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Relational Implicit

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In this conversation, Jan Winhall describes how therapists can respectfully understand addiction and treat trauma responses with deep embodied listening. Jan Winhall M.S.W. F.O.T. is a psychotherapist, teacher, and the author of Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model. She is an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Social Work, University of Toronto. […]

Oct 1

35 min 22 sec

In this conversation, we discuss the felt sense as the experience of living (i.e., interacting) from a neuroscience perspective. Peter Afford has been practicing and teaching Focusing for years. Based in London, he is a Coordinator for TIFI and a founder member of the British Focusing Association. He also works as a counsellor and therapist […]

Sep 1

43 min 9 sec

Mark Schenker defines addiction and talks about his integrative model. Mark Schenker is a licensed psychologist with 40 years of experience working with patients with substance use disorders. Dr. Schenker has written “A Clinician’s Guide to Twelve-Step Recovery” (Norton, 2009) and the chapter “Addiction Treatment Settings” for the APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology (APA, 2016). […]

Jun 1

34 min 51 sec

In this conversation, Gregory Kramer compares the perspectives that psychotherapy and Buddhism have on dealing with human suffering. Gregory Kramer teaches, writes, and is the founding teacher of the Insight Dialogue Community. His primary focuses are sharing a relational understanding of the Dhamma and teaching Insight Dialogue, an interpersonal form of Buddhist insight meditation. He […]

Mar 1

27 min 24 sec

In this conversation, Michael Changaris talks about how crucial touch is to our sense of self and our well-being. He refers to research as well as examples in clinical practice and in everyday life. The conversation concludes with an invitation to a simple way to experience this in your life. Michael Changaris, PsyD. is the Chief Clinical […]

Dec 2020

28 min 30 sec

Francesca Maximé talks about how to find mindful, embodied responses to racialization and racism. Francesca Marguerite Maximé is a Haitian-Dominican Italian-American embodied antiracism educator, somatic psychotherapist, award-winning poet/author, certified mindfulness meditation teacher. She also hosts the ReRooted podcast on Ram Dass’s Be Here Now Network focusing on neuroscience, trauma healing, social justice, and the creative arts. […]

Nov 2020

48 min 40 sec

To be effective, therapy has to address the implicit pressures that shaped our clients and continue to shape them. This includes the implicit messages people derived from their upbringing (e.g. parent implicitly encouraging child to act out while explicitly not doing so). This also includes the social milieu which exerts implicit pressure for them to […]

Oct 2020

29 min 5 sec

The other day, I saw a poster. It’s the iconic picture of Rambo with bulging muscles and a bazooka. But, instead of the head of Sylvester Stallone, it has the head of Donald Trump. The caption goes, “Trump. No Man. No Woman. No Commie Can Stump Him.” My first reaction was to think of it […]

Sep 2020

14 min 53 sec

Merete Holm Brantbjerg talks about working with low energy states and our “invisible parts” in the context of Relational Trauma Therapy. Merete Holm Brantbjerg developed Relational Trauma Therapy, a psychomotor and systems-oriented approach. She is an international trainer, group leader, and therapist based in Denmark. See website. See also: – PDF of ROST presence skills. – A […]

Aug 2020

45 min 56 sec

In this conversation, Eric Wolterstorff draws on a systems approach to describe how the pandemic has elicited a “stress chain reaction.” He sees a parallel with the model mapped by Murray Bowen in the context of family dynamics. He also talks about how to dampen the chain reaction each time it passes through you. See […]

Jun 2020

31 min 7 sec

In this conversation, we talk about how the coronavirus and social distancing are affecting our work as therapists. We discuss practical details, such as how we use video-conferencing, as well as putting things in a larger context. Dave Berger, MFT, PT, LCMHC, MA, SEP is a senior faculty member of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute […]

Apr 2020

27 min 39 sec

With the pandemic, people have to avoid unnecessary contact. Social distancing dramatically affects people’s ability to find comfort in connection. We cannot directly give emotional support to all who need it. But we can teach people simple tools they can use to support each other. See what you can do about it below the video. […]

