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The Morning Tempo podcast is for small business owners and entrepreneurial spirited, with a slant on creativity. Episodes will feature insights and expertise curated by host yours truly with the help of featured guests. The intent here is to share information and lessons that will help make your entrepreneurial journey easier. Most episodes feature long form interviews with business owners, startups, and otherwise creative individuals. Find it wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

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Edna Cochez is transforming experiences into baking courses. She does this to support people who have ever felt limited by where they live, what they decide to study or what those around them say.  Edna says that these are barriers can be overcome with desire and the ideal educational tools. Edna is a Chef & baker, mom, entrepreneur, wife and friend to many. She self identifies as obsessed with learning everything to make her own life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur easier. She absolutely loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. Edna was brought to my attention by way of Jessica Ramesch, who is co-host for this episode. Jessica is an editor for International Living Magazine and an author. She’s also a good friend who happens to be interested in the world of podcasting. She  joins me for this episode as a bit of a test drive. Jessica and I hope it will be the first of many many more to come. Edna’s been a business owner for over 17 years supplying the best coffee shops in Panama City with her kitchen creations. She has studied at San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI), King Arthur Flour Baking Center of Norwich VT, Zingermann´s Community of Businesses Ann Arbor MI,  AIB International, Notter School of Pastry Arts FL, and Marie Forleo’s B-School. In 2019 she was the only permanent female judge in Season 4 of the Top Chef, Panama edition. She is a brand ambassador for Miele, Lurpak Butter and Nestle among others, and creates written and video content for their social media channels. More recently Edna has directed her attention toward trends, marketing, digital strategies, video and communication in order to transform her experiences into content of value for her growing audience. This is why she’s transforming experiences into baking courses. Mentioned in this Episode Salt Fat Acid Heat Marie Forleo’s B-School Web Design by Morning Tempo If you’ve listened to this podcast before, you may have gathered that I’m a musician, but you may not know that I’m also a freelance web designer. I create beautiful WordPress websites for small businesses and non-profits with a focus on functionality, user experience and security. If you a business or non-profit is thinking about a new website or redesigning the one you have, contact me to find out if we’re a good fit to work together. You can drop me a message at where you’ll find many ways to reach me. Introduce yourself, get a quote or ask me questions. I’m here for ya. Again, visit to contact me and learn more about web design by yours truly. Support this Podcast The Morning Tempo podcast exists solely through the generosity of its listeners, and we gladly accept support in a variety of ways. Please visit our Crowd Sponsor page to learn more. Learn how to support this podcast. Recommended Resources ConvertKit Free Plan for Beginner Creators – Email marketing the way it should be. Web hosting by Dreamhost Some of the links in this post, such as those in the above section, are affiliate links. This means I make a small commission, at no extra charge to you, if you purchase using those links. Thanks for your support! Visit for related links, episode transcripts and past guests. Sign up for the Morning Tempo email newsletter at Stay in touch! @RobonzoDrummer on Twitter  and  Instagram @MorningTempo on Facebook  and  YouTube

Sep 22

41 min 38 sec

Guest host Jessica Ramesch of International Living discusses the relationship between WordPress website security and brand reputation with Beto Rubio. Beto first appeared on the podcast in episode 34. That conversation was with me and in English. This episode is in Spanish This is a special episode features Jessica doing the interview with Beto Rubio of Servidores Rapidos in Spanish. It’s an experiment I wanted to do with Beto and another former guest of the podcast, both of whom are business owners based in Panama. Jessica and Beto discuss WordPress website security, how your brand is impacted by website security, efforts to spread low-cost internet access across Panama and more. Mentioned in this Episode International Living Servidores Rapidos Las Lajas WordPress Meetup Related Episodes WordPress Security Begins With Understanding Common Vulnerabilities – Beto Rubio (Ep 34) Support this Podcast The Morning Tempo podcast exists solely through the generosity of its listeners, and we gladly accept support in a variety of ways. Please visit our Crowd Sponsor page to learn more. Learn more about supporting this podcast. Recommended Resources ConvertKit Email Marketing Platform Web hosting by Dreamhost See more of my recommended resources Some of the links in this post, such as those in the above section, are affiliate links. This means I make a small commission, at no extra charge to you, if you purchase using those links. Thanks for your support! Visit for related links, episode transcripts and past guests. Sign up for the Morning Tempo email newsletter at Stay in touch! @RobonzoDrummer on Twitter  and  Instagram @MorningTempo on Facebook  and  YouTube

Aug 18

40 min 32 sec

Philip VanDusen joined me back in August of 2018 to discuss how he reached 10K email subscribers. That conversation was for episode four of the podcast. Listening back, it’s clear that Philip’s milestone achievement wasn’t a complicated process, but hard work and strategic planning. The original interview has been edited only slightly from it's original form. I thought this would be a nice great way to reboot the podcast. I've been on hiatus for a few months, focusing my podcasting attention elsewhere. I'm back, the podcast is back and hopefully I'll have Philip back on again soon. Philip is CCO of Verhaal Brand Design, a brand strategy, a design and marketing agency. Check out his work at Philip publishes lots of great content covering various marketing and branding topics on his YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy this replay of my conversation with Philip Vandusen of Verhaal Brand Design. Mentioned In This Episode Philip’s YouTube Channel Related Episode Philip VanDusen – Sharing Years of Brand Design Expertise on YouTube (Ep 4) Visit for related links, episode transcripts and past guests. Sign up for the Morning Tempo email newsletter at Stay in touch! @RobonzoDrummer on Twitter  and  Instagram @Robonzo on LinkedIn @MorningTempo YouTube

