagram: aliciarussellsopranoWebsite: https://www.aliciarussellsoprano.com/

May 4

13 min 44 sec

This episode explores an important organizational policy change. Tri Delta’s Executive Board has unanimously voted to eliminate collegiate chapter legacy policies, effective July 31, 2021. For many of our sisters this comes as a welcome change, as chapter-level legacy policies have caused a great deal of confusion and have been a barrier to membership for some. And for many of our sisters, we understand that this decision may cause concern and disappointment as these are cherished relationships that we look forward to sharing with our family members.Tri Delta acknowledges that this is more than just a policy change, but an organizational cultural shift to be more kind alike to all. Jenni Oaks, Stacey Cox and Karen White each share personal connections and stories about the legacies in their lives and how this change allows for a more equitable recruitment experience. They discuss how removing barriers to membership also opens doors to enable more diversity and opportunity in Tri Delta. Following their conversation, we hear from Ainslee Harrison, collegiate chapter president of Theta Zeta Chapter at the University of Texas. Theta Zeta has recently removed preferential treatment of legacies from their policies and the chapter is leading the way with exciting initiatives on diversity, equity and inclusion on the UT campus. 

Apr 27

35 min 27 sec

Kara Barnett, Duke, is an arts leader, an innovator and Broadway producer who is making waves in the world through her work as Executive Director of the American Ballet Theatre. She discusses her work and shifting priorities to provide arts entertainment in a virtual world, extending reach across the globe. Kara speaks about the representation of women and diverse voices within arts and how ABT has created space for elevating and championing those voices and talents. She reflects on key areas of “honestly, humility and hope” in DEI by making courageous moves to create a better world together. Read more about Kara and Tri Delta’s 2021 Women of Achievement. 

Mar 25

32 min 52 sec

Following a successful career on Wall Street in banking and corporate philanthropy, WOA recipient Gayle Jennings-O'Byrne, Pennsylvania, found a new passion for becoming a champion for women of color in the tech industry. The daughter of one of the “hidden figures” of Silicon Valley tech world, Gayle founded her own venture capital firm, WOCstars, to help fund tech business by women of color. She focuses on the powers of empathy and listening in allowing voices to be heard in any realm and shares how Tri Delta empowered her as a Black woman in any industry. Gayle also shares a powerful concept of “plus one” on inviting your “plus one” to important conversations and experiences.Read more about Gayle and Tri Delta’s 2021 Women of Achievement.

Mar 23

19 min 10 sec

Learning to fly at a young age was the “winning ticket” for Carol Hallett, Oregon, who has had a storied career in aviation and government. She encourages all young people, especially young women to find something unique about yourself to draw attention … which can only lead to success. Carol played a pivotal part of the aviation industry on 9/11 and discusses unification as a common goal when presented with a major crisis. Having served as U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas and a counselor to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, she gives a glimpse into her lifetime of service, often as one of few women leaders in the room. Read more about Carol and Tri Delta’s 2021 Women of Achievement.

Mar 23

29 min 35 sec

Dr. Katie Hoge, Wake Forest, is featured on this episode of Let’s Talk Tri Delta’s series on our 33 Under 33. A physician at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Katie is known for her work with children who have encountered serious health consequences – Vulnerable Child Syndrome. Her work has led her to partner with a mentor in creating a resource and therapies for parents, empowering them to address their thoughts and behaviors to assist in their child’s development. She discusses her admiration for Tri Delta’s commitment to wellness and mental health and how we have been a leader in this movement. Never afraid to ask questions, she gives strong advice on trusting your judgment. 

Mar 16

20 min 18 sec

An activist and social media expert Jaelin Palmer, Cal State/Northridge, serves as Director of Advocacy at Fight Like a Warrior, where she uses her more than 10 years battling illness to unite, empower and advocate for others in similar situations. With a spark to change the world on a large scale, Jaelin puts her passions first, knowing her illness can’t defeat her. She talks about her Tri Delta experience as an officer and how it has taught her to better manage people in her professional career. We also hear about how she and her sister co-founded her city’s first LGBTQ+ advocacy group, as featured on “The Today Show!” Jaelin gives powerful advice for young professionals on negotiating your salary and how Tri Delta is contributing to closing the gender pay gap. This conversation inspires all to stand up and use our voice. Connect with Jaelin!InstagramLinkedInTwitterAAUW Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop

