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John William Law

An original series that delves beneath the surface of Hollywood history to offer a new look at some long and deeply held secrets behind the stars, the studios and the films.

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In 1935 Universal brought its iconic monster series Frankenstein back to life with The Bride of Frankenstein. Starring Boris Karloff as the Monster and Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein, the film picks up where the original left off, but this time the story centers on an effort to create a mate for Karloff’s monster. The … Continue reading "The Bride of Frankenstein"

Oct 30

25 min 32 sec

In May 1956 the cast of Raintree County was due to head off for location shooting. Before the trip Elizabeth Taylor hosted a small dinner party and included Monty as one of her guests. The evening would have tragic consequences after Monty crashed his car on the drive home.

Oct 13

15 min 9 sec

Raintree County would be one of three films starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. The epic was intended to be MGM’s second Gone with the Wind starring Hollywood’s most glamorous duo. The feature would be marred with issues, but the friendship of its stars would stand the test of time.

Sep 15

11 min 28 sec

The movie Raintree County had a tragic backstory even before Montgomery Clift became associated with the picture. The author’s suicide and issues in bringing the book to the big screen marred the movie. For Clift, the highlight of the picture would be the chance to work with his friend Elizabeth Taylor, but the teaming would … Continue reading "Raintree County"

Aug 14

12 min 51 sec

With a new book arriving on Montgomery Clift we take a look back at the actor in one of his most iconic roles. In this 1953 outing, Clift plays a priest who hears a confession from a murderer in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘I Confess.’ The film also stars. Anne Baxter.

Aug 3

21 min 40 sec

With a new book out, this series of Hollywood Declassified goes back to the 1950s and 1960 to look at the later years of actor Montgomery Clift. With a focus on Raintree County, a horrific car crash, and the tragic decline of one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, this series of episodes promote the new book … Continue reading "Montgomery Clift – The Longest Suicide in Hollywood"

Jul 22

11 min 33 sec

For this episode of The Movie Files we reach back into the 1920s for one of Barbara Stanwyck’s first feature films – The Locked Door. Let’s take a look back as a hidden gem.

Jun 25

13 min 3 sec

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were partners both on and off screen. The legendary teaming is the topic of books, movies, documentaries and more. To Have and Have Not from 1944 is the first team of the actors and would result in a romance, marriage, children and a number of other films. While Bogart was … Continue reading "To Have and Have Not"

May 18

19 min 20 sec

As we wrap up the Bond series we look at some of the other Bonds that got away and the legacy of the series. We also offer a little background on what is in store for Series 6 of Hollywood Declassified. (Note: ‘No Time To Die’, the next Bond film has again been delayed until … Continue reading "Series 5: Episode 6"

Apr 5

17 min 21 sec

In this episode of The Movie Files we look back at the 1973 political thriller Day of the Jackal. Based on the book by Frederick Forsyth and directed by Fred Zinnemann, the films stars Edward Fox and Michael Lonsdale. The story centers on an attempt to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle in 1962.

Mar 30

19 min 40 sec