Jul 21

15 min 43 sec

Jacqueline Bedke of Tierra Mia Organicos runs her farm on principles of consumer health, animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Tierra Mia is a free range  organic chicken and egg producer in Panama. I don’t recall who introduced me to the company, but I’ve been a fan for a while now. Last Thanksgiving 2020, I decided to cook a free range chicken instead of turkey. Tierra Mia was my go to. Jacqueline invited me to come see the farm just before the Thanksgiving holiday. She gave me and a good friend a wonderful impromptu tour, showing us the many hen houses, pastures, the processes for egg inspection and packaging, the farm’s land rehabilitation projects and more. I was blown away seeing what Jacqueline has created. That day she also shared with us her philosophy on organic and sustainable farming. And she let us take pics with a one of her hens. Tierra Mia Organicos supplies eggs and chicken to major grocers here in Panama including Riba Smith, Deli Gourmet and Organica. Lucky for me, Tierra Mia also does consumer deliveries for my local community. In this conversation, I wanted to learn about and share Jacqueline’s story and the story of Tierra Mia Organicos. Our conversation turned out to be a story of true inspiration. Jacqueline pursued a dream, faced adversity and has come through the other side a shining star of the local business community here in Panama. I was in a bit of awe the day we met in person at the farm, as my friend and I listened and walked with Jacqueline, learning about the operation and her philosophy. Jacqueline struck me as a smart, class act fighter. When you hear her story, I think you’ll agree. Visit for related links, episode transcript and more. If you'd like to reach  out and say hi, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @robonzodrummer.

Feb 3

1 hr 10 min

Max Branstetter is the founder of MaxPodcasting, a service that offers podcast production. We connected through Podcast Movement Virtual 2020. In addition to podcast production, Max also hosts the Wild Business Growth Podcast, where he interviews entrepreneurs and innovators to discover the creative and unusual ways they grow their businesses. In this conversation we talk about: Max's company and podcast His connections to family business Hippo Direct Tips for podcasters who self-edit How his podcast and network is helping his business His favorite topics from Podcast Movement Virtual 2020 Hopefully you can tell from our conversation that Max has great energy and whimsy, qualities he uses effortlessly in his business pursuits. Mentioned in this Episode MaxPodcasting Wild Business Growth Podcast Podcast Movement Conferences RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio Visit for related links, episode transcript and more.

Nov 2020

33 min 32 sec

Louise Brogan of SocialBee is on a mission to teach others how to build businesses with LinkedIn. We met at Youpreneur Summit 2017 in London, but recently reconnected at Podcast Movement Virtual 2020, where she was a speaker. In this conversation, Louise and I talk about some of the finer points of building a LinkedIn network, new features in the LinkedIn app and website, how she’s using LinkedIn in her own business, and much more.

Oct 2020

33 min 51 sec

IT and web security has always been an interest of mine. Given that it was time for me to personally learn more about WordPress website security I decided to do a presentation for the Las Lajas WordPress meetup group. Website security is obviously relevant to the world of small biz and creative entrepreneurship, so this episode is based on my presentation. I also have the outside perspective of Beto Rubio, Founder of Servidores Rapidos, a Panama based web hosting company. Dealing with managing WordPress hosting, operations development and many other things IT related, Beto knows a thing or two about website security. In this conversation we discuss commonly overlooked practices, the top 5 WordPress security issues, common hacking attempts that use stolen passwords, hosting considerations and much more. Visit for show notes, episode transcript and more.  

Sep 2020

51 min 38 sec

Kristina Zhao caught my attention as a restauranteur of Sichuan House. Prior to the pandemic over 80% of their business came from dine-in services. Delivery and take out sounds like an easy option, but is it viable for a family-run business when third parties take such a large percentage? We talk about how Sichaun House was able to make the pivot in large part due to Kristina’s unique background, education and her can-do attitude. They adapted technology to meet their specific needs, serve their customers and manage their margins all at the same time. Episode Highlights We start by talking about Robonzo’s foray into the restaurant sector and go on to discuss: (09:02) Her time working in the wireless industry (18:30) From dine-in to delivery (23:05) Adapting technology to make margins work (29:08) The turbulent first couple of weeks of COVID (39:34) Prioritizing the value of people (44:06) Getting creative with menu naming For more resources and full show notes go to

Jun 2020

57 min 10 sec

Chuck Surack is the founder of the online music retailer Sweetwater. The business employs over 1800 people and is privately owned by Chuck and his wife. Chuck's business began in 1984 with a now legendary story of his discovering and reverse engineering the Kurweil keyboard. The business has expanded in many directions since. While many businesses are struggling amidst the pandemic, Sweetwater is currently thriving. Chuck has long been a supporter of his community and businesses of his hometown Fort Wayne, Indiana. We talk about the importance of putting people first, constant professional development, and the little touches that help a business stand out. Episode Highlights We start by talking about growing up in Indiana (05:44) and go on to discuss: (07:55) A high touch customer experience (12:45) Building a strong culture (19:09) Supporting and growing other businesses (25:00) The changing music scene amidst the pandemic (30:25) Buying back a company (40:12) Personalizing product and packaging (44:15) Professional development as a company priority For more resources and show notes go to

Jun 2020

59 min 8 sec

Stacey Bedford is the CEO of Bandzoogle, an all-in-one professional website platform for musicians and bands. Ten years ago when Stacey started with Bandzoogle she was in tech support. She shares with me her journey to becoming CEO all while putting people, both customers and staff, first. Adaptability has always been critical to startups, particularly to Bandzoogle as the nature of the music industry changes frequently. During our current challenging times Bandzoogle have had to pivot again, on multiple fronts, and Stacey shares how they are adapting their services for customers while their staff work remotely (many with children at home as well). We talk about building culture, supporting employee wellness, beekeeping and much more. Episode Highlights We start by talking about how the pandemic has altered their day to day business (02:20) and go on to discuss: (03:42) The early days in a startup (07:30) Her journey from tech support to CEO (09:50) Their culture of customer-first (17:30) Adapting to the changing needs of artists and the industry (30:05) Advice for businesses new to working remotely (37:55) Challenges on paper vs. reality (42:10) Supporting employee wellness in flexible ways. For more resources and show notes go to