Mar 7

20 min 16 sec

Our next podcast featuring Tri Delta’s 33 Under 33 is one of our few collegiate recipients! Alexa Young, Florida, is a promising senior who recently completed her term as Panhellenic President at UF. Through her trailblazing year serving more than 4,000 Panhellenic women, she learned how to adjust planning during a pandemic and lean into the leader she didn’t know she was. Alexa credits Tri Delta with creating lofty goals, which guided her in laying the groundwork for diversity, equity and inclusion work in the Panhellenic community. Having served as the first Black Panhellenic President, she discusses the importance of being the first, but not being the last and why steps to inclusion mean challenging traditional narratives. Hear Alexa’s amazing story and be proud of her opening doors for new generations of leaders at Florida.Connect with Alexa!Alexa_Jean_Young

Mar 7

14 min 30 sec

For Tri Delta’s St. Jude Month, we are pleased to showcase our partnership with St. Jude, focusing on how our members are inspiring a new generation of supporters. Kristy Hurley, Arkansas, has been a lifelong Delta Iota Chapter volunteer. She has shared her passion for St. Jude with her three sons, who now use their own spotlights to support the cause. Kristy’s son Sam started making YouTube videos as a child and has grown into a social media sensation – with nearly 4 million followers on TikTok! Sam has become a St. Jude supporter, visiting the hospital and providing gifts to more than 200 patients last holiday season. Sam discusses the power of giving back and how he highlights that through his platforms. Kristy and Sam share their love for St. Jude and how our members contribute to a cause bigger than themselves – finding cures and saving children. Read more about Sam, Kristy and St. Jude!Follow Sam!InstagramTikTokYouTube

Mar 2

13 min 55 sec

Following a very successful undergraduate experience, Christine Murrain, Oklahoma, found an entry into the entertainment industry as a graduate of the NBCUniversal Page Program. She discovered she can not only pursue many passions and interests, but also work to be great at each. Her career has already found her at high-profile entertainment events alongside Hollywood’s finest! Christine’s goal is to take underrepresented communities to the forefront of entertainment, both in front of and behind the camera. She notes that representation should be a guiding tenet to show diverse stories and experiences, in order to learn from each other. Christine offers sage advice to “never say no to yourself,” and how to show up in any career with kindness.Connect with Christine!LinkedInFacebookInstagram

Feb 17

20 min 41 sec

As someone who was always in the middle back row of any group picture, Karisa Malchow, Creighton, was determined to create a solution for clothing options for tall women. Realizing the problem wasn’t her body, but the clothing, Karisa founded Stature, focusing on professional wear for tall women. She discusses how her time in Tri Delta taught her that women’s commonalities are part of our strength (7:15). Through the support of her family and her Tri Delta sisters, she even achieved a bucket list goal of showing her line at Omaha Fashion Week (9:15). Karisa also shares her advice on protecting your reputation and integrity, and how she handles professional setbacks. Hear her story and learn to stand tall, wear heels and rule the world!IG MyStaturehttps://mystature.co/

Feb 1

17 min 5 sec

As COVID-19 struck the midst of her senior year of college, Julia Sircar, Southern California, was given a rare opportunity in engineering to pitch solutions to the pandemic, including the creation of PPE and developing strategies in virtual learning. This opportunity gave her a positive attitude to move forward to make lasting societal changes in a new normal (3:00). She credits her time and leadership in Tri Delta giving her real-life skills like conflict management and strategic communications that have benefitted her in her professional role as a cyber risk analyst. Julia bravely is making waves in a male-dominated field and encourages women to ensure they have a seat at the table in order to lift each other up and succeed (9:10) This dynamic Delta is one to watch!IG: Julia_Sircar

Feb 1

15 min 25 sec

Caroline Chin Goldwater, James Madison, was inspired by Tri Delta’s LEADDD Now plan and raised her hand to lend her experiences and skills to the highest levels of leadership within our organization. By putting herself forward, she knows it will bring her voice and competencies to affect positive change. With a wealth of professional experience in project management, she is excited to see how our LEADDD Now plan will be broken down to determine priorities and targets for progress. With a love for data, she knows that it will allow for Tri Delta to measure the accountability of our goals of creating a more equitable and inclusive lifetime membership experience.  