Apr 2020

2 min 54 sec

Social distancing and separation are a big part of what is needed to deal with the pandemic. In this short conversation, we talk about how to counter their effects: we still need to be sensitive to our nervous system’s need to socially engage and connect. Below the video, you will find a transcript. You can […]

Mar 2020

9 min 10 sec

This conversation is part of exploring the Somatic Implicit. Karyne Wilner talks about how cell life and neuroplasticity of the brain and body can be enhanced through work with the bioenergetic field. Dr. Karyne Wilner is a licensed, clinical psychologist who practices in Connecticut and Rhode Island. She is director of the Core Energetics Academy, a […]

Mar 2020

22 min 32 sec

This recording is different from the other recordings in this podcast series. Instead of a conversation, it features Serge Prengel talking about polarization and the Relational Implicit. You can also read this as a text (below the audio player). What happens when we get polarized? How can we avoid polarization to engage in more enriching […]

Feb 2020

18 min 34 sec

This conversation started as Serge Prengel interviewing Kirk Schneider. Very quickly, Kirk became the listener, guiding Serge into an experiential exploration of polarization. We touched upon the personal and embodied impact of the polarized mind (or fixation on a single point of view to the utter exclusion of competing points of view), as well as […]

Feb 2020

50 min 28 sec

In this conversation, Leslie Ellis talks about how working with dreams engages client and therapist in a co-creative process from which much can emerge. Dr. Leslie Ellis is a teacher, author and psychotherapist. She is currently offering online dreamwork instruction based on her book, A Clinician’s Guide to Dream Therapy (publication date: August 2019). She […]

Jan 2020

21 min 2 sec

In this conversation, which is part of a series on society issues, we explore Climate Change from a perspective informed by somatic psychotherapy. Dr. Sharon Stanley has educated thousands of psychotherapists in Canada, the USA and Israel in the principles and practices of somatic psychotherapy.  Sharon has served on graduate level faculties including the University […]

Dec 2019

21 min 31 sec

Carmen Joanne Ablack, President of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) talks about the association as a polyphonic endeavor. Carmen Joanne Ablack holds BA Hons in Psychology and Sociology, PG Diploma in Body Psychotherapy, and an MSc in Leading and Managing Health and Social Care (Advanced Professional Practice). She is an individual, group, couples and relationships psychotherapist, trainer and […]

Dec 2019

6 min 18 sec

In this conversation, David Mars Ph.D. gives us an experiential sense of AEDP for Couples. Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for Couples is a cutting edge approach that combines affective neuroscience and attachment research into a love-inspiring way for couples and the therapists who treat them to find refreshing, healing and restorative ways to bring about […]

Nov 2019

47 min 28 sec

In this conversation, we talk about a blending of disciplines – – specifically, using exercise science to bridge understanding in somatic psychology interventions. The goal is to bring together the science of the physical body with the science of the emotional body to go beyond symptom reduction and reconnect the self and body. Stacy Reuille-Dupont, […]

Sep 2019

45 min 50 sec

In this conversation, Dr. Gregg Henriques explains the Tree of Knowledge System and describes how it provides a way to think about the universe from an objective scientific view and a personal lifeworld view. It achieves this by dividing the universe into four different planes of existence, Matter, Life, Mind and Culture, and the discussion […]

Jul 2019

32 min 1 sec

This conversation is about using the Polyvagal Theory in clinical practice. Deb Dana talks about how a focus on experientially understanding the role of the autonomic nervous system helps to creatively involve clients in their healing process. Note: See Deb Dana’s talk on the nervous system as a resource for clients. Deb Dana, LCSW, specializes […]

Jul 2019

27 min

In this conversation, we talk about putting mindfulness and Buddhism in context — the contexts in which they evolved, and in which they are currently practiced in the Western world. Seth Zuiho Segall is a Zen priest in the White Plum Asanga and Zen Peacemaker Order lineages. He is a retired clinical psychologist who served […]