May 2020

51 min 34 sec

David Burkus is on a mission to make the experience of work suck a little less. One of the world’s leading business thinkers, David joins me to talk about strategies to make networking part of your everyday life, finding the cause that you will fight for and the value of putting your employees first. David is an acclaimed author, speaker and researcher. His TEDx talk has been viewed over 2 million times, because we can all relate to that networking experience we’ve had that didn’t leave us feeling great. David has a special talent in taking organizational research and making it both accessible and applicable, so that we can use it to thrive in both life and work. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start off by discussing why people hate networking so much and go on to discuss: Dormant vs weak ties (06:16) The stop-watch of awkwardness (10:33) How to frame conversations with an ask (13:30) What he’d do differently with his next book (19:35) Lasting content versus short-term content (28:25) How you can create revolutionary crusades (41:25) KEY TAKEAWAYS Put employees first so that they can then put customers first in their own roles (32:00) Develop a system to keep in touch with dormant/weak ties (10:33) Know what you’re fighting for and when you find it, grow it (41:25) For more show notes and resources go to

Mar 2020

47 min 17 sec

Linda Johnston came to the Isle of Arran, Scotland on a contract as a physical education teacher. The island had no swimming pool, and so, to build and pay for a pool, she and her husband did the next logical thing - buy a country house hotel. Over thirty years on, Auchrannie Resort consists of the original hotel, two swimming pools, a spa resort, leisure facilities, a number of co-ownership lodges, retreats, a playbarn and much more. Linda had no previous experience running a business, but she’s committed to learning, growing and putting in the hard work. Conscious of wanting to retire in the future, to ensure Auchrannie is left in good hands, they have moved to employee ownership. It’s a fascinating concept putting people over profits, and we discuss that and much more in this episode. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start off by discussing the pool that started it all and go on to discuss: The employee ownership model The percentage of business that comes from dog lovers Developing a strong relationship with your bank Walking the walk when prioritizing your staff Creating a consistent, quality guest experience Creativity in the hospitality sector KEY TAKEAWAYS Know your values. Act in alignment with them. Provide the best experience - happy customers are the best marketing device. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Auchrannie Resort  Linda Johnston on Girl Tries Life  Connect with Linda on LinkedIn  For more resources to go

Mar 2020

46 min 17 sec

School is back in session with entrepreneur and lead instructor at Freelancer Masterclass, Mike Volkin. This time Mike’s telling us about neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and grow over time, and how knowing how to influence that change can help you break through the barriers and ceilings in your own life. We touch base with my Pomodoro experiment as well as Mike’s own takeaways from creative visualization and mindfulness. Mike Volkin is a speaker, a trainer, an Army veteran, and if that’s not enough he’s the author of five bestsellers. Joining the Army three days after 9/11, Mike spent eight years as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Operations Sergeant. During his service overseas he began to write his books as well as receiving an Army Commendation Medal before coming home to build and sell four companies. These days he’s the owner and Lead Instructor at Freelancer Masterclass, a direction born from Mike’s personal mission to have a life remembered as one that launched ten thousand careers. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start this episode by catching up on my experiment with the Pomodoro app before settling into “headier” subjects like: What neuroplasticity actually is and what drew Mike to study it The personal and professional benefits of working with neuroplasticity Building creative visualization and meditation into our daily lives Taking the best from our backgrounds and interests into our career Moving beyond our limits and breaking through our income and interest ceilings Mike’s tips on increasing your brain’s neuroplasticity KEY TAKEAWAYS Having a successful career is about constantly being in motion. You pull from your past, your background, your interests to inform your present, and you look to your future goals as a way to challenge and improve your process. Never stay static. Aim to perfect what you do every day. Work to better concentrate your focus and get the most out of yourself through experimentation and education. For more information go to

Feb 2020

42 min 22 sec

Mike Volkin is a speaker, a trainer, an Army veteran, and if that’s not enough he’s the author of five bestsellers. Joining the Army three days after 9/11, Mike spent eight years as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Operations Sergeant. During his service overseas he began to write his books as well as receiving an Army Commendation Medal before coming home to build and sell four companies. These days he’s the owner and Lead Instructor at Freelancer Masterclass, a direction born from Mike’s personal mission to have a life remembered as one that launched ten thousand careers. In this episode I speak with Mike Volkin and we discuss how in order to learn one thing you often have to learn something else entirely. Like how tennis can make you a better entrepreneur, or why escaping a wildfire can lead you to understanding the importance of creating a personal mission. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start the episode by talking about how Mike’s love of tennis informed his career as an entrepreneur before delving deep into: The importance of creating a mission Hacks for fending off distraction as an entrepreneur How Osama Bin Laden made Mike a better marketer The lessons learned from building and selling four companies The struggles of modern freelancers KEY TAKEAWAYS You have to have a reason, a mission, that can inspire and drive you forward. What do you want to be remembered for? Someone who built something, achieved something? Or someone who just worked a job. Focusing on the minutes, the small changes to our daily processes, can have incredible changes in the long-term. For more information and resources go to

Jan 2020

51 min 12 sec

Doris Pickering, a presentation and speaking coach, is one of my favorite people in the San Francisco Bay area. Following a strong background as a manager with HP, Doris set out on her own to support executives, professionals and small business owners in delivering powerful messages. From business presentations to TED Talks, she helps her clients achieve their goals of being confident public speakers. Our discussion touches on the evolution of her business and her personal mindset. Both of which I believe may resonate with you. She is a gifted observer of life and we talk about how comparison can hinder your personal and professional development. We discuss how effective presentations and speaking are things that create enormous stress for many people. With a lack of these skills, one can hinder themselves in business and the workplace. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start by discussing some of Doris’ early roles on her career path and go on to discuss: Why Doris chose to focus on executive speaking Communicating so that others hear your message Investing in your own professional development Creatively approaching your career growth The importance of connecting with yourself to succeed KEY TAKEAWAYS Becoming a confident speaker positively impacts your career. Stop the comparison game - it limits who you are. QUOTABLE “The cost of being brilliantly successful is often that we shut down who we are. Who we are is so much more important than what we do.”  —Doris Pickering “We always compare our insides (how we feel), with other peoples’ outsides (what we see). If you continue to do this, you will never win.” —Doris Pickering Get full show notes at