Feb 1

18 min 11 sec

With a special connection to Tri Delta through St. Jude even before becoming a member, Ashley Baskerville, Cal State/Long Beach, continues to be inspired to lead as a younger alumna. As a mental performance coach with the Armed Forces, she discusses what it means to have hard conversations and the trust involved. By having these conversations and connect is a great way to get goals and understanding accomplished. She talks about blending our sisterhood through different experiences and backgrounds challenge the status quo. This allows us for showing and reflecting true diversity in Tri Delta. AB Mentality 

Jan 29

16 min 43 sec

Jan Park, Charleston, is a registered nurse, Certified Weight Management Specialist, fitness trainer, Corporate Wellness Manager and Founder of Health Yourself by JP. She found a passion for wellness and keeping people healthy throughout her career. Jan believes health and wellness is 99% based in nutrition, and food should be looked at like medicine. In her # for You, she shares her best tips about not being afraid of your carbs (6:00 min), upping your “plant food game” (11:00 min) and shares best practices in the kitchen for keeping healthy food on the table each week (15:00 min). Her practical approach to nutrition is great for any one at any age! Jan Park, RN|CPT|Nutritionist|Health CoachHealth Yourself by JPIG: https://www.instagram.com/health_yourself_byjp/FB: https://www.facebook.com/healthyourself.JP/?ref=br_rshttps://www.healthyourselfbyjp.com/

Jan 19

24 min 5 sec

Dr. Elizabeth Curtis, Butler, was first introduced to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Tri Delta’s commitment to ending childhood cancer as an undergraduate member. First-hand, she saw the impact Tri Deltas had on the families and children of St. Jude. She then went on to intern twice at St. Jude, conducting research that has helped her on her career path, now a resident physician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. There she is able to put into place the passions she learned from Tri Delta and St. Jude. She discusses how Tri Delta set her up to be an educator and learner, which she still practices today as a teaching physician. More so, she learned vital confidence and promotes that having ambition and humility don’t have to be at odds. Be sure to connect with Elizabeth on social media:FacebookLinkedInDoximity

Jan 11

19 min 26 sec

Brittani Lancaster, Oregon, didn’t plan on becoming a TikTok sensation in 2020 … now she has nearly one million followers! Brittani shared a video of her celebrating her recovery from two eating disorders which soon went viral earlier this year. Since then, she continues to share her messages of body positivity and self-care and joins us to share her 3 for You on this special episode! She explains that while social media isn’t real life, it does affect real life and why it is important to not allow those you follow to trigger you. Brittani also talks about self-care and how that should look and feel different for everyone. Finally, she ends by reminding us that communication with ourselves has never been more important and how it reflects upon on all your relationships. Join us to hear brave and inspirational story from a promising young alumna!Be sure to follow Brittani on her social media channels!TikTok BrittaniLancasterYouTube BrittaniLancasterInstagram BrittaniLancaster

Dec 2020

18 min 6 sec

Throughout our history, Tri Delta has faced many adverse times and 2020 has provided its own set of challenges. In a message of hope and resilience, our Fraternity President Megan Shaw James, Millsaps, shares her thoughts on how Tri Delta was founded in a time that both challenged and empowered our Founders. Despite the obstacles we faced, Tri Delta adapted and thrived in new ways to connect with our members and also commit to creating a more equitable and just experience for all sisters. As we approach a new year, we remain in the image of our founding – a society that shall be kind alike to all.   

Nov 2020

10 min 53 sec

As our worlds are becoming increasingly virtual and digital, Tri Deltas have been thriving in adapting to these now normals. The majority of our collegiate chapters experienced a partial or fully-virtual recruitment this fall. Dawson Pressel, Oklahoma, serves as collegiate chapter president and she joins us to share her “3 For You” on executing a great virtual recruitment – for both members and PNMs. She is talks about taking ideas and running with them, including having a technology team who worked behind the scenes to make the experience efficient. Theta Gamma Chapter also developed end of day wrap ups to bring them back to “their why” and focus on the positives. Finally, Dawson shares that this experience brought out more meaningful and authentic conversations with potential members thanks to strong conversation preparations. She hopes chapters take away great learning moments that can be incorporated into future recruitments. Instagram: OU Tri Delta