Jun 2019

37 min 10 sec

Combining Eastern and Western trauma physiology, Alaine Duncan and Kathy Kain introduce a new map for body-oriented clinicians to help restore balance in their clients. Using concepts from Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (AAM) alongside descriptions of the threat response from Western bio-behavioral science, they describe common physical symptoms, emotional presentations, and paths for healing for […]

May 2019

32 min 27 sec

This conversation is a wide-ranging exploration of the new field of ecopsychology. It includes discussions of how the lived body and Buddhist psychology figure in this field, as well as the radical implications of reconnecting our minds to nature. Andy Fisher, PhD, is a major figure in ecopsychology, having tracked and reflected on the development […]

Mar 2019

35 min 54 sec

Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, has been a practicing clinician since 1985 and a practicing yogini since 1979. She specializes in deep transformation and issues surrounding creative production and believes that all effective psychotherapy is inherently creative. In this conversation, she and Serge Prengel discuss how the embodied creativity and meditative aspects of everyday life dovetail with […]

Mar 2019

42 min 15 sec

Trauma often inculcates fears of body awareness and incapacitating shame that complicate the use of somatic approaches. As Janina Fisher explored how to help such clients with befriending their emotional and body responses to trauma, she began to develop a way of helping them to understand themselves as fragmented and to become more aware of […]

Feb 2019

56 min 20 sec

Nancy Eichhorn talks about the magazine she founded 8 years ago, Somatic Psychotherapy Today. Who is Nancy Eichhorn? “I am a writer, editor, and teacher. Writing has always been my way to be me, to voice my experiences, my perspectives, my dreams, and my desires. Sitting with a blank white page, sensing the expanse before […]

Jan 2019

16 min 9 sec

In this conversation, we talk about Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) within the broader context of the human condition.  Steven C. Hayes is Nevada Foundation Professor in the Behavior Analysis program at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada. An author of […]

Jan 2019

40 min 51 sec

This podcast would not exist if it weren’t for  the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and the US Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). So we want you to know EABP & USABP. In this conversation, Carmen Joanne Ablack, President of EABP, talks about EABP. Carmen Joanne Ablack holds BA Hons in Psychology and Sociology, PG Diploma in […]

Dec 2018

40 min 38 sec

This podcast would not exist if it weren’t for  the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and the US Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). So we want you to know EABP & USABP. In this conversation, Chris Walling, President of USABP, talks about USABP. Dr. Chris Walling, PsyD, MBA, C-IAYT, an award winning researcher and licensed clinical […]

Dec 2018

19 min 27 sec

In this conversation, Alice Ladas describes a workshop focused on identifying coping strategies in a way that respects people’s humanity instead of pathologizing them. While there is no transcript for this talk, there is  a write-up by Alice Ladas on the same topic, as well as the 2 lists mentioned in the talk. See: – Workshop […]

Nov 2018

9 min 4 sec

In this conversation we talk about the convergences of Buddhist psychology/mindfulness with Gestalt therapy as well as how they are different in their emphasis and ultimate aims. This creates the ground for discussing the benefits of an approach that integrates the two—a Buddhist psychology informed Gestalt therapy (BPGT). This conversation is also available in video […]

Nov 2018

46 min 5 sec

In this conversation, we talk about the therapeutic relationship as a bodymind process between two people who are both wounded and whole. This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript. Michael Soth is an integral-relational Body Psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, with more than 30 years’ […]

Sep 2018

1 hr 6 min

In this conversation, Stefan Deutsch talks about his theory of love as nourishment, the evidence for it, and how it applies to clinical practice. After escaping communist Hungary with his parents, Holocaust survivors, Stefan Deutsch grew up in NYC, graduated Hunter, CUNY, then NYU for Movement Therapy. He is a certified Gestalt psychotherapist with a […]

Aug 2018

43 min 43 sec

In this conversation, we talk about the “space between”, i.e. the space of relationship, and how Imago therapy helps clients make sense of it and change their relationship. There is also a partial transcript as a printable PDF. Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D believe that how we interact with each other, in […]