Dec 2019

44 min 53 sec

Ben Brearley is a leader, manager, MBA, coach, and creator of Thoughtful Leader. He has managed teams across different companies, industries and cities. He knows what makes a leader tick. Living in Perth, Western Australia, with his loving wife and energetic dog, Ben created Thoughtful Leader to improve how people think about (and do) their work. Ben helps people become better leaders by focusing on the important foundations of leadership: effective time management, building self confidence and inspiring your team. We talk about how better time management allows leaders to focus on strategic shifts and business gains, the impact that self-confidence has not only on your team but on the bottom line, the value of online courses and much more. As we discuss in the episode, Ben wants to know what challenges you have with your team, so let Ben know. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start by discussing Ben’s podcast and re-purposing content and go on to talk about: The evolution of his writing How creativity feeds itself The value of SEO without getting hung up on it The 80/20 rule balancing core functions and big ideas The challenges and benefits of online courses KEY TAKEAWAYS Balance quality and quantity with your content. Don’t overextend yourself. Don’t be a victim of your time management system. Take charge of it. The more confident a leader is, the more confident their team is.

Nov 2019

53 min 46 sec

Victoria Smith is a Stress Reduction Coach who helps women reduce their stress so that they can actually enjoy their daily lives. Experiencing shingles twice before the age of 30, Victoria realized that she had to turn her health around. Following her own wellness journey, she became certified as a health and life coach and now supports women around the world to reduce their own stress. We discuss the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face with stress, the programs that she's created to combat stress, her own journey as an entrepreneur, our shared love of podcasting and much more. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start by sharing how Victoria and I began working together and go on to discuss: Freelancing as a means to remove business pressure The origins of her podcast How creativity affects every aspect of entrepreneurship Self comfort vs. self care The importance of boundary setting Her experience with depression KEY TAKEAWAYS You are in the driver’s seat of your relationship to stress. You can change it. Life isn’t stressless, but you can stress less. Self reflection is key. Take the time to build your own awareness.

Nov 2019

52 min 51 sec

In August 2011, André van Hall suddenly and unexpectedly lost his eyesight. When it would have been easy to fall into depression and frustration over such a life change, André chose to embrace curiosity as a key to move forward with a positive attitude. A native Argentinian, André discovered hospitality during his military service. This sparked a passion that sent him to Hamburg, Paris and finally onto Cornell University to study Hotel Administration. A demanding sector, hospitality is what grounded André in the core belief that hard work and curiosity can take you anywhere. In this invigorating conversation we discuss how curiosity can decrease your stress, spark a new direction and build initiative in your life and career. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We begin the episode by discussing André’s introduction into the hospitality sector from humble beginnings as a pot washer and go on to discuss: Volunteering as a positive way to integrate into new communities Adapting to new cultures How losing his eyesight shifted his career focus Creating a unique lane in professional speaking The acceleration of change and how we can embrace it Why adversity warrants humility KEY TAKEAWAYS Don’t judge - assess. You can choose pity or you can choose curiosity. Take responsibility for your life. Take initiative.   For more information go to

Oct 2019

1 hr

John Faisandier of Thrive Under Fire (TUF) is an emotional intelligence expert. He and his team specialize in helping teams, managers and frontline staff to better deal with customers both internal and external. We talk about what emotional intelligence is, how it works, and why it’s so important in the workplace. John shares with us how psychodrama and neuroscience feed into the running of a business, how leaders support their teams, the impact it has on the end customer and more.    Episode Highlights We start by talking about John’s new book, Thriving Under Fire, and go on to discuss: Mind mapping as a form of working on your business Psychodrama therapy to help work through challenges How to support staff who are customer-facing Tools for leaders to manage their emotions The long-lasting value of internal rewards   Key Points Take the necessary time to think about your business (not doing tasks).  Good relationships in the workplace are rooted in internal rewards and clear purpose. For full shownotes go to

Oct 2019

45 min 9 sec

Jason Criddle of Smartr Marketing is my guest today. We talk about sales as a core function of any business, app-based referral business and the importance of content creation. Lifetime compensation of multi-level marketing models and the opportunity to work with a multi-level marketing company is what brought Jason to where he is today. His company reached out to me to pitch a product called the Smartr Marketing App and an opportunity to make a little income for the podcast. I looked him up and found that Jason’s career and views looked pretty interesting, so I reached out. Jason is located near my hometown in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area. The Smartr Marketing App wanted to create an MLM-type compensation without all the drawbacks of pay-to-sell models, non-competes and other elements that we discuss.  Jason is one bright guy whose company is doing a lot of different things, though they are in the process of niching it all down - I love that. He’s a millenial with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. We start the episode by talking about his experience working with multi-level marketing organizations and go on to discuss: How to track your word of mouth marketing  Jason’s introduction to software and apps The importance of focusing on a core product or service His views on the law of attraction The difference between the present and future ‘you’ Visit for additional content related to this episode. 

Oct 2019

43 min 23 sec

In this episode I speak with Gretchen Bell. She and her husband are doing a second act in their career as expats in Loreto, Mexico. Their venture involves real estate and a wine bar. We talk about the wanderlust idea that took them from California to Mexico, working with local artisans and the careful planning of a seasonal business.  Gretchen is a veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area real estate world. In recent years, she and her husband fell in love with Loreto, Mexico. While it wasn’t all planned out, now they own rental property and a charming historical building in downtown Loreto - the new location of Gitano’s Wine Bar.  Episode Highlights We start the episode by talking about how Gretchen came to start working in Mexico and go on to discuss: How the idea of a wine bar came from their early dating days The process of sourcing local wine The challenges of importing products Creating a strong customer experience Designing the WOW factor into your business Managing staffing for seasonal businesses  Their approach to financing Gitano’s   Key Points No matter the business - prioritize your customer experience above everything. Careful planning is key with seasonal businesses. Know your needs in terms of product sourcing and staffing.  

