A biweekly podcast about the world's greatest quadrennial multi-sport extravaganza brought to you by below-average international athlete

Chris O'Reilly and above-average international nonathlete Ruth Fitzpatrick.

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Bobsleigh returns to its ancestral homeland, horses pull skis, and Canada dominates on the water polo pool. Welcome to the slushy fields of St Moritz, 1928.

Nov 25

53 min 12 sec

Ruth and Chris whoosh back into your ears and brings you all the way back to the slopes of Chamonix for the very first Winter Olympipod. And this season looks like it will be an exciting one, with nordic cold shoulders, controversies on the rink, and a real-time discovery on the origins of the bobsled.

Oct 28

48 min 30 sec

Two weeks after the Games concluded, Ruth and Chris sat down to talk about the most memorable moments of Tokyo 2020ne. And two weeks after that... we published our musings for all to hear! We revisit the very best and the very worst people and stories, and even give a little teaser as to what's to come over the next few months for the Olympipod

Sep 3

54 min 47 sec

It's over! It's all over! Tokyo 2020 is over! Ruth and Chris attempt to struggle through their emotions and talk about giant motorised baseball mitts, marathon mischief, large moths, and much much more.

Aug 8

23 min 40 sec

It's the penultimate Olympipod daily bonuses and Ruth has survived her Pfizer. Also: punching horses is bad. Denmark are sad. And some other Olympics happened too.

Aug 7

18 min 53 sec

Day 14 of #Tokyo2020 has drawn to a close, but there's still plenty to discuss: long walks, disgruntled horses, imaginary sports. While Chris takes the reigns of the minipod, when Ruth was found sleeping on the job.

Aug 6

20 min

Day 13 of Tokyo 2020 will go down in the history books as the day the Olympipod officially became 75% vaccinated. And other stuff happened too! Stuff at the Olympics!

Aug 5

18 min 49 sec

Day 12! Ruth is excited! She's found some new sports! Also, it was the first day of the multi-discipline events, and the Olympipod is delighted.

Aug 4

25 min 2 sec

Day 11 of #Toyko2020 and it was a day for the history books. Records were smashed. Real Cycling was cycled. Tiny cars went beep beep. And Chris dropped a bombshell.

Aug 3

17 min 45 sec

Day 10 of #Tokyo2020 has been and gone. The Cuban anthem was jaunty. The Greco-Roman existed. And we had some very tragic news from Tokyo.

Aug 2

6 min 16 sec

Day 9 has come to a close, and what a Day 9! Chris - AND Ruth - take the most unbrief of brief look backs at the triumphs and the tragedies of the days events at #Tokyo2020.

Aug 1

28 min 9 sec

We've reached the halfway point, and it turns out Ruth's viewing of BMX freestyle was simply an Olympic fever dream. But mixed relays were not, and she's a big fan. Also - Chris!

Jul 31

19 min 17 sec

Where's the last week gone? To #Tokyo2020, that's where! And to celebrate, Ruth has been left - some might say inadvisably - unsupervised to share some of her thoughts on day 7 of the Olympic Games.

Jul 30

8 min 39 sec

The Microstates shall inherit the earth. Or, at the very least, a couple of Olympic medals. Also - IRELAND WINS GOLD IRELAND WINS GOLD IRELAND WINS GOLD. It all happened on Day 6 of #Tokyo2020

Jul 29

15 min 25 sec

Today Mega-Host Chris is joined by Ruth. She claims it's day 6. It isn't. It's day 5. She's just gone quite mad. It's the Olympics. But she still loves weightlifting, and thinks the 1500m freestyle is too long.

Jul 28

16 min 21 sec

Olympipod's very own Chris joins Ruth to catch up on all the day's action, including horse frolicking, wave riding, and some gigantic tumbles.

Jul 27

12 min 55 sec

Ruth had a sleep. Denmark won gold. People lifted heavy things. Breaststroke is very old. It all happened on Day 3 (ish) of the Games, and Ruth has all (some) of the facts.

Jul 26

6 min 25 sec

Nobody has slept. There's just too much sport. And Ruth has opinions. On the butterfly, knitting, and the Danes.

Jul 24

8 min 8 sec

364 days delayed, Tokyo 2020ne is finally here. Joined by a very special guest - Chris - Ruth takes a look back at Day 1 of the XXXIIth Olympiad, and a look forward to an action-packed Day 2. Big thanks to our wonderful guest sound editor, Tony Groves. Make sure to check out https://t.co/hsP7yHN73T?amp=1 (tortoiseshack.ie) and their amazing selection of podcasts. And don't forget to subscribe to their patreon for extra episodes and content https://t.co/qealm4JSS6?amp=1 (patreon.com/tortoiseshack)

Jul 23

8 min 42 sec

After three attempts, four recording sessions, and multiple creative directors' dismissals, Olympipod XVIII - Tokyo 1964 is finally here. And with heartthrobs, sailing millionaires, weddings, shearings, and murder soccer to look forward to - it was well worth the wait!

