B4 Happy Hour

By B4 Happy Hour

Regardless of how you think about happy hour (some see it as going out with co-workers and some see it as being able to go home and check out) – either way, it’s really all the same. Some things MUST happen B4 happy hour can exist. This show is about helping you; the entrepreneur, the C-suite officer, the manager, the team member; figure out how to negotiate day to day affairs. B4 happy hour is a BIG deal! We interview industry experts from many different walks of life and look for ideas that will stimulate and excite anyone that is trying to stand out, to be different. Our hosts are here to provide insight as well as ensure that our listeners know the importance of enjoying their lives outside of the day to day that doesn’t seem to change. We will discuss an assortment of topics that are proven to help others. We will also discuss things that are near and dear to our hearts that make life after happy hour all that more important. Join us for our “not so typical” business podcast.

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