Sep 2019

44 min 6 sec

In this episode Brian Wolff talks about giving back and the business of music. We discuss his work as Community Engagement Coordinator with the nonprofit Kids In a New Groove, how this work and its mission keeps him connected to his music, how entrepreneurship and music are closely linked, and the value of strategic partnerships. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start the episode by talking about Kids In a New Groove and go on to discuss: The realities of foster care Balancing the mentor to mentee ratio What it takes to find the right mentor Changing up the songwriting process Promotional events and strategic partnerships The importance of caring for your mental health KEY TAKEAWAYS Avoid the jack of all trades mentality - create clear lanes for your team, especially a small team. Leverage your network. Quality above consistency. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Kids In a New Groove  Fair City Fire  Simple Stupid Single  Too Damn Hot Event Aug 31  The SIMS Foundation  Austin Detours  Say It Loud Podcast  Tips Concerts  Unstarving Musician Podcast Visit for bonus content.

Aug 2019

45 min 43 sec

Mergers and acquisitions expert Tom Gledhill feels too many businesses leave money on the table. We talk about the longtime looming crisis surrounding the saleability and valuation of small businesses, the action plan he’s created to help small businesses face this crisis, and his motivation for taking his expertise to the online and personal branding world. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start this episode by talking about Tom's entrepreneurial journey and go on to discuss: Branding your company vs. branding yourself Why only 20% of businesses that go to market sell Learning he left money on the table in the sale of his own business Creating the XITpro system His drive to support other businesses Tom’s passion for veterans KEY POINTS Get out of your comfort zone - that's where success happens Don't leave money on the table - do your research or hire an expert MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Tom's XITpros course How to Sell Your Company and Not Leave Money on the Table FREE mini Workshop to Boost Business Value XITPro System by Tom Gledhill (book) Launch by Jeff Walker John Warrillow and the Value Builder System CopaPrint Partner4Leads  

Aug 2019

32 min 20 sec

In this episode I’m rejoined by Jason Resnick to talk all about word of mouth marketing. With over a decade in business, two podcasts under his belt, and thousands of freelancers who he’s helped build businesses, Jason knows word of mouth marketing better than most. He’s also spent zero dollars on advertising. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS We start the episode by talking about Jason’s participation in #freelancechat on Twitter, then go on to discuss: How to create remarkable client interactions Creating a referral strategy and opportunities Strategies to build referrals and testimonials through spec work Discounting services based on closed referrals How to grow a business while spending zero dollars Jason’s podcast experience and what he’s creating for his listeners KEY POINTS 1. Make the ask. Nobody’s going to do it for you. 2. Try pay-what-you-can pricing for a product you’d give for free. You might be surprised by the outcome. 3. Use the connection points that you already have and keeping growing. QUOTABLE “You have to ask. They’re not going to be thinking about you. You have to create that moment so that they are. If you’re not doing that, then you’re not creating the opportunity for that word of mouth to be more predictable to your business.” —Jason Resnick “Focus in on what’s important for you, your family and your business in that order, for the long term. Don’t chase the short term–more often than not that ends badly.” —Jason Resnick MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Helping Freelance Web Designers Niche Down with Jason Resnick Jason’s podcast episodes on WOMM: A203, A166 , A164and A249 Talk Triggers by Jay Baer Michelle Garrett (Runs #FreelanceChat on Twitter) The Futur on YouTube Shannon Curtis Live in the Feast Podcast    Visit for additional content related to this episode

Aug 2019

40 min 52 sec

In this episode I am joined by Michele Lorentz who is at the beginning of a new journey - she’s starting a podcast. I answer her questions, talk about how I got into podcasting, discuss resources and more. It’s very much a how-to episode. Michele’s goal is to help empower women, and we discuss how she can do this through the podcast medium. Episode Highlights How my book led to creating a podcast How mind mapping helped me to determine my core focus areas Michelle’s curiosity and passion for people Technical talk on microphones, recording equipment, and editing software Recording with multiple hosts and/or guests Various hosting services and why nothing is ever free How to balance the advice of others Key Points 1. Do your research. Know what you want from your podcast, then figure out the logistics to make it happen.  2. Create the podcast you want to hear.  3. Niche down. The more specific you are, the easier it is for your audience to find you.   For more content, go to 

Jul 2019

58 min 27 sec

This episode provides a glimpse into my expat life in Panama. It’s an interview of me produced for International Living Magazine. I recorded the conversation as a backup for the interviewer, and decided to feature it here for you. It’s not the typical content for this podcast, but it does speak to the journey of two digital nomads (me and my wife). I hope you enjoy it! Episode Highlights IL begins the conversation by asking me to describe my location and surroundings. The discussion continues with: Where I come from The inspiration for our move to Panama I speak about our efforts to develop recurring real estate and investment income The big idea to accelerate our journey to retirement by lowering our expenses Places we visited before settling on Panama Where we started in Panama, and where we’ve ended up Checking off a bucket list item Reminders of what’s most important to us What I/we needed in terms of community Transportable careers My interest in music An idea for an online community and business Comparing El Valle de Anton and Coronado The process of getting to Panama, The things we looked for in a new home abroad and the timing of our move Building a network with fellow expats and Panamanian locals Our typical day in Panama The truth on cost of living in Panama The music scene and seasonality of Panama About my Unstarving Musician project If I knew then what I know now? Key Takeaways The expat life is an opportunity to work on patience, something that should be viewed as a gift One path to accelerating the road to retirement is to lower ones expenses It matters not where we live, we need community Visit for additional content related to this episode.