Jul 2018

49 min 18 sec

This discussion takes place in the context of the current (late 2017 and early 2018) sexual harassment scandals going around many professions. Kathrin Stauffer starts her reflections on these developments by some thoughts about the nature of power and her own relationship with it. Kathrin Stauffer PhD, Body and Integrative Psychotherapist (UKCP), was born and […]

Feb 2018

29 min 39 sec

In this conversation, Rae Johnson talks about how the body is implicated in social justice work, and how to engage our bodies in the process of activism. Rae’s approach incorporates key ideas from many social justice theorists and somatic practitioners, and distills them into three key areas: (1) doing your own work, (2) working for […]

Jan 2018

26 min 4 sec

In this conversation, we explore how people deal with power, and the goal of mutuality in relationships. This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript. Hilary Bradbury is a scholar-practitioner focused on the human and organizational dimensions of creating healthy communities. A professor of organization studies […]

Jan 2018

34 min 37 sec

Susan Rudnick’s comments about the sexual abuse of women by powerful men derive from Karen Horney’s formulation of the Real Self, as she articulated it in Neurosis and Human Growth. Even if we are severely alienated from that Real Self, it is still there, and we do continue to have human need for authentic connection to ourselves […]

Jan 2018

6 min 59 sec

This conversation with Rae Johnson was inspired by the recent spate of accusations of sexual harassment. We talk about it as not about sex and gender, but about power. The conversation is also available as a  printable PDF transcript. Rae Johnson, PhD, RSMT is a somatic scholar/practitioner working at the intersection of embodiment studies and social justice. […]

Dec 2017

46 min 5 sec

Is biology destiny? Freud asked this question in the context of discussing women’s abilities and roles. Now, in the wake of a seemingly endless streak of abuse scandals involving prominent men, it may be legitimate to ask whether male sexuality is inherently aggressive. This is the starting point for this conversation with Barnaby B. Barratt. […]

Dec 2017

39 min 43 sec

In therapy, we deal with embodied experience. Shouldn’t research also have an embodied approach? This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript. Jennifer Frank Tantia, PhD, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT is a somatic psychologist and dance/movement psychotherapist, specializing in trauma and medically unexplained symptoms. She teaches research […]

Nov 2017

31 min

Marjorie Schuman is a psychoanalyst who has practiced Buddhist mindfulness meditation and relational psychotherapy for over three decades. She says: “Early on in my practice, I realized the profound truth that this very moment is the perfect teacher, as Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron famously said.  I knew intuitively that there was wisdom in problems and […]

Oct 2017

31 min 2 sec

In this conversation, we explore ethics and embodiment. This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript. Dirk Marivoet is the director of the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Ghent (Belgium). He studied Core-Energetics under John C. Pierrakos, MD; Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration and Pelvic-Heart Integration […]

May 2017

47 min 28 sec

Richard Schwartz describes how we can understand ourselves better if we think of our inner conflicts as arguments between parts of ourselves. He outlines the kind of mindful interaction through which we can assume effective leadership of these conflicting parts: We learn to compassionately listen to their deep needs underneath the bluster. There is a short demo […]

Jan 2017

31 min 32 sec

This conversation with Peter Levine is about different types of memory. We talk about trauma, but also about the fluid notion of self that goes together with this understanding of memory. This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript. Peter A Levine, PhD – is a forerunner in […]

Dec 2016

45 min 12 sec

In this conversation, we explore a paradigm shift and its implications.  “The whole history of the study of mental and psychological processes has been so focused on the individual’s responses, yet the individual’s responses are being framed and interacting through a connectedness with others.” The Polyvagal theory developed by Stephen Porges “forces an attention away […]

Sep 2016

1 hr 8 min

In this conversation, we explore the notion of well-being and explore dimensions of well-being that have been neglected by mainstream psychology. In particular we consider the role of embodiment and spiritual surrender in well-being and try to link this to mindfulness, stress physiology, social inequalities in health. See also printable PDF transcript. Dr. John Christopher […]

Jul 2016

55 min 4 sec