Nov 2020

14 min 32 sec

Through a serendipitous meeting, two colleagues Alison French, Cornell, and Stephanie Hubka, Carnegie Mellon, realized they had more in common that being Tri Delta sisters...a love for the teachings of Mr. Rogers.  Their professional work in talent development led to the creation of programming that promoted kindness in the workplace. They developed the programs “Won’t You Be My Trainer,” “Won’t You Be My Manager” and “Won’t You Be My Volunteer.” Through those simple lessons learned from television as children, they encourage everyone to promote kindness to self and others by remembering to play at work, appreciating the silent moments and loving the work you do. They also emphasize Mr. Rogers’ most important lessons for success: be kind, be kind, be kind. https://wontyoube.com/https://www.facebook.com/altosolutionsllc

Nov 2020

17 min 8 sec

In this episode, we are joined by co-founder of the Max Gruver Foundation, Rae Ann Gruver. In Sept. 2014, Rae Ann and her husband Stephen lost their son Max in a hazing incident at Louisiana State University. She reflects on Max and the tragedy that took his life. Their family’s mission since has been to provide education and legislation to end hazing through their Foundation. She provides perspective on creating good out of a tragic situation and offers three key tips to saving lives and putting an end to hazing—taking care of each other, feeling empowered and being kind. Content warning: this podcast contains content dealing with the realities of hazing, abuse, death and grief. For information on Tri Delta's mental health programming, please refer to our Behind Happy Faces resources available to members on the Resource Library.#flyhighmax #stopthehazingwww.maxgruverfoundation.comhttps://www.facebook.com/flyhighmaxhttps://www.instagram.com/flyhighmax__/https://hazingprevention.org/national-hazing-prevention-week/https://www.antihazingcoalition.org/

Oct 2020

29 min 58 sec

As Tri Delta continues to focus on our LEADDD Now action plan, Cristina Dominguez, Texas A&M/Corpus Christi, a former chapter development consultant, discusses Tri Delta’s LEADDD Now effort and her work on the committee to select the partner for Tri Delta’s organization-wide diversity audit. In this LEADDD Now conversation, Cristina shares her hopes for the audit, her journey to understanding her identities a gay Latina and her Tri Delta experience. As a higher education professional, she offers great insight into our collegiate members and their power to creating lasting change on campuses and in their communities. Watch this conversation here.Connect with Cristina:Linked InInstagram

Oct 2020

26 min 40 sec

In this LEADDD Now conversation, we’re joined by Candy Rivera Evans, Adelphi, newly appointed as Tri Delta’s Ritual Committee Chair and a Board Member for the Northeast Greek Leadership Association. Having come to the United States at the age of one year old, Candy navigated life as an undocumented woman on her journey to citizenship. She talks about loving her identity as her authentic self and her eagerness to begin her work as a national volunteer leader this biennium. Watch this conversation here. Connect with Candy:Linked inInstagram

Oct 2020

27 min 26 sec

This episode features Emily Greer, Rhodes, one of Tri Delta’s first Black Sisters to serve on the Executive Board. Emily recognizes that her service to Tri Delta comes at an important time in our organization’s history where we are able to add voice to action. As Chief Administrative Officer for ALSAC/St. Jude, Emily brings a wealth of experience in human resources and explains how diversity in an organization equals more revenue and success overall. She discusses how our LEADDD Now action plan is a strong start to diversity, equity and inclusion as the plan has accountability and measurability. While change is hard, the plan allows us to address barriers to membership and bring differences of thought which can create belonging within Tri Delta. www.tridelta.org/leadddnowhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-greer-55754066/

Sep 2020

28 min 17 sec

Last year, Tri Delta celebrated our 20-year partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and our commitment to treating and defeating childhood cancer. Tri Deltas passionately serve the children and families of St. Jude and have raised over $75 million since 1999! Dr. Beth Stewart, Missouri, joined Tri Delta the year our partnership began and with the support of her sisters, her journey to St. Jude has been remarkable. Tri Delta continues to support her work through her research at the hospital, finding new ways to treat cancers. Through the generous donors like Tri Deltas, she is able to grow patient tumors in her lab and create new therapies that can be shared around the world. Beth also discusses following her dreams to become a physician and why it’s important to “walk through that door” when opportunities arise. Hear her talk about her groundbreaking work for St. Jude and her gratefulness for her sisters who make it all possible. Watch Beth's Lab tour!Www.stjude.org/cstnhttps://www.stjude.org/directory/s/elizabeth-stewart.html