Jul 2019

33 min 29 sec

Lori Lee is dedicated to teaching professionals how to find, craft and tell their origin, value and change-and-learning stories for more meaningful connection in business and life. Her Love Your Story podcast focuses on sharing stories and tools for creating our best life stories, so we are living with hope and intention. Lori is an author, Realtor, and a public speaker. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Here are the highlights of our conversation. Lori’s inspiration for Love Your Story podcast and how it came to be Lori talks about the concept of story, what Love Your Story podcast is all about, and who it’s for How stories help in getting ideas across, hitting target markets, and connecting with the right audience The impact of origin stories and how they can help us build businesses How you can develop a process for telling your origin story Lori and I share parts of our own origin stories Lorie elaborates on her book, L.I.F.E. (Live Intentional and Fearless Everyday) The value story explained, and how it relates to our origin story Lori and I discuss her 21 life challenges tool, and how it can help us develop value in our stories KEY POINTS The key to loving your own story lies in the origin. One cannot be successful and effective if you cannot come to terms with loving yourself and what you do. The habits and small acts of kindness we do each day help integrate value in our stories and define our outcome. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Youpreneur Summit Margaret Meloni Amaury Khelifi Love Your Story Podcast The 21 Days Life Hack Challenge David Hutchens book Circle of the 9 Muses L.I.F.E. Live Intentional and Fearless Everyday by Lori Lee Patagonia Worn Wear (video)  Sticker Mule Visit for additional content related to this episode.

Jun 2019

48 min 32 sec

Annie LeCroix loves helping leaders bring about the best in their people. She’s a small business consultant who enjoys working with owners, their systems, and their teams. Annie is also the host creator of the Brainy Boss Podcast, which launched in December of 2018. Brainy Boss is also a community and hub for her business consultancy. The podcast was inspired by the fact that she found herself having the business same conversations over and over again. The podcast enables Annie to share insights with a broader audience. It’s also a vehicle upon which Annie can expand her consulting business. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Here are the highlights and topics of our conversation. Annie and I share thoughts on the Patt Flynn’s AMPd Up Podcasting course and its Facebook community Annie elaborates on the Brainy Boss Podcast and why she created it Annie’s business consulting niche The most common conversations that come up in Annie’s small business consulting and Brainy Boss Podcast The importance of community for entrepreneurs How conferences satisfy Annie’s preference for in-person interactions Annie’s criteria for attending conferences The inspiration for Brainy Boss and how it relates to Annie’s massage therapy education business Annie’s thoughts on coaching versus consulting, and where they overlap Annie shares her favorite coaching resources KEY POINTS One cannot effectively consult for a business owner/manager without getting into how they manage stress The challenges of managing time, bringing on team members, and creating systems are common among all businesses Shared interest communities are there for us whether we’re highly-active contributors or somewhat quiet-contributors MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Brainy Boss website Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy AMP’d Up Podcasting Pat Flynn The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever Box of Crayons A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas The Book of Beautiful Questions: The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide, Create, Connect, and Lead Sharing Stories with Truffles – Charlotte Walter (Partner4Leads podcast episode) [Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase products using these links, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!] Visit for bonus content related to this episode.

Jun 2019

43 min 5 sec

David KilKelly and his company BlinkBack have become experts using video for LinkedIn. The story leading up to this point in BlinkBack’s history is a good one. He and his wife left their high paying salary gigs in corporate and academia to move their family to the country. David had enjoyed teaching media at the University of Sussex for over ten years. He ultimately realized that he wanted to get into a smaller community where he could build and manage his own business. With this realization, David and his wife decided to move their family to a southern part of England for a warmer climate and a better quality of life. The thriller part of this is that they had no business experience and no network awaiting them. Our conversation begins with how David became acquainted with mutual friend Chris Ducker, founder of The Youpreneur Academy. The discussion continues with insights on the following. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS David talks about moving his family to the country and starting a business with no “plan b” or what he calls, burning the boats How BlinkBack got started, it’s original vision, and what it’s becoming as a company Creating an online business with an educational slant The challenges that starting anew with no network and the need to generate income quickly Building a new network and obtaining video work locally How increased income is allowing David to come back to the educational component of his business plan The thought process behind BlinkBack’s new course on video for LinkedIn Providing cost effective video services to smaller businesses Why LinkedIn video makes sense right now What David loves about LinkedIn The beauty and the challenge of globalization and the internet (approaches that no longer work) Who the video for LinkedIn course by BlinkBack is for David compares different video platforms for business The most challenging part of David’s 5-year business journey David describes his work from home routine and setup We talk Youpreneur Summit 2019 and other U.S. based conferences KEY TAKEAWAYS Lots of agencies say their great, but today you have to prove it by showing and demonstrating your expertise up front The internet is an extremely crowded space, making many social marketing practices obsolete LinkedIn video is in it’s prime, making a perfect place for businesses to share their expertise MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE BlinkBack Media YouTube Channel @BlinkBackVideo on Twitter Youpreneur @BlinkBackVideo on Facebook Philip VanDusen – Sharing Years of Brand Design Expertise on YouTube Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur–Dr. Margaret Meloni Visit for bonus content related to this episode.

May 2019

45 min 25 sec

Dr. Margaret Meloni is an author, teacher and personal brand entrepreneur. Her new book is Carpooling With Death: How Living with Death Will Make You, Stronger, Wiser and Fearless. In a somewhat related written work, Dr. Melnoi recently defended her dissertation on Compassion in the Pali Canon, which maps out the spread of early Buddhism and its social networks. Dr. Meloni has a long running history in teaching project management courses at UCLA. Her online online business is built around helping others be the best project managers they can be. She has been an inspiration to me as a mastermind partner, and I’m thrilled to share her work and our discussion with you. Topics we discuss include work-life, coaching, networking for introverts, being an author, getting the most out of conferences, lofty goals, accidental opportunity, and of course her new book. Show Notes at