Jul 22

53 min 51 sec

Did Rome 1960 change the world? Probably not, though it did give us plenty to talk about with amazing athletes, fierce rivalries and death, played out in a sizzling Italian summer.

Jun 18

1 hr

Just how friendly were Melbourne's friendly games? Among the blood in the water, cold war antics and torch shenanigans, we find love, legendary athletes and lounging Liberians.

May 21

1 hr 1 min

Ready for more from Helsinki? After a fierce rivalry on the football pitch and pure flames on the torch relay, James Ward makes his long-awaited change to the Olympic programme!

Apr 1

47 min 31 sec

The Soviets are here, the arts are gone and superfan James Ward joins us for our longest episode to date. In fact, it was so long and so full of fun, that we decided to split it into two episodes!

Mar 25

1 hr 5 min

Olympic diving finalist Oliver Dingley joins us to share his personal Olympic tales and delve into the first games after World War II, featuring the 'Flying Housewife', the arts competitions' last hurrah and a terrifically terrible basketball team.

Feb 25

1 hr 12 min

While World War II tore the 1940 and 1944 games asunder, two prisoner-of-war camps in Germany kept the Olympic spirit alive with their own games behind the Nazi barbed wire.

Feb 4

32 min 49 sec

We're off to Hitler's Olympics in 1936, the scene Jesse Owen's brilliance and an unlikely friendship, more dodgy refereeing and a festival of nudity on film.

Jan 14

53 min 49 sec

Jill and Alison from the brilliant Keep the Flame Alive podcast join us to talk all things Los Angeles 1932, the games which was well ahead of its time and brought a surprising amount of glamour given it took place in the depths of the Great Depression. Catch our lovely guests every Thursday on https://flamealivepod.com/

Nov 2020

1 hr 1 min

Women finally get a shot on the track, it's a swansong for previous heroes while India begin their rise to power in hockey. We have sinking pools, dodgy judging and much more in Amsterdam 1928

Nov 2020

49 min 14 sec

24 years after it first hosted the games, the Olympics actually caught the imagination of Paris this time. With flying Finns, angry Rugby crowds and swimming sensations, there is no shortage of fun tales to discover from 1924.

Oct 2020

1 hr 14 min

Hero among Olympics nerds and leading authority on the games' history, Bill Mallon, joins us to look back at the most interesting stories from the games organised in a hurry after WWI.

Oct 2020

1 hr 16 min

Neither global conflict nor pandemic can stop the Olympipod. The same, unfortunately, can't be said for the Olympics. Ruth and Chris scrape the barrel for facts about the Games that never were, a War Championship which may have been a lie, and an Inter-Allied Games with baseball and grenades.

Sep 2020

41 min 21 sec

It’s the summer of 1912 - the sun is shining, the ladies are wearing see-through tops, and the Games have never looked so sleek. With us this week is international Judoka and member of the IOC Sport and Active Society Committee, Laura-Marie Tiidla, who helps us delve into some of the more delectable stories of this thankfully brief Stockholm Olympics.

Sep 2020

1 hr 7 min

The Magnificent David O'Doherty joins us to share his unique insights and sporting philosophy as we look back at the 1908 Olympics in London, featuring a trans-Atlantic rivalry, our first truly heroic loser and even more odd events.

Aug 2020

1 hr 14 min

It may not have remained in the record books, but we're giving the 1906 Intercalated Olympic Games just treatment with a full episode, delving into sexy Danes, sneaky walkers, proud pole climbers, the original 'ballers' and mismatched wrestlers.

Aug 2020

46 min 40 sec

Ultrarunner and lacrosse international Paddy O'Leary is our very first guest on the Olympipod, joining us to speak about St. Louis in 1904, an infamous Olympics best known for its torturous marathon. Among the dreadful moments, we do shine a light on some of the happier stories, while Paddy makes his sport swap - here's the video he spoke about: https://youtu.be/AaXum47XJxs

Aug 2020

1 hr

“It was the worst of games, and – the worst of games” Five months of random sports, swimming in the Seine, athletes not knowing what they were competing in and women! Was this even an Olympic Games? Ruth and Chris investigate.

Jul 2020

50 min 48 sec

Ruth and Chris begin their journey back through Olympic history with the first modern games in Athens, delving into the stories and sports which made the 1896 games so unique.

Jul 2020

58 min 47 sec