Sep 2020

26 min 14 sec

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we are recognizing Tri Delta’s commitment to the fight to end childhood cancer by spotlighting the efforts of our alumnae who support the cause at the local and regional levels. Sisters in Southern California have been supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles since 1947. Through their Sleighbell luncheon and other events, these dedicated Deltas have raised over $2 million to support CHLA over the years. Noelle Steele, California/Santa Barbara, serves as President of Tri Delta 4 CHLA and gives a historic look at how these women have been supporting the hospital for over 70 years. Given the current pandemic, Noelle talks about moving their fundraising online and how virtual events are the new normal for Tri Delta 4 CHLA. She gives great advice on planning these events and identifying audiences. Noelle also gives updates on future Tri Delta 4 CHLA events. Instagram - @tridelta4chlaFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/DDD4CHLA/Website - www.sleighbell.org

Sep 2020

19 min 18 sec

Lisa Woodruff is a productivity specialist, home organization expert, and founder and CEO of Organize365®. Her goal is helping women reduce overwhelm, clear mental clutter and live a productive and organized life. As she started her company as a professional organizer, Lisa was able to use her background as an educator to teach organization as a skill. Through some of her powerful mantras like “Done is Better than Perfect,” she is able to empower others to recognize their worth and dedicate spared time to do what we are uniquely qualified to do. Lisa also introduces her Sunday Basket system for creating more time in your week through organization. Watch her recent LEADDD U event here and be sure to find more of her courses for Tri Deltas through LEADDDer.org! Organize365.comInstagram: Organize365

Sep 2020

24 min 18 sec

This episode features Executive Board Directors Lenora Oeters, Cincinnati, and Tycely Williams, Wake Forest, one of our first Black sisters to serve on the Board. They discuss bringing lived experiences to the board level as part of our LEADDD Now action plan. As Chief Development Officer for the America’s Promise Alliance, Tycely discusses her lifetime experience as a servant leader in her professional and volunteer work, bringing her strengths to benefit others. They cover our action plan and how steadfast love can allow us to learn from each other and our identities. LEADDD Now was designed by women to dismantle barriers, create change and allow space and grace for all members, specifically Tri Delta’s Black, Indigenous and Sisters of Color. Lenora and Tycely also talk about the younger generations and how they are activating change to make Tri Delta better. 

Sep 2020

42 min 23 sec

Our newest conversation focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion features Tri Delta alumna and student affairs professional Krystal Clark, Maryland. Krystal currently serves Tri Delta as a member of the Leadership Development Committee and has just been named chair of NPC’s Access and Equity Advisory Committee. With rich professional experiences, Krystal provides unique perspectives on her passion for diversity, equity and inclusion. As an alumnae initiate, she discusses the current barriers to membership and how representation matters at all levels of our organization - “It’s hard to be what you can’t see.” She echoes how women can use their voices to affect systemic change in policy and volunteer structures. Hear her powerful story and how it relates to the important work Tri Delta has embarked upon with LEADDD Now. Read more about LEADDD Now.https://www.instagram.com/krystalnclark/https://www.linkedin.com/in/krystalnclark/

Aug 2020

36 min 33 sec

CEO of Broussard Global Communications, Cary Broussard, North Carolina, was awarded one of Tri Delta’s Woman of Achievement Awards at FOCUS 2020 – our first-ever virtual Convention. Cary has spent her career in various industries raising the voices of women to create confidence and empowerment. She encourages women to step out and be bold without a fear of rejection and to share their stories. Her book, “From Cinderella to CEO” focuses on the transformative stories in fairy tales, and how comebacks are about helping yourself and uplifting others. She discusses some of her great accomplishments in working to transform an entire travel industry, just by listening to women’s voices. Listen to her charming stories on her lifetime journey as a Tri Delta, and how the values of our organization continue to drive her today.  www.broussardglobal.com www.cinderellaceo.com https://cinderellaceo.com/c2ceo-awards/https://www.linkedin.com/in/carybroussard 