Apr 2019

59 min 41 sec

Cynthia Lehman is an expat living and working in Panama. She and I are acquainted, because I too am an expat in Panama. She is a seasoned real estate pro. Real estate is part of what brought her to Panama and the real estate market therein. Her real estate niche is tours for people who are considering a purchase and/or expat life in Panama. Cynthia is also the creator of LORE Magazine, which caters to visitors and residents of Panama. Each issue is in both Spanish and English. LORE Magazine is a guide to the many interesting and useful places, things, and services offered by Panama. She embodies the giving mindset, and she’s all about providing value for others. In this conversation we talk about giving, her businesses, how she ended up on Panama, her appreciation of networking, relationships, and more. Show Notes at Partner4Leads.Blog

Apr 2019

45 min 40 sec

Thom created Edge of Arlington Saw & Tool in 1997. The company provides new tool sales and service to the wood and plastic manufacturing industries, with a specialty in something known as CNC tooling. Thom's business has out lasted its competition, out maneuvered big industry companies, and found growth during two economic downturns.   Big takeaways and points of discussion include debt aversion and the importance of cash, as in cash is king. Thom also explains how he’s grown his business supporting small startups that would otherwise be competitors.    He learned long ago that his best customer is a knowledgeable customer. This has driven him to constantly learn about CNC tooling and his industry. His goal has always been to be the most knowledgeable resource on relevant technologies and advancements. It has all paid off. Edge of Arlington Saw & Tool has become one of the best known companies in tool sales for wood and plastic manufacturing.   Show notes and bonus content at    

Mar 2019

58 min 10 sec

Charlotte Walter shares stories through truffles. Her company Charlotte Truffles celebrates something beautiful, something that goes beyond truffles. Her story and career transition are nothing short of fascinating. Her business is just entering its second year, and she’s really on her game. As incredible as she may sound throughout our conversation for the podcast, Charlotte is not without her moments of self-doubt. This is a great episode to hear if you’re thinking of starting a business, but it will also serve you if you already have a business. The leanings and lessons herein are as prevalent as Charlotte's passion for chocolate. Celebrating Diversity Through Flavors Celebrating diversity through flavors is Charlotte Truffle's tag line. It origins go back to Charlotte's childhood. She and her family moved to the San Francisco bay area when she was just eight. She could barely speak English. She says it was a time of just trying to survive her first year at a new school. Some of the kids at Charlotte's school picked on her, because she was a little different. But there was one girl that Charlotte remembers to this day. That girl stood up for Charlotte. In the process, the girl taught Charlotte that being different was cool. She also taught Charlotte that she should be proud of her unique nature and culture. As an adult, Charlotte became interested in the culture of others, their food, and their stories. This interest and her childhood experiences factored into her the development of her mission as a chocolatier. What a great way to celebrate diversity! Engineer Gone Chocolatier A fun fact about Charlotte is that she has a background in bio medical engineering. Connecting the dots, Charlotte says that there are many similarities between engineering and chocolatiering. She says that an engineer has to be observant and driven. Engineers have to appreciate root cause and how to resolve problems. As an engineer, Charlotte gained expertise in manufacturing, processes and operations. She also learned how to take an idea that’s been proven, then mass produce that idea for public use or consumption. The transferable skills are remarkably perfect for making chocolate. The biggest difference in her new career? Now she can eat her product. Read more at

Feb 2019

36 min 52 sec

This is the first episode of 2019–season two! And it features my friend Dave Hamilton. He's co-founder of BackBeat Media and creator of The Mac Observer. He’s also producer of the Mac Geek Gab, GigGab for Working Musicians, and The Small Business Show podcasts.    Our conversation covers the evolution of Dave's businesses, his personal evolution as a business owner, manager, podcast producer, sales guy, and employer. We also touch on his personal challenges with management, delegation and change.   He's also a working musician, a husband, and a father. As the image I chose for this episode implies, Dave is also a man with a sense of whimsy.

Jan 2019

41 min 35 sec

Jason Resnick is a freelance web developer who has figured out how to create a sustainable freelance business. Now he’s building a second arm to that business by helping other freelancers do the same. Jason's big secret and advice to other freelancers–specialize, niche down. Jason admits that this specialize and niche down approach didn’t come to him right away. In fact his journey has included working for someone else, freelancing, back to working working for someone else, and back to freelancing again. In our conversation for this podcast episode, Jason explains how he made this important shift and what it's meant to his business. Host of Two Podcasts Jason hosts two podcasts for freelancers. His seasonal Live in the Feast podcast hones in on a specific topic each season. This is totally inline with his niche down approach to business. Live in the Feast features interviews with other business owners and explores origin stories, struggles, and strategy. Then there's his daily podcast Ask Rezzz, on which Jason fields freelancer questions. He describes this one is a bit more raw in its presentation. Ask Rezz deals with wide range of freelancer topics and challenges. It's a daily dose of Rezzz (aka Resnick) focused on helping other freelancers build profitable businesses. Jason has a cool story and a cool business. As a big fan of Wordpress I really enjoyed speaking with him about his business. He shared some great tips for both business and life. I hope you'll enjoy our conversation as much as I did. SHOW NOTES Live in the Feast Ask Rezzz John Lee Dumas Youpreneur Summit RESOURCES DIY Referral Group Email Course More Business Resources

Oct 2018

59 min 11 sec

Kerrie Brandau is a longtime salon professional and entrepreneur. She’s also a longtime friend. When her husband and business partner George became frustrated by the absence of a much needed service, the idea for Salonch was born. Their big idea was to create a mobile app that would connect salon professionals with their ideal workplace salon. And create it they did. Kerrie’s story is a beautiful example of how scratching ones own itch can lead to good, and sometimes great, business ideas. Our conversation is also a beautiful example of two people pursuing their passions. Kerrie and I talk about her career journey in the salon business and the journey that lead her and George to create Salonch. Kerrie shares challenges, missteps, lessons in business management, and facing down fears. She describes fear as “the scary,” and as something she thrives on. The one type of scary she doesn’t like, is the thought of looking back and knowing that she didn’t take her shot, that she didn’t go after something she really wanted. SHOW NOTES Principles by Ray Dalio Market Me Video Production Bedlam Beauty and Barber Founder Institute Startup Accelerator RESOURCES DIY Referral Group Email Course (FREE) ConvertKit Email Marketing Software Web Hosting by Dreamhost

Sep 2018

52 min 5 sec

Philip VanDusen is sharing his years of brand design experience on YouTube, and doing so with much success. He has served as VP of Design at Pepsico and Old Navy and Executive Creative Director the global branding agencies Landor Associates and Anthem Worldwide. He’s helped Fortune 100 companies create and revitalize brands, identities, websites, e-commerce platforms and launch new products and businesses. Among his past clients are Procter & Gamble, Gap, Inc., Kraft Foods, Merck, Sysco Foods, GE Honda Aero Engines, Petsmart, National Geographic, Safeway, Chevron, Avery Dennison, and Levis Strauss & Co. In this 2nd appearance on the podcast, Philip shares insights, tips and advice on building a YouTube channel. He also shares examples of how others are using YouTube to make shifts (aka pivots) in their personal brands. To date Philip has 130K YouTube subscribers, and it seems he’s just getting warmed up. You may want to take notes. SHOW NOTES Youpreneur Philip VanDusen’s YouTube Channel Philip’s brand • muse Newsletter Website Copy That Converts – How to Create a Customer Journey Brand•muse Interview w/Lee Jackson Philip Interviews Amy Landino Chris Ducker Libsyn John Lee Dumas TubeBuddy Lee Jackson, Agency Trailblazers Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer Related Episode – How Philip VanDusen Got His First 10k Email Subscribers RESOURCES DIY Referral Group Email Course (FREE) ConvertKit Email Marketing Software Web Hosting by Dreamhost

Aug 2018

53 min 50 sec

Philip VanDusen of Verhaal Brand Design recently caught my attention in a mastermind group forum when he announced that he'd recently hit 10,000 email subscribers. He and I are both members of the Youpreneur mastermind community for personal brand entrepreneurs. His announcement was one of well deserved celebration. How Philip got to 10,000 email subscribers Philip tells me that his list started small. The means by which he grew to 10,000 are surprisingly simple. He started with a bi-weekly newsletter, delivering it with relentless consistency. He drives everyone to his website where visitors encounter a lead magnet for a free download titled "9 Design Elements Your Brand Absolutely Positively Needs." There's also been lots of in-person and online (Facebook & LinkedIn group) networking. Philip told everyone that would listen why they should join his email list. Leveraging YouTube and delivering value Philip also leverages YouTube content with pop-up lead magnets to drive viewers to his website. Most importantly, he has always promised (and delivered) value to email subscribers. His company Verhaal Brand Design states emphatically that they create new brands from scratch and fix broken ones. He's worked with a number of big brands, but these days targets branding agencies that want help reaching the next level in their business. Philip says that Youpreneur has greatly helped him on the personal branding front. Post interview, he confessed to being even more excited about his YouTube channel than his email subscribers. Because of this we decided to record a follow-up interview. That interview is scheduled to publish on September 1, 2018. SHOW NOTES Youpreneur Philip VanDusen's YouTube Channel Chris Ducker RESOURCES DIY Referral Group Email Course (FREE) ConvertKit Email Marketing Software Web Hosting by Dreamhost

Aug 2018

14 min 56 sec

Duleep’s company Veltec Networks provides fully managed IT services for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. I met Duleep through Partner4Leads around 2014/2015, and he’s been a referral group member ever since. I really enjoy talking business with Duleep, as I have a professional background in IT. He’s a sharp guy and a very nice guy.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching his business grow since we met. In our brief conversation for the podcast, we talk about his motivation to start Veltec Networks, and how he’s built his team. Duleep started the San Francisco Bay Area stint of his career in 1999. He was a corporate network engineer. Soon thereafter he went out on his own to pursue personal dreams and goals. Veltec Networks began as a one-man show consulting company. When the time was right, Duleep made the move to a managed services model. He initially handled marketing, sales, tech support, and accounting. As his client base grew, Duleep started outsourcing some of these responsibilities. He started with marketing and soon thereafter hired a part-time contractor for tech related work. Outsourcing parts of the business Duleep has pursued his business in a manner that aligns with his emotional fulfillment and financial needs. The key motivation for outsourcing and building a team was a no-brainer in Duleep’s words. He initially outsourced parts of the business in which he lacked expertise. Even his first tech contractor had a different set of skills than those that Duleep possessed. Veltec Networks now has multiple highly talented technical engineers. On the marketing front, his team handles email newsletters and the Valtec Networks website. His marketing partner is a company that comes from a managed services background, so they understand his business well. I’ve not yet asked Duleep if that was planned or fortuitous. In any case, it makes total sense. Today, Veltec has two full-time people for helpdesk and software development. Duleep says felt good when he hired for these two positions, but admits that hiring the right people wasn’t easy.  The San Francisco Bay Area is a vast pool of tech talent, plus the cost of living is very high. Bringing on an entry level person requires decent salary. His secret is to hire people who aspire to grow, and who are willing to learn. Duleep’s advice to anyone that wants to get into IT is be willing to learn. He points out that technology is continually evolving, and constant learning is a must. His recommended learning resources: reading and YouTube. SHOW NOTES Veltec Networks Silicon Valley Business Group (Duleep’s Partner4Leads referral group)

Aug 2018

14 min 54 sec

Finding success in sales and the insurance business is a long road of perseverance. This first interview episode for the podcast features a good friend and one of the best sales guys I know–Will Schaub.   Will has been in the financial services and insurance world since 2002, and in 2017 started WillServ Business Soutions to not only serve the insurance needs of individuals and businesses, but also to help business owners with things like tax mitigation, workman’s comp audits, credit card merchant audits, and lots of other stuff that helps business owners realize expense reductions and tax incentives.   In this conversation, we discuss common traits among successful sales hires, the startup of Will's company, and primary factors for his own longevity in business and sales.

Jul 2018

16 min 19 sec