Aug 2020

27 min 59 sec

On this episode of our LEADDD Now conversations on racism, we are joined by alumna, actress and Broadway star Zakiya Young, Pittsburgh. Zakiya details how she landed into show business and where her career has taken her so far. She and Fraternity President Megan Shaw James, Millsaps, also discuss her experiences as a collegiate Tri Delta – and what it was like to be the only Black woman in a predominantly white chapter. This honest dialogue covers what it’s like to experience bias and microaggressions within a sisterhood, and also how to have the vocabulary, tools and resources to combat and respond. They discuss what allyship looks like today and how to use our voices as women to be heard and seen in society today. Zakiya participated in LEADDD Online and closed our FOCUS 2020 – first virtual Convention – by singing Alpha Theta Phi. She talks about her takeaways from those events and Tri Delta’s LEADDD Now plan to dismantle racism and create a more equitable and inclusive membership experience. Read more about LEADDD Now.Instagram: @officialzakiyayoung

Jul 2020

45 min 40 sec

During LEADDD Online, Tri Delta began an important series titled LEADDDD Now - Conversations on Racism. It began with a dialogue featuring Dr. Diane Petersen, Ohio Wesleyan, and Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine. Dr. Petersen shared her Tri Delta story as our first Black sister. As a follow-up to that powerful exchange, two amazing young alumnae, incoming chapter development consultant (CDC) Sabur Woldu, Texas/Dallas, and former CDC Lexi Leggs, Millikin, reflect on Dr. Petersen’s Tri Delta story and her professional journey. Sabur and Lexi acknowledge both the progress Tri Delta has made, the work that still needs to be done to address representation, equity and inclusion. Join us as we engage in this important dialogue as we all continue to listen and learn from our Black, Indigenous and Sisters of Color.Learn more about LEADDD Now.

Jul 2020

32 min 15 sec

From an early age, Lacey Horn, Southern Methodist, knew she wanted to serve the Cherokee Nation, of which she is a citizen. She currently serves as CEO of Native Advisory, LLC, where she serves Tribal Leaders as a strategy and financial consultant. With her gifts and talents in financial matters and strategy, she has been able to serve her people and advance the work of other Tribes. Lacey reflects on the ability to understand herself through her own lens to best serve others. She provides encouragement and inspiration about knowing yourself and how all wins and losses provide learning experiences. As our world constantly changes, she insists on the importance of “just keep going” and to be especially brave, bold and kind. www.laceyhorn.com 

Jul 2020

13 min 39 sec

During LEADDD Online, Tri Delta introduced a series of conversations on racism called LEADDD Now. In this installment, Fraternity President Kimberlee Sullivan, Pepperdine, has a conversation with Dr. Diane Petersen, Ohio Wesleyan, Tri Delta’s first Black member. They discuss the challenges she faced in joining our organization, which wasn’t always kind alike to all. Diane attended college in the 1960s, during the civil rights movement, when not all colleges were integrated – or even open to women attending. She persevered through discrimination on both fronts. She understood the consequences of seeking sorority membership at the time, as it brought ramifications for her and her Delta Upsilon Chapter sisters. Though she and the chapter faced opposition from the national organization, Diane knew she and her sisters had clarity of purpose to stand up for what was right. Through the solidarity and strength of our sisterhood, she made history in Tri Delta. Diane and Kimberlee also discuss the LEADDD Now plan and Tri Delta’s upcoming work to dismantle systemic racism and promote diversity, equity and justice for all as an organization that is kind alike to all. Listen to her inspirational story, with hope for our future. 

Jul 2020

31 min 55 sec

Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts, both West Georgia, serve as co-CEO of Creatively Classic Activities and Books, LCC, the Atlanta-based consumer products and entertainment company that launched Elf on the Shelf. Their successes came from creativity and determination, despite being told “no” often in their journey. In collaboration with their mother, they created something magical that has now been shared across the globe. Without experience or knowledge of what it would take to be successful in the world of children’s books, their story is about thriving in spite of being told “no.” They discuss what their greatest accomplishments have been, and what they have yet to accomplish. They offer perspective of what Tri Delta have them the confidence to pursue and give great advice on taking risks. Hear their inspirational story and let that serve as a reminder when your family’s elf makes his or her magical reappearance during the holidays!Elfontheshelf.com

Jul 2020

21 min 18 sec